tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDare Me Not Ch. 06

Dare Me Not Ch. 06


Dare Me Not Ch. 06

Thank you for all your feedback and comments, they are greatly appreciated. When we last left, Janine had been bet into a feverish state of lust by Brad (Ch 4) and spent the whole day at school completely wound up in her fantasies of forced sex (Ch 5). Fortunately or otherwise, Natasha had coerced her into going to the mall, and in so doing, her mind is temporarily taken away from her heightened state of arousal.

Note: I do not condone any of the actions in any of my stories. They are merely fantasy, written for our common enjoyment.

"How often do you come here?" Janine cocked her head curiously at Natasha.

"Oh, maybe twice or thrice a week" came the nonchalant reply.

"Three times a week? That would certainly explain how you always seem to be talking about new clothes!" Janine could care less about the latest fashion or dressing up, but she knew her blonde friend was all about that sort of thing. She had no idea how Natasha even had the money to keep up with such an outrageous habit. "How do you pay for all that? I didn't think your family made that much money."

"Well, I always go for deals and get things at unbeatable prices." That made sense. Natasha was one of those impeccable people; the type that was always in control, always knew what to do and where to go, and always looked fabulous doing it. Looking fabulous was easy with honey-coloured hair, impressive breasts and legs that seemed to go on forever before disappearing into her short denim skirt. It seemed so effortless for her, Janine mulled.

Janine was no wallflower herself, even though she would have never have seen herself in this light prior to this week. Just last week, Janine Tyler was a poorly dressed, plain Jane that melded into walls. Everything had changed after listening to Professor Dawson's audio CD. It had accidentally contained some research audio track on Instinctive Cognitive Reprogramming, he had called it. The ability to train one's mind to process certain things in an instant, as if acting on instinct. The triggers were bets and dares, and so far, she had only been going from problem to problem. Her only cause for relief was that no one had really figured everything out and Professor Dawson had been kind enough to perform some tests on her to help her characterize her newfound superpower. Yea, if only I could call it a superpower.

Some of the dares had been benign, even helpful. With Nat's coaxing, Janine had started wearing skirts and heels on occasion. Her self-confidence was slowly building. She seemed to be doing well in class because of better focus. At least until today. Brad had cornered her in the morning at the back of the school where her locker was and assaulted her. It wasn't the first time either. Worse yet, he seemed to be catching on to Janine's predicament, carefully choosing his words so she would have no way out. She knew that she was going to meet him early the next day, and she was going to be begging for him to assault her again. Her mind had spent the whole day dreaming up scenarios where Brad groped her in the halls, stripped her in public, forced her to suck his dick, and many many other disgusting thoughts. Her body had played along, keeping her in a constant state of arousal, and giving her orgasms after orgasms to the point where she had given up cleaning up after herself because she couldn't control it. She had given up and resigned herself to her fate.

She shook her head violently, as if to clear out the imaginary cobwebs of bad memories. Natasha had said, no, had bet that going to the mall would cheer her up, and it was working. Each step closer she was to the mall, Janine could feel her spirits rising. The bad memories with Brad were slowly washing away, and had completely melted away when Janine stepped through the main doors. She breathed the recycled air in deeply as if it were the freshest breeze wafting through the mountains.

"See, you look so much better. More lively!" Natasha remarked.

Janine twirled on a foot, her dark grey skirt flaring up slightly as she completed a full pirouette, chuckling like a kid unleashed in a toy store. "Yes indeed!"

"Since you're in such a good mood, let's start with new bikinis! I saw this one the last time I came that I liked, but it was out of stock then, and I know it'll be available today!" Natasha grabbed Janine by the wrist, dragging her off in a direction. Janine mutely followed.

Janine hardly swam, and hardly went to the beach. She had a black one-piece swimsuit that had served her well for four years, and she was sure she wasn't going to outgrow that one any time soon. She had barely grown two inches since fourteen, though her chest had filled out a little more since back then. She had no need for a new swimsuit.

Natasha continued babbling on, and didn't stop until they were inside the swimwear store. Natasha made a beeline to a rack against the wall and with a loud aha! raised her find up high. It was a gorgeous two piece bikini in a bright attention-grabbing pink, very loud, very Natasha. There wasn't much material to it, but the price seemed to infer an inverse correlation between the amount of material and its extravagant number.

