tagMind ControlDare Me Not Ch. 07

Dare Me Not Ch. 07


Recap: Janine and Natasha got into trouble in the mall because of Natasha's kleptomania (Ch. 6). Apparently Natasha had been stealing items on a regular basis from the mall, and today she had gotten caught red-handed, implicating Janine in the process. Janine also had a run-in with Brad Wheeler that morning (Ch. 4) whose carefully chosen commands have kept her in a constant state of arousal until their planned meeting the following morning.


Neither girl seemed interested in much conversation as they drove out of the mall car park. Their torture at the hands of the mall security weighed freshly in their minds. Janine caught herself thinking fondly of their interrogation. In fact, she had done nothing wrong. He even said that she had been a good girl. Ivan the security guard had rewarded her 'goodness' with a special treat and his words made her feel all tingly and happy inside.

She couldn't shake the nagging thought at the back of her head that it wasn't right for the big security guard to offer her his massive cock as a reward. A small far-away voice screamed at her, as if trying to warn her of something important. What could it be? The more she tried to think about it, the more her mind seemed resolute. She had been a good girl and she deserved a reward. Ivan had said so.

It was approaching six in the evening as Natasha pulled into her boyfriend Drew's driveway. They had arranged earlier to join him and his buddies for the football game. Natasha wasn't a big fan of football, just a big fan of Drew when he played football. She had asked Janine to come along to keep her company, knowing that once the game was underway, Drew would be oblivious to everything else, including her.

All her anxiety from the day washed away when she saw Drew coming out of the house to meet them. She considered telling him about what had happened in the mall, but decided that keeping mum would probably be better. He might not appreciate the idea that his girlfriend was a shoplifter, and that she had had sex with a sleazy mall cop this afternoon for his silence.

He probably would appreciate the wonderful bikini her efforts had procured, and maybe she could snatch him away for a little while before the game and the rest of his friends showed up. Her spoils of war in hand, and a mischievous glint in her eye, she beckoned him to head upstairs to his room.

Janine watched as her friends disappeared upstairs, leaving her on her own in the living room. Presently, Mr Carter came out from the kitchen after raiding the fridge.

"Hi Coach Carter."

"Well hello Janine, it's been a while since I last saw you."

Drew's father was the football coach of the neighbourhood high school, and was pretty well known for his passion on and off the field. He was probably approaching fifty though he kept in good shape and fought the grey hair back.

"Here to watch the football game tonight? It's going to be a good game."

"Yeah, Natasha called for backup."

"Ah backup. The boys do get caught up in the game. Anyway it was good seeing you, I've got some work to do before the game later. Maybe we'll talk more then?"

Natasha nodded as the older Carter walked off. Maybe she'd watch some TV before the rest of festivities began.


"You want me to do all sorts of nasty things to you," the shadowy figure intoned. "All sorts of nasty things."

Janine recognized the hallways in school and the mad rush that accompanied the school bell. She turned around in the crowd of people milling around her to look for a familiar face, but there was none. What was she doing there?

"All sorts of nasty things," came the voice from nowhere.

She yelped, feeling a hand brush past her butt. The mass of people were constantly moving about her, and she found it hard to focus on any one person. Maybe it was her imagination. Another innocent hand brushed past her again. That's it, it had to be accidental. A third hand came by.

"All sorts of nasty things." The voice again. It sounded familiar, but she could not focus on it.

She imagined a hand running up her leg, raising a line of goose bumps in its wake. Shivering involuntarily, she looked down to see no such hand. The masses around her continued in their flux, constantly moving around her. The imaginary hand now stroked her knee, occasionally flirting upwards to the hemline of her grey skirt.

She felt another hand cupping her butt. Surely this time it wasn't accidental! She turned to look, but saw no hand there. The hand that wasn't there stroked her tush through her skirt. It alternated between patting her lightly and grabbing her firmly. It felt offensive, but still nice. Anyway, there wasn't anyone there.

The hand at her knee was now joined by another hand tracing a line up her other leg. Yet another set of fingers were moving along her right arm. It massaged and kneaded the muscles in her forearm and upper arm, making her relax.

