Dare by Moonlight Ch. 01


Greg walked on as the first sound of birdsong came to him; the first tentative notes of the dawn chorus in the strengthening light. A hint of something more than moonlight on the horizon - the first indication of the approaching day. It would be so much more difficult to hide in the bright light of the morning.

Greg could not imagine he was the only person, yes there was Tansia as well, who went hiking naked, at least sometimes, around the lake. It was a growing pastime with even clubs of people out hiking naked. Not a sexual thing but just something people liked to do - like hiking itself. Greg, though, could not see that nude hiking with a girlfriend would not involve sex at some point in the day but that would not be that much different from a clothed hike with a girlfriend. It was very likely at some point in the afternoon her hiking shorts and panties would come off and she and her boyfriend would do the thing; privately rolling on the grass or between the trees; perhaps after a short play in a refreshing stream; perhaps even taking a short naked stroll away from their clothes if feeling confident in their seclusion. Kissing, fondling, sucking, and fucking until the semen came.

The dawn chorus was pretty and Greg listened happily as the sky brightened and the first tentative rays of the sun fell warm on his skin. It felt good to be out in the countryside, good to be alive, good to be walking naked at the dawn. There was something so very real about that. Being up and about before the world - at least he hoped so - and enjoying the exercise and the beauty of the fresh morning.

Of course the growing light also illuminated his erection for anyone to see. Greg sighed; he had been erect now for well over an hour and a half but, on the positive side, he had refrained from touching it. Indeed the last time his hand had touched his cock had been before his rendezvous with Tansia when he had relieved himself in the dark. If only he was like that now with his penis flopping softly against his thighs rather than sticking up in the air as if seeking women.

Greg had been conscious of a growing need to pee and the memory of his earlier wee brought it to the forefront of his mind. He was going to have to 'go' sometime soon and was going to have to do it whilst erect. At least he knew he could. Apparently some men could not but Greg had done it more than once. Easier to step into the shower cubicle and just let the urine arc upwards as to sit on the bog like a girl and force his morning wood uncomfortably downwards and knock it against the porcelain. Easier given he was going to take a shower anyway and, depending on how his thoughts were, he was going to need that erection. Usually he was wanking and thinking of something erotic before he had even finished weeing, perhaps imagining himself not alone in the shower but with a girl he had been lusting over the day before, perhaps Tansia, imagining his fingers between her legs playing as the girl's own hot stream of urine cascaded over his hand; a sexual precursor to a daydream of mutual washing, oral sex and sexual intercourse.

Greg slowed ready to try and empty his bladder - but why stop? Why not just let it go as he walked? He was not Tansia who would have to squat down as girls did. If instead of walking separately they had been together would she have let him watch? Just as they were walking along all of a moment he could imagine her bobbing down beside the track with him turning to ask what she was doing and then seeing the sudden gush appear between her legs - just of course where his eyes would have been drawn by the sudden splaying of her legs and the revelation of her sex. The broad stream arcing forward and splashing on the leaf mould, a bright stream catching the sunlight. Would he have immediately joined her, his own thinner stream arcing high from his engorged penis. Not right over her, of course. Though, how impressive would that be? His urine rising in a great parabola over her head to splash down the other side of her. Would she be impressed at his prowess, would it make that lovely giggle of hers come that sent such delicious shivers down his backbone or would she just be cross and appalled particularly when the stream faltered and it fell right onto her?

No, not over her but he could imagine the arc rising and falling away from her. There they would both be, peeing together, and staring at each other's sex with the lust caused by the drink. Would Tansia be desperate to grab hold of his cock and play with the stream making the connection with the other fluid that came from a cock? Would he be able to stop himself pushing Tansia onto her back on the leaf mould and thrusting himself into her whether she, or even he, had finished peeing and rolling as one until the other fluid came in torrents?

