tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 02

Dark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 02


My apologies for the long absence, wish I could promise I'd be updating regularly but I've been having tons of internet problem. Hopefully this story will make up for it.-INYOTEF ;)


Even though the momentary satisfaction had provided some relief, the yearning was still very much present, and hooking her arm in Bytchkov's with his hand on her lower back was only causing the desire to build all the more rapidly. Max bit her lip as the two of them moved through the club trying to behave like the tart she was pretending to be...

The idea was that she would act as if she were escorting Bytchkov home for the evening, and considering that this was his strip club, that shouldn't be too hard she thought, but then again...

"Mr. Bytchkov", Max recognised the approaching man as the bouncer from the employee entrance.

"I'm on my way out Tyrese", Bytchkov replied.

"Mr. Petrovic and Mikhail are lying out cold in your office!"


Max smiled to herself, Bytchkov was quite the actor. Still she didn't have time for this, her body was hot, and being in a strip club while in heat was stupid enough! She didn't think, she just acted, she drove her palm into Tyrese's nose taking the 220 pound man out with a single blow, his nose gushing blood as he fell to the ground.

Bytchkov's eyes bulged, then came the scream of a nearby stripper.

"Fuck", Max muttered as she picked up three more bouncers moving in to investigate the commotion. She grabbed Bytchkov by the arm and pulled him through the crowd.


The gunshots caused a panic of screams to ripple through the club. Max turned to see Mikhail standing with a smoking gun in the air on the upper floor...

"Clubs closed, everybody fucking out, NOW!"

Max moved faster heading toward the door before Mikhail could pick them out of the crowd.

"Yarrgh!" the bouncer at the door groaned as Max slammed her fist into his groin, and as he lurched forward she tossed him over her back. She pushed the door open and pulled Bytchkov along with her into the midnight air. Max scanned for the area where she left her bike...


Max looked to the screaming and car horn sounds, Eric was calling her over to an old rusted, busted up Toyota. Max smiled pulling Bytchkov toward the car, they got in and Eric sped off in a backfire of black exhaust smoke. Max looked back as Mikhail came out of the club with four goons still looking for her and sighed in relief.


"Shit Maxie, do you like, just attract trouble, I mean what the fuck?" Eric complained as he struggled with the sticky gear, still speeding down the street.

"You can slow down, they're not following us", Max said, ignoring the outburst, "Thanks, by the way."

"Who the hell is this", Bytchkov asked from the back seat, "it is man you were fucking in my club..."

"Who are you, you work for Eyes Only?" he yelled at Eric.

"Hey shut it!" Max yelled, not wanting Eyes Only mentioned around Eric, but it was too late.

"What? Eyes Only, shit Max, you're part of the Eyes, fucking, Only informant net!" Eric asked, shocked

"Who are you?" Bytchkov asked Eric.

"I'm her boyfriend dude."

"No, his not," Max snapped.

"Shit, it all makes sense, you jumping and swimming to Sedro island, the weird dude that called me, and now this shit in the club..."

"Eric, shut up!"

"Where are you taking me? If Petrovic or Hady finds me..."

"Yeah Max, where the fuck are we going, you put my life in danger?" Eric whined.

"I didn't put you in danger, you chose to yell out to us..."

There's a safe house in the sector, we're heading there," She finally replied.


The safe house was an old hotel that Eric pulled up along side. "Eric stay here," Max said opening the car door.

"What, are you kidding me?"

"You can look out for any trouble," Max smiled making Eric feel all brave.

She got out of the car feeling the droplets of rain, sighing as it provided some relief to her burning flesh. She and Bytchkov entered the hotel.

The clerk was a heavily tattooed guy in his twenties with piercings in his face, he looked up from the comic he was reading as the couple entered, his eyes immediately falling on the stunning young woman. Max leaned over the counter, hormones immediately responding to the hot stare the man was giving her, she flashed a seductive smile, "room 24."

"Eh,-eh-yeah, I got the call..."

He fumbled with the keys strewn across the counter for the one with the numbered tag he was looking for. Finding it he handed it to the smoulderingly beautiful woman, trying to feel her soft hand as he did. The simple touch was enough for Max to become aroused and she gulped.

She quickly took the key and turned away from the guy.


Bytchkov looked around at the cockroach infested room and sniggered. Max saw his reaction, "sorry, murder and prostitution pays a lot better than morality."

