tagSci-Fi & FantasyDark Acolyte Ch. 02

Dark Acolyte Ch. 02


Zerafina stared down at the pages of the spell, running her tongue slowly over her lips. She knew the spell would summon the Demon Lord Nyyphas, a demon that her former master, a now deceased warlock thanks to an overly-righteous baron, had frequently bargained with for forbidden knowledge. The problem facing Zerafina, however, was that her master had bartered with the sweet supple flesh of slaves. She did not have nearly the funds required to purchase a slave to sacrifice to the demon's lust, and she didn't want to attract unwanted attention by trying to kidnap someone.

Sighing and rubbing her eyes, she looked around the small room she had rented. Having deciphered the scroll, she had approached the keeper of the Gelded Gryphon, the inn she had stopped at for the night. The barkeep, bald and portly, had probably hoped that she was looking for a job, or was willing to be his bedwarmer in exchange for room and board. Zerafina had parted with one of her few silver coins for the room much to his dismay. Her impish familiar Tidget was already curled up on the bed, but Zerafina still found herself, eyes straining, puzzling out the requirements of the ritual.

The room was warm at least, and the closed door muted the sounds of the common room below. Zerafina had cast a minor spell, reinforcing the door, insuring that no one would be able to intrude and take advantage of her. As she studied the spell, she noticed that the symbols and runes on the page began to waver and swim. A sense of immediacy overtook her, a compulsion to write down the symbols before they became a meaningless blur. Her master had often stressed to her the importance of concentration of making sure that her mind remained in the necessary state to cast spells. Unfortunately for Zerafina, academia hardly acted as an aphrodisiac and it seemed there needed to be a certain state of sexual arousal for her to make sense of the spell.

She had her own book open, the one that her former master had encouraged her to use for her own research, and he had a quill and bottle of ink. Quickly, by the light of the candle, she sketched the symbols into the book. As she moved the quill faster and faster, she felt a tingling that started in her hand, traveled up to her arm, and descended down between her breasts to her pussy in an unmistakable sense of arousal. She felt suddenly dizzy, as if the world was rushing up to meet her, but she was kept from falling out of the chair by a strong hands, Zerafina jerked suddenly, trying to free herself from the unexpected embrace, but the hands held her tight keeping her on the chair. She looked down to see that the appendages emerged straight from the floor, the limbs scaled and ending in six-clawed talons that dug uncomfortably into her soft skin through her thin, low-cut dress. There were four of the limbs, each grabbing a leg or arm.

Zerafina felt a scream catch in her throat when out of the candle-formed shadows of the room a broad-shouldered figure appeared. His smooth, hairless skin was the color of marble, and his erection stood rampant in front of him. His eyes were slit like a cats, reflecting green in the dim light, and a thin, long barbed tail whipped behind him.

"Art thou the one so foolish as to call me?" The demon's voice was like silk on steel and Zerafina could feel her own unnatural lust grow. She nodded, helpless in the grasp of the claws that her.

The demon glanced down at the two tomes on the table between them, then his eyes flicked back to Zerafina, his long tongue lolling from his mouth. "How didst thou come by that book, slut?" the demon queried, his voice unnervingly calm.

"It was my master's," Zerafina gasped as one of the claws slid up her leg, one of the talons pressing gently on her pussy through her robe. Her entire being was on the edge of an orgasm that refused to crest, and she could not tear her eyes away from the demon's cock. "The Baron of Gorendale killed him so I took it and fled."

The demon made a tsking sound. "And didst not thine master caution thee of the consequences if thou didst conjure me without use of the proper sacrifice?" The demon picked up and moved to the side the table that Zerafina had been using. He ran the back of a clawed finger across Zerafina's cheek. She moaned in ecstasy, the touch enflaming her every nerve.

"I... I did not conjure you," she moaned, twisting in the grip of the taloned hands. The claw between her leg rubbed slightly faster against her pussy, and she could feel her pussy dripping.

"Didst thou not?" the demon asked with a laugh. He held up Zerafina's book, flipping to where she had copied the symbols and runes of the ritual. "There is more than one way to call a demon, and my kind hears more than just what you utter aloud." He hooked his talons into the front of her robes and pulled down, his claws parting the fabric and exposing her full breasts and taut stomach. He reached down and cupped her breast, his rough thumb playing over her nipple. "Thine old master served me well, though I wonder why he didst keep thee from me. All is not lost, though. Wouldst thou serve me Zerafina?"

"Yes!" Zerfaina gasped. The demon's touch was like fire, a pleasure so intense as to be torture.

"Serve me and I will give you my dark blessing. Serve me well, and you will ascend in power like no other."

