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Dark Angel: Heat Wave


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the series that this fanfic is adapted from, nor do I make any money off the writing of it. As before, note please that if you are unfamiliar with the Dark Angel series you will not be able to follow the story.


My apologies to those of you who sent mail for me to continue writing, had to get more ideas flowing, hopefully I can keep going. For now, on with the show.


The warm rays of the morning sun shone through the broken window onto the naked form of the sleeping woman. She stirred from her slumber a tad disorientated. She looked around trying to find herself.

This was not her apartment!

Max felt the hairy leg brush against her thigh, her eyes immediately shooting open. She looked next to her at the snoring man, then around the room, at the evidence of the night of carnal lust that had occurred, her own clothes lying, flung all over the room. On the chair on the far side of the room was a fireman's coat. Ralph; that was the guy's name, and with the name came the memories of how she ended up here.


He had her go down to sector 9 to deal with some Albanian thugs who were running under age European girls as prostitutes into the country. Somehow, despite her 'condition', Max had managed to bring them all down without any hiccups, but one of them managed to get a gunshot off near a broken gas pipe. Max had used her unique abilities to escape the building. The fire team arrived along with Ralph...

Even with his helmet on Max was drawn to his ruggedly handsome features, she couldn't stop herself...

And now here she was, naked in the bed of a stranger she had fucked.

"Fucking heat", Max swore.

She slipped out of the bed, gathered her things and left before Ralph could wake with ideas of a morning quickie.


Max dunked her head under the streaming water of a cold shower an hour later. She was back home, and could already feel herself slipping into the unyielding need to be with a man.

Heat! One of the side effects of the genetic cocktail that had made her a super soldier. Three times a year she was on the prowl with a need to mate.

"24 hours Max, just another 24 hours and you're you again", she told herself. She sighed. Even with the ice cold water cascading her toned body she was still burning up something terrible. Having sex with Ralph had scratched the itch but she knew it wouldn't last; her body would soon be consumed by an insatiable lust.

Max turned off the shower, put her clothes over her soaking body, marched into the living room and dropped to the floor in rapid push ups, trying to keep her mind off sex.

"MAX!" the voice shouted for the third time.

"Huh-what?" Max stopped looking up at Kendra, she hadn't even heard her roommate speak to her.

"Coffee, do you want?" Kendra asked again.

"No-thanks", Max replied continuing the work out.

"What's with you?" you sweating like a hooker in church, and you didn't come home last night. You hooked up with that fireman at Crash..."

"You didn't?" Kendra raised a mischievous, yet surprised eyebrow.

Max didn't answer.

"God, you slut."

"Hey", Max snapped, but quickly backed down, "if a girl has an itch, she's gotta scratch, kay."

"Right, whatever", Kendra said, taking her coffee and heading to her room.


The door shot open under the powerful kick.

"SEATTLE SECTOR POLICE!" yelled Walter, walking in uninvited.

He stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes fell on Max standing there all wet and sweaty. Her thin vest stretched over her ample chest, showing off her hard nipples through the fabric. Her long smooth legs glistening, Walter even thought he could see dampness on the material of her black lace panties, between her legs.

Max immediately became flustered with Walter's eyes roving over her body, she couldn't help it, all it took was the presence of a male to drive her hormones wild.

Walter swallowed; it was like Max's body was emitting some kind of sexual aura.

Max's smile was automatic, her eyes filled with hunger.

"Hey Walter", she greeted, finding herself swaying toward him.

"M-Max", he grunted, not sure what was with her this morning. Max's hormones were kicking into overdrive causing her libido to dictate every sensual action. Her mind already going through all the delicious things Walter could do to her.

Her smile widened into a grin.

"H-here fer r-rent", Walter stammered as Max walked into his personal space, her breasts lightly brushing against his chest. She was looking at him like a sex starved pornstar, at least that's what he thought, but he had to be imagining it, either way his cock was rock hard, straining against the confines of his trousers.

The buzz of her pager on the table snapped Max out of her sex-addled stupor just as she was about to jump Walter.

'There is a God', she thought to herself, stepping back away from Walter who puffed out the breath he had held. Red faced, he dashed out of the apartment.

