tagIncest/TabooDaphne's Birthday

Daphne's Birthday


©ms.read July 2009


Sam came out onto the patio with beer for everyone. He keeps an appreciative eye on his niece swimming in the pool. She's wearing an ivory bathing suit that shows off her very hard nipples. He didn't know why his brother Tom didn't do something about it. His sister in law Sherri just left with his nephew Andrew to go pick up a few things at the store.

"It's a beautiful day today. Last summer it rained all of July. Remember that?"

"Yeah, I remember. We had to do Daphne's birthday party inside that year. She wasn't too happy that she had to stay inside so much. Thank you for inviting us over to your house. The kids needed a way to cool off. I appreciate it. Andrew is going to see the fireworks tonight with some of his friends. Sherri asked me if we could have a night in, you know. You don't mind if Daphne sleeps over tonight?"Tom said.

"Sure, Amy and I would be happy if Daphne came to stay with us tonight. Think of it as your daughter becoming independent today."

"Ha! How could we forget that her birthday is the Fourth of July? I remember when Sherri went into labor with her eighteen years ago today. We were at the beach with Andrew."

"She's really grown up hasn't she?" Both Sam and Tom looked over at the young woman swimming in the pool. Currently she was floating on her back, the water accentuating her hard nipples. Sam was having a hard time hiding his erection. He might have to excuse himself and jerk off in the bathroom. He didn't even dare look at the bottom half of her bikini. Tom took a sip of his beer.

There was noise behind them. Andrew burst through the slider and did a cannonball right into the pool splashing water everywhere. Daphne screamed as Andrew pulled her under. She came up spluttering.

"Happy birthday little sis. You're finally an adult like the rest of us."

"Happy fourth back, Andrew." Daphne hugged her brother in the water. Though Sam couldn't clearly see, he swore he glimpsed Andrew grabbing his sister's ass.

"Okay! Time for Birthday Cake!" Sherri said coming out with a decadent sweet creation. There was a single lit candle on top. The kids came out of the pool. As Daphne came over to the picnic table, everybody joined in singing "Happy Birthday." Daphne blew out the candle expertly.

"Mind if I sit on your lap, Uncle Sam?" Daphne giggled and sat down with her wet ass on his shorts. Sam didn't dare move. If he did, she would surely sense his erection up against the crease of her bikini. To make things worse, Sherri sat down next to them and cut the cake. Andrew and Tom sat across from them.

Sam ate the slice of strawberry cake and vanilla frosting. A fleeting fantasy of the young pussy in his lap, Sam hoped would be in his mouth. He wanted to make her hot and bothered. He wanted to hear her moan with pleasure.

What was he thinking? This was his brother's daughter for goodness sake! Sam suddenly felt Daphne's bottom jerk back against his erection. It pulled him out of his daze. There was no way that was going to happen. His hands went to her hips just as she was getting up from the table. She was innocent and he was a man with very dirty thoughts. Sam's eyes followed her as he listened to his brother talk about the Saturday's game. Daphne threw her paper plate in the trash and gave her uncle a secret smile.

Sam's brain just went into overdrive, and so did his imagination. She couldn't know about his erection. Visions of Daphne with her strawberry blonde hair spread across the pillows on his bed, her legs spread wide as he dove into her moist cunt. It was almost too much to bear.

"So what do you think?" Andrew asked

Sam just looked at his nephew.

"Wanna go for a swim uncle? You look like you need to cool off."

A grin spread on Sam's face. "Yeah! A swim is just what we need. Last one in has to clean the barbeque."

Everybody jumped in. Ah, sweet relief.


Chapter 2

"Alright time to go!" Tom rounded up his wife and his son. Sam cleaned up the patio. Daphne had to get her stuff out of the car. Amy was washing the dishes.

They all finished what they needed to do and everyone said their goodbyes.

Finally, it was just Sam, Amy and Daphne. Both women were still walking in their bikinis. Sam didn't know how he was going to get through the night.

Sam found a couple of stray glasses and brought them into the kitchen for his wife. He laid them on the counter. Amy came around, and with soapy hands, grabbed him by the face and gave him a long kiss. Daphne came in and Amy pulled away quickly. When it came to romance, Amy was very shy.

"Sorry, I hope I wasn't interrupting."

Amy blushed, she was caught and she knew it.

"It was just a kiss." Sam replied

Daphne came over to her uncle and gave him a hug.

"Thanks for the great party. It was really fun. Oh, and thanks for letting me stay over tonight. Mom has been complaining lately that she's really been missing Dad. Mom doesn't know it but Dad is surprising her with champagne and strawberries when they get home."

"How do you know, young lady?" Amy asked.