"All sorts of nasty things." The voice was now not alone, and was joined by another deeper voice.

She was losing count of the number of imaginary hands roaming her body. She continued to look around, but the people thronging her weren't stopping to touch her. She could feel a big pair of hands on her breasts now, stroking her through her white Lycra top and bra. They seemed to know what to do, making circles along the underside of the breasts, pausing briefly at the nipples. She shivered as she felt one of the hands at her knee slowly slide up her thigh to nestle against her pussy. Once it got there, it didn't move any more, seemingly content to settle there.

It didn't have to move. Janine was slowly getting turned on by the soft caresses of her invisible hands. She could feel a fire slowly burning in her loins. Subconsciously, she started to move against the stationary hand. She wiggled about until she felt one of the fingers against her clit before slowly rocking back and forth on it.

The hands around her started getting more urgent. The hands on her butt gripped her tightly as she continued to rock against the finger at her crotch. The hands on her breasts continued their ministrations, kneading and teasing her.

"All sorts of nasty things." The voices were now louder and insistent. There were at least five in the chorus, but she was slowly finding it harder to focus on anything but the finger at her crotch.

"Why don't you put it in?" She heard her voice mutter. "Put it in me!"

Her rubbing was reaching a frenetic pace and she could hear a wet sloshing as she rubbed herself along the palm of the invisible hand. She tried to coerce the finger into her pussy, but it lingered at the entrance, tormenting her.

"Inside please! Come inside!" Janine begged.

"All sorts of nasty things!" sang the choir.

"I need it now!" she screamed as her frustration grew steadily.

"All sorts of nasty things!"

"Please!" Her voice was thick with lust, and she almost couldn't recognize it.

"Janine, Janine..." a familiar, yet foreign voice cut through the cacophony.

"I need..." Janine's frustration was at its peak.

"Janine!" A new hand was on her shoulder. How she wished it would move down and satisfy her. If it didn't, she was going to grab it and make it!

"Janine, wake up!"


Janine blinked to find Drew over her, his hand on her shoulder. She shook her head to find herself buried in the plush couch with her clothes in a state of disarray. She struggled to her feet, somewhat glad that she didn't grab his hand and shove it into her crotch.

"You must have been having some awesome dream," he smiled. If only he knew. Uh-oh, what did he know?

"More like a nightmare," she chuckled nervously. "What time is it?"

"Half past six. I just called the pizza and it should be here by 7. The other guys should be here any moment."

"I should probably go to the bathroom and clean myself up."

"Don't worry; I didn't see you drooling or anything." He laughed as he headed back upstairs to Natasha.

That's not what I'm worried about. She hurried into the bathroom before anyone else came along and rearranged her white top and grey skirt, making sure Drew was merely kidding about drool marks. Satisfied with the final result, she shook the remaining sleep cobwebs out of her head and opened the door to a living room of chaos. Three of the football team had shown up and Coach Carter was already passing the beer around. His rules were simple. No drinking the day of and the day before a game or a training day. All other days were fair game. Tonight, it was going to be Budweiser open season.

"Hi Janine," called Drew from the stairs. He had a big shit-eater grin plastered on his face as he descended with Natasha trailing behind. They had obviously been up to tricks. He casually introduced her to the other guys, but they were too psyched up about the game on TV to give her any more attention than a cursory nod and a long look at her legs.

Janine was content to backpedal to a corner of the room as more guys came in to fill up the living room. Natasha popped by once or twice to ask if she was alright, but Janine merely nodded her away. Her head was pounding and she had only sipped half a can of Bud.

"All sorts of nasty things" came the voice again.

"Shut up." Janine muttered.

"You know you can't take it anymore. The more people are in the room, the more people that approach you, the more you want all sorts of nasty things to be done to you." The voice knew her every thought and fear.

"Shut up. You don't know me." Janine whispered, as if even her voice didn't believe her.

"How does it feel to be in a room full of people, Janine? How many are there? Can you count them?"

"I'll show you... One, two, three..." Janine started mentally checking people off. That's Drew, Natasha, Coach Carter. The dull ache in her head seemed to wane, only to be replaced by a dull ache in her stomach. Was it something she had eaten?

