tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: Nark Ch. 02

Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 02


Authors note: I dunno, there's something different about this one. I struggled to find the right balance of story-telling and smut; after all this is still a 'stroke-story' as I amusingly read somewhere once (I think it was in one of Supman's stories). Anyway I'd appreciate you guys hitting me back with a few comments so that I can know I still have a handle on things. That said; Enjoy- INYOTEF ;)


Thunder clouds rolled, and forked lightning split the night sky, with an onslaught of heavy rain and sleet falling from the heavens as if torrent burst.

He stood underneath the overpass bridge, draped in his flowing, tattered coat, the bone-chilling weather having no effect on him whatsoever. A black Chrysler pulled up alongside the pavement in front of him and he opened the door, ducked down and climbed in before it pulled off again.

Next to him, sat an elderly man with a worried look on his face.

'There's been a complication,' Sway told General Dan Whitaker, 'an X5 has the boy. But I'll handle it.'

'You call that a complication,' the General roared, 'that's a fucking balls-up, its unexecep-'

'I said I'll handle it,' Sway said sternly, 'that means I will.'

He looked at the driver, and the Chrysler stopped in the middle of the street. Sway opened the door putting one foot out when he felt Whitaker grab his arm. He turned and looked Whitaker in the face with those murderous piercing blue eyes of his.

Whitaker took a breath and cautiously let go, 'look if this goes pair shaped I'm finished. We're talking federal prison; court-martial. I've given thirty years and three marriages to this goddamn country and for that I got put on baby watching duty in some damn dump in the middle of Texas...'

'Well not anymore. Its time I got what's mine...!'

'Now the South African buyer is already smoothed over, but if something goes wrong he'll walk,' Whitaker finished, almost pleading now.

Sway didn't utter a word in reply. He simply got out the car and walked into the rain...

Whitaker sat back and tried to breath easy; he regretted striking a deal with that pale devil. The man absolutely terrified him.


Max's hands gripped the rim of the bathtub, water splashing up against her as she rolled her waist, pressing down hard so that Flinch's modest cock pushed deep inside her aching pussy. She gave a long, drawn out moan as she slowly circled her waist then ground it back and forth; Flinch going cross-eyed beneath her.

'Hold it steady, just control it,' Max instructed as she played with her clit and slowly thrust up and down half his length.

'Shhhshhhh- fffck,' Flinch groaned, his hands gripping Max's scrumptious butte.

Max looked down at the boy and started bouncing on his cock again, squeezing him in her body and slapping onto his pelvis.

'Yess- hahh.. Ffnnn like'at, ohh, hhhhu,' she breathed, panting.

She bucked and twitched and shook and gyrated as she took his cock over and over; bathwater splashing out of the tub and spilling on the floor. This was the fourth time they were having sex, and the human-nark list made an exceptional sex toy. The first time he barely held two minutes, and the second wasn't much better. The third had him really getting her squirming, but his scrawny body lacked the strength to really drive it home for her.

So here they were in the bathtub for the fourth go, and this time Max was determined to cum!

Her clit throbbed as she circled it with her fingers; her pussy massaged Flinch's aching cock as she slurred up and down it, the bathwater causing slight resistance. Her lungs burned as she tried to take a breath- it all felt so good! Her heat cycle fuelling every time movement, every titillating desire. And with it all that desire spread through her entire being; and with just a little more it would all erupt in the orgasm her body pleaded for.

She went for it- slamming her tight, gleaming cunt over Flinch's throbbing dick as hard and as fast as she could. The boys face turned pink as he tried to hold on; it was incredible! If only he'd have been with another woman; at least then he would appreciate how lucky he was to have a girl as hot and as animalistic as Max totally ravishing him.

At present he felt his balls go numb and his body shake violently, and he let rip. The head spinning, toe-curling sensation overtook him and he jerked as his biggest load yet exploded inside Max's angelic body.

Max's mouth opened wide as she felt the warm sticky fluid burst inside her and was about to bend over him giving that last few thrusts that would see her shearing an orgasmic experience with him, but was yet again denied!

'Max! 'You home boo?' she heard Original Cindy calling from the living room.

Max froze on the spot, but Flinch was too dazed to have noticed.

She jumped out of the tub and grabbed her robe from behind damaged the bathroom door.

'You, stay,' she told Flinch, then ran out.

'Hey,' she greeted Cindy coming out with a guilty look on her face she was trying hard to hide.

