tagMind ControlDare Me Not Ch. 02

Dare Me Not Ch. 02


Please read Ch.1 to see what has led up to Janine's current predicament. This is a continuation of the previous chapter, though it can be read on its own. Again, I would appreciate any feedback.


Janine's face was flushed. Her heart was pounding triple-time and she felt faint. Drew Carter and she continued towards their psychology class with Prof. Dawson, both silent.

I hope he didn't see that. The 'that' in question was an obscene encounter with Brad Wheeler and two of his friends barely three minutes ago. Janine had escaped, somehow, though she had no idea how it all happened. Everything still felt like a blur. Get your head in the game!

Drew was walking a few steps behind her. Janine seemed very out of it today. For some reason she didn't seem as clear headed as she usually was. Walking behind her, it was hard not to notice her skirt, a light blue cotton one that seemed moulded on her. It definitely fit very well, and was nothing like her usual t-shirt and jeans look. And she had worn it on a dare by Nat.

Natasha was Drew's girlfriend and Janine's best friend. She would have looked amazing it that skirt, he thought. Natasha was taller and had legs to die for. Janine's legs weren't so bad either. Her ass was definitely A grade. Why hadn't I noticed that before? He looked away quickly, searching for something else to focus on.

"Did you manage to listen to Prof. Dawson's CD yesterday?" Drew broke the silence. "It was so dry and it took a lot not to toss it out the window."

She licked her lips and cleared her throat to calm herself. "I think I did. Though I fell asleep halfway and don't remember much of it at all."

"Well don't they say the mind is still awake while the body is asleep? You probably listened to it all and absorbed every word that was said."

"I hope so. Or I'd be losing 25% of my final grade in the next hour."

They turned the corner to Professor Dawson's trademark scowl. "Mister Carter and Miss Tyler, you're just in time." He had a stack of papers in one hand and was beginning to hand them out. The Psychology pop quiz.

The next hour went by in a blur. Most of the students were frantic, having studied all night to grasp the difficult subject matter. Jonah Dawson seemed to look on in glee at the furrowed brows and nervous pen biting. Everyone seemed on edge except Janine Tyler.

Janine looked ridiculously calm in the raging sea of anxiety around her. She read the questions and wrote with nary a facial expression. She only looked up when Prof Dawson announced that the time was up. Only then she realised that he had been watching her like a hawk. She fidgeted for the first time in an hour and he finally looked away to collect the quiz papers from the grousing class.

"That was almost impossible!" Drew exclaimed. "I don't think I could have passed it even if I had a week to prepare!"

Janine shook the cobwebs out of her head. This seemed to happening rather often lately. Why can't I focus? She mumbled something about how it seemed to pass so fast, and not remembering much about the test.

"Lucky you, I was sweating it out. Uh-oh don't look now, Dawson's a coming." Drew nodded in the direction of the approaching professor.

"Miss Tyler. Did you bring my CD back?"

Oh no, Janine thought. I knew I forgot something this morning. "I left it at home; could I pass it to you tomorrow?"

"Make sure you do. I'll be in my office tomorrow after school."

"Um, sure." Prof. Dawson seemed satisfied with her response and left the room.

Drew let out a breath. "What was that about?"

"You took the last CD yesterday, so the prof gave me his original copy. He wanted it back." Janine shrugged it off.

"Still heading to the mall after school? Nat said to remind you that she'll be at the library until you're done. She finishes an hour early."

"Yeah, sure."

"Don't you dare be late! She seemed rather insistent."

Janine's ears perked up on the word 'dare'. "I won't be late." She replied, heading for her next class.


The rest of the day was uneventful. Janine still received many compliments on her skirt, but steered clear of groups of males. They definitely didn't steer clear of her, some even whistling their appreciation as they passed in the hallways.

The cotton skirt wasn't sheer or anything, but it was really tight across her hips and butt. It made her ass stand out and the skirt design cupped her at the right place to give her even more definition. This skirt is trouble.

The skirt had been trouble. Her mind wandered, unbidden, to the memory of Brad Wheeler. He had forcefully grabbed her ass and grinded his - she blushed - against her. And his friend Denny had come up from behind and.... What a morning.