Four, five, six. Jackson, Randy, Andrew, or was it Andy... The ache was beginning to shift lower, nearer to her bladder. She felt an urge to scratch but shooed it away.

Seven, eight, nine. Coach Carter, Henry, Richard. Wait, didn't I already count Coach Carter? Coach Carter, Harry, Dick. No, no, no... I meant Coach Carter's hairy dic... What's wrong with me?!

"You know what's wrong with you." The ominous voice returned. "And it's simple. You just need people to do all sorts of nasty things to you..."

"Shut up!" Janine screamed.

The room silenced and all rowdy boys in the room quieted down instantly. Janine blinked out of her reverie and quickly pointed to the TV. "It's, it's starting guys. Take your places." The announcers had started their commentary and the room stayed hushed as the players came out to the field.

"I never took you for a football fan," whispered Drew as he sidled by. "Good call or they'd have just gone off forever and we wouldn't be able to hear the game."

"Uh, right." Janine looked about nervously. "I need some air," she exclaimed as she ducked out the front door, clutching the side of her head with her hand. She stumbled out and flopped on the lawn, head buried between her legs.

"Are you alright?" Janine looked up to see Coach Carter kneeling beside her. Coach Carter's hairy dick. She flinched involuntarily before shaking her head slowly.

"I've a crazy headache."

"You shouldn't drink so much then. Know your limits, especially if you're a girl."

"I haven't drunk anything much at all. Half a can, and I'm usually good for more than that."

"Well I can't have you sitting out here on the driveway. People will think I'm feeding all you kids alcohol." He chuckled at his own joke. He led her into the garage and pulled the shutters down. "Have a drink. It's water I promise." Janine took the bottle of water from him and gulped it down. When did her throat get so parched? She had no idea, but it felt like she was running a fever. Maybe she was coming down with something.

"Why aren't you watching the game?" she asked.

"Well, I'm not interested in the NFL. The kids are because that's where their dreams are. I believe in college football. It's my life, so that's what I enjoy watching. I'd teach it, but I believe you have to start young. That's why I chose high school football. And you? What are your dreams?"

My dreams include huge groups of people groping me and doing all sorts of nasty things to me. "I, I don't know..."

"Aww, come on. There must be something that you're interested in."

I'm interested in your hairy dick, Coach Carter. "No, nothing really. I haven't put too much thought into it." Janine stalled, and looked for an opening to beat a hasty retreat before...

"I bet deep down you know exactly what you want to do. Just let it out, I won't tell anyone." Oh, no.

Janine dropped the bottle of water and lunged for Coach Carter's fly. Before he could react, she had drawn his zipper down and reached in to find the source of her focus. "Janine, wha... what are you doing?"

She paid him no mind and deftly pulled his flaccid cock from his briefs. It was hairy, as she expected. She gripped it tightly with both hands as the Coach floundered. "Janine, what has happened to you?"

"It's too soft," he heard her mutter as she tapped her fingers on his shaft like a piano player before reaching in with her left hand to grab his hirsute balls. Coach Carter took in a quick breath, almost choking in the process. She kneaded his balls carefully as her piano playing tempo increased. "Much better," she said to no one in particular as he started to respond.

Coach Carter let out a quiet moan. It had been years since his wife died and he had thrown himself deeper into football to get over her departure. But a young girl like Janine would be just wrong!

"No Janine, you must stop." With the last bit of his resolve, Coach Carter tore the young girl away from him. Breathing deeply to regain his composure, he knelt in front of her, keeping her at arm's length. "I don't know what is wrong, but you're not feeling well. Did someone put you up to this?"

He looked at her and saw no reaction in her eyes. It was almost like she was in a trance. "Come on Janine. I've only heard Drew talk about you in passing, but I'm sure you're not normally like this. It's like you're drugged or something. Tell me what is going on. I bet I can help you."

"Yes Coach, you can." Janine monotoned as she pushed him backward with unnatural strength. "I need you to help me." All sorts of nasty things.

