tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 03

Dark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 03


Max stood in front of Logan's door her hand hovering in the air ready to knock, it appeared that at least for the last twenty minutes despite the fact that she was around Bytchkov, her mind was cleared of the heat induced sex cravings, the South African supped up Red's had been on her mind. Or maybe sleeping with Eric had just subsided the yearning...

Now she had to face Logan not knowing if he had overheard her and Eric fucking each others brains out. She stood there recalling how hard Eric had given it to her, she could almost still feel his hard smooth cock throbbing as it slid in and out of her pussy as he pushed it further and further into her. She chewed her lip as she remembered how he twitched inside her, how she pushed her hips into him inviting him deeper by spreading her legs just as he filled her with jets of warm milky spunk...

Max clamped her legs shut as she felt her vagina tingle and moisten by her vivid naughty thoughts...

"You want me to stand all day in blindfold..?"

Bytchkov's complaint brought her back to the here and now, "fuck", she muttered under her breath. Another six hours and her heat cycle would dissipate, but these last few hours were the worst, and clearly Eric had not satisfied her indefinitely.

Max took a deep breath then rang the doorbell.

Blaine, Logan's bodyguard opened up; in her heat Max's eyes immediately drank in his chocolate dark defined body, her eyes travelling to his trousers where she imagined he hid a tool that couldgive some real satisfaction, Eric was fine, but she liked it hard, big, long and thick.

"Max, Lo- Blaine stopped himself when he saw Bytchkov, "boss-man's in his computer room."

Max shrugged off the desire forcing her mind off sex and tearing her eye off him looking down at the floor instead, "Yeah thanks."

She grabbed Bytchkov and took him into the apartment, then threw to the living room, "you, sit, stay!"

"What am I, fucking dog?" Bytchkov muttered.

"I thought I told you to shut it!' Max snapped.

"Blaine could you watch him?"

Blaine nodded.


Logon sat in front of his computer working on files on Petrovic and Hady, "you brought him here!?"

Max read Logan's body language, he was acting indifferent, but was it because he knew or because she put the phone down on him, she couldn't be sure.

"There was trouble, some friends of mine managed to find me", Max answered sarcastically.

Logan turned to face her but he didn't look her in the eye, "friends?"

"Yeah, the computer chipped super-charged kind."

Even if he was pissed Logan couldn't hide his concern, "Reds? You okay?"

"We got out..."

"Our Russian friend managed to gun one of them down, but you just don't know with these jokers, prolly just pissed the bullets out and tried to pick up my trail again", Max said trying to appear unafraid.

"Well he can't stay here", Logan said swinging his wheelchair to his desk and shuffling his files around, clearly not really doing anything with them, "he'll compromise Eyes Only."

"Are you serious, compromise you...?!"

"Hey, careful, his in ear shot, Jesus!"

"Fuck you!" Max spat, becoming irritated despite the situation she knew she was responsible for.

They stared at each other angrily for a second then broke eye contact.

Logan spoke first, "I send you to pick up a witness and you fuck him?"

Max eyes widened, Logan thought he had heard her screwing Bytchkov. As stupid a thought as it was, she was sought of relieved he didn't know it was Eric. But she didn't say anything further, still pissed, she just left the room.

Logan cursed his tactless remark and stared at his own eyes on the Streaming Freedom Video feed.


Blaine came into the kitchen finding Max there, "there you are, I had to lock the Russian in the spare room, and Logan went to meet with an inform-

Blaine looked again to see Max's eyes red, "Max, you okay?"

"Fine", she wiped her eyes.

"Hey", Blain came over putting his arms around her slender frame.

The touch was all that was needed to flood her with heat-fuelled desire again.

Blaine looked into her eyes as she looked up, he didn't know why but there was a yearning in them, as if she wanted him to tear her clothes off, but this was Logan's girl, even if they were both too damn stubborn to admit it...

Either way she was having an effect on him.

Standing so close to Blaine, Max felt movement in his pants, she didn't think she moved in closer, pressed her mid-section to his. She was right he felt massive, 6" at least.

