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Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 03


Authors note: So here we go with chapter 3 & I'm afraid this one is a bit shorter. But before we continue Max's adventure I just wanted to thank you all for the positive feed-back both in the comments of my last chapter and via email! Then too, if there are readers familiar with my work on chyoo.com, you may notice I reintroduced ideas from the threads I wrote on Sway there, as I liked the character development. All said; I pray your continued support via comments or constructive criticism. I do enjoy writing erotic fan-fiction (particularly on this series), but love it so much more when the work I put in is appreciated and appraised; thanks a ton- INYOTEF ;)

By the way, I forgot to do this in chapter 1- so for reasons of legality:

Disclaimer: Dark Angel and related characters are the property of James Cameron and the Fox Network; I do not own any rights to it. This is an erotic fanfic based on the cancelled TV series that starred Jessica Alba in the lead role (Max); therefore if you are unfamiliar with the show you will be unable to follow the story. This parody is written for entertainment purposes only. My apologies for writing anyone too much out of character, or for any spelling/grammatical errors.

Events herein are based on season 2- 'Freak Nation'


'Max, Max you have to wake up,' Jondy called out, 'Max can you here me?'

Max's head felt heavy as she lift it up. She was groggy and her body hurt and felt lame from exhaustion.

She looked up, and as her eyes tried to focus she saw the blurred silhouette of Jondy strapped up by her arms with her bare feet dangling in a bucket.

'WH-what's going on?' She slurred.

A door behind Max opened and a man in a cameo pants and a mustard top with brown army fatigues walked in followed by two hulking men in khaki combat uniforms. The man had thin black hair making it easy to see his scalp. He had a round face, hardened and unshaven; typical of someone who was in the military but had a problem with authority- like a AWOL soldier turned mercenary.
On entering he looked at the two woman.

Max tried to get up but was too weak, she was also completely naked. The man knelt down next to her, 'those tranks are a bitch hay, girlie, we use them to put down elephants back home when I go hunting for ivory,' he said in a strange accent.

'Kom hie hulle twee, lug haar op en maak haar vas,' he said in a language Max couldn't make out; but the two hulking men hoisting and strapping her up next to Jondy served as translation. They then put a bucket of water under her feet and placed them in it.

'Jondy, Jondy, Jondy, you disappoint me my girl,' said the man.
'I can explain Johan,' Jondy said.
'I have tapes of you and your X5 friend here stealing it,' the man, Johan said.

Johan, Max thought, her mind still frazzled; Johan Voster, the South African mercenary, the one Flinch had named when he did his info digging thing- he was in the meet with the bio-geneticist and Jondy...

Her thoughts were interrupted by a third hulking man entering the room with what looked like a car battery and jumper-cables that he put on a steel table in the small four-square room they were in.

Johan turned to Max, 'what about you loslaapie {slut}? he asked, in his deep white South African accent, 'you also develop amnesia all of a sudden, hay? Where are the stem cells?'

Max was utterly lost. When she tried to think it felt like there was a void in her brain, 'stem cells? What the hell are you talking about?' she asked wholly confused.

'Fine,' said Johan turning to the battery, and turning a knob on it causing it to hum with live charge. 'I did a stint in the Congo for a while, guerrilla warfare, specialising in experimental torture methods...'
'How do you say. I'm a man of many talents.'
He took the cables and rubbed the copper clamps together making them spark, 'you will talk...'

'So one more time. Where are the stem cells?'

Max wasn't too worried about the threats of torture. She new how to deal with it, after all she was an elite super-soldier. What bothered her was that it felt like a huge chunk of her memory was just- gone...!

How the hell did she end up here...?


27 hours ago...

...Max was breathless and sweaty, pleasure coursing through her body as her incredible orgasm lingered. She was lying there on Sway's chest, his softened cock still berried inside her sore pussy. Behind her, Jody was running her hands over Max's tense body, working her muscles making her feel extremely relaxed.

Sway roused from his state of euphoria and pushed Max off him. Still too tired to move Max rolled over onto the dirty ship sails.

Sway got up and grabbed Jondy's hair and kissed her fiercely, and Jondy eagerly kissed back. Breaking the kiss Jondy went down and took Sway's pale cock and started sucking it , bobbing her head vigorously, her sloppy blow job cleaning all Max's cum off him.