Janine put her hands to her cheeks. Her face felt so hot, and her hands felt like ice in comparison. What were they had they done, in broad daylight, in school, to her? Just the memory of it caused her to shudder. It also made her shudder to think of Brad's hard cock rubbing against her belly as she fought to get away. It had been very hard, hadn't it? And Denny's cock between her ass cheeks had also been hard. Her breaths started to slow and get laborious. It was a strange foreign sensation, she felt sick, yet felt good. She must be feeling under the weather.

She wasn't very experienced, in fact not experienced at all. Her one boyfriend in her 18 years had been a pimply nerd called Spencer who was more interested in StarCraft than in her. And that was when she was 14. They kissed a grand total of four times before she decided that all boys were useless and a waste of time. She'd rather focus on studying, she had told him. He hadn't complained. She didn't look Protoss enough or something like that.

But Spencer had never touched her like Brad had. No one had. She hadn't either. She squirmed in her seat, her vivid imagination running over the scene again and again. It raced at breakneck speed to the point where the two guys were rubbing themselves into her belly and ass and then the video replayed again.

It was like a broken VHS that kept repeating the same four scenes. Brad grabbed her ass in front of the lockers. He pulled her toward his crotch. Denny moved behind her. She fought futilely as they dry humped her from both sides. And again. Her eyes grew wider and wider and her breaths shallower and shallower. Her mind was a total blank. She could hear Professor whats-her-face talking but not a word was getting in. Unconsciously, her hands gripped her pen and notepad. What is this feeling? It's like my skin's on fire. No, it's not my skin, it's under my skin, it's, it's...

The school bell rang, and at that instant it was like someone had dragged her to a cliff and thrown her over the edge. She clenched the pen and screwed her eyes shut as a strange beautiful sensation washed over her. She clenched her thighs together, unconsciously rocking into her seat. Her mouth opened on its own and she let out a soft sigh, or was it a moan?

All around her, her classmates were shuffling out the door, making plans to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day. Janine remained in her seat, taking heaving breaths. Whatever that was, it felt so good. She felt the need to head to the washroom but as she stood unsteadily to her feet, a different compulsion came over her. She HAD to go the library. She COULD NOT be late!

She hesitated just a brief moment before tossing all her things into her sling bag and charging out to the library, her need to stop by the ladies' room overcome by a sudden sense of purpose. There was no time.


It was one minute to three, and Natasha had been in the library reading nothing in particular for almost an hour. Janine loved to dawdle and was hardly ever on time whenever they were to meet. Natasha was particularly surprised to see Janine approaching, almost at a full run.

"Woah, woah, slow down!" Natasha held her hand up as Janine doubled over in front of her, completely out of breath.

"I'm - not - late" was all that Janine could muster between breaths.

"No, you're not." Natasha glanced at her watch incredulously. Janine was actually right on time! "Well since you're here, let's go."

"Wait, I need to catch my breath."

"You can catch it in the car."

The mall wasn't very far, but Natasha wasn't about to walk back to pick her car after shopping. No, the car needed to be right next to the mall. She was very curious about her friend's semi-marathon, but those questions could wait.

Walking behind Janine to the main entrance of the mall, Natasha remarked, "Janine, you've a dark spot on your skirt. I think you might have sat on something. I hope it's not ketchup or something that I left on the seat."

Mortified, Janine whirled around and saw the dark stain on the seat of her skirt. How.. where.. when? She blushed as she remembered. Didn't she decide that she had to go to the washroom? Whatever happened to that thought? Janine adjusted her sling bag to have it cover the spot as Natasha continued, "I think you need to wear it with a different set of panties. These ones show too clearly under this skirt."

And show they did. The skirt was skin tight around her hips and the entire outline of her panties was visible. Janine couldn't remember if they were that tight to begin with, but they certainly looked it now.

"You need to wear them with seamless panties. I remember I got a few from that store, you remember the one with..." Natasha carried on, self-absorbed, walking ahead of her.

"I don't have any." Janine mumbled.

"What!" Natasha spun around, hands on hips in mock shock. "We can't have that young lady. We need to get you set up!" Janine could barely mouth any disagreement before being dragged into the mall.


