tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 03

Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 03


Authors note: I think I got a bit adventurous with this Dark Angel story as you would have noted by my having Max travel to Boston for her current mission. Many of you comment on the fact that you love that I stick to the 'feel' of the TV series, and I don't want to stray from that too much. So while I'm changing the story somewhat to accommodate more sordid sex scenes, I want it to still "be" Dark Angel; so I'd appreciate you hitting me back to let me know that it still has the essence of the world its set in, please. As I said before I am a fan myself and love the show this erotica is based on, so I want to stick to that premise - INYOTEF ;)



...The black man looked up, bullet holes in his back, blood dripping out the wounds, yet he showed no pain, in fact he didn't react to being shot multiple times at all...

'...The Soto Mark is not in the case!' Vivian exclaimed, 'It's HIM, KILL HIM, RETRIEVE THE IMPLANT...!'

...The Soto Mark looked down at the cowering Vivian Shevchenko, then grabbed Soto and jumped out the window...

He dropped down thirty stories, and crashed onto the ground splitting the asphalt...!

'...That's it,' said Del, 'that's where you will find Muda Yobo...'

'We slip in, get him alone...'

...Within a few minutes, Max and Del found themselves in the luxurious suite of Muda Yobo, 'You are from Klaas, yes?' he chuckled, 'this is good; very generous...'

...Max was having a hard time staying in control; an eight-way gangbang was not on the cards...

...Del was moaning like a sex starved whore as she went buck-wild bouncing on one guards cock while another stood there while she sucked him off...!

...Max's face crumpled, and she looked up at Yobo as he got ready to fuck her ass...

...As the group walked into the L.T.D. building, Max became very weary of the mission as she looked around. She spotted dozens of thermal cameras, motion detectors, roof inserted retinal scanners that read peoples pupils every couple of seconds, as well as at least thirty armed guards here on the ground level- all of them ex-military...

...Sam fell forward, air rushing in her ears as she dropped into a free fall down the building, the coiling nylon making a zipping sound as the line attached to her slid rapidly off the roof. The line tightened and Sam swung over the street to adjacent building rising into the air. She pulled out her gun, took aim and shot the one patrolling guard in the throat then dropped between the blades and fell into the duct just before the fan started up again...

...Sam shot out the camera then kicked in the door to find a man sitting in a chair-

'Who the Feck are you then?' he asked in a strong Irish accent.

'Sean Gleason. I'm here to rescue you...'

...The door was ripped off and a huge gloved hand gripped Max by her shoulder and she was flung out the drivers seat. Groggily Max lifted herself up cringing in pain. She looked up at the muscular, hulking black man...!


'...Ok Max, don't bug out,' Max said to herself...

'Am I imposing?' the huge black guy asked in a deep voice, 'I'm going for imposing.'

Max shot herself up and lunged a kick into D'Arc's chest, and was shocked when he didn't even flinch. He grabbed her by her leg and side of her body, raised her over his head as if she were a pillow, and threw her onto another car. She bounced off the roof and tumbled onto the ground, spitting up blood. She got up, the dress she wore was torn, exposing parts of her naked flesh.

'You're the Soto Mark,' she said, wiping blood from her mouth and ignoring the stinging scrapes on her back, 'I thought you'd be taller.'

'Names D'Arc,' he said, raising an eyebrow as he gave Max a once over, 'Ya know, you are really hot for a Transgenic, thought you all were mutant freaks.'

'Yeah, I won the Manticore beauty pageant,' Max snapped sarcastically, 'what's your deal?'

'Me,' D'Arc smiled, 'I'm the soldier for tomorrows war baby.. A pure, unadulterated, juggernaut of adrenalin-fuelled behemoth!'

He turned around and Max looked at the abnormally thick, pulsing veins that ran from the point where the implant had been inserted; veins that ran up half the back of his head, and down his neck.

He faced Max again, 'give it up sweetheart, you're outta ya league here.'

'Go fuck yerself!' Max yelled charging him.

D'Arc grabbed the front bumper of the car next to him and grit his teeth as he used his super-strength to fling it at Max...

Her eyes widened as the as the car rolled and tumbled at her; she leapt off the ground, spun her lithe body and flipped horizontally over the car, then turned on landing watching as it crashed into two vans behind her...

D'Arc was stronger- but she was faster; he was right though, this wasn't a fight she'd walk away from. She dodged his punch, sliding between his legs- his bare fist breaking the cemented ground- then she dived over the parapet of the third story parking level, landing in a roll on the grass below. Her body had scrapes and bruises all over it and her dress barely clung to her...

