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Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 05


Authors note: With this the final chapter in my most daring attempt at a Dark Angel story I mustered yet (I mean I wrecked my brains tying the plot together, it was really a bitch)!!! I'd like to acknowledge those who showed their support via their comments one final time. Also while I have an idea for another story, it is just that: An idea! Nothing is down in ink, I don't even have a title, which is usually my starting point. What this means is I won't have another Dark Angel erotica up anytime soon. I do apologise for this and hope I can make it up with this; the finale of my crown attempt at stringing words into a capturing tale of lust, passion, sex, action, and intrigue- INYOTEF ;)

PS: That last sentence may have been a bit much- So just read my shit if you want; cool?


'I dunno of you're listening,' Max said as she stood before the alter lighting incense, then looked up at the large crucifix mounted on the wall, staring soulfully at the carved wooden face of the once- savior of mankind. 'Hell, I dunno if you're even really there.'

She looked at his crown of thorns wondering if it was the fated token for those who were dumb enough to think that people could change.

After all this was suppose to have been a proud country once, a 'super-power' with money hanging out the butt. Then one fateful day an EMP dropped and it all came crumbling down, and gone to shit; and now the great US was looking to lesser countries to lean on.

She looked up at their Messiah, and continued speaking scornfully, 'you know they say you're up there just watching, I don't know what for. But I get that, I really do. Being separate from all the playas just to know you're not part of it all, that you different (she was speaking of her own escapism to her sanctuary atop the vandalised Space Needle)...'

'Still, they say you care. That you and the 'blue lady' watch over them. Look I don't believe in any of that shit. Hell I don't believe I was created by some infallible, divine whatever...'

'I guess I'm taking a leap of faith here, and asking for a little help; if you ain't to busy an' all...'

'Hallo X5.' said the voice behind her.

She turned to see Johan Voster coming down the isle with a few of his men, all armed with AK-47's, 'the name's Max.'

'I didn't peg you as the religious type, hay. I mean we're soldiers, the things we see-' 'Ever heard the saying, there's no atheists' in foxholes?' Max chimed. 'So, Max; X5-452, you are a smart girl, hay. You're fucking with my plans, but I can forgive, that's why I took your invite to come here.'

'I have a story to tell you,' Max smiled.

'Do you now?'

'Oh yeah, you're gonna love it, but where to start...?'

'Let's see,' Max smirked, 'you and your men get employed by Biovex as armed protection for Professor Twala's research project, and then you accompany him to San Francisco to a meet with Jondy where you hear about the nark list. You then do recon and find out that the nark list is really a human-nark list, so figuring its all bout the dolla dolla, you start to scheme...'

'But you need to shift the attention from yourself. So with access to American databases you find out about Sway and contact him arranging a plot to have him approach Dan Whitaker...'

She took a breath before continuing, 'without him knowing, you set up Sway as your middle-man having him secure Flinch. But things go sideways when the kid escapes. So you need a plan B, a back up. You have Sway kidnap Twala so you can get his research. Knowing bout Sway's special puppeteering trick, you have him get some X5 soldiers to do the dirty work of collecting the stem cells, knowing it can't be traced to you and leaving you free to interrogate us while knowing we'd have no recollection of any of it...'

'So now you have the stem cells; and if you get your hands on the kid you would have the jackpot prize in genetic research, then you can go after that cheddar. The C.R.E.A.M.....'

'Cash rules everything around me!'

'Coz you got the best in technology on creating a superior transgenic to what Manticore accomplished; double the strengths and none of the flaws, that's worth a couple'a billion on the black market...'

'How's that for the monologue of an evil geniuses plan?' Max taunted.

Johan looked at Max with the utmost disdain, 'pretty story, but you can't prove any of it sweeth-'

'Do I look like a police detective?' Max interjected.

The two doors to her sides opened and Jondy and Alec came out armed with assault riffles; while on the balcony behind Johan and his men, Logan positioned himself with a sniper.

'This here is my team. But that is the least of you worries sweetie,' Max said.

'See I brought along a nifty low-jack with a built in receiver I found on Professor Twala, meaning everything spoken here is being recorded by a C.I.A. detail. The kind of government agents who neutralise a threat without worrying bout red tape, like diplomatic immunity for foreign nationals. The kind of agents who put a bullet in your heads just because you're suspected of being a threat coz you farted and they wanna cap you for a lethal aerosol assault...'

