Daring Daddy


Oh my god, did he really just say that? I thought to myself.

"I guess you are not such a little girl anymore and I need to try and accept that you are quickly becoming a woman. But you will always be my little princess so it is going to be hard."

As he spoke his hands were sliding slowly down the side of my hips like he was gently tracing my curves. I do not think he realized what they were doing because I could feel his touch change as he got lost in his words. It went from an examination to a caress as his big hands slid down my side.

"We should put an ice pack on this, grab one from the freezer." He said.

Again my body took over as I stepped out of the clothes still wrapped around my ankles.

What was I doing? Walking around in front of my dad naked from the waist down.

As I turned to walk to the freezer I caught my dad's eyes following my manicured bush from the corner of my eye.

He really was looking at me in an inappropriate way, I thought as my legs carried me into the kitchen.

As I walked back with the ice pack I realized that I could see him in the reflection on the TV. I could clearly see him and he looked like he was adjusting himself in his shorts. Then he looked up and saw my reflection in the TV. He was staring right at my crotch. His hand squeezed his bulge as he ogled my naked body.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I knew I had the confirmation I was seeking and told myself to somehow get out of the situation but my body continued on auto pilot. It was like a part of me was a prisoner inside, helpless, only able to watch as I walked in front of him and handed him the ice pack. His hand reached out and searched for it because his gaze was stuck on the strip of hair just above my vagina.

"Here ya go, daddy." I said, prompting him to raise his eyes and look at what his hand was doing.

I used the time to get a look at his bulge. Whatever he thought he did to hide it was not working. I could see it stretch down the inside of his leg, tightening his otherwise loose shorts so much that very few details went unnoticed. It was huge, it looked to be about eight inches and almost as thick as a can of red bull with a very defined head that was nearly poking out of the bottom of his shorts.

"Ok princess lay down across daddy's lap and I will ice your bum for you." He said as he patted his leg right next to the bulge he thought was hidden.

I screamed no in my head but before I could even finish the thought I was awkwardly draped over his lap with my ass in front of him. It reminded me of the way he used to spank me when I was younger, and much smaller. I didn't fit on his lap comfortably anymore but my body didn't seem to mind.

As soon as I was in position I turned my head away to get a glance at the TV screen. I had a great view and could even see the expressions on his face. He was staring down at my ass. The image of my bottomless body draped across my daddy's lap and him staring down at me was surreal. It was like I was in a daze, unable to process anything, I was only able to watch like I was a spectator in my own body.

I could see him lean forward and try look between my thighs to get a peek at my privates from behind. I could read the frustration on his face when he realized that my legs were not spread enough to catch a glimpse.

Then I was brought back to reality by the cold of the ice pack on my cheek. It was ice cold and stung for a moment causing me to squirm around on his lap. One of my legs fell to the floor and his hand reached for the inside of my other thigh to keep me from falling off. His firm grasp caused a wave to go through my body as his fingers wrapped around my thigh only inches from lips. The sensation caught me off guard and made me snap back to reality.

Oh my god did I just get turned on by the feeling of my dad's hand between my legs? This can't be happening I need to stop. I thought to myself.

"Daddy this is really uncomfortable, I can just take the ice pack to my room and sit on it for a while. I am too big for your lap now." I said as I climbed off his lap.

I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes, his bulge had gotten even bigger and the head was now poking slightly out of his shorts. I struggled not to stare so he wouldn't realize that I saw it.

"Ok princess I am sorry I couldn't help you. I hope it feels better."

I reached for my pants and panties on the floor and he quickly grabbed them. "I am going to do a load of laundry I will throw these in for you." He said as he bunched up the clothes in his hands.

As I started up the stairs I could feel his eyes on my naked ass and as I reached the top of the stairs I turned slightly and saw him standing at the bottom, his eyes following my every move while covering his bulge with my pants and panties.

"Goodnight princess." He said as I rounded the corner to my room.

"Goodnight daddy."