Greg could not believe how worked up, how obsessed by sex he had become. Even the basic functional act of micturition was taking his thoughts into really kinky sex. He tried to concentrate on the job in hand. Without pausing in his stride he released the sphincter, a tentative dribble and then the proper flow came, unguided by his hand, and his erect cock hosed in front of him. The wee flew upwards in a great big arc just as he had anticipated and kept falling on the ground a good two yards ahead of him. Undoubtedly it would have been the strangest sight had anyone seen him. A young bearded man in just a pair of hiking boots marching along as if in a hurry with a monster hard on and his urine pouring from his cock up into the air ahead of him as he walked. Filmed it would have been a 'You Tube' sensation - or rather a sensation on rather dodgier sites that allowed such things. Greg was actually quite smug at what he was doing. Silly and childish really, like when he had peed from the top of his uncle's garden shed and watched the stream fall so far. He had not been seen that day: he was not seen in the early morning by the lake.

He dare not shake, dare not touch it and had to content himself with waggling it a little to dry the end and shake off any remaining drops. Greg felt better but any hope that his tumescence might now subside was dashed over the next five minutes as his erection showed absolutely no sign of abating.

There was still the feeling of being ridiculous but at the same time he could not help feeling himself a manly sight. He was not unfit, his body was not at all bad and he knew his erection to be impressive. He felt himself the cock of the morning - in more ways than one - strutting along the path in the gathering light.

The sun was getting warmer and Greg was getting near to the half way stage. Perhaps another half an hour would see him at the opposite end of the lake from the campsite where the little shingle beach was with the rowing boats. It was the most open part of the walk and not something he was looking forward to having to cross - not looking like he did. He had thought of fashioning himself some sort of leafy covering but knew that would break the rules of the dare - though he had never conceived of having to walk not only naked but erect.

The sound of voices was unexpected; doubly unexpected for being so close; perhaps because he was going through a rocky area, an area where the path twisted and turned, the sound had been blanked off or else the people - the women he noted - had not been talking. But there, feet from him, were two middle aged women clearly out for a walk with their dog. They were as surprised to see him as he them. The mercy was that his lower half was hidden from them by a rock or boulder. They could not see he was naked: they might surmise or speculate but they could not see. All they could see was his naked upper half unless he moved and he was not going to! His cock pressed against the rough stone almost triggering an ejaculation; Greg nearly having to say 'Good morning' as his cock pumped semen all over the rock in front of him. It would be difficult to hold a conversation whilst in the throes of orgasm as the usual words used at such a time of 'yes, yes' or 'fuck, fuck' or prosaically 'I'm coming' do not really constitute conversation - certainly not with strangers.

It did not help that the women were attractive for their age (but in Greg's hyper-erotic state women were women, full stop) and had not taken a great deal of care about their dress. They were both bra-less, with not overly buttoned shirts - one of their boobs was almost hanging out. Greg could barely control his hands.

"Hi," they said, "grand morning for a walk."

Greg mumbled agreement and then his eyes went wide. A wet, cold nose had just pushed itself between his bottom cheeks. Completely unexpected. Yes the women's dog was being natural and friendly; getting to know Greg in a doggy way. It was surprising, but what can you expect if you walk around naked? He was lucky the dog had not licked his cock because that would have had an almost inevitable result and what would the ladies have thought with the dog licking its chops and with a very satisfied look on its face as it licked what looked like... but couldn't be... from all around its muzzle!

"You are up early."

Greg did not miss the possible double entendre.

"We love the early morning too."

Perhaps the words were innocent -- without knowledge of just how 'up' he was. The women seemed in no hurry to move on and Greg found himself deep in conversation all about the lake, where he was staying, how long he had been walking, where he was going and everything. There poor Greg was, happily, in appearance, chatting to the ladies but little did they know that the nice bearded man they were talking to was sporting a whopping erection just hidden by the rock and feeling very uncomfortable indeed.