"You've got to try one on too!" Ignoring Janine's protests, Natasha pushed a white bikini into her hands and hustled her to the changing rooms. Janine entered a stall and was surprised when Natasha came in behind her and closed the door.

"Don't worry about it," she exclaimed. "We're all women anyway, right?"

Janine mumbled something affirmative, and turned her back to Natasha as she reached under her skirt to take her panties off. They had seen each other before in gym class, but these were much closer quarters. Even though Natasha seemed to have no need for privacy, Janine felt the need to give her some. She shimmied the white bottoms up under the skirt, checking that it was snugly on before taking her skirt off. Looking in the mirror, she saw that Natasha had started with her top and was now trying to squeeze her 36D breasts into little pink triangles no bigger than her palms. Even more embarrassed, Janine turned away from the mirror completely to take the rest of her clothes off. Her swimsuit had significantly more cloth than Natasha's, so it wasn't difficult to get her smaller 34C breasts positioned right, but what the manufacturers had given to her in material, they had taken away in padding. The padding was rather thin, and even in the dim light of the changing room, her dark nipples were faintly visible under the cloth.

Natasha had finished donning her bikini and whistled her approval. "You look really hot, Janine. You should come out to the beach to get a tan. I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

"To be honest, I feel kind of underdressed."

"You've never worn a bikini before!" At Natasha's outburst, Janine looked sheepishly away. "Oh my. Well take this off. I'm getting it for you." She demanded, gesticulating at the white bikini.

"No you really don't have to," Janine started.

"I insist. Now take it off so I can go settle it while you change back." Natasha had already undone the ties behind her neck and back and her breasts burst free of their prison. Janine just gawked at her friend's assets before hastily turning around. Natasha was back into her white jacket and light blue tube dress by the time Janine handed over the bikini and she flitted out the door.

When Janine emerged, Natasha was outside waiting impatiently. "Come on, time waits for no woman, especially not when they are shopping! There are a few more items I'd like to get before we leave."

"Uh, okay. Thanks for buying that bikini, though I don't know when I'd ever get the chance to wear it."

"Don't mention it! Maybe we should go to the beach sometime soon, like next week or something!" Janine wasn't convinced; she would need much more coaxing to get her into that bikini in any public place. "Could you hang on to this?" Natasha offered her a plastic bag.

Janine took the bag of swimsuits as Natasha almost dragged her out of the shop. Their next stop turned out to be Accessoritz, an aptly named accessory shop. Natasha urged Janine in, but Janine's head was beginning to throb and she bowed out, opting to sit by the indoor fountain not too far from the shop Natasha was determined to peruse. Natasha zipped back into the shop like a woman on a mission.

The sound of lapping water calmed Janine down. She felt like the world around her was accelerating and everything was just moving too quickly. She just needed time to kick back and relax. It had been such a difficult week. The splashing of the fountain was so therapeutic, and it made her want to stretch out.

She took her denim jacket off and laid it on her sling bag. The air-conditioning in the mall wasn't very strong, and the bit of sun coming down through the skylight made her feel good. Her arms, shoulders and neck hurt a little and she swung her arms in lazy circles. She arched her back languidly, savouring the moment with a wide smile on her face. She reached her arms as far back as they could go, thrusting her breasts up and outward as she felt the muscles between her shoulder blades sigh in relief. A few passers-by gave her more than a moment's glance as they walked by, giving her body silent nods of approval. Her white top had turned translucent under the direct sunlight, allowing anyone who noticed a good showing of her bra-covered breasts. She couldn't care less as she basked in the warm glow.

"Janine." Natasha's voice cut through her moment of tranquility. She seemed hurried, urgent, like she always did. Maybe a little more urgent than usual. Janine opened her eyes to see Natasha walking very quickly in her direction. "Janine we need to go."

"Huh?" was all that Janine could mumble.

"Now. We need to go now."

Janine stood up reluctantly, and noticed two men in a security uniforms walking in the direction of Accessoritz. "What happened?"

"No time, we should just head home and relax there."