"I had to run back because Mom forgot the potato salad. I found them in the fridge with a note from dad."

"Well, let's just let them have a good time. What would you like to do Daphne?"

"Can we go for another swim Uncle Sam?"

"Sure. Amy, you'll join us after?"

"Yes, dear."

Sam and Daphne walked back out onto the patio. He loved watching her walk, while her hips swung from side to side. He wanted to touch them again. Hell, he wanted to touch her all over. He wondered what Amy would think of him if she knew.

"Now that you're eighteen what are you going to do?"

They both jumped in the pool.

"Well, I've always wanted to know what it would be like to go to a nude beach. Dad promised me he would take me on the fourteenth. Supposedly, it's another holiday called National Nude Day. I think that he just made it up."

"No it's real. Lots of people celebrate it. There's a private beach near Sawyer's Peak where National Nude Day is very popular. What would you do if you went?"

"Well I don't think that I would go full Monty, but I would definitely go topless."

The image of her hard nipples in her white bikini came to mind.

"Darling how's the water?" Amy came out of the house.


"Oh My." Amy stepped out of her shoes

"Come on in Aunt Amy, the water's fine. Uncle Sam was just telling me about National Nude Day."

"Oh, really? When is it?"

"Yeah. It's on the fourteenth. I told him I wanted to go topless at the beach."

Amy sat down on the edge of the pool and contemplated it. Sam watched his wife. She would never go to a nude beach. She was just too shy.

In a move that was totally unlike her, Amy pulled the string that tied her top behind her neck. Sam's jaw dropped as she pulled the material away, letting her plump breasts free to feel the summer breeze out on the back deck.

"Aunt Amy, what are you doing?"

"I took my top off."

"We can see that." Sam said with instant boner action underneath the water.

"You can handle a pair of breasts can't you, dear?" Amy said coyly to her husband. Then she looked at her niece. "We're family. There is nothing wrong with nudism dear. If you want to do the same, it's fine with us. Isn't it Sam?"

"Umm, Ah... Sure."

Daphne lowered herself so that she was neck deep in the water. She undid the clasp of her bikini top and let it float to the surface. Watching her uncle's face, Daphne slid back up out of the water, inch by inch, revealing her innocent breasts. When her pink nipples hit the surface of the water, Sam was sure that he was about to come in his pants.

The sun had set behind the trees. The stars were just starting to peek out; the moon was a heady orange. The crickets had just started their song.

"What do you think Sam?" Amy started

"About what?"

"About taking your shorts off." Daphne finished.

Sam blushed.

"It's okay Uncle, everyone gets a little excited." Come to think of it, Daphne was breathing a little faster.

"Why don't we all get in the hot tub first?" Amy suggested.

Daphne hopped out of the pool first, and Amy followed her over to the hot tub. Sam reluctantly got out of pool. The front of his swim trunks tented and showed off his rock hard erection. The ladies were already settled when he got in the hot tub. Once again, Amy surprised him by slipping of her bikini bottoms first. Daphne, taking a cue from her aunt, slid hers off also.

Sam didn't think he could take much more of this. How had he let it get this far? Here were his wife and his niece sitting on either side of him, naked. Two beautiful ladies are sitting naked. He had nothing to worry about. There was no funny business going here. Sam slid a thumb underneath the material of his swim trunks and slid them down over hips and thighs. His boner immediately jumped into view in the shallow water under the luminescence of the tiki lights surrounding the area. He slid them lower until they were around his ankles. Then with one foot he flicked them off. The last piece of clothing floated to the surface. Amy hurriedly swept them off to the side somewhere. Sam caught a glimpse of Daphne looking at the water. Or rather, she looked through the water at his raging erection.

"Oh, wow!" Daphne whispered under her breath

Sam leaned back and spread his legs, closing his eyes, imagining his wife touching his cock in front of his niece. There was some movement in the water. He could feel the warm waves lapping against his smooth chest.

He felt fingers touching the skin just above his erection.

"It's okay Aunt Amy. Make him feel good." Daphne had her hand over her Aunt's who had suddenly turned shy when she saw her husband's erection. Daphne pulled her hand away once Amy grabbed a hold of the base of Sam's cock. Sam moaned at the feel of his wife touching his cock.

There was another disturbance in the water. Daphne got up and sat down on the edge of the hot tub so that her torso was lifted out of the water. She spread her legs wide and felt her sensitive cleft with her finger tips.

"Look at what I'm doing uncle."

Sam looked up at his niece. He saw how aroused she was, with her labia glistening. Daphne slipped a finger inside of her and placed another on her clit. Here she was pleasuring herself in front of her family. What an uninhibited little minx. Amy could stand to learn a lot from her. Amy looked on raptly. Sam wrapped his fist around her hand around the base of his cock and thoroughly gave himself a nice hand job beneath the water.