She ran in front of the car coming down the street and it screeched to a stop in front of her!

The man inside gawked at the girl in the torn dress, looking at her exposed left breast. Max moved to the drivers seat, smashed the window with her first, and yanked the poor soul through it, tossing him into the street...

She climbed in the car and looked at the dude as he struggled to get up, 'sorry buddy, but this is life and death shit.'

She put her barefoot down and sped off to the point where she was supposed to meet Del and Sam; and on cue they came crashing threw the fifth story window. They hightailed it to the green Ford; men firing M4 riffles out at them thru the window; alarm sirens blaring in the background...

'Gun it 452!' Sam yelled as she shoved Gleason in the back as Del got in the passengers seat. Max put her foot on the gas and the tires screeched as she spun the car around and sped down the street the Ford veering left and right as she turned the wheel trying to maintain control as bullets ricocheted off the roof and boot...!

'What the hell happened to you?' Del asked looking at Max's injuries.

'Later!' Max said as she drove toward the freeway.

Sean Gleason sat up in the back, 'Sain's b' praised fer you lass. Ta all o' ya fer bailin' me out like tha'; but we bes' b' get'n outta Boston feckin' fas' coz Klaas ainay gonna b' at all ta pleased...!


In Seattle the group of misfits had gone to Sandaman's old house to lie low...

'You're lucky to have gotten out of there alive Max,' Logan said watching as Sam nursed Max's wounds.

Max flinched at the sting of the disinfectant, 'Reds have nothing on this D'Arc guy. His, like, Superman strong!'

'Superman?' Del questioned with a confused glower.

'You're kidding me, right? Logan shot.

'Manticore wasn't big on comic books, y'know,' Sam explained, lighting up another smoke. 'Now that we got Gleason we need to find out how to take D'Arc down and get that implant.'

'We can't hand it to the government,' Logan said, 'it has to be destroyed.'

'My family's at stake here...'

'Yeah, I understand that but-

'That's ENOUGH!' Max shouted, stopping the argument. 'Right now our dealio is getting that son uffa bitch floored. The three of us may not be enough.'

'Then how do- Del began.

'I don't know...' Max trailed off, her forehead wrinkling in a frown.


Del walked into the room Sam was in and sat on the bed next to her. They sat in silence for a moment as Sam took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled a puff of circular smoke... 'What?' she said, growing annoyed.

'There's another way to get your family back,' Del said, forthrightly.

Sam looked at her in response...

'Klaas is well connected. You could speak to Vivian Shev-

'What's the catch?' Sam butted in, but willing to hear her out.

Now Del looked at her, not even blinking, 'your family is released and in no danger of recapture... but you are the payment. You and- Max!'

'You've gotta be shittin' me!'

'Klaas was impressed with the break in at L.T.D. To be honest, I went along with it 'cause it served as an audition; one you both passed, and now he would love to have two Transgenics with your capabilities... his made the offer, it's up to you...'

'He arrives in Seattle in two hours. If you agree, you meet with Vivian in Freemont, Sector 5. And take Max with you,' Del finished with a smile.

'And...?' Sam questioned, sensing something was being left out.

'...And; we carry on with our current objective in a more official capacity,' Del explained, 'but this time we do it for a $100 000 split. That's over 32 grand in your pocket, enough to set your family up in a new city with new identities.'

'Taking down D'Arc...' Sam said, then stared at the cockroach crawling along the dead wood of the apartment Joshua use to live in, thinking carefully...

'Max would never go for it. It would be like being back at Manticore all over again...'

'Max doesn't have to know...'



Sam cocked her short-shotgun as she walked onto the abandoned airfield in Freemont, Sector 5; Max on her left, and Del standing with a M4 to her right. There was an icy chill in the air, and the light rain didn't help none either...

The three woman looked up as a chopper came flying in from the south, and then thy heard two black vans ride in from behind them.

Max didn't like this one bit, she didn't trust Del (who had set up this meet with Klaas' people), but Sam said she was willing to try a new approach at saving her family; so wanting to help a Transgenic in need, Max was O for two, and standing in the freezing rain surrounded by bad guys in the dead of night.

Her damp hair was caught up in the rushing wind caused by the chopper as it landed...

Vivian Shevchenko stepped out and one of the ex-military guards from the van came and put an umbrella over her, and then followed her as she walked to the trio.