'Oh, and if Sway is a really good operative, then he was listening in too,' Max smiled, 'and I don't think his gonna like it a whole lot that you were using him. Word on the street is, his kinda ruthless.'

Max was on high alert, as were the two transgenics with her; they all heard the simultaneous clicking of snipers. Johan lifted his riffle to fire just as canisters crashed through the windows and smoke started filling the room making the streaming laser-sights visible. The first shot caught the man on Johan's left thru the head.

Max, Alec and Jondy got down as the gunfire erupted. There were multiple crashes as men in black combat gear came in through the windows wearing gasmasks.

'You really got us in it this time!' Alec yelled gunning down three of Johan's men.

'Hey, you were trained for combat. So call this a training op,' Max retorted.

'Training op, you're kidding, right.'

'Caught in a crossfire between the government and foreign mercenaries; seems like pretty standard field work,' Jondy joked as she shot two South African's in the head and one C.I.A. agent in the chest.

'Right, it'll be White and Sway who are the real threats,' Max said, 'you guys hang around here and keep things under control; I'm gonna find those stem cells.'

Johan cursed his jamming riffle as bullets ricocheted around him, splintered pieces of wood flinging into the dusty air.

'Bluddy piece of junk,' he yelled. 'Vok,' he cursed again in his mother tongue, 'Julle twee, try om rond te gaan, vlank daai bliksims {You two, try and go around, flank those bastards}!' he shouted at two of his men.

The two mercs kept low as they went to the far right of the rows of benches then carried on along them up toward the alter. The bullet hit the back of the first mercs head, popping out of his forehead killing him instantly. The other quickly backed up into cover trying to spot the sniper.

Above him on in the second level seating area, Logan put his eye to the scope waiting for the second mercenary to rear his head, finger resting gently on the hair trigger of Jondy's customised sniper riffle. The merc peeked out with his AK trying to get a clear shot, but it was enough for Logan to catch him in the crosshairs, and he held his breath when squeezing the trigger. The mercs head snapped back harshly from the impact of the headshot, blood splattering over the oak bench...

Max decided on a more athletic approach to her target seeing as how she had no fire power. She jumped up grabbing hold of the wall skirting with the tips of her fingers then back flipped onto the wooden roof beams. Maintaining balance she ran across the beam till she was above Johan's group then dropped down in the middle of them.

The mercenary's were caught off guard as Max attacked, punching the first hard in the face then grabbing the arm of the one next to him and using her elbow to break it. The man behind her tried to turn and shoot her but caught a bullet in the head instead from Alec; while Jondy shot down two behind Max. Max flipped on her hands and spun her body into a twirl, kicking down the three men that were bearing on her. She shot up lunged her foot into another's chest, then directly spun and kicked the merc next to him as well, both men crumbling courtesy of her super-human strength.

Johan grabbed his knife and went for Max, thrusting it at her. Max turned and caught his knife hand, then twisted it, snapping his wrist.

She spun him around and kicked the back of his knee dropping him on one leg then tugged his hair and spoke mockingly in his ear, 'how's it hanging Johan, I gotta say I'm impressed with South African training; not! So here's the dealio, I'm gonna have to search you now, kay, so try to behave.'

She pulled him up and pushed him over the backrest of the bench in front of them then kicked his feet apart. Next Max checked the many pockets of his combat gear and found the blue vial with the stem cells in the inner pocket of his body armour.

'Gimme th-' Johan tried to yell grabbing for the vial but caught a palm in his face instead, sending him to dreamland.

While her objective was complete, Max and her group were still pinned down by the remaining mercs as well as White's agents. Max herself as smack in the middle of the battle while Jondy, Alec, and Logan tried their best to cover her as she took out one bad guy after the other. At present she shot into the air spinning her body and bringing her foot down on an agents head, then on landing she kicked another in the groin before rising with an uppercut beneath his chin that lifted him off the ground. Max grabbed him and pulled him in front of her as a human shield when his buddy opened fire. The agents body rattled as he was filled with led before Max threw him into his friend then kicked his lifeless back sending them both flying over the benches.