Kendra walked out the back carrying a shoebox filled with cash; she stopped seeing Max standing alone in the room, "I thought I heard Walter?"

"W-what?" Max shot up at her.

"Seriously, what is with you, it's like you all zoned out?"

Max ignored Kendra's question and went to check her pager; Logan, he wanted her to call him.


"Do not attempt to adjust your set; this is a Streaming Freedom Video..."

Max walked into Jam Pony as the Eyes Only bulletin hacked the normal TV feed...

"The cable hack will last exactly 60 seconds..."

She looked up at the TV, her heat causing her to almost loose herself in Logan's dreamy eyes (at least more than usual), as he reported as his alias, Eyes Only...

"It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped, and it is the only free voice left in this city..."

"Last night five men died in an explosion on the lower east side of sector 9, they worked for the Russian mob, who bring in an estimate of 100 000 foreign underage woman into the country a year. Most smuggled into Seattle are helped brought in by sector cops on the take, paid by police Chief Donald Hady..."

The pictures of the men Logan spoke about flashed across the screen.

"Most of the activity goes down in China Town where the girls are handed to mob boss Sergei Petrovic who heads a prostitution ring out of his club, Vodka. Petrovic is protected by Chief Hady who makes sure any evidence against him disappears, while innocent teenagers are bounced around the country to be sex slaves..."

"Under the protection of the Eyes Only Informant Net, operations are under way to see that this kind of inhuman defilers cannot get away, and the syndicate itself, brought down..."

"This has been a Streaming Freedom Video via the Eyes Only Informant Net."

Static flashed on the TV before the normal programme resumed, Max stood watching for a while before heading to a phone.

"Le'me guess", Max said, as Logan picked up on the other end of the line, "The errand you had me running for you last night ain't over yet?"


Max looked at her reflection in the mirror as she flattened her hair; "Mhmmm, hot as hell, sweaty and horny, and", she bent over running out the creases of the red dress she wore then bent over to fix the fish net stockings, "you're going out to play hero for Logan..."

"What the hell are you thinking?"

She checked the black eye liner she had on as well as the red lipstick then took one last look at the entire ensemble before heading out of the bathroom.

It definitely had the needed effect.

"In heat and going undercover as a call girl, really smart Max."


"Max? You sure you okay?" Logan asked again.

"I'm fine!" Max said, she was really irritable; it took everything she had to keep from jumping Logan and riding him till she orgasmed so hard she cried. "I'm just, nervous I guess."

"Yeah, that's not surprising, still, you kinda distant, and you're burning up, you feeling okay?"

'Lets see, my estrocycle is back full blown so I have to keep my eyes off you in case I test whether that paralysis left your dick working. On top of all that you want me to go play whore in a club of horny men', she thought to herself...

"I'm fine."

"Alright", Logan said, "you know what you have to do?"

"I get into club Vodka posing as a hooker and find this Sergei Bytchkov, who is?"

"Bytchkov is the owner of club Vodka. His agreed to testify that Sergei Petrovic has been using his club to transport the girls and launder dirty money", Logan answered.

"Someone leaked the information so Petrovic..."

"Is gonna kill his boy", Max finished.

"Yes, tonight."

"And how did you find out about the leak?"

"I got taps on the clubs phone lines."

"So I go in and get Bytchkov out before he ends up at the bottom of the river."

"Right! Out, and to our safe house", Logan smiled.



Max looked at the bright neon sign, then looked at the line of men out side. Her body temperature was still high and she had to constantly fight to keep her mind off sex.

"Fuck it, let's just hope I can get this over with and keep my dignity", she said to herself.

Max strutted over the street then down the alley to where the 'working girls' entered. She wasn't in the employ of the club so she had to flaunt it, and it wasn't difficult to do with the tall dark, well-built bouncer that stood watching.

'Oh baby, Max thought, smile already forming as she grabbed her tits and squeezed them together through her red dress and sexily swaying her hips, 'you're just breaking my heart.'

The bouncer's eyes practically bulged out of his skull as he watched Max walk over, "e-hum, ma'am.. welcome to club Vodka."

'Enter the club Max, take your eyes off the man and enter the club', she said to herself determinedly, then sighed in relief as she managed to do just that.