They turned and walked off, and were almost at the entrance to the mall when they heard a voice behind them. "Miss, we would like to a moment to talk with you." The tone was soft, but had no lack of authority.

The girls turned around to see the two security guards. The black one was taller than her, maybe 5'10", and looked like he worked out a little. He wasn't built like a wall, nor had biceps the size of a dumbbell, but he looked fit. Or perhaps looked fitter next to his shorter white colleague. He was only slightly taller than her 5'5", and had eaten too many cheeseburgers in his 40-odd years of life. He wasn't fat, but had the beginnings of a beer gut. His gold-rimmed glasses brought attention to his beady eyes that were staring at them. Something about him made Janine feel uncomfortable, and she looked away.

"Yes gentlemen, how can we help you?" Natasha seemed a little jittery, not her usual self.

"We'd prefer to talk somewhere more private." The tall one responded. He was the one with the soft firm voice. "It would be better for you and your friend."

"What happened, sir?" Janine was getting a little worried herself.

"We need to speak with your friend here." He looked at Janine. "I don't think it will be of much concern. You should wait for her somewhere else; it'll be just a while."

"Ivan, I bet this girl is curious to know what is going on." The shorter one seemed to be smirking.

"I am curious to know what is going on," Janine replied firmly before she realised what she was saying. There it goes again.

Ivan, the tall black security guard, wasn't convinced. "Vinny, she isn't involved," he commented in his partner's ear.

"Ivan, I've been working here longer. If she is so eager to come along, then bring her along. Maybe she needs to know what her friend is really like."

"Alright, follow us," Ivan commanded as they ushered them to a side exit that lead to some office areas. They walked down corridors, making lefts and rights through a part of the mall that even Natasha wasn't familiar with. They finally stopped at a door with 'SECURITY' boldly printed on it and they motioned the girls to enter.

Janine was expecting a room full of monitors streaming surveillance video feeds, but instead there wasn't much in the room other than a table, a few chairs and cupboard against the wall. Ivan guided Janine to stand by the wall, while they had Natasha sit at the table facing the door.

"So, we would like your cooperation," started Vinny as he sat opposite Natasha. He frowned at her through his glasses, watching her every twitch. "We got an alert from the salesgirl in Accessoritz and she claims that a girl matching your description took a necklace from the store without paying for it."

Janine looked over at Natasha, whose face was betraying no emotion. She suddenly feared that the guards' accusations might be true.

"Do you have anything to say before we ask you to show proof of purchase for everything that you have on you?" Ivan was standing near the door, as if to warn them that they were not leaving until their curiosity was satisfied.

He waited a while, and sensing no response, he continued, "Okay, empty your purse on the table."

Natasha opened the clasp of her purse and dumped them out. Powder, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, blush, and other makeup essentials tumbled out. She brings all that to school everyday, wondered Janine. A small notepad, her set of keys, a mechanical pencil, breath mints, cell phone and other miscellaneous items followed behind. Vinny started spreading them across the table. A necklace rolled out from the purse and Janine's heart started to beat faster.

"Is this the one?" Ivan asked Vinny.

It couldn't have been. Janine recognised it, having seen Natasha wear it on occasion before. She piped up, "Sirs, I've seen her wear that at school before. I think her mother gave it to her last year."

Vinny held it up to his nose and scrutinized it as if he were a jewelry appraiser. He didn't need any experience in jewelry to notice that the metal sections were tarnished and showed a fair amount of usage. Dejected, he let the necklace fall to the table. Unless...

"Miss, can I see the necklace you are wearing now?"

Natasha flinched before slowly moving her hands up to remove the necklace. Janine had seen her wear many necklaces over the course of their friendship, but this was a new one. Uh-oh.

"Are you in the habit of wearing a necklace and bringing another in your purse?" Ivan questioned Natasha as Vinny stared at this other necklace. It matched the description given by the salesgirl, and it looked very new.

"Miss, this necklace was taken from Accessoritz wasn't it?" Vinny didn't wait for Natasha to reply Ivan's question. "The fact that you took your own necklace off so that you could put this on and walk out without paying is guilt enough, but we want to hear you say it. Wait, before you claim your guilt..."