Watching the erotic moment before her had Max whimpering as her body was slowly filling with desire again.

She watched as Sway cut his arm with a knife, then stared in disbelief as he held the wound up to Jondy's lips, who began drinking his blood.

Jondy's eyes glazed, Sway whispering in her ear, and pulling her mouth away she straddled him and took his cock that was once again rigid, impaling herself on it. Max watched with baited breath as Jondy threw her head back moaning wildly as she thrust up and down enjoyably taking Sway's long cock into her slippery sex over and over again.

Max was again fully aroused, so when Sway motioned her to join in she had no objection. She got up and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. His cold hands cupped her pussy, where two of his fingers parted her pussy-lips and a third slid deep inside her.

'Ohhmigod, oh,' Jondy moaned next to Max, rolling her hips and thrusting hard on his lap.
Max cupped his face and deepened the kiss they shared, whimpering into his mouth with his finger driving in and out of her pussy.

Sway pulled her away and then pushed her head to his slit arm, Max kissing it, his cold blue-tinged blood trickling into her mouth, and without protest, caught in the rapturous act of fornication; she swallowed.

All of a sudden a soothing calmness overcame her. It wasn't an orgasm. It was like someone was massaging her brain.

'That's it you filthy slut,' Sway spoke, his voice almost dull, yet unavoidable in her ears, 'grind that cunt on my hand.'

Max found that she wanted nothing more than to obey him, so that is, simply, what she did. She worked her waist back and forth, then in circles, grinding her slick, wet cunt over his hand so that he could really finger her. That he did, and how; he fed two fingers into her wet cunt and pressed his thumb against her clit, rubbing it roughly.

She heard a squeal from some distance away, and in a misty stare watched Jondy spasm as she came hard, quivering as her orgasm filled her. Two of Sway's fingers slid in and out of Max's cunt, curling up when he went knuckle deep. Jondy still rode him, gasping for air, strands of her long blonde hair clinging to her sweaty face; she pressed into him intent on taking his long, thick cock as far in her sopping wet cunt as possible.

'Godyess!' Max moaned, her quim quivering, her clit throbbing, pleasure flooding her system from the top of her head down to her curling toes.

Sway pushed Jondy off him and took Max and threw her on her stomach, then lifted her waist before plunging his dick inside her spongy snatch again.

'Ha, ahh, Ooooh!' Max yelled out by the rough entry, only to swoon as he slid out and lunged in again. He kept it up only for a short while though before his thrusts became erratic.

He rammed into her twice more, farting on the second, then pulled out and blew his load over her back. The thick ropes of sperm splashed on her tan skin, some of it running down her butt and over her pussy.

Sway stood up after his orgy with the two girls and put on his pants and coat.
'Get yourselves dressed,' he told the two X5's, 'we have work to do.'

Both Max and Jondy felt dizzy, as if they were high on drugs, but they obediently did as they were told, pulling on their clothes...


Sway sat in the black van and the two X5 woman got out.

'Synchronise your watches with mine, we only have a 45 minute window,' he said.
'Done,' Jondy replied setting her watch with Max next to her complying.
'The guards are on an hourly rotation, she said, 'one blind spot on the northwest side. We keep casualties to a minimum.'
'Key cards will get us into the lab on the tenth floor. Twelve motion sensors, four more guards and a biometric lock with retinal scanner,' Max added.
'Right,' Sway confirmed what he had briefed them on, 'you meet me in the west parking bay at zero-two-hundred hours. And if you are caught?' he asked.
Jondy pulled out her silenced firearm, 'we put a bullet in our heads.'
'Good girl, X5-210' Sway smiled.

Max pulled out her own silenced gun and slipped a backpack on, and the two girls ran across the street to the thirteen story building with the 32 foot high razor-wire wall. They were told by Sway that Flinch had provided intel that the South African government was using it for genetic research. American scientists were bartered for large investments to the infrastructure to help America's crippling economy in the wake of the Pulse- though it was nothing more than a glorified hand out.

Max stood with her back to the wall cupping her hands together and Jondy took a running start stepped on Max's hands and with a boost, was flung 40 feet in the air. Jondy flipped over the wall taking advantage of the blind spot in the building security. On the other side of the wall Max ran, trudging up the side of the wall and throwing her body into the air, flipping over and clearing the wall without any help.