Closing the door behind me I felt like I had just escaped something, I took a deep breath and tried to gather my thoughts. I tried to sort through what had just taken place but the only thing I could do was shake my head and go to the shower. I felt dirty and somehow taken advantage of, I hoped that the water would wash the feelings away.

In the shower I was able to calm down and analyze the situation. I remembered my conversation with Jennifer and told myself that my dad had not really done anything wrong. He really was trying to take care of me, his reaction to seeing my naked body was essentially a natural one. He did not touch me inappropriately or try to push things beyond our normal relationship. His physical reaction to me did not even mean he wanted to have sex with me. I began to feel less uncomfortable and ashamed of how I had behaved.

Stepping out of the shower and seeing myself in the mirror conjured up the image of my dad's reflection in the TV. His bulge in his hand and his eyes on my body. I tried to see things through his eyes and began to feel sorry for him. I hadn't seen him with a woman in years and it had to be hard on him, literally and figuratively. I felt much better and decided that I shouldn't be so quick to judge and condemn him or the situation.

I woke up the next morning with vivid flashbacks of a dream. My dad was sitting in his chair with his ample dick in his hand and I was standing naked in front of him. He was looking at my body and just holding his swollen package. He wasn't jacking off, he was just smiling the warmest loving smile imaginable as I just stood there in front of him. It was embarrassing and shameful but at the same time I had an overwhelming sense of love and warmth. I was somehow proud that he liked my body and wanted to see it. That feeling of being admired was a new one to me, no one had ever really wanted me like that before and it felt amazing and empowering.

For the next few days I felt lighter on my feet and more energetic than I had in a long time. I didn't really think about all of the things that had happened. Even when Jennifer repeatedly bugged me, asking if I had read any stories or if my dad had done anything that would make me think he wanted to have sex with me, I just told her no and moved on to other things. She did notice that I seemed happier and more confident than usual but I just told her it was because I was finally 18 and I couldn't wait to see what my dad had gotten me.

In our family we celebrated birthdays on the weekend after the actual day and since my birthday fell on a Monday this year I had to wait till Friday to see what I had gotten. My dad took it very seriously and didn't even say happy birthday until the following Friday would roll around.

A couple days before my "birthday" Jen and I were out at lunch and our waiter, Mike, was flirting with me. He was pretty cute and it caught me off guard because boys never really flirted with me like that. Jennifer told me I should flirt back and I decided to give it a try to see what happened.

"What should I do?" I asked Jen.

"Just smile at him and try to make eye contact as he walks by."

I tried what she suggested and he responded by stopping at our table every time he passed. He would come and ask if I needed a refill even though my glass was almost full and then smile at me over his shoulder as he walked away.

"See, I told you." Jennifer said smiling at me while kicking me in the shin under the table.

"Yes, bitch, you were right." I said, kicking her back.

"Krissy, you should get his number; I bet he has a nice dick."

"Jen!" I said pretending to be slightly offended as I kicked her again. I wasn't really offended, she speculated about almost any dick that walked by.

"Just do it." She insisted.

"Ok, I will when we leave now shut up."

As we walked out the door of the restaurant I stopped and forced myself to ask Mike for his number. He hesitated a second then took my phone and entered his number.

"Call me later, I get off at 5." I was so happy that I didn't even hear what Jennifer said when she slapped me on my shoulder as we walked out. I am sure it was something about someone getting off after 5, or it took more than 5 to get her off. Which she knows is a lie, that girl would get off just having a dick in front of her.

After Jen dropped me off at home I sat and watched the clock waiting for 5 to come around. Finally it arrived and I forced myself to wait 15 minutes so I wouldn't seem so desperate. The very second the clock turned to 5:15 I dialed the number.

At the sound of the first ring I realized I didn't even know what I was going to say. I hung up quickly and waited to see if he was going to call back. I just sat there staring at my phone hoping it wouldn't ring and that the call didn't go all the way through.

After a few minutes I remembered that I needed to think of what I was going to say. Just say hello, it's Krissy from the restaurant earlier. I thought to myself.