Janine didn't particularly like shopping. She felt nothing really fit her, and nothing was ever her style - except for t-shirts to go with her three pairs of jeans. It's not like she didn't have money. Her father owned a car repair workshop and her mother was a lawyer. She just didn't care for shopping.

Natasha was completely in her element though. They were now in the lingerie store that Natasha had been singing praises for. She was chatting with the salesgirl, who had an overly cheerful disposition and a tag which read 'Hi, I'm Heather'. Heather looked Janine's way and clucked when she saw the visible panty lines.

"Women don't need to show those," Heather chided. "We should keep everything looking smooth, and keep the hip curve unbroken." She ran her hands down the sides of Janine's hips to accentuate her point. Janine jumped at the sudden touch. Heather merely chuckled and led her to a whole range of seamless panties. "Why don't you try this, this and this?"

Natasha seemed engrossed in some other designs and waved Janine on. Janine was led to the back of the store where the changing rooms were. There were three rooms, and one was already occupied. Stepping into an empty room and closing the door, she stared at the three reflections of her. Her panty was showing through the skirt quite a bit wasn't it?

She dropped her bag on the floor and turned around to see the damage. The wet spot wasn't overly large, actually pretty small she considered, but it was very dark against the light blue material. She slipped off her heels, and tugged at the zipper on the skirt. It was a tight fit, she thought as she wriggled her way out of the skirt, letting it pool to the floor at her feet. But she had to admit it looked good on her.

Skirt out of the way, she stared in shock at her still soppy panties. It might not have leaked out during class, but sitting in Natasha's car must have transferred some of the fluid to the skirt. Why was it so wet though? Janine was pretty naive in most things, especially when it came to her body.

A long time ago, when Natasha and her friends started filling out and Janine didn't, she simply dismissed it and decided that it wasn't worth the energy to be as 'well-informed' as her peers. Studies came first was the family motto, and the result was an eighteen-year-old with no experience of masturbation or pleasure of any sort. Sure she had heard Natasha talk about it like a pro, but she had never paid much attention. Natasha talked too much anyway.

So now faced with a wet pair of panties and three fresh ones to try, Janine grimaced. It felt dirty, like she had peed in her pants, and she had smeared some of that stuff on her skirt no less. Hooking her fingers through the waistband and pulling down, the room was filled with a curious odour. It smelt sweet, yet strong. It must be her panties, she thought, but how would she know? She slowly raised her panties to her nose, all the while noticing the smell getting stronger. She took a sniff and the memory of the classroom returned to her. She shuddered involuntarily and felt a familiar pressure starting to build. Deciding not to put the panties back on again, she threw them into her bag and rummaged for tissues. She had to clean herself before trying the new panties on.

She noticed with disgust that some of her juices had started to dribble down her leg now that her panties weren't there to absorb them. She wiped her thighs in fluid sweeps and extracted a fresh tissue.

Bringing her hand to her crotch ellicited a soft moan from her lips. It was so wet! The tissue was getting soaked by the second, and she could feel her fingers right through it. Wherever she was touching, it felt good. She continued to dab away at the same spot, drying it as best she could. Soon, it felt like it was getting wetter and the tissue was soaked through.

Grabbing another tissue, she decided to wipe further down. She moved the tissue across her nether lips towards her anus and she jumped. There was a lot to clean here too so it seemed. Her fluids had been saturated in her panties for almost 15 minutes up until now, and there was so much so much cleaning required. She felt the heat stirring up beneath her skin as she rubbed the tissue up and down her lips. There's so much to clean, so much to clean. This tissue was now too wet to use, and had begun falling apart, but Janine continued the motion and the pressure. She was oblivious to it anyway, her mind blank with the need to wipe herself. Something within her commanded her to clean, to move, and keep moving.

"Is everything alright, miss?" Heather was outside the changing room door, and her voice snapped Janine out of her trance.

"Um yeah," Janine stammered. "I need a moment more."

"Would you like to show me how it works with the skirt?" came the cheerful question.

Janine looked at the crumbling piece of tissue in her hand and noticed that her crotch had turned a lively shade of pink from her cleaning. What was I doing? Satisfied that her privates were clean enough, she quickly yanked on the nearest panty, a satin black panty, and proceeded to wriggle her way back into the skirt. Thankfully, the wet spot on the skirt had dried sufficiently so it was no longer visible.