Blaine groaned, was this really...?

Fuck yes! Max was grinding herself against his hard-on.

"Max?" he queried.

Blaine looked up pursing his lip, Max biting her own as she reached down and groped his cock through his trouser and started jacking him off.

"MAXMAXMAX!" Blaine groaned as her hand moved faster and faster. Not content with a hand job through his pants Max kicked off her pants and shoes, Blaine quickly joining her, forgetting all thought of what Logan would think...

Max eyes widened as she looked at Blaine's huge black dick as it sprung free, she was hornier than she had been right through her cycle, she jumped onto Blaine wrapping her legs around his waistand placing wet kisses all over his lips. Blaine gripped her ass cheeks digging his fingers into her flesh spreading them apart, his bulbous bell of a cockhead prodding at her slit.

Max moaned in a breathless voice, she reached down gripping his cock and rested it against her opening, Blaine groaning again feeling just how wet she was. She pushed into him and he pushed up, his 9" cock pushing through her folds and parting her cervix as it eased into her.

"Fuck yess," Max breathed deeply, this is what she wanted, he was so fucking big, she pushed down hard yelling out as she forced his cock deep into herself in one hard thrust of her hips.

Blaine stood holding her slender body as she started thrusting up and down quickly, her hot wet sex slurring up and down his shaft drenching it in just a few thrusts.

Max huffed and strained for breath as she worked her pussy up and down Blaine's cock, his length stretching her further open than Eric ever could. Blaine held on gritting his teeth as Max moved in his strong arms, she was able to angle her body just right to excite his dick with her rapid thrusts. She thrust faster gripping him inside her sex, slipping it up and down his cock, her breathing ragged as her feet dangled in the air as he held her. Her arms wrapped around his neck; Max bound her waist up and down her hair falling over her face that was crunching in satisfied contortion as his hard cock fed her abnormal heat induced craving.

"Oh fuck, yess, god", Max whined as she continued moving her body, trails of sweat starting to run down her thighs, her pussy started to ach because of all the sex she had, had in the last few hours. She slowed down easing her pussy up and down Blaine's cock till she caught her breath, resting her forehead against his.She hugged Blaine tightly as she lifted her waist sighing as his cock slipped out of her vagina, then placed her feet back on the ground.

Blaine rested against the table breathing heavily. Max, still hot with lust, slid down on her knees taking his cock and pumping it a few times then swallowed it into her warm mouth eliciting another groan from Blaine.

She moaned at the tangy taste of her own juices as she ran her tongue over the side of his cock before taking him as far in as she could. She held him there for a moment then started bobbing her head up and down his cock, slurping as she savoured the taste, running those pouty lips up and down his length.

Max massaged Blaine's balls smiling at him with his cockhead rested on her tongue; he groaned looking into those soft doe eyes. "Shit", he groaned as a spurt of cum shot into her mouth. Max smiled swallowing then licking the leftover trail before getting to her feet.

Blaine reached between her legs finding her clit and pinching it before rubbing it feverishly causing Max to frown and moan like a little porn tart as she opened her legs slightly for him to continue. She put her hand on his pressing it against her core as he rubbed her soft tight pussy, "god, like th-that," she mumbled.

Max put her hand on his bald head gesturing him to go down on her. Blaine went down on his knees, taking her right leg and throwing it over his shoulder. He looked at Max's wet slit, her moist pussy lips, then lapped his tongue up her entire sex. Max shuddered, "God," she moaned, her hands still on his head, pushing her groin into his face as he licked her pussy.

Blain held her leg firmly as she rotated her pussy following the movement of his mouth. He started plunging his tongue into her slit trying to taste inside her, Max moaning and whimpering as he went at her. He moved his mouth up and began gnawing at her clit using two of his fingers to stimulate her as he rapidly slid them in and out of her cunt.

Max bit her lip, her clitoris throbbing in Blaine's mouth, her body beginning to shudder. If he kept this up she was going to cum.

"No, fuck stop!" she whined.

Blaine looked up at her confused. Max pulled him up, her eyes dancing with lust.