'Ladies, on behalf of Klaas- she started.

'Save it!' Max said rudely, 'les hear your agenda before I freeze my Transgenic butt off.'

'You must be X5-452,' Vivian smiled, 'I read the file on you. Arrogant, headstrong, and cocky.'

'I tried jovial, sweet an' maternal, but it didn't get me laid,' Max chimed, again playing with sarcasm.

'Cute,' Vivian said, putting on a more serious, yet slightly annoyed face; then looked at Sam... 'And that would make you the clone, 453?' she added, differentiating the two by Sam's curlier hair.

'You can do this? Klaas, can retrieve my family from these Interpol agents?' Sam asked bluntly, cutting to the chase.

Vivian snapped her fingers and the man to her left handed her a folder, which she handed to Sam- who looked it over, frowning...

'His Sean Gleason, but his no Interpol agent, sweetheart,' Vivian said with a smirk, 'his Klaas' main competitor; a gun runner out of Dublin, Ireland...'

'It's his men who took your husband and his son, and then coerced you into a rescue mission...'

Max looked over Sam's shoulder at the photo and write-up of Gleason, speed reading the contents... 'So if you caught him, why not just kill him?'

'Klaas was extracting information,' Vivian responded.

'Torture...' Sam said looking up from the folder, mockingly.

'Call it what you will,' Vivian shrugged, 'by the way where is he now?'

'Like we're telling you that!' Max snapped.

'He'll kill your family, 453, make no mistake about that... but you do business with us and secure the Soto Mark, and Klaas gives his word that he'll have his team move in and rescue them.'

Sam raised a suspicious eyebrow, 'move In!?'

Vivian smiled, 'I'm at liberty to say their being held in Portland. Klaas has a team of five ex-US navy seals watching them right now.'

'We take down D'Arc, and you give the green light?' Sam ventured.

'As easy as that... Secure the Soto Mark and become Klaas' personal next-gen twin duo, and your family has no worries...'

'What!?' Max asked, looking Vivian in the eye.

'Klaas would love both of you in his employ, but you're known to be.. troublesome 452,' Vivian said staring right back at her, 'so I'll make this easy...'

'Take the offer, or die right here.'

Max temporarily froze as both Sam and Del's weapons cocked on either side of her- training kicked in and she reacted at lightning speed: She gripped the nose of the M4 and the shotgun then flipped back, catching Vivian under her jaw and taking her off her feet; then on landing on her knee, twisted her waist and struck Del and Sam in the face with their own weapon handles...

She next twirled the shotgun around and shot the guard with the umbrella in his chest, the close-quarters impact sending him flying back; his blood spraying in Max's face. She then split her lithe body in a roundhouse kick, fingers touching the ground as her foot caught the man with the file in the side of his face with a sickening crunch; papers flying into the air...

Before any one could recover Max moved, running as fast as she could for the chopper; its blades still whirring. Del sat up and grabbed her M4 and started firing, trying to take the blindingly fast moving Transgenic down, but struggled to get a clear shot. Max jumped in the chopper and shoved the shotgun to the back of the pilots head... 'Get us airborne, NOW!'

The chopper rose into the sky and soon disappeared from view...

Vivian was pulled up by Del, and she got to her feet, cringing at the sharp pang in her jaw, 'let's get out of here...'

'What's the next move?' Del asked.

'We go after the Soto Mark.'

Sam looked at her, 'two Transgenics won't be enough.'

'Let's not forget your family's lives is still at stake here,' Vivian pointed out, filled with anger, 'I'm sure you'll think of something...'

'For now, we meet with Klaas, he has something that can help.'

'Meet.. Klaas,' Sam repeated, shocked...


The van drove into the Financial District where it pulled alongside the pavement... Vivian Shevchenko, Del, and Sam got out and then climbed into the black limo across the street.

Sam looked curiously at the Caucasian man that sat opposite them, sipping a glass of champagne- he wore an expensive looking black, pinstriped suit, with a powder-blue shirt and gold tie with black and blue squares on it. His face was clean shaven and his hair was short and blonde. Vivian moved to sit beside him, squeezing his thigh and pecking him on his lips, then sitting back and crossing her slender, yet sculpted legs.

'X5-452,' the gentleman said, I, am Klaas!'

'453,' Vivian corrected, squeezing his thigh again.

'Ah, 453, I stand corrected,' Klaas grinned, 'time is money, it's clichéd I know, but for me every second I spend with you costs about a quarter of a million... So if you would open the compartment in the panel next to you please?'