Alec meanwhile dropped the riffle he had that was out of ammo and pulled out his handgun firing off two shots, putting holes in two C.I.A. agents. Jondy had her back to his and emptied her own riffle clip as well.

'How ya doing?' she asked Alec.

'Down to eleven,' he said, firing another shot, 'make that ten.'

'I'm out,' Jondy said, time to make an exit.'

She looked in shock as a merc crashed into the wall a few feet away from her then looked up on the balcony as Logan used his exoskeleton to send another out the window, before he jumped threw it making his own escape.

'I'm out,' she heard Alec inform her, 'les move!'

She ran toward Alec and he grabbed her hand and flung her across the church. She flipped and landed behind a group of C.I.A. agents then pounced on them. She kicked the first in the lower back, snapping his vertebrae then pulled his gun from his holster and shot the agent behind him in the head.

Alec moved with enhanced speed and punched an agent in the face shattering the Perspex of his gasmask then gripped another's arm locking it and dislocating his shoulder then throwing him on the ground. Near to Jondy; Alec ducked as she kicked over him, catching another agent in the face. She hoisted herself off Alec's back and shot her body up and over three agents. As they turned to face her, Alec kicked the back knee of one of them then snapped his neck while Jondy spun into a roundhouse kick taking down the other two simultaneously. They stood back to back, both of them rearmed with SMG's looking down at the seven incapacitated agents.

Jondy was looking down the sight of the weapon ready to act, 'all clear! Move out.'

'Rodger that soulja girl,' Alec smirked and chuckled, slinging the weapon over his shoulder...

Outside Ames White watched thru a pair of binoculars, 'do we have any visuals on the professor or the human-nark list?' he asked his team inside over the radio. 'Negative, sir,' one of his men responded, 'we need to fall back, the team of X5's is taking our men and the South African mercs apart!'

White threw his radio on the pavement in anger, breaking it. He stormed off shoving two of his agents out of the way as he went to a secluded spot where he took out his cell and made a call.

'Fe'nos tol. We, I have a problem. 452 lured me here under the assumption that she had brought the boy...'

'No, I'm not incompetent. She obviously found the tracker my men put on the-' 'I'm not making excuses, but if I push this I may blow my cover with the agency...'

'Yes I understand. We move forward...'

'Capture 452, kill her friends and make her tell me where the kid is...'

'Fe'nos tol.'

White flicked his cell closed and pulled out his gun. He ran inside the church and straight into the fire fight, shooting down two of the mercenary's. One grabbed him from behind in a choke hold, but White merely grabbed his hand and twisted his wrist then broke his arm with his superior strength; he then turned and hit him in the gut and as the merc lurched forward White wrapped his arm around his head and snapped his neck like a twig.

He turned to find another merc trying to fire at him, and as he did White dropped down dodging the bullet then balanced his weight on his right arm and kicked the man, shattering his rib cage. He flipped back up and stood over the man as he cringed in pain on the ground then shot him in the forehead.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of Max making for the church's steeple and shot after her, reloading his gun on the way.

Max ran up the stairs and found herself on the roof of the church. She peered over the side to see Alec and Jondy retreating out the side entrance and Logan running to safety down one of the alley's.

'X5,' said the calm voice.

She turned to find herself face to face with Sway.

'I know you have the stem cells, and I am not walking away from this empty handed,' he said menacingly, glaring at her, 'hand it over?'

'I'd of thunk you got your ass kicked by me enough times,' Max mocked.

'I'm not asking again,' Sway warned, pulling out his gun.

'Not so fast, freak,' said Ames White, coming out the church holding his own gun on Sway.

Max looked from Ames to Sway, the odds of her getting out of this one were dropping fast.

'Well, this sure is a pickle, huh fellas,' she said pulling the vial with the stem cells out, 'what to do, what to do?'

'Oh I don't give a rats ass about those cells 452. Of course I also can't shoot you because the Conclave needs you alive. And the X7 wants the cells-'

'And you both want the human-nark list,' Max finished, 'guess we got ourselves an old fashioned stand off gentlemen.'

Sway dropped his gun and moved in to punch Max who ducked just as Ames blocked his shot. Max swept White's leg then flipped up to kick Sway who grabbed her by the throat and thrust her against the wall and lifted her off her feet choking her.