There were two sentries standing and taking a smoke break. Max snuck up to the one, gripped his head and snapped his neck, and as the other tried to go for his gun he caught a bullet in his forehead, courtesy of Jondy.

After hiding the bodies, the girls knelt in front of the building strapping climbing harnesses, ropes, quick draws, and spring loaded cams to themselves. They then pulled out air-compressed riffles with grappling hooks; stood up and shot them up on to the roof of the building.

Securing their harnesses they then ran up the side of the building reaching the tenth floor window in no time. Max used her equipment to cut the window cleanly then used a mirror to reflect the motion sensors lazar back on itself disabling it.

They slipped into the sterilized hallway, Jondy taking point. She signalled Max with her hand, alerting her to the two patrolling guards. They both marked their targets and took the shots- perfect precision headshots!

Max came around the corner to the two remaining guards at their work stations. Before they could react she flipped over the desk and kicked one in the chest sending him flying into the wall then twisted the others arm locking it around his own neck, cutting off his air supply and watching him pass out. She turned the other who groaned in pain as he tried to get up and put her boot thru his face sending him to dreamland.

Jondy pulled out a digital cam-corder and recorded the front of the secure door, then rigged the camera watching as it looped the footage to play what she had just recorded so that the guard detail in the security room would have no idea there was a break in.

Next the two X5's walked to the secure door. Jondy pulled out a severed eye that was in a plastic bag that she had got from Sway. Max pulled out the key card and took the liberty of checking her watch; 01:38 am , they had just over twenty minutes to zero hour.

She looked at Jondy then scanned the key card at the same time that she, Jondy, used the eye on the retinal scanner.

They were in!
They walked into a refrigerated clean room that felt ten below. Jondy walked over to one of the sophisticated cooling units that was iced over with hydrogen gas wheezing out. She released a valve opened it and took a blue medical test tube out. Jondy carefully secured it in her bag before she and Max left the storage room.

The went back to the window strapped on their harnesses then quickly grappled down to the ground.

The two woman sprinted to the rendezvous point camouflaged in their black combat gear by the darkness of night. As they arrived the van crashed through the gatehouse the guards running out and sounding the buildings alarms.

Max and Jondy got to the van.

"Give it to me?' Sway ordered.

Jondy handed him the bag without a word of objection.

'You X5's did a great job, they certainly built you well,' he smirked, 'unfortunately someone has to take the fall, besides the effects of my magic will be wearing off in the next few minutes. So be good and stay put.'

'Of course,' Max said obediently and watched as Sway sped off as the guards opened fire on his van.

A couple of minutes later the two X5's were surrounded by thirty plus South African guards with assault riffles pointed at them.

Standing there Max's head suddenly felt heavy and the world swam in front of her eyes. She wasn't aware of Jondy falling beside her before she too passed out...


The Present...

...'HAAH- HUH AAARRRGGH!' Max yelled out as volts of electricity- enough to kill a normal person- charged through her body; the water her feet were dangling in ensuring the current wasn't earthed and just channelled back into her.

Johan Voster unclipped the cable clamps from the skin of her stomach where they left bloody teeth marks, and looked at Max's pain cringed face. Max opened her eyes and spat blood on her perky breasts.

'Fun yes, hay?' he mocked.

'I already told you, we don't know about any goddamn stem cells. We're trained to remain silent under interrogation; think you stupid son uffa bitch, why would I lie?'

Johan slapped her through her face, 'listen to me you stupid cunt. We are on South African soil in this building. Diplomatic immunity. Do you know what that means, hay...?
'Yeah, it means you can slap me like a girl again free of criminal ramifications, that sound right?' Max said cockily.
'Oh you think you're smart don't you? Maybe another thousand volts-'
'You're are not listening to me-'
'No you listen!' Johan yelled, 'this building is secure to break ins. but you and that betraying bitch aren't exactly normal. Trained transgenic soldiers killing four of my specialised troops and stealing our research to sell to the highest bidder.'

'I'll give you some time to think about that, then I come back here and I braai {barbeque} you two, hay.'

Johan and his three henchmen left Max and Jondy hanging there...

