tagIncest/TabooDarian & Dimitri, The DNR Series Ch. 02

Darian & Dimitri, The DNR Series Ch. 02


All characters are over the age of majority (18 years of age). This story is completely and entirely a work of fiction. If incest, manipulation or reluctance scenarios offend you, do not continue reading this story or the subsequent series further.

This story is my second attempt, and my first series, at composing erotic literature of any length. Anyone willing to write a critique will be, by me, greatly appreciated. Please pardon any editing errors; I am having to edit this work myself and I wrote this entire chapter on my iTouch.

Please enjoy!


Today my wife and I are celebrating the anniversary of our first date for the first time as a married couple. Sophia, a petite Indian (dots, not feathers) woman, is three years my junior and the second sexiest person in my life, my sister Darian being unequivocally first. Darian got engaged last month to some asshole four years her senior, despite having only known each other 9 months. Fortunately, the bastard hasn't gotten into her panties quite yet; she told the douchebag she is "waiting 'til marriage." Neither of our significant others are aware of the history she and I have, nor are they aware of our ongoing secret rendezvous or sexual exploits.


Although we could have showered together, Darian retreated to her own shower and while I got dressed, she proudly wore nothing. We watched television downstairs until our parents arrived home. Our father looked away in shame when he saw his daughter naked as an adult for the first time.

Our mother baffled everyone when she commented, matter-of-factly: "Darian, I see you decided to take the radical approach your friends suggested for you to learn how to become comfortable with your incredible young body!"

Our mother's perplexing comment left a priceless expression on our father's face as he continued to avoid glancing at his daughter. My mother noticed this going on in her periphery and said, "Honey, you're impeding your daughter's efforts to build upon her meager self-esteem." Our father, seemingly begrudgingly, defied his inner angel and gazed upon his daughter's nude form. It wasn't long before he progressed to succumbing to the daemon of incestuous desire with sexual animation. The twitching tent protruding from our father's scrubs verified that his sexual appetite for my sensuous twin sister mirrored that of my own.

My sister boldly walked towards him and shoved the man into the wall, then she pinned him by pressing her ample bosom against our blushing father. He jumped slightly when his daughter seized his cock through the fabric. As she began to softly massage his cock, he shuddered in ecstasy. Our mother stared intently whilst boasting a wide smile that seemed to me having been born out of tremendous pride.

My father spoke with little conviction as he begged his daughter to cease her incestuous behavior. He shuddered again as he told my twin sister that "What you're doing is inappropriate and illegal." His words were not reinforced by any physical resistance whatsoever.

Darian untied the lower half of his scrubs and pulled them carefully over his cock. Then she cupped his balls in her soft hands and began to caress them, making my father begin to secret pre-cum. Darian dropped to her knees to give herself a better angle to satisfy our father. He started to vigorously stroke himself while my twin sister continued to work his balls and as he brought himself ever closer to orgasm; his grunting became increasingly louder and more frequent.

Through all of that, I remember being disappointed that I somehow missed when my mother had dropped her hand into her pants and started to masturbate. That was too much for me and I began to jack off inside my shorts. My mother noticed and pleaded with me to expose myself; I said "I will, if you go first." I paused briefly before adding one condition, "And not just your pants, but all of your scrubs and underwear."

My mother suspended her self-gratification to make a show of stripping. She first slowly dropped her pants as I realized she had most likely worked without panties the whole day, which was fucking hot to discover. Mom's pussy was trimmed around her lips, yet, it still crowned on top with a fuller bush than Darian. Next came her top, revealing smaller breasts than I thought she appeared to have. I attributed my misconception to her hot pink push-up bra, which came off to reveal larger darker areoles than my sister. She pinched her right nipple between her fingers and began to aggressively rub her clit.

Our father watched his wife and accidentally splashed my sister's face with jets of cum. His cum covered nearly half Darian's face; it dripped down to her lips and off her chin on to her perfect tits. Darian licked her lips and went "Mmmmm," before she announced that "it is delicious like yours, Dimitri!!"

My mother glanced downwards towards the left then up at me with a devilish smile, "It is your turn, son." I disrobed, first my shirt, then I took a deep breath before I pulled down my shorts. My mother gasped as my heavy cock bounced around before I took it in my hand and resumed jacking off. A few drops of my pre-cum drizzled onto our white marble floor. I knew I was close and asked my twin sister if she wanted to catch my cum in her mouth so she could swallow it all this time.

Darian made us all laugh when she squealed out "YES PLEASE!!" Immediately, Darian spun around on her knees and opened her mouth wide to give me an adequate target. She reached down to her pussy to give herself her third orgasm of the day.

I shifted my gaze back to our mother, who was on the verge of an earth shattering orgasm in front of Darian and I. Our father drew closer to her; he sucked and softly nibbled on her right breast. She unleashed a deafening scream as she came, squirting juices all over our white marble floor. That incredibly sexy sight gave me all I needed to cum and fill my sister's gaping mouth with jizz.

Following my shot of cum into her mouth, Darian threw her head back as her eyes rolled back into her head just before squirting onto the white marble floor.


Later that night my sister paid a visit to my room. She and I both sat indian style completely naked on top of my comforter. Darian wasted little time before delving into exactly why she was not only prancing around our mansion stark naked, but also engaging in sexual exploits with us.

Darian explained further that once her friends saw her naked, they suggested that she ought to develop a sexual relationship with someone whom she trusts implicitly. Apparently, one of the girls jokingly asked "You trust your family don't you? I mean your brother Dimitri is extremely H-O-T, HOT!!"

Revealing her initial disgust at the incestuous notion floated by one of her closest friends, Darian commented that they unanimously agreed I was a modern Greek God. Two of them debated the sin and immorality of incest while the other two debated the merits of her trust in me making me a viable option to help her develop confidence.

Darian told me how a disturbing divisive joke became a serious debate that overtook her birthday party, a debate which lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. My twin sister went into great detail about what her friends said and how she tipped the discussion by asking "How might I do it? What would be my first step IF I went babout it this way?" I was surprised to learn they were still nude when her friends pointed out that all she would have to do was tease me with the same body at which they were looking. "All women know that men think with the head between their legs from ages 18-85, about 99.99% of the time," she said confidently.

My sister yawned loudly and told me she was signing off for the night and would tell me more first thing in the morning. Darian gave me a peck on the cheek before leaving my room.

When she made it to the door, Darian twirled around to say what I had been wondering: "Just so you know, mom and I planned today extensively for me and you and then tonight for all of us." I tried to ask the first of many questions I had, but she cut me off with "Tomorrow."

As I drifted off to sleep, I pondered how they could have possibly thought father wouldn't flip out, much less participate.

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