tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDare by Moonlight Ch. 02

Dare by Moonlight Ch. 02


Greg was back on his walk, the halfway meeting with Tansia over. Greg smiled to himself; so that was what she looked like naked; he had, of course, wondered; fantasised even; and then there was that tail!

Greg kept thinking back to Tansia's tail. What was there about a girl wearing a bushy squirrel tail? Was it the thought of how it was attached? Was it the slightly kinky, half animal appearance it gave her? Or was it just the emphasis it gave to her buttocks? What would it be like to penetrate her from the rear with the bushy tail rising up between them or pull the tail out and...?

The path carried on; sometimes leading close by the water's edge, other times up in the trees. It was, all things considered, good to be out walking in the early light. It was warm and the world looked all fresh and new, the birds were singing and there was the occasional splash of a fish leaping for an insect. Had Greg been dressed or even just naked and rambling he would have felt perfectly at ease. Walking with the biggest hard-on he had ever had swaying from one side to the other as he walked, his foreskin peeled right back as if ready for sex and a shiny, translucent bubble of pre-cum forming and occasionally elongating into a swinging strand, rather spoilt the serenity of the walk. The strand looked very strange when it happened; with its bead of liquid at its end swinging happily with the motion of his cock and catching the sunlight, before falling to the ground. He found himself watching it, watching how long it got before breaking and how big a swing it achieved.

Not only did he feel more 'turned on' than he could remember but he also felt so exposed to the world. Every slight noise unsettled him as he imagined his secret dread coming to pass with him being seen before he could hide. Not just one girl hiker or jogger but a whole school party - thirty pubescent girls in skirts - coming through the trees on a nature outing with their teachers. A nature outing to see nature in the wild. Greg imagined their shock at finding nature at its natural, raw and procreative best. It was not at all likely at that hour of the morning or in the school holidays but Greg just imagined the worst.

It might be thought that the lake would have been completely devoid of people at that hour. After all it was not exactly in a populated area but Greg seemed to hit a busy patch. He had virtually had the other side of the lake to himself but not now. A sudden sound ahead of him and he turned for the trees and bushes but it was already too late. The jogger was bearing down on him at speed and all Greg could do was stop with a slim tree trunk between him and the approaching figure; a tree trunk he hoped would at least hide the fact of his standing penis but not, of course, his nakedness. It was a girl; her blond hair carefully tied back in a pony tail to keep it from her eyes, swung briskly as she ran. Inevitably Greg appraised her body clad in running shorts and tee shirt. Nice legs; the girl was not one of those willowy types but the solid athletic type with substantial limbs - not at all fat but firm and powerful looking. Just right, Greg could not help thinking, for clasping a man and holding him tightly in place so his cock did the right things. There was no movement from her reasonably developed chest - an indication of the restraining influence of a sports bra. It would be fund to remove it and see the result under her tee shirt as her freed breasts swung naturally. Clasped in one hand the inevitable plastic bottle of mineral water. An eminently fuckable girl and one virtually up to Greg by the time he had taken her in.

"Morning," he said. His voice not coming out quite as calmly as he had planned but instead with a slight squeak.

"Hullo," she replied with a slightly puzzled look as she ran up to him. Coming across a naked hiker was probably not what she was used to on her jogs; her greeting, though, turned to an audible, "Oh!" as she ran past glancing down at the point the tree no longer obscured Greg. He turned to watch her running on and found she was looking back at him with a very surprised expression. Clearly she had not at all been expecting to see such a display of rampant maleness. Greg was not quite sure whether he had really rather enjoyed exposing himself to the pretty girl or not. Perhaps he should have stood in full view as she had run up - after all he had nothing to be ashamed of particularly given the effect of the drink which seemed to have pushed his penis to an exceptional attempt at hardness. Surely she could have been nothing if not impressed? Still he did not want to be reported to the police.

The experience did not encourage Greg. He was still much happier hiding and he was much more successful with the next jogger as he slipped behind some bushes and crouched hoping he had not been seen. He had not and the male jogger ran past without a glance in his direction.