"Fuck you bitch, in my world it is kill or killed," he said sitting on the bed...

"Petrovic and Mikhail are monsters, they will not just kill me, they will kill my wife and my daughter in old country. But your Eyes Only gave me word that he would bring my family to America and find us new names, and new lives in New York..."

There was just a hint of a smile on Sergei Bytchkov's weary face, "I want to show my little Anya Statue of Liberty."

Max almost felt sorry for him, "Hey," Bytchkov looked up at her, "If Eyes Only makes a promise, he delivers, kay. You just worry about holding up your end, and I'll keep you alive."

"So, you gonna get down and dirty with me for now baby?" Bytchkov sniggered.

Even heat wasn't enough to get Max to ignore the disgust of a man who had just spoken of his family and baby girl trying to get in her pants, "Errgh," she sniggered in disgust pulling her face.

"I'll be in the room across the hall; you come in there and your life's not in danger, trust me, it will be!" with that Max left Bytchkov in his room.


Max sat crouching on the roof of the hotel looking down into the surrounding alleyways. She had changed into her usual skin tight black outfit and leather waistcoat. Not one who slept much, she had checked the perimeter three times in as many hours for any sings of danger. Dow below in the street was Eric's car, Eric himself, sprawled out and snoring on the back seat.

Max caught the movement out of the corner of her eye, her senses peeking, she heard the footsteps scurry down the alleyway. Her binocular and night vision allowed her to clearly see the two men padded with heavy body armour and assault riffles make their way to the hotel. She could tell by the way they moved that they were soldiers, probably mercenaries hired by Bytchkov or Hady.

She leapt off the roof, dropping down the five stories and landing silently behind the men. She then gripped the one mercs neck in a head lock clutching tightly in a sleeper hold; he struggled for a moment before he passed out. Max placed him on the ground and turned to his friend...

"Hey," she whispered at him.

The shocked merc turned around training his gun on her ready to squeeze the trigger, but Max moved in a blur disarming him and pointing his own riffle at him. The stunned soldier raised his hands behind his head in surrender.

"Take off your helmet," Max ordered.

He pulled the chin strap loose then pulled off the helmet he wore and tossed it aside, Max smiling looking at his pretty boy face and baby blue eyes.

"Now your clothes," she barked.

The soldier frowned as if he hadn't heard right.

"Now!" Max yelled.

The man quickly yanked off his armour and the proceeded to strip off his uniform, after which he stood before Max stark nude.

Max's smile broadened as her eyes drank in the soldiers chiselled Pecs, broad shoulders, and wash board abs, all the way down to his impressive dangling cock.

"On the bed," she said gesturing behind him.

The man turned and looked confused at the bed in the alley that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and then looked back at Max. She raised an eye brow waiting impatiently for him to do as he was told.

He went and lied down on his back then smiled as a now, naked Max crawled up on top of him, "this can't be real," he moaned.

"I hope you're as good as you look soldier," Max said gripping his cock and stroking it as she guided it toward her lush, wet slit, "'Cause I don't take disappointment lying down."

With that she looked up and shut her eyes as she sank down swallowing his hard, thick cock in her soft eager pussy. She reached down and gripped his strong shoulders as she ground her waist into his then thrust up and down, her cunt gripping hungrily around his shaft.

She through her head back the soft locks of her dark brown hair cascading over her contorting face as she bounced up and down, her firm round tits jiggling hypnotically with every sensual movement.

"fuckme soldier, c'mon fuckme, you're rendering a service," she teased as she bent over him and pushed her pelvis into his taking him deep inside her yearning body. She circled her waist whimpering as she felt her body burn up and her pussy drip its translucent juices all over his genitals. He gripped then spread her ass cheeks and she raised her rear pushing it into his strong hands, his cock slipping slightly out of her.

Max's face scrunched up as he started rapidly thrusting up into her, her convulsing pussy burning as his cock rammed in and out of her. She spread her legs further unable to breathe as she was taken, the man wrapping her arm around her back to hold her in place as he scoured her pink interior. Her mouth open, body burning she mumbled as her orgasm started to build up. She gripped the bed sheets then shoved her hips down into him filling herself completely with his throbbing dick inviting the pleasurable release...

Max moaned, shooting up, her eyes fluttering opened as she looked up at the ceiling in her hotel room.

