tagMind ControlDare Me Not Ch. 03

Dare Me Not Ch. 03


We continue the story from Ch. 2 where Janine is slowly falling into a trap. Her body seems to respond to dares and bets and she still doesn't know how or why. Please read Chapters 1 and 2 to see what has happened to this point. There is some non-consensual sex so if you're offended by it, please turn back. Otherwise I hope you'll enjoy it. I really appreciate your feedback, so please leave me some.


Starbucks was busy and people were milling around the entrance, frappucino in hand, shouting loud enough for everyone to hear them talking about absolutely nothing. Janine craned her neck and spied them at a corner table, Drew against the wall and Natasha facing him, both leaning in to talk above the noise. How long had they been there, she wondered? Time seemed to have passed rather quickly since Janine left her in the clothes store with Matt, the sales clerk. Matt had given the little dress she was wearing now, but at what cost? She reflexively stretched her jaw, the thought of her first blowjob still fresh in her mind. She could still taste him! Yuck! What had come over her?

Drew and Natasha looked up from their conversation when Janine walked up to them. He was casually dressed in shorts and a tank-top, obviously having enjoyed the warm day outside.

"What took you so long?" Natasha started. "Looks like you got the dress after all. It looks really good on you, doesn't it Drew?"

Drew simply nodded. Janine had never looked better. Usually a jeans and t-shirt tomboy, the Janine before him was all dressed up in a chocolate halter dress with a modest neckline that ended at mid-thigh. She even had the three-inch heels to go with it. What a difference! And boy didn't she have nice legs!

"Why don't you pull up a chair?" Natasha continued.

Janine looked about, but there wasn't an available chair in sight.

"You could always sit on my knee," remarked Drew, earning himself a smack on the arm.

"Funny. I bet she'd love that." Janine socked him in the arm again for good measure.

Janine blinked as the familiar tingle ran down her spine. Dropping her bag to the floor, she turned to face Natasha before sitting herself unceremoniously on Drew's right knee.

"Sorry you guys waited so long," Janine apologised as Natasha's eyes widened.

"Man, I was just joking!" Drew complained. "You're heavy, Janine! I bet it'd be more comfortable if you sat across the leg rather than directly on the knee."

Without the hint of a complaint, Janine adjusted herself, moving her leg over to straddle Drew's and sliding back to get comfortable. Her motion along Drew's leg made her quiver ever so slightly as the dress rubbed against her panty-less crotch. Everything about the dress excited her. It had been Matt's suggestion, his bet that she'd enjoy the dress. It was also his suggestion that led her to be completely nude under the dress, so as to better feel it against her skin. Even now she felt irresistibly caught by the caress of the dress, and the bit trapped between Drew and her was tickling her at just the right spot. Unconsciously, she wriggled her hips to get more contact.

Natasha eyed her suspiciously. She had known Janine for a long time, and never knew her to even know how to approach a guy, let alone try to seduce Drew. Maybe it was just her imagination that Janine rubbed herself against his thigh? Must have been. Drew on the other hand was painfully aware of what Janine had done and was doing. His member swelled and he thanked his lucky stars that Janine was sitting in front of him and thus blocked his erection from view. Nat wouldn't be so happy to know that he was getting all aroused by her best friend.

"So, so you said the Psych test was a cinch?" he said weakly, hoping to change the topic.

"Hmm, I don't know really. I don't remember studying, but it seemed to have gone well. I felt asleep listening to Dawson's CD," replied Janine. Professor Dawson was in charge of Psychology 101.

"You never need to study," groused Natasha. "Ever since I've known you, you've been a prodigy."

"I'm just lucky." Janine squirmed. Something strange was happening. The feel of the dress on her bare breasts, hips and thighs was intoxicating, but the fabric trapped between her legs was setting her on fire. It almost seemed to have a life of its own. She swore that it had fingers, or felt like fingers, and those fingers were running up and down her lips, causing her to tremble. Each motion she made to relieve the pressure seemed to give the fingers more access, and they knew exactly where to go. Drew's thigh gave the fingers direction, and now she felt them working around her clit. Gosh, that felt good. But it still wasn't the right spot.

"Janine, is everything alright?" breathed Drew.

"Yes, you're looking flushed," noted Janine.

"Maybe it's all the shopping you put me through." Janine's voice seemed strained and breathless, but she didn't know why.

