tagMind ControlDare Me Not Ch. 08

Dare Me Not Ch. 08


Recap: Janine is in a daze and her mind is shot with delusions about sex and "all sorts of nasty things" since her encounter with Brad Wheeler that morning (Ch. 4). Her most recent delusion brought on a wild sixty-nine session with Coach Carter, the father of Natasha's boyfriend Drew (Ch. 7). That's exactly where this story begins.

Janine came to her senses and it didn't take long to realise something was very amiss. Her right hand was firmly wrapped around an angry purple cock and she had a feeling the sticky stuff on her face was not sunscreen. Better yet, there was a heavyset body underneath her and she could feel someone's hot breath fanning her crotch. Oh dear.

"Janine, Janine, are you okay?" She was almost too afraid to turn around, but she knew the voice. Drew's father? Coach Carter? What just happened? She tried to hold them back, but she could feel hot tears streaming down her face. They mixed with the creamy stuff on her face and fell in white globs on to the coach's jeans. Luckily they were dark, or the stains would be very obvious. As if the other ropes of his cum all over the crotch of his jeans were not damning enough.

Coach Carter sat upright and enveloped the sobbing girl in his arms. Moments earlier he felt like a million bucks. Now he just felt like a million tons of shit. What had he done? "Janine, are you conscious?" He chose his words carefully to avoid taking responsibility. "You seemed to be in a trance. Like you were drugged or something. Then you attacked me. I tried to stop you, but you..."

I told you that you just want all sorts of nasty things to be done to you. Janine heard herself say in her mind. Don't blame the Coach, you asked him to help you. And now, you know who I am.

"You're me," Janine whispered as the Coach continued his soliloquy in his defence. Bingo. I'm you and you're me. I'm the you that you've repressed for so long. Brad has only done you a service in bringing me out of your shell.

Brad Wheeler. Ever since that morning when he spoke the key words that sent her day into utter chaos, she had been fighting the voices in her head. Now she knew the voices were her own. The repressed personality that had always been screaming for attention in her quiet, meek exterior. Was she bi-polar, or schizophrenic? She had no clue. But since she knew where the voice was coming from, it felt like a moment of calm had settled upon her. It was like the veil had been lifted.

Coach Carter hugged Janine close to his chest, and it shook her out of her reverie. "You're safe now. I've got you." He whispered in her ear.

"Thank you Coach for all your help. I think I should go home now." Janine respectfully broke from his embrace and got to her feet.

"Um, you should probably clean your face." The coach stated the obvious as he offered her a box of tissues. She did the best she could and he did the same to his jeans before shoving his still-hard member back into their tight confines.

"I should ask Natasha to give me a ride home."

"No, let me. She'll be stuck here with Drew all night anyway." Drew and Natasha were neck-deep in a football game on the TV with half of his football team.

Janine thought to argue, but knew that he was right. They piled into his Dodge truck and she gave him directions to her place. They did not talk much on the way, both deep in thought, weighing the consequences of their recent dalliance.

"Coach, I have a favour to ask of you," Janine finally broke the silence.

"What is it Janine?"

"Please don't tell anyone what happened tonight." Coach Carter almost crowed in victory. He had much more to lose if she gave him up to her parents or to the cops. But it was her that wanted to keep it mum.

"I won't, as long as you tell me what is going on with you."

"It's a long story."

"We can always stop somewhere for you to finish the story before I send you home. I bet that's the best idea."

"Yes, of course it is the best idea." Janine repeated automatically.


Coach Carter had found them a quiet turn off to chat and Janine spilt the beans about her inability to resist dares and bets. She left out the juicy bits from her encounters in the mall but confided that Brad's subliminal message was destroying her from the inside without divulging the nature of his dare.

"That is terrible!" the coach exclaimed.

"I've had massive headaches and horrible dreams since."

"I can only imagine what you're going through."

Even without her detailed explanation, his imagination was pretty spot on. A young pretty girl like Janine would be eaten alive by anyone who knew her secret.

"I wonder if it's possible to reverse the spell," he mused.

"I tried! I dared myself in the mirror to forget Brad's command, or to forget the passphrase, or even to forget everything, but it never worked!" Janine seemed to be at the verge of bursting into tears again.

"Perhaps it is not something that you can do on your own? Would you let me try?"

"Sure. Please do whatever you can. I'll do anything to get rid of this curse!"

Girls should never say things like that, Coach Carter thought to himself. It opens the door to too many bad thoughts and bad people. Janine was too young and too naive to know all the things that he knew.

"Okay, let's start with some easy items. What dares can you remember?"

Janine blushed a deep shade of red that was thankfully hidden by the darkness. The sun was low in the sky and was behind her so she felt safe that the coach hadn't seen her embarrassment. Which dare was innocuous enough to be shared?

"I think Janine must have said something about my clothes. I never wore skirts before this week, but ever since Professor Dawson's class, I have worn only skirts. I really like skirts now though."

"That could be because she said that you would."

"I guess that's true."

"Let me give this a shot."