Sam couldn't help noticing that while he spoke Vivian was unzipping his trouser... she looked over at Del to find her also staring, then looked back to find Vivian slipping out his smooth, curved cock. Vivian started stroking the limp member gently, and it slowly started swelling in her hand...

'The panel,' Klaas repeated, sipping his bubbly as if him getting a public masturbation weren't taboo.

Sam snapped out of it, and opened the panel to find a vile lying in some dry ice. She took it out and looked at the swirling greyish liquid inside in bemusement.

'T-734,' Vivian said, still stroking Klaas' cock leisurely... 'Accelerated Progeria in a tube...'

Sam was aware of the rear genetic disease that caused rapid ageing...

'...Developed under the late Madame X, and created from the genetic code of X5-734, who was the first Transgenic to be diagnosed with it, and, after whom it was named,' Vivian finished, then opened her mouth and sucked on Klaas' erect cock, bobbing her head over it.

Klaas grit his teeth as he spoke, 'the virus has been accelerated to- ahh.. To work a hundred times faster, a nice way to take the Soto Mark down.'

Vivian slurped Klaas' dick out her mouth, then lifted her ass and slid her mini skirt down, then she quickly straddled him, pulling her thong out of her cute, dainty, round ass, and uncovering her neatly shaved pussy. She grasped his cock and pushed it against her puffed, pink cunt lips then dropped her waist, taking him in in one slow thrust, his dick pushing deep into her. She then opened her blouse and revealed a pair of modest round, perky tits with rigid little nipples that stood on end, encircled by areolas that were a slightly darker shade than her pale skin.

Klaas groaned as she slowly started riding his cock, then looked over her shoulder at the two Transgenics, 'could we get some privacy, please.'

Sam stared, gob smacked for a moment, watching as Vivian hugged Klaas, pushing her tush out and thrusting her slender hips up and down rapidly, her oily pussy sliding up and down his hard cock rapid. Her groans and moans quickly growing as he started meeting her halfway... ...then, she quickly got out of the limo...


On the other side of Seattle; in Terminal City, Max walked into the hideout where all the Transhumans hung out; this being where they had decided to stash Sean Gleason...

She walked up to Luke, a bald Transhuman with a distorted face; he was busy going thru an old PC casing, striping the motherboard... '...Eh, the ram is scrap, but this hard drive should be usable, or at least have salvageable data. And I think we could use the IDE cables on that old Apple Mac...'

'Apple Mac's don't use IDE cables,' said Mole- who was a reptilian Transhuman, with a cigar in his mouth.

'Hey,' Max interrupted, getting their attention.

'Oh, hi Max, what can I do you for?' Luke asked, giving as much of a smile as he could with his bizarre face, making it appear more like he was snarling.

'Where is he?' Max asked, leaning over the rusted, makeshift work table.

'We put him at the back, locked him in the storage room, don't worry, we made it comfy...'


...Max walked down a dank passageway and unlocked the metal bolt then entered the storage room where Gleason was held, locking the door again behind her...

'Ya know, my kin ainay gonna be that pleased with ya locking me in this toxic dump,' he said sitting on a tattered red sofa and looking up at Max.

'The gig's up buddy, we know you ain't Interpol. Klaas' little "errand girl" knocked on ya, gave up that you and your peeps are the competition.'

Gleason put his hands behind his head and relaxed, 'it don matter much lass... ya see I still go' tha' X5's family don't I. and-

'And she went over to the other side. She's working for Klaas now,' Max butted in, hip cocked out with her hands on them, 'Klaas made an offer to get her family back and keep them safe if she switched sides. And we both know he can deliver.'

'O but I'm guessin' ya din'a find that too sweet a deal now boy'o,' Gleason smiled, his assured behaviour getting on Max's nerves... 'I know Klaas, an' he would'a wan'td the both o you...'

'So the real question is; why com ta me?'

Max stared him down but he didn't flinch.. She took a seat still looking Sean in the eye, 'fine, you win... The deal was for both of us and I ain't working for a merchant of death...'

'Sam is desperate and she'll go to any lengths to free her family- even selling her life away to that monster...'

'...An' ya thinking' if I would release her family before Klaas makes a move, she won't have ta sell her soul,' Gleason finished... 'Just one problem there lass, wus innit for me then?'

Max sat forward, face-to-face with him, 'Klaas is already the top gun runner in the world, now he has a X5 and a X6, and his after the Soto Mark... where does that leave you...?


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