tagMind ControlDare Me Not Ch. 01

Dare Me Not Ch. 01


This is the first Chapter of what I'm hoping will be a series. I'm planning for more chapters, but would like to have some feedback in the meanwhile.


Jonah Dawson droned on. Professor Dawson was everything you'd expect from a brilliant psychology professor, complete with an eccentric nature and a monotonous voice. He had an excellent mind and a quick wit, but sadly none of the delivery required to hold the rapt attention of his students. His Psych 101 class was having a hard time keeping up, or staying up; some students were blatantly sprawled over their desks.

"The human mind is an amazing thing, so complex and wonderful. Yet, when we examine human actions and reactions, we find that 90% of all action is involuntary. Only 10% is actually done after careful consideration. The rest of the time, we act on impulse, as if guided by our inner animal."

Scanning the class, he frowned, wondering why no one seemed to be interested in his lecture. A handful of students seemed to be looking in his general direction, the rest were buried in their cell phones and in the spines of their books.

Well this will get their attention, he mused. "There will be a pop quiz tomorrow." He allowed a brief smile when five heads suddenly snapped up and Drew Carter, football jock extraordinaire, fell out of his chair in the process. Immediately, murmurs of discontent rippled through the class. One day to prepare for a test that no one understood anything about?

"As I was saying, I have a few audio CDs of the course material that you will need to know for this test. If you want one, you can collect them on the way out."

"Who'd be interested to listen to more of you?" Drew was finally awake and off the floor. The class burst into muted laughter, swiftly silenced by the scowl on Professor Dawson's face.

"Seeing as how this will be 25% of your grade, it might be prudent to be interested, Mister Carter. But since I noticed how engrossed you were in your textbook, I think you're probably more than amply prepared."

Drew Carter stood up to snarl back a retort, but was cut off by the bell. What was previously a scene of dopey-eyed students was now bustling with life as everyone leapt out of their chairs and headed for the door. A few students paused by the professor's table to grab a CD.

Janine rolled her eyes. This class was a tough one, not because it was boring material, but it was hard to absorb. Her first year in college was proving to be a sizeable leap from the relative ease of high school. She would definitely need to get a CD to prepare for the quiz.

Janine Tyler wasn't tall, wasn't leggy, wasn't overly athletic, wasn't disproportionately endowed, wasn't a head-turner by many accounts. She had wavy hair always done up in a strict ponytail, brown eyes hidden behind spectacles and her 5'5" frame always modestly covered. She wasn't the type of girl to get much attention at all. She wasn't ugly though, there just weren't that many guys interested in the mousy look she championed.

Making her way to the front, she watched as the last CD was snatched up by the reluctant Drew Carter. Drew wasn't happy that he had to take one, but he knew that without it he'd have little chance in passing. That left Janine without a copy.

"Looks like you're without a copy, Miss Tyler." Professor Dawson noted. "I believe I still have another copy in my office." Janine meekly nodded and followed him out.

She was expecting his office to be an utter mess and was truly surprised to see that it was almost immaculate. Books and papers were neatly stacked and filed, and apart from a coffee cup in the middle of his desk, nothing looked out of place at all. The professor shuffled into the room and started rummaging behind the desk.

"It looks like I am all out of copies..."

Janine was getting flustered when continued. "Well you can take my original copy." He offered her a nondescript disc in a green plastic case. "I will want this back." He stressed the 'will' and she stammered her gratitude and made her way out.

"Janine!" She turned at the sound of Natasha Partridge, her friend from high school. "What did Dawson want?"

Natasha was blonde and leggy and Drew's girlfriend. She wasn't a cheerleader, and Drew seemed concerned that she would join and made her promise never to be one, saying he didn't want all the other guys to see her that way. Sounded like he wanted her all to himself.

"He didn't want anything; I needed a copy of this CD for the test tomorrow."

"Hmm, Drew was just going on about that! Said he wouldn't be able to meet up tonight since he had to listen to that disc. I highly doubt he'd listen, but he said he needed the night off. Are you still on for the mall after school tomorrow?"

Janine considered it a while. "Sure, I should be done listening to this tonight. I won't be able to stay late though, the test is ..."

"Great!" Natasha bounded off, leaving Janine mid-sentence.