Multi-coloured strobe lights flashed over the numerous half naked girls performing pole dances on the stages, dozens of men whistling and cheering and tossing money at them.

Max scanned the room for any sign for either Sergei Bytchkov or Sergei Petrovic.

"Damn, nothing."


Max turned to the sound of the familiar voice behind her.

"Eric?" Max was shocked to see him, it had been around a year ago, she had been in heat then too and dragged him to her place, but he fell asleep before anything happened, of course she didn't tell him that, letting him believe he had rocked her world.

"You are a fucking tease, Max!"

"What? What the hell are you talking about?" Max asked confused.

"I came by your place a few months ago 'cause I thought we could kick it again, and your roommate said you played me for a retard. That I didn't hit that ass."

Max was smiling again, it could have been Eric's stepping up and being all manly, but it was probably the heat, either way, she was in serious need of attention.

"You're right", I played you", she put her hand on his chest and pushed him into a near-by sofa, "Guess I owe you a bit more than an apology."

Max lift up the red mini and peeled her black panties over her curvy hips.

Eric gulped.

Max walked over to him and undid his belt then unzipped his jean. She snaked her hand in and gripped his manhood, "Jeezuz FuckMax!" he groaned.

Max yanked out his cock, her aroused state letting her savour every twitch and pulse as it swelled in her hand as she stroked it.

Eric laid his head back as he became rock hard then swallowed as Max sank into his lap.

Max bit her lip; all resolve flying out the window as she felt Eric's circumcised head brush against her soft pussy lips.

"Ffffck, you're so wet."

"Quiet, just relax", Max whispered then pushed down and squeaked as his cock slipped into her vagina. She pushed down more, his cock stretching her open, her pussy gripping around him as she sank slowly down his length.

"Sssoo.. tight..." Eric gritted, not believing how incredible she felt inside.

"God", Max moaned as she started thrusting her hips up and down, slowly riding half his cock.

Eric gripped her waist then her ass and squeezed its soft firm flesh as he helped Max move.

Max placed her hands on his shoulders and started moving faster, grinding her body against his, her mind completely focused on the hard cock inside her. She rode faster inviting him deeper into her pussy her ass soon tapping against his balls letting her know he was snuggly inside her.

She took him all the way in then circled her waist making him groan out. Max smiled, her breathing picking up, and then started fucking him faster, her cunt slipping up and down his cock rapidly.

The pleasure increased, she bit her lip riding him hard and fast, her clit throbbing...


Max froze, then turned to look at the bouncer.

"There are rooms at the back for this."

"Oh I'm sorry..."

"Mr Petrovic saw you on the cameras, he wants to see you."

Max cursed the fact that she couldn't finish up with Eric, then winced as she felt him freeze for a moment beneath her before gushing a bucket load of cum inside her.

Max smiled as she looked down at him reviling in the sheer feeling of cuming inside her.

"Ma'am. Now!" she heard the bouncer say.

She winced again as she got off Eric's deflating cock, and then quickly fixed her dress, "Shall we?" she smiled.

"See to it that you get the money from this guy", the bouncer said to the other.


Max's eyes immediately fell on Sergei Petrovic as she entered the office overlooking the club. His hair was black and fading on top, he had a thick moustache on his pudgy face, but it was his eyes that were dark and intimidating. Next to him sitting on the desk was a far younger man, bald with strong Russian features, a scar just under his left eye. Max recognised him from Logan's files, Mikhail the "Bulldog"; he had no recorded last name.

The Bulldog was Petrovic's bodyguard, the nickname given to him because of the tattoo of a bulldog on the back of his head. He had a long list of felonies, including murder, rape, assault, and arson.

On the sofa on the side, snorting coke, was a forty-something year old Russian with fading brown hair and a face strained and weary from prolonged stress; Sergei Bytchkov.

All three men in the same room Max thought, maybe this wouldn't be so hard.

"Sergei tells me he does not recognise you", Petrovic said to her.

"You got me", Max smiled, "I came here for a job, the little show I did with the guy outside was my audition."

"You wanna work here you make appointment, not fuck customers in view of all", Bytchkov spat, his nose that was red from snorting, ran slightly, "I run a respectable business!"