'Damn girl you look like you're running a fever, boo,' Cindy said, looking at Max's flustered face.

'Wh- I, no I'm ok,' Max stammered.

'Eh-huh,' Cindy frowned looking at her, 'you're in heat again aren't you?'

Max's face gave it away. Ever since she had told Cindy about her freak-show origins, she, Cindy, could read her like an open book; so there was no point in trying to deny it.

'I got it under control,' Max said.

No sooner were the words spoken when Flinch walked out of the bathroom naked.

'Oh shit, fck,' he squirmed seeing Cindy and grabbing a pot to cover his privates then darting into the bedroom; all to Max's shame and humiliation.

'I can explain,' Max said, her face red with embarrassment.

'Mmm-hmm, all under control; right,' Cindy mocked, 'you don't gotta explain yerself to me. If you wanna bump uglies with random dorkish looking, white boys; you go right on ahead sister.'

'He has ties to Manticore-' Max tried to explain.

'Original Cindy already told you. Who you get down and dirty with is your bin'ess,' Cindy repeated, 'I just hope he don't got the transgenic version of syphilis, is all I'm say'n. Coz dat would be just nasty; and that boy did not have a rubber on his happy bits!'

Max was annoyed by that last comment and just turned and went to her room.

A few minutes later she and Flinch came out fully clothed. She ignored Cindy and wheeled her motorbike out the apartment.

'Boo,' Cindy said.

Max stopped but didn't turn around.

'You be careful messing with Manticore bin'ess, you hear.'

Max shut the door and smiled to herself at her BFF's concern.


Ames White stood on the harbour docks looking out at the plastic bottles and trash floating in the sea water. A silver Mercedes entered the shipyard and stopped near him; the electronic back window sliding down.

He walked over to the car.

'Fe'nos tol,' the shadowy figure from within greeted.

'Fe'nos tol,' White returned.

'We have our orders, the boy is useful. You are not to retire him!'

'I had a feeling they would feel that way,' White said, 'so we use him to wrap up business rounding up these freaks-'

'Our main interest is 452,' interjected the man in the car, 'perhaps this, human-nark list, has the information on her DNA work-up.'

'I have junkies on the streets keeping their eyes open,' White commented, but knowing this was irregular; he added, 'the city is filled with degenerates looking for a quick fix. I don't give a damn feeding their habit and letting them kill themselves off; long as the information the provide is viable.'

'Imaginative,' the man in the car quipped.

White leaned over the car, 'and the X7?'

'Good hunting,' replied the shadowy figure, 'Fe'nos tol.'

The car drove off and White looked out at the polluted sea again...

'Fe'nos tol.'


Max and Flinch walked down the filthy graffiti decorated hallway and stopped in front of Alec's apartment door. She took her hand out of her pocket and knocked loudly. The two of them stood there waiting, but there was no response so Max knocked again.

'Shit, typical,' she whined.

'Your friend's not here?' Flinch asked.

'His an X5 as well,' Max told him, 'and I'm not sure. Stay put, Ill be right back.'

She walked to the window slid it open and climbed out onto the fire escape. Max walked along the rickety railing and stopped at Alec's living room window and peered through the dirty glass.

Her breath hitched and her heart caught in her throat!

In the lounge on the sofa, she watched speechlessly as a shapely blonde with short'ish hair writhed in pleasure as she rode Alec. Max could clearly see the woman's lush, clean-shaven, pink snatch piston up and down Alec's thick glistening cock.

The woman was gripping Alec's broad shoulders and gyrating then circling her waist, thrusting hard, her tight pussy taking that big cock to the hilt. Then as she thrust she threw her head back and Max choked when she saw her face-

It was Asha Barlow. She was Logan's friend and part of a resistance movement known as the S.1.W.

All at once Max's estrocycle was back causing her body temperature to rapidly rise until her tan skin was glistening as if she had been oiled up. As she watched Alec and Asha fuck her enhanced senses heightened and even through the window she could clearly hear them moan in pleasure and slap into each other. Her panty quickly became wet as her clitoris began to hum and her pussy seeped it's translucent juices, causing her to bite her lip hard.

Asha was moaning, thrusting harder, taking the hard dick stuffed in her cunt deeper, her firm round ass rippling as it slapped against his balls. Alec was grabbing her modest chest, using his strong hands to knead her pert tits before gnawing on one of them roughly. He sunk lower into the sofa and slammed up into her hard; Max groaning as she watched Asha's cunt clench around his wide girth.