"Great." Janine repeated, turning the CD case over in her hands.


Her parents were never home. Ever since her mother took that patent infringement case and her father started longer hours at the workshop, Janine frequently returned to an empty house. Her older brother Damien had moved to another state for college, and since finding a girlfriend, hardly ever came home. Reaching her room, she tossed her bag into the corner, and plopped into bed, exhausted for no reason at all. Professor Dawson came to mind, nagging her about the 25 marks she would stand to lose and her eyes flew open. Dammit.

Loading her CD player, she put her earphones on and tried to focus on the many theories being thrown at her. Between Piaget and some other French philosopher, she succumbed to her fatigue.


She jolted awake to her mother calling her name from downstairs. How many hours had it been? It was now dark outside, and probably well past dinner. Ripping the earphones off, she headed to the kitchen, noticing that the disc still seemed to be playing though she couldn't hear anything.

"Hi Mum."

"Hi honey, how was school?"

"Alright. I've a pop quiz tomorrow."

"Oh you'll do fine! You've always been a smart girl."

Janine mouthed the last sentence in sync. Her mother was an excellent mother, but they just never bonded. Conversations had been reduced to trite pleasantries being passed around as a courtesy. It was sad.

"Have you seen your father?"

"No, I felt rather tired after school so I slept most of the afternoon away."

"You poor thing."


Her mother continued to bustle about, preparing a late dinner which generally involved a microwave and pre-packaged food made with assorted unknown meat. The phone rang and Janine left the stale conversation, thankful for the distraction. "Hello."

"Hey Janine, I've been calling you all afternoon!" Natasha never seemed to run out of energy.

"I'm sorry, I dozed off after listening to Prof Dawson." Janine mumbled her excuse.

"He's so boring isn't he? Drew always..." Natasha continued on relentless, now firmly entrenched in her retelling of Drew's distaste for the Psych Professor. Janine simply 'mm-ed' at the appropriate moments to show that she was still alive.

"So I bought a couple of skirts and there was this one skirt that I found that was so... Hey, are you still there?"

Janine shook her head. It wasn't like her to be dozing off. "Yeah, yeah I'm here."

"Are you alright?" Natasha sounded sincerely worried.

"I don't know, Nat. I'm feeling really tired today for some reason. I wonder if..."

"So as I was saying," Natasha cut her off. "You should wear that skirt we bought during summer. You know, the blue one with the white trim."

Janine knew the one. They had been shopping a few weeks ago and she had bought the skirt on a whim. It was a nice skirt, and had looked good on her, but didn't fit into her normal dress code: t-shirt and jeans.

"I don't know, Nat." Janine repeated. "I hardly wear skirts."

"Nonsense. You'd look great in it."


"Look, take it as a challenge. I dare you to wear the skirt." Natasha wasn't giving up.

Something seemed to click in her mind and Janine found herself replying "I'll do it!" with a conviction that seemed out of place, yet felt right.

"That's the way! You should dress up more. You'll get more attention."

Janine wasn't convinced, but strangely she felt convinced. She brushed it off, she'd decide depending on how she felt the next morning.


Next morning came, and Janine stared at herself in her full-length mirror. She felt like it was a t-shirt and jeans day, but found herself grabbing the blue and white skirt the moment she opened her closet. Standing in front of the mirror she modelled the skirt. The light blue cotton skirt hugged her hips and butt before flaring out. The white lace trim skipped the tops of her knees. It wasn't exposing, but was certainly flattering, and accentuated her curves like none of her jeans ever did.

She twirled in front of the mirror. She could see the outline of her panties, trapped under the tight fabric, but couldn't bring herself to change out of the skirt. It felt like she just had to wear that skirt. She shrugged on a t-shirt and headed off to school.

School somehow felt different. Perhaps it was the sudden rush of attention that she received, the girls that stopped her to comment on how great the skirt was, or the guys that stopped to nudge each other. Who's that, and could we have not seen her and that ass before now? Who'd have thought that Janine Tyler had such a nice butt hidden under those shapeless jeans?

Janine was slightly flustered by the unfamiliar popularity. Two random guys had said hello and she had only blushed and walked on. A third stopped her and she was thankful when she saw Natasha in the distance and used it as an excuse to leave.