Coach Carter teetered back and fell clumsily to the garage floor. Janine wasted no time in diving at his still-exposed crotch. Her right hand resumed its position wrapped around the base of his cock as she enveloped him with her lips. "No, Janine," Coach Carter ordered weakly. She wasn't paying him any attention as she bobbed furiously up and down his hard length. It got even harder as she found her way back to his balls, cupping and massaging them for all she was worth.

The coach continued to give out tokens of resistance, each less insistent than the prior. "Coach, I need your help," Janine begged between strokes. "I need your help."

"You should just stop, Janine," came the muted reply between ragged breaths. "Then I can help you."

"You're right." She exclaimed, stopping in mid-stroke. Coach Carter almost cried out, wishing he had let her finish before cutting her off. "You can't help me like this."

She didn't let go of his swollen member as she whirled around into sixty-nine position on top of him. "That's not what I meant..." the coach started to say before her oral onslaught resumed. "Ahh....."

"You said you would help, Coach! So help me!" All sorts of nasty things. The voice was back and it started to sound familiar again.

"You have to stop!" He begged her again just as she inhaled his full length as deep as she could go.

All sorts of nasty things. The voice sounded so familiar, but it was just out of her reach. If only the Coach would help her!

"Help me please!" Janine's voice cracked with emotion. "I need you to help me!"

"Oh what the fuck." Coach Carter flipped the grey skirt up to come up close and personal to Janine's soaked pink panties. He took a long sniff of her scent and found it to his liking.

"Please Coach, don't tease me. I need it."

All sorts of nasty things. Almost there, I know that voice. Dammit, I know it!

With a roar of lust, he pulled her panties to the side and drove his tongue into her wet slit. Janine cried out at the sudden intrusion and returned to his penis with renewed fervour. The coach gripped her young pert ass with both hands and thrust his tongue in, again and again. Each thrust elicited more of her juices as he scythed in and out of her. She writhed back against his face to get more of him into her as she continued stuffing his cock into her mouth with reckless abandon.

All sorts of nasty things. The voice seemed fuzzy again. Whose was it?

Coach Carter felt young again. Drinking in Janine's pussy juices felt like he had found The Fountain of Youth. In an instant, thirty years melted away. He felt like he was eighteen again - young, foolish, and irrepressibly horny. At eighteen all the stuff that you knew were wrong or taboo or illegal were right or cool or a way to stick it to the man. Right now, that's exactly what he was doing. Sticking it to the man. He circled her clitoris and enjoyed her moaned responses. He traveled along the length of her labia and marvelled at the amount of sex juice this girl could produce. After all she was young too. Better enjoy it while he was equally young.

Janine could feel the Coach begin to buck underneath her. She felt his balls constrict as he tried his best to hold it in, but both of them knew that it was an impossible task. Without further warning, he exploded in her mouth. The first wave caught her by surprise even though she knew it was coming, and she gagged and pulled off in a hurry. The remainder came spurting forth like a geyser as his cum rained down on her, leaving streamers of sticky semen over her hair, eyebrows, eyes and nose. Old Faithful has done his best.

All sorts of nasty things. The haze was beginning to lift.

Coach Carter was beat, but Janine wasn't about to let him rest just yet. She was close too, and she was not going to be denied her release. She sat up on his face, humping him for all she was worth. He French kissed her lips voraciously, sending his tongue on deep reconnaissance missions to depths no one had been before. The pressure was building and the cave diver was in danger of being crushed by the squeezing walls, but he kept up the assault. Janine subconsciously smeared some of his cum off her face onto her finger so she could suck on it. That's it... Just a little more.

She let out a guttural scream as she climaxed and for a moment the coach worried that his son and his friends would come dashing to the garage when he heard similar screams and cheers from inside. Someone had scored a touchdown. Her cum came pouring out of her cunt into his waiting mouth. He gobbled it greedily, this elixir of youth. He slurped her pussy lips dry, not wanting to waste a priceless drop as she collapsed down next to his newly hardening cock.

All sorts of nasty things. She heard the voice again, now as clear as day. Janine knew whose voice it was. It was her own.

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