'You ok baby sis?' Jondy asked.
Max spat blood on the floor, 'don't get much practice with torture working as a Jam Pony messenger. Unless you count delivering fetish porn to eighty year old geezers.'
Jondy laughed softly cringing because her bloody body still hurt. 'Good thing about being transgenic, in three days we'll be good as new.'
'These guys aren't playing around Jondy,' Max said trying to turn her body to look at her sister, 'you worked with them, what are they talking about?'
'The stem cells are embryonic hybrids, but spliced. It's a possible genetic make-up for a superior transgenic, created from the data in the human-nark list...'
'The South African's are putting up the funding and a covert organisation in our government is providing the data.'
'And with the stem cells and Flinch lost, they don't have anything to show for it,' Max finished. 'What I don't get is how the hell they captured us. Last thing I remember is...'
This time Jondy finished, 'fucking that psycho.'
'He must of drugged us somehow. Some kind of memory wiping toxin,' Max suggested.
'So we could have taken the stem cells and just not remember-' Jondy said.
'And handed it to Sway,' Max realised.

Johan and his goons came back in, 'ready to talk ladies?'
'We don't have your stem cells,' Max repeated, 'but we know where the human-nark list is.'

'Max!?' Jondy said shocked, as Max bargained their only leverage.

Johan looked at Max sceptically, 'You have the boy?'
'His safe with some friends of mine.'
'A trade then,' Johan said, 'your life for the boy.'

Max thought it over, she didn't want to hand Flinch to any government, foreign or domestic. But she needed a plan to get out of there, and this was as good as it was going to get; even her revved up body couldn't take much more jolts from Johan's little Frankenstein defibrillator...

'Cut us down and let me get hold of my peeps,' Max said.


Chinatown was packed as usual. Max got out of the back of the military Jeep along with Jondy, both their hands cuffed. They stood in the middle of a circle of eight of Johan's men, all armed with AK-47 assault riffles.

A grey box car pulled up and Max's heart froze!

The mechanical exoskeleton whirred as Logan got out of his car and tucked his gun in his jean. He held his breath as he saw Max bruised and wrapped in a blanket. Logan walked to Johan looking him in the eyes.

'I read an exposé on you a couple of years ago,' he said, 'how you charged into a village in Nigeria and rescued some woman that were being raped.'

'Really, you know we shot those ladies an hour later for double the pay. Now do I know you mister?' Johan asked.
'No, no you don't, I'm a reporter working for Eyes Only,' Logan replied.
'You expect me to believe X5's are working for a recluse cyber journalist?'
'I'm not asking you to believe anything, but maybe you should catch his cable hacks. His blowing the whole Manticore conspiracy wide open,' Logan said.
'Where is the boy?' Johan asked growing impatient.
'First let them go.'
'Do I look stupid, hay boet {brother}? You don't bring the boy out here in two minutes and I order my men-'
'You really shouldn't take your eyes off highly trained transgenic soldiers,' Logan said, nodding behind Johan.

He turned to see all his men incapacitated and Max and Jondy standing with two assault riffles, then he heard the click of a pistol and turned back to look down the barrel of Lagan's gun.

Max tossed the riffle aside and walked up to him, 'let's say I let you walk away and you let go of all this, and not try and hunt me down...'
'Coz here's the facts, I don't want that research on the black market anymore than you or your government does. So I'm gonna find it.'
'As for the kid; his off limits, coz I'm not seeing him tested on again.'

'So you expect me to call us even?' Johan asked smugly.
'Hell no!' Max snapped. She punched him hard through the face, cracking his jaw and knocking him out.
'Now we're even. Asshole!'

'You're pretty banged up,' Logan said concerned looking at the bruises and dry blood in Max's face.
'Just a scratch,' she said awkwardly, 'where's Alec, I called hi-?'
'And he called me,' Logan said.
'Oh,' Max said, 'right.'
'We better get moving before these guys come to,' Logan suggested.


'Nothing? No intel whatsoever from the abduction of the human-nark list till now; what did everyone involved just drop off the grid?' Ames white asked frustrated as he paced around in the C.I.A. debriefing room.

He shoved the files and photos off the table and onto the floor in anger, 'you call this a goddamn intelligence agency!'

'We know that the X7 was involved in the shoot out at the gentlemen's club in the financial district, sir. And there were two X5 females present-'
'Right,' White retorted, 'and Whitaker was shot execution style at point blank range meaning he was involved somehow...'
'What I want to know is FUCKING, HOW...!'

The agents present kept there mouths shut as they watched White turn red-faced. White meanwhile took a seat and slowed his breathing...

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