Dark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 02


He gripped her shoulder gnawing it as he rammed his stiff dick in and out of her sweat kissed body making her whine and thrash around under him, her convulsing sex gripping and drawing his manhood deeper in. She wrapped one leg around him again moving in sync with him as the fucked, using her flexible body to angle herself just right to ride every delicious thrust.

The old mattress squeaked as Max and Eric slapped into each other on top of it fucking as hard as they could coming ever closer to release.

"OH FCK!" Max yelled out her pussy lips curling in as in one, two, three thrusts Eric's cockhead brushed against her G-spot, her eyes snapped shut and her toes curling, she adjusted her waist meeting his thrusts as she climaxed, her whole body surging with pleasurable spasms. Her juices ran down her ass pooling on the bed spread as she had the wettest orgasm of her life.

Eric groaned, holding out for as long as he could feeling Max's inner-walls massage his cock and her juices spilling out over his genitals, he fucked her slower, pulling nearly all the way out of her contracting slit then pushing as deep in as he could. But he couldn't last any longer with one last thrust deep inside her his cock expanded and he shot his load into her in wild erratic spurts. The feeling of the hot sticky sperm spewing inside her renewed her orgasm and Max just allowed it to roll through her body as she shook and spasmed beneath Eric, trying to push her waist into him and take his cock as far inside her has his medium length would allow as it continued to squirt wads of sperm into her body.

"Fffuck", Max finally breathed as her pussy milked the final few spurts of cum and her orgasm slowly washed over her.

"Fuck", she whispered again as she felt the limp cock slip out of her as Eric rolled off her and went to the toilet. Max wrapped herself in the blanket, her body still slightly tingling.

She shot up as she looked at the phone...

It wasn't on the receiver, it was lying on the ground. Had Logan heard? Heard her getting fucked, heard her scream as she came? Heard Eric groan as he came!?

She wanted to take the phone and put it to her ear and hear if Logan was still on the line but she couldn't. She couldn't help it, this wasn't her, it was the heat...

Besides, Logan and her weren't even like that, they were just friends...

She had told everyone else that, but did she believe it?

Max got up and used some tissues to clean the drying cum around her pussy then quickly threw on her clothes, she could hear Eric in the shower, she had to get out of here now.


Max slammed the door of Bytchkov's room open, "Up, we're outta here, now."

Bytchkov stirred out of sleep, he looked at the clock, 02:55am. "What the fuck, are we in troub...?"

"Now! Move!" Max grabbed him up.

They left the hotel room and went down the stairs...

They both froze...

The clerk lay across the counter, his neck snapped violently.

"They find me," Bytchkov whimpered.

"Quit", Max hushed him, she was using her enhanced senses to pick up any signal of where the killers were now. She looked up at the ceiling at the direction of the room Bytchkov was in four stories up, the men were in there, yes she could tell they were men, three of them.

"Let's go," Max told Bytchkov.

They left the hotel and went to Eric's car. Max got in and hot wired it then sped off down the street, she looked at the rear view mirror at the man that crashed through the fourth story window and landed unscathed then started chasing the car running almost as fast as she could.

Bytchkov pulled out a gun and fired twice, the first shot hitting the man in the shoulder causing him to lurch back but still chase after the car. The second hit him in the forehead and he fell down.

Max next saw two other men stop by him.

"Did you fucking see that...?"

"Hey, why do you have a gun?" Max yelled, she grabbed it and threw it out the window.

"You bitch," Bytchkov yelled.

"Shut up, I don't do guns, now just shut up!"

In the back of Max's mind was the guilt of leaving Eric and stealing his car, somewhere there was the worry that Logan had heard her having sex, but right in front were these men. She had seen them before, super-adrenaline supped whack jobs caused by a chip in their brains- Reds!

They had no fear, they felt no pain, and they were looking for her...


Blood ran from the bullet wound in his forehead down the mans face as he looked up at his two companions, his life fading fast. As he spoke he coughed up blood, "It is her, the girl, find her."

One of the other two spoke, "we will, your death will not be in vein."

"No regrets", the dying man said, "I HAVE FOUND HONOUR IN SERVING!"

"YOU SERVED WELL!" the two yelled together.

Then he died. The chip dislodged itself from the back of his neck the wires intertwining till it looked like nothing more than a screw.

One of the two picked it up then both of them walked off leaving their dead comrade in the street.

They walked to a van. The window rolled down and the blonde man looked at them. They gave him the chip.

"We will have to find another. For now..."

"Find her."


Thanks for the comments, I always enjoy the feedback. To those of you who requested I am trying to continue Lara & the druids as well as another Tomb Raider adventure featuring Nathan Drake, just need to iron out a few ideas. Please continue with the feedback on literotica and via E mail. One last thing, if you enjoy Dark Angel and don't know about it, check out www.chyoo.com and search for Dark Angel by Supman, you will find many more of Max's erotic adventures in a 'choose what happens next' format written by many gifted writers - INYOTEF ;)

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