White grabbed a piece of wooden beam and hit Sway over his back, and he yelled out in pain, dropping Max. White hit again, this time over his head leaving a large, bloody gash. Max got on one knee coughing and picked up the vial and pocketed it then tried to hoist herself over the wall, but White grabbed her hair and yanked her back, dropping her on her ass.

She flipped herself up again and shot at him with a flurry of punches but he moved his feet and blocked each one before grabbing her arm, locking it and forcing her down on one knee. Max clenched her jaw as the pain shot through her body then used her agility to do a side flip to release the lock and on turning she kicked White in the face sending him to the floor.

She barely caught her breath before Sway grabbed her round her body, lifted her off the ground and squeezed hard, crushing her ribs and constricting her breathing. Max wheezed in his grasp trying to free herself but he was stronger and her breathing was shallow.

In a desperate attempt she kicked against the stone parapet and sent them crashing through the large decorated window, dropping into the cathedral's main hall.

Max cringed as she moved. She had a cut over her left eyebrow, blood trickling off over her eyelid; her whole body aching from the fall. She was lying on the alter covered in dust and broken shards of glass.

She looked up and reacted at a split-seconds notice as the steel cross came thundering down and chipped the alter just missing her. Sway came at her with another swing and she ducked, feeling it swipe over her hair. The third swing came and she crossed her forearms blocking it, then gripped the cross and kicked Sway in the gut before turning with a swing of her own catching him in the face.

Max's stance was ready, her body was sore but she refused to give in. White had entered the fray again standing a few feet away.

'Still time for you boys to turn tail,' Max quipped.

Sway stood glaring at her, his mouth bleeding and so was the gash on top of his head.

White moved first, thrusting his foot at Max who blocked it with the steel cross then tried to sweep him with it, but he flipped out the way only to have Sway kick him in the back on landing, throwing him off his feet.

Max spun the cross over her head then thrust the end of it in Sway's stomach, and he dropped down groaning. She spun it again and turned hitting White in the face (and scraping his cheek) as he tried to get up. Next she turned back to Sway and used the steel cross as a pole volt and kicked him again sending him flying over the church benches.

Meanwhile Johan gained consciousness, and groggily stood up. In his blurry vision he watched the three fight it out, and got up pulling out his gun...

Max, being X5, had the advantage of having super-sensitive senses, and heard the gun cock. As the shot fired she turned and flipped her body vertically, dodging the bullet. She then landed and threw the cross at Johan with all her might. The sharp front end of it pierced his chest and yanked him off his feet, impaling him against the wall! Still alive he coughed, blood pouring out of his mouth.

The sirens of the cops could be heard coming in from the distance, and looking out the window Max could see the police hover drones flying about...

She turned to where Sway was but he had vanished.

White was still down and all Johan's men were backing off; that was the way of mercs: with their leader down, they'd leave the fight and take off; no honour.

Still Max knew she had to get out of their as well, so she backed away and disappeared in the swirling dust...

Thirty minutes later the police had been put on the sidelines by the C.I.A. clean-up crew. White stood and watched as his men questioned Johan after they had got him off the wall.

'He refuses to cooperate sir. Says his a foreign national,' one of the agents said.

'Doesn't matter,' White replied, 'we have it all on tape. Get our boys out of here and try and pick up 452's trail...'

'And get a story for the media, tell them a terrorist attack had been averted.' 'Yes sir.'

White walked over to Johan, 'Mr. Voster, I just wanted to tell you your cooperation is no longer required.'

Johan looked at him suspiciously, then his eyes widened as White pulled out his gun. He shot Johan in the throat and watched as he gurgled with the heavy flow of blood splattering out the wound before the life drained out of him...


Wearing surgical gloves Logan used disinfectant and cotton wool, carefully dabbing the cut above Max's eye.

'There you go,' he smiled warmly.

Max opened her eyes and looked at him awkwardly. With the way that he was staring at her, her mind flashed back to the dream of him masturbating while she played with herself I front of him.

'Eh, th- thanks,' she said, getting up and shaking off the arousal.

Logan frowned than sighed in frustration before turning to her, 'Max, can we talk about thi-'

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