She spun around resting her hands on the kitchen counter and pushing her scrumptious ass out wiggling it slightly. Blaine looked down at it, from the firm cushioned flesh of her perfect cheeks to the thin fleshy slit between her legs. She pushed her ass against his groin his cock rubbing over her pussy and ass.

Max looked up at him whimpering as he took his cock and pushed its head against her lips, she moaned as he teased her before taking hold of his hilt and sliding her pussy over him taking his shaft inside her again. She ran her pussy over his length as he held still, sliding it back and forth just half way. Then she pushed all the way taking him in as far as he would go, she then widened her legs and moved her waist in circles until he was gritting his teeth, twitching inside her. She smiled, craning her neck to look at him as she slowly moved her waist back and forth sliding her wet tight pussy over his rock hard member.

Blaine bent over her sliding her top up and groping her tits hard, squeezing them and pinching her nipples while holding himself balls deep inside her with her moving her waist from side to side. She loved it nice and slow for the moment, just enjoying his hand running over her body and his dick twitching snugly inside her pussy.

Max could hear her clear juices dripping on the tiled floor of the kitchen the strong smell of sex wafting in the air feeding her heat.

"Ahh", she moaned as Blaine slid his cock completely out of her then entered her again pushing all the way in. He did it again, this time rubbing his dick up and down her pussy lips before shoving it deep inside her. Max bit her lip hard clutching the edge of the table and standing on her toes as Blaine continued to tease her.

Suddenly he thrust into her hard, one hand gripping her waist tightly, the other still groping and massaging her tit, he put his body wait over her pinning her to the kitchen counter, then started pumping his cock into her hard and fast, every powerful thrust almost lifting her off her feet.

"Fck, Ohh, FFffuck", Blaine howled through gritted teeth as his balls began to ache, and his cock throbbed urgently.

Ohmigod, Ohh.. FFFUCK!" Max yelled, clutching the counter so hard the tile cracked under the pressure of her enhanced strength. She rested her cheek against the tilled counter top as Blaine rocked her body harder and harder.

"Jeez", Blaine groaned as he felt Max's pussy clamp tightly, painfully around his cock squeezing it and massaging it with her inner-walls. She got wetter and hotter inside as her pussy began to quiver. Her body began to vibrate, he even thought he heard her purr.

Max reached between her legs and pinched her clit then clenched her teeth as her orgasm over took her, her entire body tightening as surges of intense pleasure rolled through her. Her pussy contracted as her juiced flowed down her legs. She pushed her waist back as Blaine continued his unrelenting thrusts trying to continue the rough fucking, screwing her hard through her orgasm.

Looking down at the blissful look on Max face Blaine lifted his body off her and slowed down his thrusts, slowly pumping in and out of her leaking slit. He watched as her muscles started to jerk as her orgasm began to fade. Needing a little more stimulation to get himself off, he held her waist firmly with both hands and again began roughly hammering her contracting slit.

Max was too exhausted to moan any more, now lying over the counter, her knees too weak to stand on for the moment. Feeling Blaine still scouring her pussy, she flexed her cunt muscles around his cock to stimulate it more. Max eyes rolled to the back of her head with Blaine pro-longing her orgasm, the feeling of his dick roughly pumping between her thighs keeping her hormones raging at her sexual peak.

Blaine bit his cheek breathing heavier and heavier, watching Max's ass ripple with every thrust. He pulled her ass cheeks apart then slipped his cock out of her resting it on her bum.

Max moaned again as she heard Blaine grunt loudly, then felt warm splashes of cum spill on her ass and lower back. Strength completely spent, Max just lay there over the counter, her body sweaty, cum trickling down her ass and over her pussy, her own translucent juices running down her inner-thighs, her mind and body sated.

She finally got up to find herself alone in the kitchen. Max gathered her clothes and made her way to the spare room, and the shower.

Five minutes later she dunked her head under the warm spray of water, allowing it to wash off the feeling of Eric and Mikhail and Blaine, their hands, their cocks, and her own excretions. She turned and rested her forehead against the wet tiles, with the many times she had given into the desire of her heat, this had to of been the worst. Her body was still hot; the steam filling the shower caused more from her than the hot water.