Eventually they said they must be getting on. Greg inched around the rock as they began to move causing a bit of a puzzled frown. The dog (and its wet nose) came back and he patted its coat as the women walked away. Inevitably his eyes dropped to their bottoms - full and round in their walking trousers with a nice waggle. Greg mused on how he would enjoy walking with them naked on a normal day. Throwing sticks for the dog as all their bits - and his - wobbled. Engaging in sex with them as the day progressed -- taking them in turns and sharing his cock. Perhaps chasing them naked through the trees with the dog barking at the great game; fucking them from behind in turn as he bounced against their full bottoms; swimming in the lake and, afterwards, them sucking his cold shrunken penis back into life; a last difficult game as they tried to make his much used penis come just one last time before nightfall perhaps engaging in lesbian sex to excite him. All exciting images coming to Greg's mind as they walked away. They turned and waved and Greg waved back before they disappeared around another rock. Greg paused a moment or two and resumed his journey relieved not so much that his nakedness had not been discovered but that his erection had remained secret.

A sudden feeling made Greg turn his head and there behind him were the women laughing and pointing at his evident nakedness and bare behind. They had stepped back out from the rock that had hidden them evidently wishing to see if their surmise about his lack of clothing had been correct.

A dilemma for Greg. Should he turn and give them a full frontal surprise, let them see his erection? Hear the laughter suddenly stop. Should he walk back towards them and see what they would do? Would they set the dog on him, run away or reach to fondle his erection and admire it? There was safety in numbers for them. It would not be his fault if he promptly made a mess all down their walking trousers and make them hurry to wash the semen stains from their trousers in the lake.

He was torn. The hyper-erotic feelings made the idea of flashing appealing and the thought of the women making him cum was just what he needed: except Tansia had said he must not. Greg waved back at the women and moved on keeping his cock hidden but very conscious of the women staring at his bottom. Perhaps another day; perhaps he would come walking clothed that way again and meet them. Would they be disappointed and say so. Would he offer to get in the buff for them if they liked, would he offer to show them his if they showed him theirs? Would it just be a pleasant naturist interlude or something more sexual? Perhaps they were gay and had simply been amused.

Greg knew he needed to keep a sharp look out. The incident with the women had been a near thing. The path was descending now quite steeply amongst the trees and Greg had to use his hands to steady himself; moving from grasping one sapling to holding another. It took his mind a little off his cock as it waggled firmly to the front of him whilst he stepped down from one safe foothold to the next.

He was at the end of the lake and knew this was the most dangerous, most exposed part of his trek. Greg had to cross the open shingle beach. Standing in the shadow of the trees fringing the beach he stared, searching for movement. All seemed still; just the lap of the wavelets on the shore and the birdsong. The sun was brighter and the sky moving to a lighter blue. Greg took a deep breath and stepped out onto the shingle. The change was immediate - the feel of the sun's warmth on his skin and the sound of his boots scrunching on the gravel. He hurried out and across the open ground -- naked, erect and exposed. There seemed no one about. And there was not anyone until he drew level with the gaily painted rowing boats on the shore and saw between two of them a pair of bodies seemingly asleep. He would have to walk by them and just hope they really were asleep. In his mind he could imagine them waking just as he walked past and their eyes opening to the unexpected view of a naked man from below - the totally unexpected fraenum side view of an erection.

Greg slowed and tried to walk quietly but the sound of the shingle sliding together under his boots seemed far too loud. There was a sudden movement and Greg froze but then smiled. The couple had probably had a moonlit fuck before falling asleep and had not bothered to dress much again. The girl, a dark, dark girl, had a towel covering her lower half - which was a pity as Greg would have liked to have seen her tight dark curls forming a vee around her pubis but, in consolation, her breasts were marvellous enough for him; possessing the largest and darkest areolae Greg had ever seen. He just stood and stared; what a pretty girl, what lovely skin, what marvellous breasts. He would like to have played with them - all morning if allowed! As for the man it was evident he was no stranger to the unclothed life as his skin was bronzed everywhere - and, unlike the girl, all was on display and impressively so, as he was just as erect as Greg. Perhaps he was dreaming an interesting dream or perhaps it was just the 'morning wood' but his cock stuck straight up in the air, not lying across his chest, but almost vertically up in the air as if ready for the girl to descend and ride. A great big thing with an unusually squashed mushroom shaped head.