Her heart was racing her body clammy and her breathing heavy. She fell back on the bed pulling the pillow over her head and screaming out in the frustration of another heat induced wet dream. And from the feeling of her soaked panties it was a really wet dream. She got up and headed to the bathroom.

Lying in a bath that was stained yellow was not what Max wanted to do, but her body was so hot again she had to do something. Lying in the cold water, she ran her hands over her breasts, they were swollen and her nipples felt hard like little pebbles. Her hand slid over her flat pierced tummy down to he slit, she shivered as her fingers barely skimmed over the soft velvet folds of her pussy lips. Finding her entrance she took in a shaky breath snapping her legs tightly closed around her hand as she pushed two fingers inside herself curling them up against her sensitive inner-walls.

"My god Max, you really are horny."

Max shot up sitting in the bath shocked at the sound of the voice. She found herself looking up at Eric standing in the bathrooms doorway his hand down his jean shuffling around, "euh-sorry, the door was open, both the doors."

The shock of being caught getting herself off quickly vanished, replaced by the heat fuelled need to be fucked. Max stood up facing Eric, letting him see her in all her nude glory.

His eyes widened, his hand shuffling faster, as his eyes roamed over her incredibly toned body. Her flawless face, her plump and ample breasts, her erect protruding light brown nipples, her firm flat tummy and pierced navel, her tender little tight pussy with the small stripe of pubic hair above her clit, all the way down her long shapely legs and cute dainty toes shimmering in the water.

Eric cringed, going cross-eyed, he clutched the door hard and groaned snapping his eyes shut.

A confused frown crossed Max's face, and then she looked down at Eric's jean as wet patches stained the front.

"You have got to be kidding me!"

Eric had jizzed his pants at the mere sight of her naked.

But Max was desperate, and knowing she had that effect on a man only made her hornier. She jumped out the bath and pulled down Eric's pants grabbing his cum-stained deflating cock, licking then sucking it, trying to get him hard again.

"MUTHA SHIT.. Max!" Eric groaned feeling Max's warm mouth working over his sensitive cock, "Max, h-hld.. ohfck, Max! Max?" Eric tried to get her off him placing his hands on her head, but she had strength like he couldn't believe. With a loud thump he toppled backward onto the floor.

Max ripped her lips from his limp cock some of his cum trailing from his cock head to her lip. Eric looked up at that sexy pout of hers, she was goddamn gorgeous. A smile flashed across Max's face as she felt his cock starting to swell again in her hand. She started stroking it slowly.

Max crawled over him once he had grown fully erect, "you know Eric, I'm glad you came pre-maturely, now you can fuck me long and hard. With that she lifted his shirt and started sucking on his nipples and gnawing her teeth over him her top lip rubbing over his chest. Max hand found her clit and she started rubbing and stroking it. She hissed as she felt Eric's hand cover hers the laughed sexily as his finger prodded at her entrance.

She lifted her head up at him smiling, the brown locks of her curly hair cascading her angelic face. She eased her waist back feeling his finger slip into her slit, then started sliding her pussy over his finger still slowly exciting her engorged clitoris, while nipping and biting softly at his neck.

Eric moved his finger inside Max's hot pussy curling and circling it watching her face and mouth as she made some of the most erotic noises he ever heard. As Max slid her slick slit up he inserted a second finger into her body then used his thumb to push her finger harder against her clit. Max swallowed a moan as her knees weakened slightly, pushing her free hand against the wooden floor to keep from falling, she was so close.

She lifted her waist forward, Eric's fingers sliding out of her vagina. She took his hand from between her legs and licked her excretions off, one finger then the other, Eric moaning hoarsely.

"You wanna fuck me Eric, fuck me like we did in the club?" she gripped his cock and rubbed it over her pussy lips, the cum of his earlier ejaculation smearing all over her soft fleshy folds, "tell me you wanna fuck me Eric!"

Eric could barely take it, usually if he had came once he could go for a while before blowing again, but the mere thought made his eyes snap shut as he shot a wad of cum against her pussy, his cock aching as it throbbed in her hand. Max was too much, cum oozed out his pee-hole coating over her wet lips mingling with her own juices and the globs of his messy sperm. Max cooed as she felt it, "Yeah, you really wanna fuck me Eric, I can tell, you just can't wait..."