"Have you ever had your pussy eaten?" Sam asked his wife. She blushed but said nothing. Sam looked at Daphne. "What about you?"

"N-no" Daphne huffed, vigorously fingering her pussy.

Sam didn't say anything about what he was about to do next. He stood up and moved so that he was now on his knees on the bench in the water. He grabbed each of Daphne's legs and pulled them so that her pussy was directly under his gaze. Then Sam looked at his wife.

"I've always wanted to do this to you, but you've always refused. You won't even talk about it. I never thought I would get this chance to show you, but I am. So I want you to watch how much she enjoys me giving her oral on the edge of the hot tub." Tongue first, he dove into Daphne's pussy, licking and sucking her labia until he found that little nub he craved.

Daphne cried out in pleasure while her aunt watched on. Amy's cheeks were flaming red from the embarrassment she was feeling. Sam sucked on Daphne's clit doing little figure eights, and then sometimes going from side to side with his tongue. He could feel her orgasm building under him in the way her hips were undulating against his mouth while she held his head right there.

All of a sudden Daphne screamed "Oh yes!" into the night sky. Sam felt her vaginal muscles contract in his mouth. Everything got very moist. He licked the juices she was emitting. He loved her sweet taste. Daphne came. The realization hit Sam very hard. Daphne had her first consensual orgasm with him. Oh God, he was in love!

"Fucker." Daphne screamed.

Sam lifted his head mouth off of his niece. He was surprised at her foul language. She must have seen it in his face.

"Fuck her!" Daphne pointed at Aunt Amy. "I want to watch you fuck Aunt Amy."

Sam was really turned on.

"Come; let's get more comfortable on the bed, girls."

Everyone raced to the bedroom. Daphne laid a couple of towels down on the bed. Then she laid down first.

"Come over Aunt Amy, I want to see you get fucked really hard. Get on your knees on the bed over me."

Amy complied. She was lying on the bed doggie style, so her ass was in the air facing Sam. Sam couldn't believe his good luck. He had never had his wife this way. He figured having Daphne over more often this summer would mean lots and lots of fun for all three of them.

Aunt Amy buried her face in Daphne's shoulder. Sam knew that his wife was feeling very self conscious at the moment. Sam stood right behind his wife's ass with the head of his cock right at the entrance of Amy's pussy. He didn't even need to rub his cock up and down her slit, because Amy was already very wet. He slid in easily to the hilt. He started off slowly; sliding in and out.

Amy started moaning into Daphne's shoulder, quickening Sam's pace. From his point of view, he glimpsed Daphne playing with her aunt's tits. Amy went crazy when Daphne pulled Amy's tits together and sucked on both nipples at the same time. Aunt Amy sputtered and screamed in pleasure. Then she passed out on the bed on top of Daphne.

Sam pulled out of his wife's pussy, still hard and wanting more. He helped Daphne roll Amy onto the side. Then he walked around the bed, his cock still in the air, despite the pleasure so far. He grabbed Daphne by the pigtails. Sam took the stiff cock and fed it into Daphne's mouth an inch at a time. He could tell that this was her first time and he was going to be as slow as he could but he wanted to get off so bad he could almost taste it. Finally he couldn't take the torture anymore. Sam shoved his cock into her mouth, choking her a bit. She swallowed deeply, answering his need. Daphne grabbed him by the hips as she lowered her body to the floor so that she was kneeling before him.

Sam loved seeing Daphne on her knees in front of him. He throbbed into the back of her throat.

"Suck me."

Daphne avidly licked and sucked her first cock ever, taking him in as deep as he would go. Soon enough He blew his load right into her mouth. He could tell that she didn't know what to do with his ejaculate and clearly did not like the taste. She tried pulling him out of her mouth. He held the back of her head to So that her face was to the base of his cock.

"Swallow it, Daphne."

Daphne shook her head no.

"Swallow it, now, Daphne."

Slowly her throat bobbed on his cock and she swallowed his come.

"Good Girl."

Just then Amy woke up.

"Daphne, I want to thank you for helping me become more comfortable with my sexuality with my husband. Though, we don't think that it's a bad thing to help family out, what happened tonight should not be spoken of to your parents or your brother Andy." Aunt Amy said after coming to after he orgasm.

"Yes, Daphne, That was wonderful!" Sam exclaimed gratefully.

"Can I come again, Uncle Sam?" asked Daphne with a wink

The end.


Stay tuned to see what happens to Daphne after her father finds out she's dating a guy from College!

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