He could not believe it when yet another male jogger appeared - this time from behind him. He did not have a chance to hide.

The jogger paused just past Greg, stared for a few moments with a very big grin indeed. "Hey man, naked's one thing but you really shouldn't wander around like that." As he started to run again he shouted back, "nice cock, though! Perhaps see you later."

A movement out of the corner of his eye - canoeists. They were up early, perhaps planning to paddle all the way around the lake. They were a little off the shore, almost silently moving across the water. Had they caught him, a glimpse or more in profile between the trees? His sticking up erection would be clear in profile - a male out hunting for a mate? Greg froze and stared out as the canoeists passed. They did not seem to have seen him, their heads were not turned his way but he was sure he would be visible if they looked. He was not hidden in the shadow of the trees but caught almost in the open where just a few saplings served as cover. They paddled on unconscious of the strange sight on the shoreline and Greg began moving again.

Mostly the path was easy but a wrong turning found Greg climbing high into the trees. It was an upper path but, as it was still going in the right direction, Greg was not worried at leaving the lake. At least he would be free of the menace of the joggers in their sports bras and running shorts. The tenseness of constantly listening ahead and behind fell away and he began to enjoy his naked freedom and the exercise once again. That was until, coming down a steep bank, he managed to lose his footing.

There Greg was; slipping and sliding on his bottom until stopped very suddenly and painfully by a sapling in his balls. He should have kept his legs together not tried to slow his slide by spreading his legs. The pain was excruciating, that dreadful dull super ache that appears not immediately but seconds after the testicular impact or squeeze. It did not, of course, cause the slightest dip in his erection. Greg supposed it was better really than having a buttock lacerated by a sharp stone. The awful dull ache or rather pain was made worse by being in both of his balls -- a double impact. Greg just lay there in shock and pain staring up at the tree canopy. His balls felt even larger than they had done before.

Had the impact caused a swelling making his genitalia even more surprising in appearance than before? It did look like it! He limped on, as the nausea receded, down the path back towards the lake. It had been a quieter path but not safer in the end.

Being watched is one thing but Greg soon found himself watching instead. The path had left the side of the lake for a while and Greg had left the path in order to get to the lake and wash his rather muddy buttocks but as he approached the lake he heard the sound of voices. Quietly he peered through the bushes. A couple had set up camp on the shore and were just leaving their tent and walking naked towards the water, evidently going for a refreshing skinny dip. In the early light it was a lovely sight and Greg wished he had had his camera. The couple and the serenity of the lake; the man and woman hand in hand; the couple naked and, moreover, Greg was amused to see, the man as erect as he was. There seemed quite a lot of erections around in the early morning! Perhaps he should hail them and go and talk. Surely there could be no embarrassment with both men sporting erections. Only, of course as they chatted, the other man's would go down but his would not!

Greg watched the couple stepping into the water and admired the natural grace of the girl, the curves of her body and the surprising lack of correlation between her hips and head. Lovely flowing dark black hair to her head but not a hint of blackness between her thighs. Clearly she had been busy with the razor. They looked so natural -- nature's children.

The cold water had the predicted effect and Greg would have moved on had it not been for where the girl's hand went as they came out of the water. Greg stared. She really was doing it - working him as they stood in the water. Again he wished for his camera. Why did he not see such scenes when out walking normally? He would have loved to have hid and spied on such a scene; taking a few photographs and having a nice visually stimulated wank. His hand almost dropped to his cock out of habit but he knew he must not. Tansia had warned him and he knew he would come within seconds of his thumb and forefinger making the circle and pulling on the foreskin.

The frustration was immense; he had actually caught a couple skinny dipping and fucking but was unable to fully enjoy it. To be accurate they were not yet fucking but that was going to happen - it was obvious.