Vinny walked past Janine to the lone cupboard and retrieved a video camera already on a tripod. He set it up efficiently and aimed it directly at Natasha. He spoke again, "Now miss, you are aware that there is a video camera in this room and it is recording what you do and say."

Natasha nodded mutely. Vinny's smile increased slightly. It was important that she acknowledged the presence of the camera, or the evidence could be dismissed.

"Did you take this necklace," he raised the necklace before the camera for dramatic effect, "from Accessoritz this day the twentieth of September 20XX?"

Natasha paused, and nodded miserably. This day was turning out to be pretty unfortunate.

"The camera cannot hear you," Ivan prodded.

"Yes," Natasha confirmed. Janine's mind was reeling. What was going on? Natasha had stolen that necklace? How long had she been shoplifting? At least she had paid for their swimsuits, right? Right?

As if on cue, Ivan called out to her, "Miss, could you come and sit at the table as well. We would like you to account for your purchases as well."

Janine meekly complied, placing the plastic bag with the swimsuits on the table. She cleared her throat nervously before saying, "I don't have the receipt for these."

Ivan's gaze shifted from Janine to Natasha and back to Janine. "Did either of you pay for this item?"

Natasha flinched, "I didn't."

Janine felt her world crumble around her. She turned to Natasha in a mix of fear and anger. "You said you paid for it!"

"Sorry," was all that Natasha could offer.

"Miss, you do realise that you are now an accomplice in this case of theft." Vinny's smile had increased ever so slightly. He relished the fear in their eyes and the way they squirmed in their chairs.

"But I had nothing to do with this. Nat!" Janine floundered, her mind flooding with images of getting arrested and thrown into jail.

"Sir, I swear she had nothing to do with it!" Natasha figured that Ivan was the more reasonable of the two. He simply shrugged his shoulders.

"The law is the law. We can always review the surveillance to see who carried the item out of the store." Ivan reminded them.

Janine blanched. Natasha had passed the bag to her before they left the store. There was no way to prove her innocence here. She felt like crying, and felt like this trip to the mall was turning out to be terrible. She could hardly focus on Vinny as he went on a tirade about the degradation of society, shoplifting and their potential punishments.

Suddenly, she felt a familiar stirring in her belly. The curse that Brad had put on her was returning with a vengeance. He had insinuated that she would be brimming with lust until they met the next morning, and now that the visit to the mall had lost its lustre, her mind was reverting to its prior state. Of all the wrong times!

Ivan watched curiously as the mousy brunette suddenly froze mid-motion. She had been animated and angry upon discovering her betrayal, but now she looked conflicted. Whatever was on her mind must be even more worrying that a potential jail time. In fact, the way she was starting to squirm seemed less worried and almost sensual.

Janine's brow was furrowed in a deep frown as her lewd thoughts sent pulses of pleasure down her spine, each striking a different chord within her. The bright light in the room made it too easy to ignore everyone else and she fought valiantly to stop from touching herself. I must focus! I won't lose to this! Not now! She bit her lip as she gripped the edge of the seat between her legs. Ivan's mouth opened slightly as her grey pleated skirt rode further up her creamy white thighs. What a change! She was either an excellent actress, or she really had no control over how she was behaving.

His partner Vinny hadn't noticed; he continued laying legalese into Natasha, whose eyes were growing larger with each accusation and expected punishment. "I never meant for it to get this far," she wailed now, "I won't do again, I promise. Please please let us go..."

"You're never going to get off the hook girl. You'll go to jail, get kicked out of school and your family will disown you...." Vinny enjoyed this part of his job, Ivan thought - the part where he got to mess with the minds of these poor adolescents and scare them away from a life of crime. Or scare them into one, he considered.

Ivan was only focused on Janine. Her eyes were now screwed shut and she had shuffled forward on her seat as if her pussy was crying out to be touched. The skirt had ridden up to her crotch line and he could almost see it if he leaned forward to look over the table. But that would give away the fact that he was watching. The brunette slut. It reminded him of a recent adventure that his pal Matt had told him, of a brunette that sucked him off in the changing room. She had been so easy to manipulate, Matt had claimed, and she responded to bets.

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