She paused for a moment, and opened the door of the changing room. Heather was at the door with a plastic grin on her face. "How does it feel?"

"Well, it looks a lot better," Janine conceded, turning to see herself in the three mirrors. She was beginning to understand Natasha's and Heather's initial horror at her displayed panty. Now her butt was smooth, firmly encased in cotton with no hint that she was even wearing panties! Her breath caught in her throat as she imagined Brad's fingers digging into her cheeks.

"Yes it looks much better from the back now," Heather concurred. "It also doesn't draw as much attention from the sides or front either."

Natasha's head came into view and she whistled her approval. "You know, you could be totally naked under that and no one would know any better."

"I would," objected Janine, though the thought had already crossed her mind once.

"So will you be taking all three panties?" Heather interjected, sensing correctly that the prospect of the sale was suddenly dimmer.

"Yes she will," responded Natasha before Janine could get a word in edgewise. She stuck her tongue out when Janine scowled at her. Hopefully this would be the only thing she was buying in this trip.

But it wasn't. Excited with the success of getting Janine into a skirt, Natasha was going to push her to try more clothes. Janine may not be adventurous, but she was definitely up to a dare wasn't she?

Janine found herself buying an off-the-shoulder top, a knee-length flare skirt and a wrap skirt that ended at mid-thigh. Natasha seemed rather persuasive today, and Janine found herself unable to disagree. In fact, Janine felt that she really wanted to buy those clothes. She couldn't remember why she wasn't keen in the first place. It felt like she had always wanted to buy those clothes. Natasha should definitely go into sales and marketing.

"No more," begged Janine. She may have been a willing partner when it came time to pay, but she still had no interest in shopping. Her feet were killing her and she had to stop and bend over. She usually wore shoes or flats with her jeans, but since she was wearing a skirt, she felt she had to wear something with a heel. 1 inch, white, no frills. And very painful at the moment. "My feet are aching!"

"Oh come on, I bet you can last another hour at least!" Natasha was three feet in front, marching with a strong sense of purpose, forcing Janine to keep up.

That tingle again. Janine was beginning to recognise that little sensation running along her spine. It was like a light went off in her brain and immediately she straightened up. The pain in her feet - gone. She felt she had more energy, at least for another hour. Natasha seemed surprised but dismissed it.

"You need better heels, girl! If you never wear heels, you'll never get used to them. I'm glad you wore heels today, they make your legs look better." Natasha was already guiding them towards a shoe store.

"Sure, but I'm not going to wear one of your three inch heels." Janine felt she needed to get her opinion in before Natasha managed to magically overrule her.

"Let's meet in the middle at 2 inches." Natasha was already talking with a cute male staff at the store. "Ivan, my friend here needs a nice pair of heels, at least two inches. She's a size 6."

Ivan scurried off and returned with two pairs. The first one was white with pink highlights. It had a two inch heel, and looked very pretty. Ivan must have gotten some hint from Natasha that two inches was a minimum and had brought a three inch black strappy heel.

She tried the white and pink one first, and found it to be gorgeous. It was very much her style, just taller. She smiled as she admired them in the mirror. The black pair seemed very tall for her. She could feel the muscles in her calves beginning to stretch and tone, especially after a whole day of walking. From the corner of her eye, she saw Ivan's eyes widen and crinkle, obviously pleased about something. She followed his gaze, and realised that he was checking her ass out.

The three inches had forced her onto her toes, and her ass was now well extended. Coupled with the seamless panties and the tight skirt, the entire curve of her ass was perfectly framed. Janine shifted, uncomfortable with the attention. Natasha sidled up to her and whispered in her ear, "Ivan's pretty turned on!"

Janine's gaze subconsciously flicked from his eyes to his crotch and she started. A small tent had formed in his dress slacks, and she knew why. Natasha giggled and said conspiratorially in a low voice, "Let's see if we can get a discount!"

"Huh, how?"

"You'll have to follow my lead." Natasha had an evil grin that made Janine worry. "Oh Ivan, those heels look so good on her, don't they?"

Entranced, Ivan nodded slowly before snapping back to sales mode. "Yes indeed. They fit her feet perfectly." Smooth, Natasha thought, you're not focusing on what else is perfect about them.

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