I summoned the courage to dial again and listened to the rings, the ringing stopped,... it was a recorded message saying "Welcome to the looser line, someone decided you were too big of a looser to get their real number. LOOSER!"

My immediate reaction was a laugh, it was pretty funny after all. Then when the laughing stopped I felt deflated and disappointed. He was just flirting with me to get a tip and I dove in head first without seeing how deep the water was.

Jennifer of course was texting me the whole time, asking if he had sent a dick pic yet, and when did she need to pic me up to take me to get laid. I really wanted to tell her about the looser line but I didn't have the energy for that conversation with her and in part I didn't want to seem so pitiful. So I told her he was religious, the no sex before marriage type, and she told me not to call him back.

I laid face down in my bed crying. Why couldn't he have just wanted me for real? What was wrong with me? The thoughts echoed as the tears dampened my pillow.

I knew one thing for sure, I hated the way I was feeling and wanted very much to feel like I had for the last few days. I wish I had never asked Mike for his number, everything was great before I did that.

I sat up in my bed determined to get that feeling back. Wiping my tears away I got up and walked to my dad's room, I don't know why, it just seemed comforting. I sat on his bed and looked around the room sniffling from the tears. As I reached for a tissue from his night stand I laughed when I remembered finding the tissues on his floor the day I cleaned his room.

As I thought about it and laughed I laid back in his bed. The thoughts of humor turned to flashes of his bulge and images of his eyes staring at my body. I sat up again and looked at the tissue box wondering if that one time was the only time he had been so turned on by my body that he couldn't help but jack off thinking of me.

Were there other times? I thought to myself.

I could feel myself wanting to find something that told me it hadn't been the only time. What about the night when he examined my ass and his hands were touching my body? He was so hard that night that his basketball shorts couldn't even contain his bulge.

I began to relive the night in my head, wishing I hadn't ended the situation so I could see how far his desire for me would push him. Then I flashed on the image of him standing at the bottom of the stairs hiding his bulge with my clothes. My panties, where were the panties he took to launder? I hadn't seen them since.

I quickly searched the house in all the places they could have been, my room, the laundry room, the dirty clothes... they were nowhere to be found. I got excited at the thought of him keeping them to get himself off on the scent of my dirty panties.

I went back to his room and lifted his mattress, that's where Jennifer keeps her vibrator and a picture of Ryan Gosling. My heart skipped a beat when I saw my panties flattened between his mattress and box spring. My heart pounded inside my chest at the thought of him using my panties to get off.

After staring at them for a while in some twisted form of celebration I plopped the mattress back down and sat back on his bed. I felt alive and valid again. I realized that I liked the feeling I got when I thought of my dad ogling me and touching himself while thinking of my body. I decided to give him more opportunities to see my body.

I went straight to my room and looked through my clothes to find my most revealing outfits. I didn't have very many choices, my dad had always insisted on shopping with me and constantly vetoed anything tight or low cut. Then I remembered the bikini we had bought last year when we went to the beach and I forgot my one piece suit at home. My dad didn't want me to get it but that was the only option available.

I had grown some since the last time I wore it but it should still fit. I put it on and stood in front of my mirror. Oh yes this will work just fine, I thought as I admired the way it struggled to cover my boobs. The bottom was clearly too small for me and barely covered the pink flesh of my lady parts. Turning around I was surprised at how much less of my ass it covered since the last time I wore it. It wasn't a thong but my cheeks were barely covered at all.

My dad was due to be home in about an hour. I quickly made sure all my chores were done so I could be laying out in the backyard in my bikini when he got home. It was risky because he told me to throw it away after the trip to the beach but I figured the worst thing that could happen is that he would make me throw it away or spank me again. Either way it was worth it.

I laid out a towel, set a book beside it and laid down pretty much straight in front of the sliding glass door. When he came home and walked by the door he would have a clear view of my ass and between my thighs. I set my mirrored sun glasses on the ground in front of me and positioned them so I could see the door behind me.

