tagMind ControlDare Me Not Ch. 10

Dare Me Not Ch. 10


Recap: Janine can regain control of her body after ten seconds as long as no new command is issued. She managed to deal with Brad, hopefully once and for all (Ch. 9). She hopes that Professor Jonah Dawson can help her to shorten her window of vulnerability. Of course the Professor would help her! He had helped to relieve her of her virginity before wiping her memories clean (Ch. 3).

Janine enjoyed being able to focus in class after all the crazy antics of the day before. Some of her classmates cast her side glances and murmured among themselves and she wondered if they knew something. She also wondered if Brad Wheeler would be scarred for life, or if he'd wear her teeth marks as a consolation prize for the one that got away. She hoped she had managed to scare him away for good.

She had lied that he would never be able to control her again. Given the chance, he probably could. And it would be an easy theory for him to test. She couldn't be checking over her shoulder or looking around corners for his shadow for the rest of her life! Hopefully, Professor Dawson would be able to help her out.

The last of her morning classes were over and she had a two-hour lunch break before her afternoon classes. She had dropped a note at his office to request to see him at noon which left her fifteen minutes for lunch. She chomped through lunch in a hurry, wanting to waste no time before meeting the Professor.

She found Professor Dawson in his immaculate office poring over his personal notes from the previous encounter. She entered and curtseyed automatically without wondering why. The professor put a check mark on his notes and stood up behind his desk. He motioned her to lock the door and she did so behind her.

"We would not want anyone to barge in on us would we? So Miss Tyler, what was so urgent that you had to see me? Did you need more tests done?"

His hands twitched slightly at the memory of her 34C breasts. His penis twitched silently in his trousers.

"Yes professor. I have learnt a lot since we last met and I need help."

"Oh I would love to help you in any way I can. You'll have to be open and candid with me so I can figure this out."

Janine started to blush and Professor Dawson knew that she must have gotten into lots of trouble since they last met. The shy and retiring Janine Tyler would not give him the information that he needed.

"I dare you to tell me what has happened since we last spoke. You'll feel better about it."

Janine's eyes widened slightly as the command took effect. She sat down at the armless chair in front of his desk and began to talk. She mentioned her two run-ins with Brad Wheeler, and the professor scribbled furiously on his notepad. Mister Wheeler had been clever, and had done a lot of the tests that he had thought of since their last meeting. Good, good, good. Janine described her torture at the mall at the hands of the security guards and his cock reached its full potential. She regaled him with stories of her incessant masturbation and by the time she described how she jumped Drew Carter's father, he wanted to bury himself in her tight cunt so badly that it hurt. She did not mention her little session with the coach in his truck as she had no recollection of it, just as she had no recollection of her last meeting with the professor.

"I see, a lot has happened. It must have been tough, but I bet you feel better about them."

Janine did not feel bad about any of her episodes except for those regarding Brad, but even those now felt like water under the bridge. The Professor knew what to do to help her; he would definitely help her.

"I bet that you trust me completely, that's why you're here." Janine quickly nodded, her mind missing the subtle command though her subconscious picked it up immediately.

Janine continued to tell the Professor about Coach Carter and how he gave her control over her dress sense and actions. "What exactly did he say then?" the Professor asked. Stupid man! he thought. This coach might have messed up a really good thing.

"What do you need me to do for you, Miss Tyler?"

"Well I trust you completely with my... situation, so I need your help to shorten this ten second delay. I can't regain control of my body in the time after a command for about ten seconds." Oh, that would be useful.

"I see," the Professor stood up behind his desk, making no effort to hide his erection.

"Because you trust me, you won't find anything I do strange." He knew from the tests that Brad had done that she would not need another command to make her suspicious. Everything would seem natural. Even a Professor rubbing his crotch against the cheek of an 18-year-old student.

She carried on describing her worry that Brad would be able to control her again, and this time he wouldn't hold back. "I can help you with that Miss Tyler." He held his clothed erection in hand and painted her ear and cheek with it as he imagined his precum forming pretty designs on her hair and face.