Drew leaned forward, reaching for her forehead. "You feel hot; I think you might have a fever."

"I'll get some water." Natasha rose quickly.

Janine could feel Drew's breath on her neck and it added to her sense of anxiety. It must be anxiety, she thought, what else could this be? His hand was still near her forehead and she sunk into it, thankful for some cool relief. But relief was momentary. Every bit of her skin that was covered by the dress was on fire, and feeling Drew hovering by her exposed neck acted as fuel. The 'fingers' at her crotch were still circling her clit, and her body was reaching a dangerous limit. For her sanity, she knew she had to get the fingers away.

She stood slightly and lifted the dress separating them away. Immediately the pressure lessened and she breathed a sigh of relief. She sat back down, nonplussed that her crotch was directly on his bare leg. He jumped at the contact, and she rocked forward on him, enjoying his coolness against her burning skin. She let out a sigh and bit her lip so as not to make any more revealing sounds.

The initial shock had made it to his brain, and Drew was certain that there wasn't any material between Janine and him. She had moved her dress so that she was sitting on his thigh directly. His penis surged and he could feel it straining against his shorts. He hoped Janine wouldn't get up or Natasha would surely see. Janine shouldn't move either, otherwise she'd be right up against his erection. Who knows what that would do to him?

The pressure was building again. Janine continued to bite her lip as the coolness of his thigh was being overrun by the heat generated by the contact with the dress. She needed more cooling. Perhaps if she moved...?

Drew's eyes flew wide open as Janine rocked forward and back on his leg, pressing her thighs against his. What was she doing? He threw his head back, resting against the wall as his girlfriend's best friend rubbed herself off on him.

"Drew. Drew," she murmured. "I need your help. I don't feel well."

That's it, he thought. She's just not feeling well. "What can I do Janine? Natasha will be back with water shortly. I bet you're just a little dehydrated, and need some cooling off."

"Cooling off, yes, that's what I need. Your hands are so cool." Janine whispered. She grabbed his right hand and put it against her arm, gasping as she felt how cool it was against her skin. Her skin is warm to the touch, he thought. Warm and smooth. Smooth and nice. Nice and smooth. His fingers moved on their own, stroking her bare arm. It felt good, but not enough. She needed more. Grabbing his left arm, she placed it against her thigh under her dress. So cool. So calming, she thought.

Calm was not the word to describe how Drew was feeling. He was confused. There was something wrong with Janine, there had to be. She was acting like a bitch in heat, grinding herself into his leg and now getting him to touch her. If Natasha were to find out, they'd both be in a lot of trouble. He loved Natasha; he was sure of it even as Janine's movements and insistence to have his hands on her arm and thigh made it hard to focus or think.

The couple in the adjacent table stood to leave, and with the last of his willpower, Drew pulled an unoccupied chair to their table. Holding Janine by the hips, he extricated her from his leg and sat her down on the chair. Now seated on her own, she collapsed forward, as if drained of her strength. Drew breathed in deeply; he felt like he had just run a couple of miles. Natasha returned with water, and Janine could barely move to drink it.

"I think she's all worn out, we should take her home." Natasha said as Drew agreed. She should go home before she does any more damage, he thought. I was dangerously close to my limits. Hopefully we never get into that predicament again.


Janine woke the next morning with little recollection of the previous day's events. Three foreign bags of shopping clued her in on the fact that she had gone to the mall with Natasha. She was still in the brown halter dress and nothing else, her heels thrown in the corner with her sling bag. She rubbed her thighs together, frowning at the squishing sound. She was so wet! She stretched, and once again she felt the soft touch of the dress. Oh it felt so good. It had felt so good when Matt asked her to touch herself. Where had she touched herself? Her fingers walked down the length of the dress and stopped at her crotch. She circled her mound, relishing the feel of the dress. Tentatively she tapped her clit, and had to bite down hard on her lip to stop from screaming as an orgasm rocked her body. She arched her back and it seemed to intensify the feeling of bliss.

It was some time before she got her breathing down to a regular pace, and it wasn't before she took the dress off. That dress seemed to make her feel strange inside, like it had some magical ability to make her stomach churn. She would have to save it for special occasions, she thought as she walked naked to the shower. Nobody was ever home. Her parents both worked long hours at their jobs - her father was a car mechanic, her mother a lawyer. Usually she would be more cautious, or walk around with a towel, but today, she felt light-headed and happy.