"I bet you don't want to wear a skirt again."

Janine's hands flew to the clasp of her grey skirt and she wriggled to get out of them. "I don't ever want to wear a skirt again!" She exclaimed excited. "It seems like it's working!"

Coach Carter's eyes latched on firmly to the little pink panties that were left in the wake as the skirt pooled at her ankles. "That wasn't the intention that I had." Janine's eyes followed his down and she shrieked. She tore her denim jacket off in a hurry and placed it on her lap to protect her modesty.

Coach Carter cleared his throat nervously. The wind from outside was chilly and he noticed that Janine's nipples were slowly fighting back against her top and bra. "I bet you're feeling really cold because that top is no use against the wind."

Oops. Another slip of the tongue.

"Coach, what are you doing?" Janine cried out as her white top joined her skirt on the floor of the truck. She cowered behind her denim jacket as the only shred of clothing she had left.

"I can see how this can easily get out of control," he mused, trying to sound retrospective.

"You're not helping at all! How about you try reversing those two statements first before you leave me with nothing left!"

"S, sure." His cock was already hard under his jeans but he didn't want to shift or adjust while she was watching. It was beginning to get painful though.

"I bet you have full control over whatever you want to wear. There, now see if you can put your clothes back on."

Janine dropped the denim jacket to reach down and pick up the white top and grey skirt from the floor, briefly giving the coach a good eyeful. Nice tits, he thought. It's a shame that she keeps them hidden.

She started with her skirt and was happy to find that she could put it on by her own volition. She put the top on and immediately shivered. Her nipples jumped to full attention. The Coach had only allowed her to put it on, but she still felt cold with it on.

"Well, I guess I have to be specific about it? How about this? I bet that you'll feel better without your bra."

Janine's hands moved on their own and she extracted her bra. Her nipples were now painfully obvious, but she did not notice them. She only felt the relief from the cold until she realised that she was now holding her bra in her hand. "What? That's not the same thing, Coach!"

"I had to see how the different bets related to each other. It seems the most recent bet covers early bets. Now that's no good."


"Because that means I can reverse all of them right now, but someone else can put them back on again later. For example, I dare you to take all your clothes off and sit on my lap."


There was no way to stop herself from utter humiliation. The jacket was tossed to the floor. Off came the top and then the skirt. Her heels and panties came off in that order before she climbed across the gearbox onto the coach's waiting lap.

"You bastard! What are you doing?"

"Finding out the limitations of the bets. Just a while ago I said you had full control over what you wear. Now I've asked you to take all your clothes off."

"Perhaps they're not related? Maybe I still have control over what I want to wear?" Janine mused as she tried to ignore the fact that she was seated on the lap of a man older than her father with his face no more than six inches from her bare chest. She reached across to her seat to get her top, noting with dismay that she could not get off his lap. To her delight, she managed to put it on without any mental or physical obstacles.

"That's amazing. I bet that I had full control over what you can wear. We should see if the original command is still in place."

Janine's stomach churned as she knew what was coming. "Take off that top." She willed with all her might to keep the top on, but her body knew who was in control. The top came off again, and her beautiful breasts bounced back into view. Coach Carter bit his lip to prevent himself from diving face first into her loveliness.

Janine tried to put the top back on immediately, but found herself unable to. "Does this mean that I can't control that ever again?"

"Perhaps it takes time for your mind to switch commands? How about we wait ten seconds and try again?"

Janine waited a while and then tried to put the top on again. This time she succeeded. "That is interesting indeed. It seems that the two commands can co-exist, but there is a delay between the two. I can tell you to take your clothes off, and you can put them back on again. That's good. What else should I give you control over?"

"How about letting me choose where I want to sit?" Janine remarked drily.

In his defence, the coach had almost completely forgotten about that part of his command. "Sure. I bet you can choose to go wherever and do whatever you like. That should give you full control of your body."

Janine breathed a sigh of relief as she removed herself from the Coach and got fully dressed. The ordeal was coming to an end; she could feel that sense of control that she had unknowingly relinquished.

"I bet you would love to thank me for all the help I have given you," the lusty coach continued. "I dare you to show me your tits, masturbate while you suck my cock and swallow all the cum this time. I bet you won't remember this part."


It was dark when Coach Carter dropped Janine off at her home. She recalled the conversation that they had and the newfound confidence that she could control her own destiny by reversing the command within ten seconds. She bounced up the steps to her door and waved goodbye to the Good Samaritan who had given her that confidence. She shivered involuntarily because the top did not protect her from cold wind, but since she wasn't wearing a bra, she felt much better. She couldn't remember if she had worn panties out that morning, because she wasn't wearing any now. But that probably didn't matter because she had full control over everything now! Hooray and hooray for Coach Carter! She ran up the stairs in a dizzy, plopped on her bed and was soon asleep; thoroughly exhausted by everything that had happened that day.

The Dodge truck signalled and drove away from the Tyler residence, the driver clutching a wet pair of panties as a trophy for a job well done.

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