"I bet that Brad Wheeler will no longer be able to control you." He had no idea if that would work, but Janine was ecstatic. She smiled widely and the Professor took the opportunity to rub his crotch across her teeth. She really had no idea what he was doing. So lovely. So gullible.

"I bet you would like to see my cock." Professor Dawson threw down the gauntlet.

"Professor, I have a favour to ask," Janine started, almost hesitantly.

"What is it, my dear?"

"I want to see your cock."

"Are you sure? Is that something that students should be asking their professors?"

"No, they shouldn't. But I trust you completely and so I'm asking it."

"I see." Another mental check. "Well then, why don't you help yourself?"

Janine suddenly noticed his crotch up against her face and drew his zipper down. It didn't take long for her to fish his turgid member out into the open. "Thank you Professor. I needed to see that."

"Don't mention it Janine, you can hold it too if you like."

"Really? Thank you." Her fingers wrapped gently around his throbbing hardness and the professor was afraid he would explode in her hand. No, he shouldn't rush. There was much testing left to be done. Still, why not get a little payment up front?

"I bet you'd love to give it a little suck right now."

Janine complied docilely. Her implicit trust of Professor Dawson had lowered all her defences and the small voice at the back of her mind was softer than usual. Her lips enveloped his head and as more of his shaft disappeared into her mouth, Professor Dawson moaned slightly.

This is too easy, the professor thought as she slowly took in more of his length. It was more fun when she was squirming and fighting. Could he simulate that? Another test that needed to be done!

"Janine, I have a solution for your problem." Janine disengaged herself from his cock and looked up at him with grateful eyes.

"You've come up with an idea?"

"Well yes, but I need to test the theory out first. Janine, because you trust me now and always, you will obey all my commands without question. You will not try to overwrite my commands. And because you trust me, you will never hurt me." He threw the last one in for good measure, thoughts of Brad Wheeler's punctured penis flashing through his mind. "I bet that you will be fully aware of what you're doing all the time. This should give you the ability to react faster."

Janine's eyes closed fully with this command and when she opened them, she immediately noticed her grip on the professor's cock. "Oh my God, Professor, what are you doing?" She let go of it like it was a hot coal. It stood its ground proudly.

"I bet your hands are stuck to the chair and you think the chair is bolted to the floor." Janine was in the middle of getting up to run from the office when both hands flew to the sides of the chair forcing her back into her seat. She tried to wrench herself from the chair but it would not budge. Professor Dawson thought it was amazing that Janine's thrashing body could not even shift the chair. Was her body compensating for the frantic movement? The mind is a powerful thing indeed.

"Professor let me go, I'll scream!" Janine fought valiantly against the chair but to no avail.

"I bet you won't."

Janine screamed as Professor Dawson recalled that bets worked in both ways. "Because you trust me, you won't ever scream for help." Hopefully no one heard the scream, he thought as Janine quieted down. He waited with bated breath for a few moments, but there was no one to knock on his door to rescue her since it was lunch time.

"You don't remember the itch test do you? I bet you will now," the Professor remarked. Janine seethed as her mind feared the worst. It was easier when her mind was dull and compliant. With full knowledge of what she was doing, she could not help but continue to fight against her invisible bonds.

"I bet your right cheek is so very itchy, Janine. It's so itchy, but it's a shame that you can't move your hands to scratch."

"No, what are you doing?" True to his word, her cheek felt like there were a hundred ants encamped on it, marching about and giving her a terrible itch. She struggled to scratch it off against the chair or her thigh but she just could not reach. The only other option was...

Janine gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as she rubbed her cheek up and down Professor Dawson's cock. The professor smiled. This was much better. Domination is only fun when the other party was unwilling. The ants fell off her cheek in droves as she swiped them away with his magic wand. His dream of marking her face was coming true as she painted away with it leaving trails of precum and saliva on her pretty cheek.

"I bet you can't leave your seat even though your hands are free now." Perfect time to test the theory that she couldn't hurt him. The minute her hands were free, she gripped his penis with the intention of wrenching it from her face. To her dismay she found herself caressing it with the most gentle of touches. Noooo!