What, though, would have been a frustration - but was perhaps just as well in the circumstances - was the fucking not being public; Greg did not have the full voyeuristic delight of seeing the penetration and the working of genitalia together. What he did see was the couple walking back towards the tent. They were not now hand in hand as the girl was gently leading the boy by his re-erected cock and moving it in a very suggestive way; the boy's hand was on the girl's buttocks (and who knew where his fingers were?) They walked directly towards where Greg was crouched in the bushes which worried him for a second but then they ducked down back into the tent. To Greg it seemed a shame for them. With such beautiful scenery and such a wonderful morning surely it would have been the most fun to fuck in the open - perhaps the girl simply bending to be taken from behind in the way of the animals -- a lovely image of natural intercourse by the lake.

Annoying but perhaps just as well. Greg had really liked the look of the girl with her shaved mons, little girl slit and gently bouncing boobs. The thought of having her - even after her boyfriend had enjoyed her first - was very exciting. Greg had not actually done 'sloppy seconds' and he wondered what that was like. But it was unlikely he would ever know; what man gave up his girl for a friend to try? Again Greg had to grit his teeth and stand immobile as his cock almost, but not quite, went into involuntary spasm at the liquid thought.

A giggle from the tent and Greg moved on, still looking from the rear very grubby with his muddy bottom. Perhaps the girl would have washed it for him with some soap, one hand around his cock to hold him steady as the other hand rubbed.

A little further on and he came down to the water and, undoing his boots, slipped in. The coolness of the water felt good on his still aching balls and he swam out a little way enjoying the feel of the soft water but conscious of his cock staying hard and forming a strange spike below his body. It pointed forward as he swam. He would have been safe from the canoeists had they come along at that point. Yes, they would have seen he was swimming naked but not his powerful erection nosing through the water. Or at least not until he tried backstroke -- that would have been remarkably revealing!

Even if the canoeists had come along as he stood washing the mud from his behind they would not have seen the embarrassment of his erection - at least not if he had bobbed down a bit more than he was because, when he looked, there was his glans just breaking the surface - the shiny purple head just sticking up out of the water.

Greg amused himself for a few moments lowering himself slightly in the water so his cock disappeared and then rising up again so that his cock appeared like the periscope of a submarine breaking water.

Back on land Greg walked on letting the sun dry him. His skin cool both from the water and the evaporation but the coldness having nothing like the usual effect on his penis. Instead of the usual post swimming shrivelled little thing it stood as proud as before. Perhaps the coldness had caused a little thinning of the shaft but all that did was to make the purple head seem so much more like a plum on a stalk. A plum starting again to ooze despite the purging of the urethra whilst in the water. There had been no one to see and the 'periscope' had sent a very impressive arc of wee splashing out over the lake. A gentle tinkling like rain on the water.

Greg was relieved to not find any more joggers but astounded to come across a pair of hikers walking towards him. It was what they were wearing or not wearing that caused his surprise. Certainly they were wearing more than him - if you could count a knapsack each as being more dressed! He could not easily turn off the path, certainly not when they had hailed him and he had to brazen it out. It was one of his weirdest experiences; just standing by the lake chatting to two other guys whilst sporting his monster hard-on. They liked it all right. They had no compunction in talking about it and saying it was so much bigger than theirs! Would he like to see to compare and what was he doing out like that? Greg thought the best policy was to explain; tell them about the dare; about Tansia and the drink. They were enthusiastic, worryingly enthusiastic, saying how fun it would be for the three of them to march around the lake all erect for four or more hours. They seemed rather less interested in having Tansia along and Greg knew exactly where they were coming from. At the first stirrings of their penises he made his excuses - time was pressing - and was off up the path waving his farewells to the two naked hikers and their growing hard-ons.

What particularly worried him was his sexual response. The drink seemed to break down his inhibitions and as Tansia had said make even a tree seem an object of amorous or rather erotic interest -- not that he saw any interesting knot holes! Not naturally attracted to men he had nonetheless not been uninterested in the two gays' bodies and their stirring genitalia but Tansia had warned against ejaculation, and he knew he would hate himself in retrospect, yet the idea of rubbing his dripping cock against their burgeoning erections was so attractive that... Greg quickly changed his thoughts to Tansia and what he must do with her when they met again -- what he would really like to rub against. If he caught her she would not resist; he would have her flat on her back and his erection slipping into her sopping - and it would be sopping - vagina before she could say 'fuck' and his aching balls would at last release that pent up semen, filling her like she had never been filled before; he could almost hear the squelching, slapping sounds of the vigorous fuck. Greg could imagine his eyes squeezed shut whilst that glorious release came as deep as he could possibly put it in Tansia.