Greg's grin broadened. He could cope with the embarrassment of them waking. He could quickly point to the fact he was not the only male on the beach sporting a hard-on. Did they have a problem as he didn't!

Of course in his excited state Greg's mind leapt to the possibilities - or rather the fantasy unlikely occurrence - of the couple waking and inviting him to fuck with them; to share the delights of the pretty black girl and take turns at the task of penetration. The excitement for him as the towel slipped away and the hoped for black curls came into view. How surprised they would be when the boyfriend ejaculated and went soft but Greg just kept going, ejaculation or no ejaculation. Greg happily banging away as the girl's lips tried to suck a further stand from the lad's limp dick. Would the head still have that flattened mushroom shape when flaccid?

Greg watched the sleeping couple for a moment or two as his thoughts raced but he knew he could not tarry. If he let his thoughts run too riot whilst staring at the girl's wonderful tits there was the risk his cock might spontaneously start spurting and being rained on by cum was undoubtedly something that would wake the sleeping beauty and her tumescent friend. Rather a 'rude' awakening really. He left the couple; not too worried if they awoke and saw his retreating bottom.

Still no other sign of life and Greg was well over half way across the beach. Suddenly ahead he saw movement right where he was making for - just where the path left the beach. There was nothing for it, he could not turn to the car park as that would risk even more people; there was nowhere to hide unless he got into the lake but swimming would be difficult in walking boots and he did not fancy another two hours hike in squelching soaked socks and boots.

The person ahead of him was female; female and naked; female and, yes, it was Tansia. Greg should have been less worried, less self conscious but the reality was he had never seen Tansia naked and neither had she seen him naked - certainly not with an erection. In essence it was no different from meeting a stranger - except Tansia would not be surprised and shocked. Greg drew closer, thankful to be reaching the shelter of trees again but conscious how revealed he would be in the sunlight to Tansia. He had most definitely never let Tansia see him naked and certainly not like he was now with, what felt like, a flagpole standing to his front.

Tansia looked fantastic as he had always known she would. Perky big breasts - were her nipples normally as big as that? Wide feminine hips and with an absolute riot of light brown curly hair between them. Long brown legs with those fantastic knees he so often watched when she had a skirt or shorts on. And was that really, could it really be sexual lubrication running down from the top of her soft inner thighs? Yes, there was desire; Greg wanted to jump on her and fuck her like he had never fucked before. He hoped he could retain control but again the feeling came and he knew he was on the verge of coming and really it would not do to greet Jim's girlfriend by saying 'hallo' and immediately pumping dollops of white semen all over her pubic mound leaving strands tangled and dripping from her light brown curly hair. Quite a social faux pas in polite society.

"Hello big boy," said Tansia, "enjoying the walk?" Again the giggle.

"Hi Tansia. Good morning. Yes and no. What did you put in that drink? It's not been easy walking around like, well, this... and I don't see your clit sticking two inches out of your pubes like you said." Greg was not letting Tansia get away with an allusion to his erection without giving back in kind.

"Fucking well feels like that! I've been wanting to fuck anything that moves. See these? It looks like I've had babies. Never been so sensitive. I've been eyeing up trees wanting to rub them against the smooth bark. I mean, if I'd seen a tree with a little stumpy branch at cock height I'd have had my arms wrapped around the tree and would still have been fucking it I think."

It was a very interesting image to Greg: Tansia making love to a tree. "Yeah, well one thing to feel like that but quite another to show it. I mean, walking around with a cock standing up like this and nowhere to hide it." Greg was complaining.

Tansia's eyes kept dropping to it and she had not missed, any more than Greg had, that it had added to its embarrassing sexual appearance by letting a pearly drop of pre-cum ooze out of the end and stand glistening in the sunlight. 'Oh great,' thought Greg. 'Not only am I naked and exposed with Jim's girl, worse I have an erection but I have to be showing my pre cum as well.'

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