She could still feel the lingering lust in her body, the hard fucking she had just had fed her need, but for how long, it would still be another four hours till her heat cycle ended.


She still needed to get him to safety. Then there was this problem with Logan, how the hell would she make things right with him. She bet if she fucked him he would...

'God Max, no', she mentally scold herself. It was the heat talking; sleeping with Logan in this state would only distance them further, make fruitfully meaning relationship empty.

Max then thought of her current dilemma, the Red psychos that were after her, she wondered what would happen if they fucked her under the power of those implants, how many times she would cum, gangbanged by two super charged...

"Fuck!" Max yelled. She was aroused again.

She just stopped thinking, instead using the soap to wash herself, scrubbing her body clean, making sure she washed her tits and vagina quickly so as not to excite herself.

Max heard her beeper go off in the bedroom. Getting out of the shower, she wrapped a skimpy towel over her body above her breasts. She went to the room and took the beeper, she didn't recognise the number. Max picked up the phone and dialled the cell number.

"Max, this is Donald Hady."

"If you're looking for a call girl you got the wrong number chief Hady," Max replied cockily.

"I'm looking for Sergei Bytchkov," Hady responded, ignoring the remark.

"Never heard of him, I'm a Jam Pony messenger, I don't deal with the Russian mob, not unless they need packages delivered, ya know, we got a no questions policy."


"You may wanna hold that thought."

The line went quiet.


Max got a lump in her throat at the sound of Eric's voice.

"Max don't give them-

"Sorry," Hady was back on the line, "bring Mr. Bytchkov to the warehouses on the docks, I won't elaborate on what will happen to your friend."

Max clutched the phone in anger, she was going to say something but the line went dead, followed by a dialling tone.


The bright light faded as Max's bike road in from the distance. She stopped it and cut the engine. Max looked around the docks through her yellow tinted shades, the pupil of her eye widening as she used her night vision and thenzoomed in to survey the area for any danger. She saw two cops standing by one of the warehouses.

Max turned to Bytchkov, who was behind her on the bike, "you need to trust me, I'll keep you alive, I got Eric into this mess so I got to get him out of it."

"By using me?" Bytchkov spat, "you bitch."

"Les just go, kay!" she snapped, annoyed with his constant curses and whining.

Max approached the warehouse holding Bytchkov by the arm, the two corrupt sector cops pointing their guns at her.

One of them nodded that she should enter the warehouse, his partner not hiding the fact that he was checking her out. Max smiled, the situation not enough to stop the heat from effecting her thoughts. Still, she managed to enter the warehouse without acting on her dirty thoughts.

Eric sat tied to a chair, his face bruised and his lip swollen and bloody. Max became enraged as her eyes glared at Donald Hady standing behind him with three more cops, it took all her self-control not to break every bone in their bodies, her Manticore trained mind having already registered the quickest way to subdue them, free Eric and get out without any hiccups.

"His feisty this one, wouldn't give you up, I think he has a thing for you. But we checked his phone and founda naughty little recording of you and him screwing in a hotel room," Hady said getting her attention.

Max eyes widened, the little weasel recorded them fucking!?

"He also had your number in his phonebook settings."

Max ignored Hady, "Eric you ok?"

Eric looked up at her, "I'll live," he answered then spat some blood onto the floor.

Max smiled at his bravery. She looked at Hady...

"You got five of your little boyfriends standing here with their guns all ready to put on a show, you prolly think you thunk it all out don't you...?"

"Six guys to take me out, then you get off all scot free, prolly killing Eric to stop him blabbing right...?"

"You think I'm the whack? Truth is you're the whack!" Max smirked.

Hady got a smug look on his face, "You're a cocky little bitch aren't you...?"

"Still, I always think ahead, you know, a contingency plan."

Max heard a loud thud behind her and turned to see the two Reds staring at her, their faces cold and expressionless...

"Oh shit...!" she gasped.

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