Zerafina twisted against the grip of the taloned hands, desperate to touch herself and find release if the demon wouldn't give it to her. The claw between her legs was now rubbing her bare pussy, a talon sliding slowly back and forth between the lips of her pussy. The other talons still held her tight, and she may as well have tried to escape iron bonds.

The demon's tail lashed out, wrapping around Zerafina's throat. It pulled her head forward and down, the demon's cock brushing against her chin, her lips.

"Worship me, Zerafina, and I will give to thee the means to power." The demon pulled Zerfaina's long black hair back as he pulled her down further. The head of his cock pushed past her lips and Zerafina opened her mouth wide to accept its girth. She closed her eyes, trying to relax, her tongue running along the underside of the demon's cock. Her eyes snapped open as the demon pushed deeper yet, the head of his cock pressing to the back of her throat. She tried to pull away, but the demon's tail prevented her from moving her head, and the claws held her body still. The talon in her pussy probed deeper, and she could feel it curling inside of her body. She felt her pussy clench around the digit, trying to pull it deeper inside.

"Thou art a sweet slave," the demon purred, the base of his cock resting against Zerafina chin, the head of his cock pushing into her throat. She worked her tongue against the cock invading her mouth as the demon pinched and twisted her nipple.

Zerafina felt the clawed talon probing her withdraw slightly, only to be replaced by two of the digits. She moaned louder, both in pleasure and in surprise that it didn't hurt more than it did. She breathed shallowly through her nose, sucking hard on the demon's hot cock. The demon, for its part, started to thrust its hips back and forward, fucking Zerafina's face. She felt her throat tighten around the demon's thick head.

Suddenly the demon pulled back, the head of his cock leaving Zerafina's mouth with an audible pop, leaving her gasping for air. Out of the corner of her eye, Zerafina saw Tidget pick his head up off the bed and grin at her. Her impish familiar twisted himself around to watch, his small fist wrapped around his own diminutive, but erect dick. The demon's tail unwrapped itself from her neck, and the demon lord let go of her long hair.

The talon in her pussy pulled out, leaving Zerafina to gasp with want. Despite the talon's ministrations, she had yet to achieve her own orgasm.

"Wilt thou worship me?" the demon lord asked, the smile on his face revealing his neatly pointed teeth.

"Yes!" Zerafina gasped.

The talon's grabbed her, lifting her from the chair and into the air. The demon kicked the chair out of the way as the taloned limbs held her up horizontally, her pussy on a level with the demon's spit slick cock. The demon palmed her breasts, squeezing them as he pushed his dick forward, pushing deep into Zerafina's wet waiting pussy in one go.

"Fuck! Fuck me!" the sorceress cried. She tried to move her body to meet the thrusts of the demon, but the claws held her fast. "Fuck your slut!" she moaned, as the demon drove his cock into her. He pulled out slowly, nearly exiting her, before driving all the way back in. He shifted his grip from her breasts to her hips, pushing himself deeper as he ground his cock into her.

The demon grinned as Zerfaina's head thrashed back and forth, and he only grinned wider as her eyes shot open as he positioned his tail at the entrance of her ass.

"What-?" she began to ask, but that quickly turned into a high keening moan as the demon pushed his tail up her ass, twisting it as it entered. He didn't stop fucking her pussy, and Zerafina's eyes rolled up as both holes were penetrated and used. The demon's tongue lolled out of his mouth as he watched Zerafina's full breasts bounce and jiggle as he fucked her, pumping his cock and tail harder and deeper into her.

Just as suddenly as he had begun the assault, the demon relented, pulling out of her.

"Now," she moaned. "More!" she cried.

The talons holding her twisted her around so that she was facing away from the demon, her well-rounded ass up in the air, an offering to the demon lord. She cried out as his cock, much thicker if shorter than his tail, pushed against her asshole. She felt the resistance, felt her asshole stretching to accommodate the demon's thick cock. She cried out in pleasure and in pain as he forced it into her, his large clawed hands sliding under her to cup and squeeze her breasts as he fucked her ass.

Zerafina's long hair fell in front of her face as she was pounded, and she moaned loud and long as she felt her orgasm building. "Fuck me, master!" she screamed, as the demon buried his cock deep inside of her. She could feel the demon explode inside of her ass, the sensation sending her over the edge as well. She caught Tidget out of the corner of her eye, the diminutive imp spurting his own seed over the blanket on the bed. She felt the demon pull out of her, felt the cum from his dick dripping down her ass and leg.

"You will serve me well indeed," the demon replied as he faded back into the shadows. The talons that had been holding her released her, dropping her onto the floor. Tidget's eyes gleamed brightly as he leered at his mistress, the magical compulsions that bound him the only thing that prevented him from taking his turn with her. She clawed her way up onto the bed, pushing Tidget away before falling thankfully asleep. She would need her rest in the days to come.

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