She ran her hand over her toned stomach then pushed it into her jean and beneath her panties. She grunted, her strong thighs squeezing her hand as it rubbed her soaked pussy. Two fingers sank deep inside her cunt and slid in and out as she stood there spying on Alec and Asha; taking in every movement they made, every moan and groan they uttered, every smell that wafted in the air.

Alec pushed Asha off him and pinned her down on the couch, her legs wrapping around his waist as he took his dick and pushed back inside her. She yelled out, her nails digging into his back and her hips bucking as he fucked her hard, slamming his waist into hers. Her eyes snapped shut and she was gritting her teeth, her skin damp with sweat. Her moans grew louder with every thrust and Max could tell she was going to cum.

Max quivered as she plunged her fingers in her tight cunt, she imagined herself pinned there under Alec, picturing him driving that thick, hard cock into her over and over. Her breath quickened and she bit back her moans. She pulled her fingers out and rubbed her clit, whimpering softly, God she needed to be fucked.

In the apartment Alec mashed Asha's tits together and made her body jerk as he pumped her tight pink pussy, ramming his swollen cock into her. Her toes curled and she put her hands on his making her chest turn pink as he squeezed her tits harder; then she arched her back and snapped her eyes closed, her body cringing in orgasm...!

'Max!' Flinch suddenly called, sticking his head out the window from the hallway.

Max yanked her hand out of her jean in shock as she snapped out of her heat-induced delirium, her face wide-eyed and guilt-ridden. She looked at Flinch but couldn't answer, so she just swept past him back into the hallway, balled her fist and used the side of it to knock on Alec's door so loud it was impossible for his not to hear it.

She could hear the frantic shuffling inside as Alec and Asha undoubtedly fell over each other trying to find their clothing.

'W-who is it?' Alec called out, short of breath.

'Max! Open up!' Max replied, annoyed because she was so goddamn horny.

There was more shuffling inside before Max heard the latch unlock and the door was opened.

'Max,' Alec greeted, fully clothed but still sweaty (making Max inwardly groan), 'whatta you do-' he stopped himself when he saw Flinch.

'We have a problem,' Max said, pushing past him and entering his apartment without an invitation.

Asha had probably ducked into Alec's bedroom as there was no sign of her, but Max could still smell the sex in the room; she shook her head to get her mind right.

'Max, what the hell's going on?' Alec snapped, growing irritated.

Max looked at him smirking, blue-balls must have been effecting him.

'This is Flinch,' she said gesturing with a nod, 'his some kind of Manticore how-to manual...'

'There's a transgenic after him and he need's a place to lie low.'

Alec filled in the gaps himself, oddly it happened allot with their background. 'So you brought him here? Dammit Max, why do you always involve me in the shit you're always neck-deep in!'

'I don't have time for this,' Max snapped, 'he-'

She stopped because Asha had decided to enter the room (wearing a robe; her hair wet as if she had got out of a shower). Her whole face gave away the fact that she was still enjoying the effects of her orgasm, and Max found herself envying her.

There was an awkward silence until Alec spoke up, 'Asha, eh-ehum, has an APB out on her so she's lying low here.' Then he added, 'so as you can see I'm outta room.'

'Can't Logan help?' Asha suggested.

'Logan and I aren't exactly on the best of terms right now,' Max said looking down in shame.

Alec sighed; Max and Logan, there was a relationship that belonged on that old TV show, Jerry Springer; 'I understand you need a hand here Max, but-' 'Shit; what's the deal, whose after him and why?'

'Look, all I know is Flinch is from some base in Odessa, and there's some sort of ice soldier, thingy-'

'Polar-insurgence operative,' Flinch corrected.

'Whatever!' Max snapped, 'this guy wants him to sell him on the black market 'cause he has all kinds of intel stored in his brain.'

'Well, looks like we'll need Logan's help-' Alec agreed only to be shot down.

'I told you-' Max argued.

'Ill go see Logan,' he said, 'he can use his connections to help. You, Asha, and the human hard drive wait till I get back.'

Alec looked apologetically at Asha then grabbed his coat and slammed the door behind him.


There was an awkwardness, a weird feeling of unease as the two men tried to cooperate with one another- For Alec; it was nerve-wrecking, considering he had no clue why Logan was giving him the cold shoulder (Not that they were really chummy in anyway). For Logan; it was the inner-agony of the knowledge that Max had run into Alec's arms (Which was the lie she had told him to distance them, less she infected him with the retrovirus again). Still Logan knew this was a favour for her, for Max! He knew how much of herself she invested in helping her own- And he was going to show her he had her back, no matter what!