"Good work Janine. The itch must have gone from your face by now, but I bet it's moved down to your chest."

Her hands were quickly occupied with her breasts. Her bra which had been uncomfortable all day was getting in the way and in her frustration, she unhooked it to move it up off her breasts so she could access the itch.

"Professor, I demand that you stop this right now! How could you do this to me? I trust you." Janine hated that she couldn't even claim that her trust was in the past tense. With her bra out of the way, she was able to swat the ants away from her chest. There was no relief from the itch though, and she wanted to scream out in anger, but found she could not.

"Professor, I need your help. Only you can stop this itch!" she wailed.

"Yes, I bet only my penis can stop this itch." That's it, her mind clicked, I need to use his penis. It worked on my cheek so it'll work again! She grabbed it with her right hand and tried to scratch through her T-shirt but it didn't work. Growling at the inefficacy of it all, she whipped her blue top and bra off and flung it to the side of the room. The professor smiled at the reappearance of the luscious globes of his prize student. She wasted no time painting her breasts with fresh precum.

"If it doesn't help the itch, you'll need to lick my cock first." Jonah Dawson nearly shouted out in glee as she sucked his member and coated it with saliva before driving it between her breasts again. To improve the surface area, she cupped her breasts and drew them together around his engorged penis. That brought momentary relief, but she needed more. She continued to rub her breasts against his cock, pausing to lick it whenever it got dry.

All the shenanigans were leaving a massive stain on the front of his trousers, but Professor Dawson wasn't perturbed. In his well-prepared office, he always had two full changes of clothes for situations such as a split coffee, a messy plate of spaghetti, or a horny student. Granted the first two scenarios happened a lot more often, and the last scenario was a new experience for him. Still, it was all about being prepared for any kind of situation.

As she rubbed her professor's cock lasciviously between her breasts, Janine felt sickened by the fact that her own fast flowing juices were seeping out of her vagina. She knew that she was wet and that it was wrong, but there was nothing she could do. Her rational mind was screaming for her to stop, but now the small voice was telling her that she needed to please herself too, that she should touch herself and make her feel good. What's good about this situation, her mind screamed. Everything is good, Janine, don't you remember? This is how everything becomes good.

Jonah Dawson watched as she dropped a hand to her crotch and started to diddle away at it. It seemed like her itch had moved on its own. Oh, he could help her with that. He pulled away from the awesome titfuck and she moaned in disappointment.

"Oh don't worry. I bet the itch is gone from your breasts, but it seems like you have another problem on your hands?" Both hands now wandered down to the front of her panties, where she continued to tap and stroke her clitoris through the fabric. Fascinating, he thought, it seemed that something else had unlocked in this girl. She never ceases to be interesting!

The demure, mousy Janine Tyler seemed to be no more, and was replaced by another Janine. A wonton exhibitionist who gyrated in her chair while the Professor stood back to watch. "Do you like what you see Professor? Is this the Janine you were looking for?" she cooed provocatively as she continued to stroke herself.

"Where did you come from?"

"Always the psychologist, Professor. Janine's having a hard time accepting how much she enjoys her sexuality, so I'm just a way for her to escape. Release me from this chair, and I'll show you how much I've enjoying watching you two get it on."

Interesting. Even her alternate persona cannot escape the commands. Maybe I should have fun with this one for a while too. "I dare you to rub your pussy against my cock until you cum. I bet the chair has lost its hold on you."

"Certainly, Professor. Your wish is my command." Janine purred as she moved in close to him. She unbuckled her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of him and grabbed his butt and ground her panty-covered crotch up against his cock. It dribbled in appreciation.

"Are my panties too wet for you? I'll take them off." The said panties fell on the floor with a soppy splat as she resumed her position. Janine was about as tall as Professor Dawson and she manoeuvred his happy prick between her legs so she could rub herself along his length. "Is this what you were thinking, Professor? Is this what you want me to do?"