She opted to wear the white wrap skirt that she bought the day before, briefly considering that it wasn't her normal attire before shrugging it off. She felt compelled to wear it and couldn't see any other options. She vaguely remembered Nat daring her before leaving yesterday. Pairing it with a sleeveless top, she grabbed her bag, throwing Prof. Dawson's audio CD in. Janine knew she would have a lot of questions for him when she went to his office after school.


It had been harder to avoid attention today, her short skit framing the legs that she had kept hidden for a long time. She had deliberately avoided the lockers in the morning in case there was a repeat of the previous events with Brad. She was skittish and kept looking over her shoulder expecting a lewd stare, or a cruel sneer, but never saw him. Still, she could almost swear that she sensed his presence everywhere as she finished her classes for the day and headed to Dawson's office.

"Come in."

Janine timidly entered Professor Dawson's office. The Professor was a genius but poor at communication, his quick wit often lost in bad delivery and gruff monotony. He had the most immaculate office that Janine had ever seen, a trait of tidiness that she felt was a poor match for the rest of his personality. Jonah Dawson wasn't a bad man, she thought. He just is... socially inept.

"You have my CD?" His eyes never left the table, where the quiz papers were neatly divided into 2 stacks, marked and unmarked.

"Yes, yes I do. Here it is," she replied, handing over the disc.

"I have a question for you," he said, suddenly looking up and piercing her with his blue eyes.

"What is it?" Janine took a step back, startled.

"I take it that you listened to the CD before the test."

"Yes I did. Well, to tell you the truth, I fell asleep on it," Janine admitted.

"I watched you during the test." Janine blushed for no apparent reason. "You seemed awfully calm and focused. Is that normal for you?"

"No, not really. I'm usually high strung when there are tests."

"Have you noticed anything else strange lately?"

Janine thought back on the last two days. She had got into a fight with 2 jocks and won, given a blowjob to a complete stranger and rubbed herself on her best friend's boyfriend.

"Well, I don't know how to put it, but there have been some strange goings-on."

She recounted some of the more innocent problems, such as her running to the library to meet Natasha after Drew dared her not to be late.

"You said he dared you?" Dawson watched her with hawk eyes, seemingly very interested.

"Yes, I distinctly recall him saying that. And when Nat said that she bet it would feel good to..." Janine trailed off, her cheeks getting redder. Why would she tell this to Professor Dawson?

"So she bet that you could do something or that you couldn't do something?"

"I think I have reacted to both before," Janine replied after a pause.

"Hmm." Professor Dawson rose to his feet, kept his papers and began pacing the floor in front of Janine. "I went to a symposium on instinctive cognitive reprogramming a few years back. At that conference I received a copy of an audio track that from this professor who claimed he could fine tune the mind to respond to certain stimuli. The lecturer claimed that it would strengthen neurological pathways in the mind, reconfiguring them like... well I won't bore you with the details."

Dawson stopped and looked Janine in the eye. "The gist of it is that he created an audio track that he claimed would allow for us humans to utilise our instincts to perform decisions that usually take a longer time. Imagine if instead of thinking about how to calculate PI to 250 decimal places, you could just know it instinctively and be able to regurgitate! Such a wondrous theory - if it worked."

"It didn't work?" Janine still felt confused. "And what has that got to do with anything?"

"I decided that it was a load of bull, and overwrote the contents of that CD with my lecture on instincts which you borrowed. If, by some strange chance, you were exposed to the original audio track, there might be other consequences."

"I don't understand."

"I bet you do now." Dawson said cryptically.

Janine clutched her head as a torrent of information came flooding in. Her eyes opened wide with sudden comprehension. "Strange, now I do understand. How did you...?"

"I bet you to. Somehow, your mind has short circuited the process that considers whether to perform a dare or a bet, and is acting on it as if by instinct."

"Wouldn't it feel like a conflict of interest then? If my mind decided something now, and I decided later something else?"

"No, I think your mind would have been made up in that split second, and then you would have a hard time dissuading it."

It made sense, but then again, it didn't.

"Would you mind if we do some tests?"

Janine nodded mutely, still trying to take all the information in.