"Wow Janine, you look amazing." Natasha circled her, admiring. "I thought you wouldn't do it, but here you are."

"It was a tough decision, but here I am."

"I was pretty sure you wouldn't dare."

A brief tingle shot down Janine's spine. "Of course I would!"

"And you certainly did! So have you been getting a lot of attention?" Natasha lowered her voice conspiratorially.

"Yes, I have no idea how you deal with it!" Janine groused.

"Well, if you have it, flaunt it! I'd hate to look back after 20 years and realise I never enjoyed it."

Janine didn't press the point that Natasha's mother was still looking fabulous 20 years on. They say it's all in the genes.

"Anyway I'll see you after school!"

Janine headed to her locker to grab her books before the first class. There was five minutes to the first class and not many people were around. The students enjoyed being late for the first lesson of the day anyway.

She just opened her locker when suddenly she felt a hand on her butt. Shocked, she dropped her sling bag and wheeled around to see the smirking face of Brad Wheeler and another guy. Brad was a second-year student, the school quarterback, charming and rich. He was also slimy and repugnant and a creep in the eyes of most girls on campus.

"What have we here?" Brad hand was still latched on to her butt. Janine gripped his wrist and tried to wrench it away, but he was taller and much stronger. "Let go of me, you creep." Janine responded lamely.

"Or what? You can't prance around in this lovely skirt and not expect attention? I'm giving you the attention you want, you should be thanking me."

He continued the pressure on her butt, dragging her towards him with one arm. Soon she was crushed against his body and she could feel his bulge pressing against her belly. His breath was hot and heavy. They were in school! She beat her arms against him futilely, praying he'd let go.

His friend just laughed. "Such a nice ass. It makes us all want a piece of that." He reached out to maul her other cheek. He had bigger hands, Janine thought as his fingers pierced into her butt flesh. She continued to writhe and struggle in their grasp, inadvertently grinding her body against Brad. Her skirt crept up with every move.

"Hey Brad, it looks like she's enjoying herself. She's practically rubbing herself on you! What a slut!" remarked the friend, constantly squeezing her ass and driving her against Brad. Janine was mortified, suddenly realising the position she was in. Her skirt was almost up to her crotch. It threatened to ride up all the way, and if it weren't so tight, it might have already.

"Yeah Denny, I'm sure she'd appreciate a sandwich." With a wink, Denny with the big hands moved his crotch to rest between her ass cheeks. Janine reddened and he started to dry hump through her clothes. Brad's hands had moved to her hips as he started to move too.

"We sure lucked out today." Brad sneered. Janine felt trapped. There was no way they were going to let go. Both guys were easily a foot taller and probably twice her size. She yelped when she felt Denny's hands on her 34C breasts.

"Bet she can't wriggle your way out of this one." Denny remarked.

Her hands were in motion before her mind registered what was said. Her small fists stopped pounding Brad's chest and the right one connected firmly against the Denny's chin, taking him by surprise, releasing her. He took a few steps back and she whipped around, connecting Brad's cheek with her left elbow. Brad grunted with surprise and brought a hand to his bruised cheek. He raised a hand to slap her but she ducked it and elbowed him in the gut. Denny recovered and reached from behind her, and lifted her off the floor, pinned her arms to her sides.

Janine's mind was a blank as she kicked him in the shin before kneeing him in the ribs. It was almost like an out-of-body experience. Freed from his grip, Janine stood legs apart and arms up in front in an unfamiliar martial arts stance.

Brad was about to jump her when a voice cut through her haze.

"Janine, it's almost time for our class. Hello Brad, Denny."

Drew was ten feet away, and approaching. Brad looked around and cursed something colourful. More people were showing up to access their lockers. Weighing their odds, Brad and Denny slinked away.

"Janine, are you alright?" Janine was shaking. For some reason, she was now remembering what had happened. "What did they do to you?"

"What did you see?" She asked, her voice quivering. Please don't say you were watching.

"I saw you circled by those two guys and figured you needed some backup."

"Thanks." Her memory was hazy, but her tender elbows and butt cheeks reminded her that was no dream.

"By the way, that's a pretty skirt. Did you get it with Nat?"

"Yeah, I wore it today on a dare." She smoothed the skirt down.

"A dare?" Drew cocked an eyebrow.


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