"Very nice Janine. You know exactly what I like." Professor Dawson remarked between short breaths.

"Janine may not remember, but I know you fucked us and took our virginity, so you don't have to hide your perverted desires from me."

"So you're the manifestation of her id, then. Now I understand." The human psyche is made of three parts, according to Sigmund Freud. In a nutshell, id is the instinctive part, ego is the realistic part and super-ego is the idealistic part.

"Good professor. At least you know what you teach, and you teach poor students like Janine exactly what you want us to know."

The grinding continued at a slow pace as the professor cock was coated with a shiny glaze of Janine's pussy juices.

"Well it's time to bring Janine back. It has been a pleasure delving into you." the Professor smirked.

"You haven't even started the delving yet. Enjoy our body, you sick man. Don't forget to wipe her memories again, but remember, I never forget." Janine closed her eyes for a moment, and when they reopened, they widened fully with fear. "Professor Dawson, what are you doing? Get off of me!"

Janine struggled to extricate herself from his turgid pole between her legs, but could not as she was still under the command. She tried to beat her arms against his chest, but could only manage to stroke it. Leaving her arms on his shoulders, she wept openly as she felt more of her lubrication flow forth onto his engorged cock.

"Professor, please let me go!" She begged as she continued grinding her pussy against him. She squeezed his firmness between her thighs and sighed involuntarily as she slid along his manhood. Each stroke caused her fear, humiliation and excitement to increase. She clung on to him as she felt the raging seas swell and she was sure that she would die of embarrassment. Jonah Dawson knew the signs and braced himself for it.

Janine came with a muted scream. Her body shuddered against her captor as she threw her arms around his neck for support. She could feel her hot release splashing against his cock and running unfettered down her legs. She was shocked when his lips descended on hers as he ravaged her, but she had no resistance at this point. It was not a kiss of love or passion, just one of pure lust.

He didn't even bother with a command as he lifted her slightly to change her position while still locked in an embrace. He drove his impatient warrior deep into her well lubricated cave and got a few strokes in before she realised what he had done.

"No, Professor, I'm still a virgin! Take it out, take it out!"

I could get used to fucking a girl who always thinks she's a virgin, the sadistic professor thoughts to himself as he paid her no mind. She wailed into his shoulder as he continued to plumb her depths. She had no strength in her legs to get away from her attacker, and he was ready with a command if she managed to.

The professor did not last long after such an intense workout of his self-control. Three more strokes and he released a potent blast deep into her belly. Janine screamed in shock at first, but the shock was replaced with ecstasy as her release joined his. He had stolen her virginity, she cried as she hit him with painless punches. He didn't care, because in short order, she wouldn't either.

When he was done with her, he commanded her to clean up as he removed all evidence of their illicit tryst. Taking a deep breath, he had her sit back into her chair, smooth her skirt and prepare for her memory wipe. He scribbled down many notes, both into his personal journal and into a clinical sheet that he would show her after. When he was ready, she awoke refreshed and unaware of her rape or anything since the time she sat down.

"So Janine," he started. "From the tests, we have found out quite a bit of information."

Janine sat forward in her chair, attentive and eager for the results of her "tests".

"First off, I have put in the command that Brad Wheeler will no longer be able to control you. I did not set a blanket rule in place because we don't yet know the side effects. The only way we're going to know if it works is if we tested it out."

"But I can't risk running into him again!" Janine replied, reasonably flustered.

"Yes, I know, so what I propose is that you choose another person to try it on."

"Okay, let's use Natasha Partridge."

"Here we go. I bet that Natasha Partridge will no longer be able to control you. Now all that is left is to test it out."

"Secondly, I'm not sure if I can reduce that ten second window." It's more that I don't want to. It's way too much fun. "But I have set it up so that you are fully aware of everything that is happening to you and your body. You mentioned that you have been unable to tell when something bad is happening. This is because your super-ego, which is like your conscience, is unable to contact your ego." Professor Dawson went on a bit of a psychology tirade which Janine took in what she could as she nodded her head slowly.

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