"Let me take some notes," Dawson picked up a notepad and a pen. "Okay, let's start. I bet you think the door is locked. Now try and open the door."

Janine tried to turn the doorknob but it wouldn't turn. The professor walked over, turned the knob, opened the door, shrugged and closed it.

"How about this? I dare you to open the door."

Janine grabbed the handle of the door, but it still would not turn. She struggled with it for a moment before Dawson cut in, "Interesting. Once your mind believes that the door is locked, you can't open it. I bet you'll find the door is unlocked again. Now try."

Janine opened the door, mouth open in surprise. "That was easy. And freaky. So I can't open the door if you say I can't?"

"If I bet you can't," Dawson corrected, scribbling on his notepad. "Let's continue. You mentioned that you reacted to both the positive and negative for a given bet?"


"Let's try that. I bet you can touch your toes."

"Of course I can," Janine replied, her hands already on her shoes. Professor Dawson walked behind her as she straightened up. "I bet you can't reach your ankles and hold them."

"Of course I can," she responded again, her hands gripping her ankles. Her wrap skirt, originally reaching mid-thigh, was raised up pretty high up the back of her thighs. Janine barely noticed, focused on the command to hold her ankles. Dawson let out a soft whistle as her skirt fluttered upward for a second before settling. "It does seem like your mind chooses to do both the positive and the negative for bets. What about the things that are impossible to do? What happens then?" Before Janine could say anything, he continued. "I dare you to jump up and touch the ceiling."

His office has a high ceiling, almost least twelve feet up, so he had expected her to be unable to achieve it. But once he had given the command, she jumped on his table, then leapt from his table across a four feet gap to the top of his filing cabinet. She scaled the adjacent six foot cupboard and jumped, touching the ceiling. "Wow, how did I do that?" She exclaimed.

"That is very interesting." Dawson looked up at her on his cupboard, his eyes drawn to her white panties.

"How do I get down?"

"I bet if you were a cat, you could get down easily." Dawson's command made Janine drop to all fours. She licked the back of her hand and smoothed her hair before springing down from the cupboard and landing softly on the floor.

"Are you still a cat?" He asked. Janine purred docilely.

"Cats like to rub up against their masters." Dawson pointed out. Janine sauntered over on all fours and rubbed against his trousered leg. Dawson thought aloud as he wrote, "When in a given state, the subject still retains mental faculties and processes new inputs."

Crawling on the floor in her short wrap skirt, Janine presented a rather seductive image. She continued to purr and rub against him, and he could feel himself stirring. Her breasts were a decent handful and they swung beautifully as she cavorted with his leg. He sat down on his chair and remarked, "Cats love to nestle in their owner's laps." Janine literally pounced on him, trying desperately to curl up into his offered lap. The constant motion made him even more excited and it was beginning to show. Janine lay curled on her side in Dawson's lap, purring as he stroked her brown hair.

"I bet you'd prefer to be a homo sapien." Dawson pointed out.

Janine blinked and balked, suddenly fully aware of her surroundings. What was she doing curled up in Dawson's lap? Jumping to her feet, she retreated to the furthest corner from the professor. "Don't worry, you were just acting as a cat," he said matter-of-factly. "In fact, I bet you have forgotten all about being a cat."

Her fear and anxiety dissipated instantly. "So what is the next test?" Janine asked, seemingly having forgotten everything that had happened. This could be useful, he mused.

"I dare you to sit on my lap facing me." Janine opened her mouth as if to protest, but made no complaint as she moved into position facing the professor within barely 12 inches between them. Good, he thought, writing into his notepad, since she has 'decided' to do something, her mind no longer protests it, instead considers it to be acceptable.

"Move closer," he ordered. "This is close enough," Janine retorted. "Sorry, I forgot, I dare you to move closer." She inched closer and he repeated himself under he could feel her breasts pressing against his shirt. "I bet you can't move away," he smirked.

"Professor, I don't like this. We should stop." Janine seemed to be quivering, and her nervousness was turning him on. She tried to move back, but found herself pushing back against an invisible wall. Her heart was beating faster now, and she was sure he could feel it. She was breathing more heavily too, and with each upheaval of her chest, her breasts rubbed lewdly against the Professor's chest. She was perhaps sitting an inch from his penis, and he could feel it surging forward, yearning for his submissive student.

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