Lying in the sun my conscious started to question my actions. What was I doing thinking it was a good idea to create situations for my dad to look at my body sexually? Then I told myself that it was harmless and he already did it anyway. It is not like I was trying to have sex with him and I wasn't getting off on it. Besides, it was kind of a win -win situation, I got to feel desired and he got to get off. To appease my conscious further I decided that I wouldn't make a habit out of it and I wouldn't do anything that a typical girl wouldn't do at home in front of her dad.

I heard the sound of my dad's truck pulling in the driveway and my heart started to race. I checked the glasses, spread my legs and pulled my bikini bottom up between my cheeks. My dad's silhouette appeared in the glasses as he walked into the kitchen and I knew he could see me through the sliding glass door directly in front of him. He walked to the door that was only a few feet behind me and I could see his face clearly. His arm reached for the handle to open the door but he stopped. He stood there admiring my ass with a surprised look on his face.

His hand that was reaching for the door dropped to his crotch and started massaging the developing bulge in his jeans. I was fascinated by what was taking place behind me. It was so invigorating to watch how he responded to the sight of my spread legs.

I reached back and pretended to scratch an itch on my ass cheek and slyly pulled my bottom into my ass further. He froze for a second like he thought I might turn around but when I went back to laying still his hand began to massage himself faster. His bulge was huge now and I could tell he was completely hard.

Then he did something that I had never expected or planned for, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. I could not believe I was seeing his entire hard on only feet away, even in the tiny image of the glasses he was huge. When he wrapped his fingers around it his thumb and index finger were nearly two inches apart. At first he stroked it slowly as his eyes were locked onto my body, then he started stroking faster and faster. I wanted to give him a better view so I reached under my stomach and raised my ass in the air like I needed to adjust the front of my bikini bottom. As I raised my ass he stroked furiously and suddenly I saw his thick white sperm splatter against the glass and run down. There was so much that by the time he'd stopped stroking it had dripped down the glass all the way to the bottom of the door.

It felt amazing to know that he found me so attractive he would risk getting caught and do something so naughty just to get off while looking at me.

I thought he would be scrambling to clean his mess off the glass but he just stood there looking at me with his hand still wrapped around his dick. I decided it would be fun to scare him and pulled my legs up underneath me so I would be kneeling with my back towards him. After a second I picked up the glasses so I could get a look at what was going on. He was frantically wiping the glass trying to get rid of the evidence. The panicked expression on his face was hilarious.

He was almost done so I stood up slowly, grabbed my towel and book then turned around. He and his mess were gone.

I slid the door open and he was standing at the counter as I stepped in the door.

"Hi daddy, I didn't know you were home. I guess I lost track of time out there."

"Hi princess, I see that you didn't throw that suit away like you were supposed to." He said as he clearly eyed my boobs that were spilling out of my top.

"Yeah I'm sorry, I just wanted to keep it so I could tan in it. Are you mad?"

"No I am not but you shouldn't wear that anywhere but home because it looks kind of small on you. But I don't care if you just want to wear it around the house... to tan."

"Ok thanks daddy, I'm going to go take a shower before dinner." I walked past him as he kept his crotch pressed tightly against the counter awkwardly. I think the site of my boobs in the tiny bikini made him hard again and he was trying to hide it.

In the shower every time I closed my eyes I saw him stroking himself, I caught myself keeping my eyes closed multiple times and had to force them open. I told myself that my purpose for doing this was to regain that feeling but I couldn't stop thinking about his hand wrapped around his dick. Slowly I began to give in to my thoughts and allowed myself to close my eyes and picture it. When I realized that my hands wanted to reach down between my legs and pleasure myself I stopped and forced myself to stop picturing that image.

After dinner that night I went to my room and I was haunted by the fact that I almost pleasured myself to the image of my dad jacking off. I was torn between my conscious telling me it was wrong and my body telling me it was right. Then I remembered Jennifer's advice and opened my lap top. I did just as she had instructed and soon I was looking at a page full of daddy daughter stories and confessions.

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