Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 05


She was so goddamn wet, so fucking horny, she bucked and squirmed, and writhed as she felt that cock piston in and out of her pussy. Shit it felt so good she thought, so fucking good; more, she wanted more. Her body craved it, needed it; and she listened, taking that cock over and over and deeper and harder!

Sketchy gave out a throaty growl feeling her wetness spill on his balls. She was incredible bouncing on his lap. His cock was so hard, it was so warm inside her enveloping cunt.

Max mashed her tits together as she thrust up and down, every fibre of her being was now tingling with-

'Oh shit,' she yelped as Sketchy pushed her off and she fell on all fours.

He got behind her and gave her ass a hard slap, making her flinch in surprise before slipping his cock back inside her slippery twat and immediately slamming into her body.

'Ogodogodogod!' Max whined with Sketchy driving roughly in and out of her from behind, the new position giving him more depth.

He pushed in all the way, his ball sack hitting her clit then slid out to his knob before slamming in again, doing it at a hard and fast pace.

Max could barely grunt as Sketchy fucked her hard. She just enjoyed his cock sliding in and out of her, filling her so perfectly, so, so perfectly!

She pulled her waist forward letting him slide out of her, then urgently turned around and gripped his cock. She spat on it then sucked it, bobbing her head roughly, tasting herself on him. After that she quickly pushed him down and got on him, plunging her body down on his dick.

'Fuck it!' she growled as she rode his cock roughly, 'fuck that pussy. Fuck the shit out of it!'

Her raw animalism took over, and she slammed her waist on his cock rapidly. She clenched her buttocks, her ass moving at a blurring speed as she slapped it up and down.

'You like that you bitch, you like that pussy!' she spat, then went down and kissed him roughly, plunging her tongue in his mouth.

Sketchy's eyes snapped shut and he groaned, this was like something out of his porn collection!

Harder and harder Max went! She took Sketchy's hand to her clitoris, 'make me cum, fucking make me cum!'

Sketchy rubbed the little nub of flesh as Max continued to bounce up and down. She grew wetter and warmer, her pussy now dripping its flow on his cock.

The feeling that began in her stomach spread and filled her body, and Max basked in it. She slowed down and swallowed Sketchy's cock balls-deep then rotated her waist. Her breathing was raspy as she slid up and down half his length watching his eyes flutter; feeling him throb with urgent need inside her.

It happened simultaneously: Max shot into raking spasms and Sketchy twitched. She groaned as her body shook violently and he growled as his load exploded inside her!

Max could barely think as her orgasm washed over her, her sopping cunt milking the warm cum bursting into her womb. Awkwardly she thrust up and down as the endorphins filled her and she just let herself be overwhelmed...

Sweaty and sated, reality reared its ugly head, and Max found herself actually sitting there with Sketchy's slackened cock inside her...

'Dear God,' she whimpered, realising what she had just done! 'Shit...'

She got off him, cringing as she felt his slick cock slip out of her pussy. What had she done? Her only hope was that he was so drunk that he really believed she was Alison. She made a move to get out of his bed and get her clothes so that she could make her exit-

'Hummnnn, 'I always knew you wanted me Maxie.'

Max's eyes shot open and she froze with one foot out of his bed, her heart pounding as Sketchy began to snore beside her once again. If he remembered this at work life was really going to be a little bit more unbearable for her; she got nauseas just thinking about it...

...Fucking heat!


Max (X5-452): Jessica Alba

Logan Cale: Michael Weatherly

Alec (X5-494): Jensen Ackles

Ames White: Martin Cummins

Original Cindy:Valerie Rae Miller

Sketchy:Richard Gunn


Flinch:Jay Baruchel

Sway (X7-005):WWE's Randy Ortin

Jondy (X5-210):Yvonne Strahovski

Johan Voster:Arnold Vosloo

Prof. Henry Twala:Djimon Hounsou


* Hope you enjoyed it- INYOTEF ;) *

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