'Here,' he said to Alec, 'here we go. All data shows no existence of a government base in Odessa, but, if you check maps and thermal satellite pics; you get a fallout bunker like what this, Flinch guy, described.'

Alec leaned over the desk looking at the computer monitor, 'yip, the Manticore facility in Wyoming was kept under wraps-'

'Yeah,' Logan rudely interrupted, 'seems the files has this Odessa base down as a facility for decommissioning nukes. Biohazards are a good way of keeping nosey people out of the loop...'

'Let me pull up some personnel records...'

'Got it,' he smiled as a headshot and personal information file popped on screen, 'The base was headed by, one, Dan Whitaker. A general...'

'And... 'It looks like his currently in Seattle.'

'That's some coincidence,' Alec smirked.

'He obviously tracked the kid here,' Logan deduced, 'I got an address on where he'll be tonight...'

'The Socialite- It's an exclusive gentlemen's club in the Financial district. My late uncle Jonas was a member.'

'Great, so how are we suppose to get to him, I mean you're not exactly of exclusive stature these days,' Alec grumbled.

Logan turned to him, 'the club provides female company from the Satin Bordello, it's a high class escort agency...'

'I'm sure Max could use her sex-appeal to wrangle her way into the club.'

Alec smirked again.


'There you go Maxie,' Alec said pulling up his stolen Lancia opposite the Socialite Club, 'I hope you're wearing nice underwear.'

They watched as a dozen beautiful woman got out of limo scantily clad in nothing more than lingerie and stockings. In the backseat of the car, Max sighed, this was not going well at all. She began pulling off her clothing, stripping down to a pair of black panties and a matching bra, and replacing her boots with a pair of black open-toed sandals. Asha turned to her from the passengers seat, raising an eyebrow, impressed by Max's toned body...

'Okay,' she said, 'once you in there and have Whitaker alone, which I assume won't be a problem for you dressed like that...'

'You use this,' she paused pulling out a tiny needle and syringe, 'concentrated sodium pentathlon, compliments of the S.1.W.'

'Truth serum,' Max smiled, 'great, thanks.'


Max entered the main auditorium of the building; she was looking around at how the filthy rich bathed in their decadence while the world outside limped along in the aftermath of the Pulse. On the plus side as a pretend-prostitute, she easily outshone all the other 'working girls' in the place; and being in heat only tipped the scales in her favour so much more as her body glowed with a light sheen of sweat, and her eyes were constantly filled with lust.

She used the effects of her heat to her advantage as she sauntered through the room in search of General Dan Whitaker, though always battling not to fall slave to her whack hormonal desires.

As she swayed through the club she felt a firm, strong hand grip and squeeze her ass cheek. Her smile was automatic as she turned to face the man she recognised as a corrupt city official from one of Logan's Eyes Only files.

'My dear,' he grinned, massaging her plump cheek while whispering in her ear, 'I have a nice bottle of bubbly in my VIP booth over there, and I could do with your company.'

Max closed her eyes and conscientiously fought back the urge to pounce on the man and tear his $1000 suite off; and as if heaven sent, when she opened them to look at the VIP area she saw Whitaker entering through one of the curtained dividers.

'Sorry handsome,' she smiled, 'but General Whitaker asked and paid for my services in advance.'

The man had a disappointed scowl on his face, but he reluctantly let Max walk away.

Knowing where her target was, Max moved a bit faster before anyone else got ideas, but as she got to where Whitaker was she saw a blonde call girl heading there as well.

'Hey bitch!' the girl protested when Max grabbed her wrist as she was about to draw the curtain.

'Sorry sister,' Max said twisting, and pinning her arm behind her back then shoving her aside, 'I have an appointment with the General.' She then turned and entered the booth.

'Slut!' the blonde escort yelled rubbing her wrist.

'You are not Trudy,' Whitaker said as Max entered his private booth.

'Trudy sprained her wrist,' Max smiled, 'I was sent over instead, I'm Maxine. I hope you don't disapprove.'

Whitaker looked at the gorgeous young women before him- exquisite body, tan skin, round perky breasts and long shapely legs all poured into a sexy black pair of knickers.

'My dear, you make Trudy look like a hoodlum tramp, why on God's green earth would I disapprove?'

Max grinned, 'glad to please, sir...'

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