Max tried to hide her disgust.

"Sergei relax. A pretty girl like this will bring in plenty of money, besides, she's eager to do job."

Max smiled at Petrovic, "I heard a girl can make lots of cash working here, so I thought maybe I could show that I really want in."

Petrovic called Mikhail over to him and whispered something in his ear.

Mikhail grinned and looked over at Max, his eyes running over her curves.

"Bend over table", he ordered loosening his belt.

Max felt herself get excited at the prospect of getting fucked; silently hoping the two Sergei's would join in...

'No Max, you got a job to do', she tried to berate herself.

It was little use, without realising it she had moved to the desk and bent over it, running her dress up her waist and exposing herself to the men. They stood there gawking at Max's silky, glistening little slit, her brown lips already parted and ready.

Mikhail pulled his cock out watching Max as she looked back at him seductively licking her lips. He moved behind her lining his cock up with her pussy. Max raised her right leg and sprawled it over the desk barely able to contain the need to be fucked.

"Yesss", she purred as Mikhail pushed his generous member into her, stretching her open and slipping deep into her. His balls pressed against her clit, he held there, groaning, taken back by how wet and tight she was.

Max craned her neck o look at him, "fuck me now, I need it", she moaned.

Mikhail was lost in those soulful eyes; this was the most beautiful American woman he ever saw. She moaned as he pulled out of her till only his knob was dipped in between her lips, then yelped as he drove in again. He did it again, and again, Max following his motion perfectly, her pussy gripping round his dick.

His cock got wetter with each thrust, his pelvis making her perfect ass ripple each time he pumped into her. Petrovic and Bytchkov were watching uncomfortably as the two fucked up against the desk. Max grit her teeth, it was so good, he was so hard, his cock throbbing so deliciously inside her, if he kept this up she was going to cum, she wanted to cum.

"Oh, oh, oh", she moaned as he thrust his long, thick cock in and out of her cunt, her juices starting to run down her inner-thigh. She ran her pussy back against him, slid it over his cock to increase the feeling...

The feeling, in her heat it was all that mattered, the need to be fucked, wanting him to go on for ever, but it wasn't enough to get her off, she needed more.

Max slid forward, his cock slipping out of her body; quickly she spun around, pulled him and pinned him on the table, her agility easily allowing her to straddle him. Mikhail couldn't believe how quickly she got him on the...

"Ffffuck", he swore losing his thought when she gripped his cock and impaled her slender frame on it.

Max bent over him and rapidly trust her hips up and down, her ass taping against his balls in a blur. Her eyes fluttered as she approached her climax. She ran her fingers down to her clit and began to rub it feverishly while circling her waist, the pulses of his cock feeding her desire.

"Yummy, so good baby", she slowly slid her pussy up and down his length as her pussy started to tighten then held still as the shivers ran up her spine then down her pussy cavitation's, her toes curled and her eyes drove to the back of her head as she froze in a moment of intense sexual bliss. Then all at once she came crashing down her body convulsing in spasms as her pussy gripped and milked the hot spunk being ejaculated into her body.

Max awkwardly thrust her hips up and down until Mikhail finished cumming, then opened her eyes and smiled.

"That was incredible."

Mikhail smiled before his eyes shot open as he saw Max's fist flying in and his world darkened.

Petrovic had little time to respond as in a blur of motion the girl moved toward him. Max flipped over the desk then spun around driving her foot through Petrovic's face, the chair he sat on rolling against the wall before tipping letting him topple onto the floor in an unconscious heap.

Max turned to look at Bytchkov. He was cowering behind the coffee table.

"Hey, here's the dealio Serg, your boss found out you were gonna rat him out and he was gonna put a cap in your ass."

"Who the fuck are you?"

"A mutual friend sent me to rescue you", Max said heading to the safe. She put her ear to it and listened for the crisp 'click' of the bolt opening, then opened it and began emptying the cash into a packet.

"You're robbing me?"

"Hey, a girl's gotta get paid, now let's get out of here before these two goons come too."


Donald Hady picked his phone, "I told you not to call me..."


"If I'm fucking compromised..."

"Bytchkov knows everything! You better find him, I'll send out a few of my men..."



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