"Don't worry bout that", Max purred pushing down allowing an inch of his cock to stretch her tight little slit open as it pushed inside her eager pussy, her lips curling up, "I can't wait either." Another inch pushed into her and she pulled her hand from between her legs and placed both of them firmly on Eric's chest, her knees scraping across the wooden floor as more of his hard cock filled her, her tight pussy bulging around it.

The stickiness of his cum smeared around their genitals as Max was filled with more cock, the milky mess mingling into his thick pubic hair. Max's neck muscles strained as she stretched her body out looking up at the ceiling as she slid further and further down Eric's hardness till his hairy balls cushioned against her ass. She felt his lips graze her right nipple before he sucked on as much of her tit as he could get in his mouth.

She started rotating her waist as she thrust up and down quickly starting to bounce on his cock feeling him pulse inside her. Her pussy gripped around his cock as she slid it up and down his length faster and faster working her body to a much needed orgasm...


The three imposing men stood on the bridge watching as a silver Cressida approached. They all wore black trench coats over green tank tops with suspenders and a pair of cameo pants and army boots. Behind them was a man with blond hair and a thick beard.

The car stopped and police chief Donald Hady got out. He spoke to the blonde man, "you understand how sensitive this situation is?"

"All me and my men are interested in is the funding needed for our research police chief Hady," the man replied.

"I want Bytchkov dead before dawn. $ 2 500," Hady handed the man a bag.

"The agreement was for-

"Half now, and the rest when your men have dealt with the problem", Hady said smiling.

"Fine, you said it was a girl who took him?"

Hady handed him a picture, "taken from the security camera in the clubs office."

The man looked at the picture, frowned, then looked at Hady smiling, "you can keep the rest of your money, I want her, alive!" he said looking at the picture of Max.


Max clutched the blankets of the bed, her leg pressed against her chest, Eric holding it in place over his shoulder as he pistonned his cock in and out of her pussy. Eric winced as he felt her pussy muscles flexing around his dick, he let go of her leg letting it fall to her side, her agile body easily allowing her to then wrap both legs around his waist locking his cock deep inside her cunt. She moaned as he thrust in and out of her a lot slower than before.

Ten minutes ago she had rode him on the floor till she came hard, even now she could still feel how wet she had made his balls as it slapped against her ass. After she had regained her senses she had felt ashamed that she was acting like such a slut, but when he started to thrust into her fast and hard, it passed.

They worked their way to the bed where Eric was once again about to make her cum. Already she could feel the fluttering in her stomach the quivering of her vagina, she was on the brink of climax.

The sexual fog was lifted by the sound of the phone ringing. Eric pushed his cock deep into her and froze. Her eyes opened and she also stopped following his lead her legs slacking over the bed.

Max reached out for the phone, she tried to get her breathing regulated before she spoke, "Hallo?"


"LOGAN!" Max squeaked.

"Max you okay?"

"Yeah-ahhh", her answer raised to a moan as Eric gnawed at her neck and started to slowly fuck her again. "Hey stop", she whispered trying to cover her arousal hoping to god Logan wouldn't guess she was fucking someone she barely knew.

"Max, is Bytchkov alright?"

"OH Fck", Max whined in ecstasy as Eric gave her a few quick half thrusts flicking the hood of her clit sending unbelievable shivers through her body. She was trying to think clearly, trying to answer Logan, but with Eric slowly thrusting his cock between her thighs, going deeper with each push, all she could do was bite back the pleasurable moans.

"Max, what happened to Bytchkov?" Logan asked, concerned.

"What nothing, I just, his fine," Max fumbled trying to find words as Eric fucked her closer and closer to her orgasm, she had to do something, had to push Eric off her or risk Logan hearing the unmistakeable sound of her cumming over the phone. She snapped her eyes shut tightly as Eric lightly bit her earlobe and drove deep into her wet cunt, her toes curling, 'god it felt so good.'

She wanted to push Eric off her but instead fumbled to put the phone down then clutched him closer to her arching her back and pushing her tits into his chest, Eric reciprocated by plunging his cock between her spread legs and fucking her as fast as he could, his cock sloshing in and out of her perfect little slit.

"Oh Maxie", he moaned as he drove into her, feeling her slippery cunt clamp around his cock she was so tight, so warm, so wet, so fucking perfect. He watched her tits bounce up and down as he rocked her with long hard thrusts, watched her jaw clench as she enjoyed his hard dick inside her body, she was so fucking perfect.

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