He did not care about Jim if he saw - his penis would not be the one to stay hard and hadn't Tansia revealed who had the biggest cock? If Jim didn't like what he had done to Tansia, well then Greg would challenge him to a cock fight. Two penises slapping together and he knew it would be the smaller one that would be defeated: beaten into flaccidity or made to cum first. Either way Greg would be triumphant and would take public possession of Tansia whilst the beaten Jim looked (limply) on.

Greg grabbed a branch to steady himself. He had almost come just by thinking - had it been the thought of fucking Tansia - a good solid manly heterosexual image - or the rather gayer, but arguably manly, winning of a cock fight? He thought the former but after all the latter was to win the girl - the girl watching the contest and seeing the penises go 'head to head'. Greg felt a little confused - and who would not be after almost three hours of walking erect with no release and a libido the size of, well, the size of his engorged cock.

Greg walked on as his cock dripped. Was the dripping a sort of orgasm spread over four hour? What if the drink had really brought on a continuous orgasm for Tansia and himself - a real four hour orgasm? Would he - or she - have been able to walk for four hours with that electric feeling pulsing again and again and again? Nothing coming out of course. There simply was not the fluid in a body for ejaculation to go on for anything like that length of time: instead after the first few pulses it would just be a dry pumping. He might do ten spurts if he was really lucky though he had seen a vid. of a guy managing nineteen. An incredibly long orgasm but not for four hours!

He was left in peace for a long time. Greg did pass a few fishermen at a distance but they did not look up at him or take their eyes off the water. One old bloke in a wide brimmed hat was as naked as he and it looked like that was how he liked to fish. Greg had not heard of naked fishing before. Why fish naked?

Naked walkers, naked fishermen, naked campers, naked swimmers, naked sleepers to say nothing of naked and erect hikers - had the whole world gone nudist Greg wondered?

Tansia could not accuse him of failing to keep up a steady pace; he wondered about her and how she had been faring; had she come across as many, more or less, people than he? Had she been more successful at hiding; had she succumbed to erotic thoughts and found a tree to fuck or had she found solace with a jogger or hiker or three? Greg's naked hikers would be no use to her and they were on the wrong side of the lake anyway. Perhaps the canoeists had seen her and come ashore and were now paddling on with wide grins and satisfied loins whilst Tansia made her way onwards dripping not just her own juices but the product of the canoeists' penises running down her thighs as well. It was an attractive image - a very well lubricated and fuckable Tansia with soft, wet sliding thighs. Sloppy seconds or thirds (or was it fourths)? Greg did not mind a bit. He just wanted to fuck and he was not feeling choosy - though Tansia was most on his mind.

Greg did not have his camera - he just had his boots - but the wildlife photographer certainly did and a very long lens as well. He did not see her until well after she saw him and by then it was too late - he had already been photographed.

"Well, well young man; what are you doing walking around like that. In my experience cocks do not stay hard like that without stimulation. Your thoughts must be, well, very good ones!"

She was in her fifties, going grey haired and quite petite; dressed in khaki shorts and multi pocketed jacket looking quite the big game hunter. She had obviously been a 'looker' in her day and was wearing well.

He had tried hiding his erection behind his hands but that was not totally possible - and he daren't touch it anyway. It was one thing to be seen naked by this photographer even erect: quite another to start spraying his cum all over the place.

She had a way with her and talked Greg into posing for her - leaning against a tree, sitting, walking, running, coming out of the lake. She even took close up shots just of his pelvis or perhaps more specifically his cock getting him to move so the sun light caught his cock and left his body in shadow, making the bubble of pre-cum glisten.

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