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Dark Angel: Nemesis


Disclaimer: I do not own the series that this finfic is adapted from, nor do I make any money from the writing of it.

Just a few things to take note of: Firstly this is a story based on the cancelled James Cameron's Dark Angel series that stared Jessica Alba, so if you are unfamiliar with the show you'll be more than a bit lost. Then also, this is a sequel to a story that I posted on chyoo.com, so I would suggest that you check that out first.

I hope you enjoy the story, and that the characters won't be too much out of character. Sorry for spelling/grammar mistakes. Enjoy.


The smoggy Seattle air was turning a crimson red as the sun sank over the horizon. The noise from the city seemed to grow louder; odd seeing as how in just a few hours it would be curfew. There was a chilly wind in the air, the prediction of the downpour that was going to come soon.

High up in the sky, away from the dirt, the pollution, and the noise; high atop the vandalized Space Needle, Max sat clutching her leather clad knees. Her mind was wrought with the memories of the past couple of months. It wasn't like she had the rosiest of lives; the fact was that from the day she was born, her life had been a constant fight to survive...

...Being born in a secrete government facility as a genetically altered super-soldier had gifted her with the most extraordinary of gifts, including enhanced speed, strength, and vision; but it had taken so much away as well, too much. She had spent the first few years of her life training rigorously, going through grueling regiments to focus her exceptional abilities and turn her, and her comrades into the perfect killers. And after she had escaped the hellish facility it was a constant effort to stay one step ahead of the government agents that were hunting her.

Despite all the odds stacked up against her, she had managed to build a life for herself, managed to find a home, friends, and a job. All of it had been worth the constant looking over her shoulder. She had been blessed...

Then, two months ago it happened...

A psycho transgenic had come into her life. Sway. He was a transgenic built of special incursion into snowy climates; the result being that his entire body, that was cold to the touch, was pale white, with blue veins popping out. That wasn't the worst of it; Sway's blood held special enzymes, enzymes that could put people under his spell. It allowed him to control those he had forced to drink it, much like hypnotic suggestion.

Sway had used his blood to control Max's family. First Zack, then he used him to capture Jondi. After that he again used Zack to capture Max herself. Then the two of them were used to get Tinga.

Having his own little army together, Sway told Max and her brother's and sister's of a pharmaceutical company, Genix.inc, which served as a front for "Frontline" a new government splinter faction dubbed the spearhead of a new Manticore. This new facility was headed by Ames White, the agent that was making Max's life a living hell.

Sway used the four transgenic's to break into and bring down Frontline; they succeeded, but at great cost...

Seth was caught in the explosion.

Tinga and Jondi left Seattle, went out on their own. All three women knew they had to go it alone to survive...

Now Max was trying to piece back the shattered fragments of her life, her loss.

She sighed as she got to her feet. Keeping all this bottled inside was taking its toll, it would probably be best if she spoke to someone. Logan. It must have been three months since she had seen him. He had tried to contact her but she had ignored it. She just wasn't ready to tell him about all this. What was she going to say anyway? Tell him how some freak transgenic first ordered her to fuck him before he had her destroy an entire base?

Max fell forward off the Space Needle, the cold air whizzed in her ears as she dived down, adrenalin building as she plummeted to the ground. She twisted her body; the feline genes gifted her by Manticore allowing her to land gracefully on her hands and knees. Max walked over to her bike, got on and started it up. She looked up at the sky as the droplets of rain began to fall, then she sped off down the street.


Max unzipped her leather jacket and threw it on the couch as she entered her apartment. The place was quiet without Original Cindy around; she had gone upstate with a friend for a couple of days. Her mind was still fogged with the memories that were causing her to wallow in a morbid mood. She felt depressed and helpless.

Max walked into the bathroom and turned the hot water of the shower on; the pipes vibrating before the brown tinted water flowed out because of the rust in the old pipes. She hit the faucet twice with her fist and the water cleared, steam starting to fill the room. She reached for the hem of her black tank top...


"Shit", she muttered.

She closed the tap again and headed to the door...

"Who is it?"

No answer. She unlocked the door and opened it.

The man that was holding his body up against the door fell forward into her arms. She caught him, holding his weight easily enough with her enhanced strength. He looked up at her groggily...

"Mmmax", Seth groaned before loosing conciseness.


Seth winced as he stirred at the sharp sting on his forehead. His eyes fluttered open, his vision clearing, seeing Max with a bloody cloth dabbing his head.

"Lie still", she said, "you're in pretty bad shape."

Energy completely sapped, he slipped under again.


Max stood by her room door checking up on Seth for the fourth time that night. It was a little after 3am. She had removed his torn top and bandaged his ribs, three of them having been broken. She also saw to the gash on his forehead. Even as a transgenic, he'd take a while to recover.

She saw him come too again and walked over, sitting on the bed beside him. He looked up at her, squinting as she switched on the bed lamp.

"Max, I made it."

"You got yourself pretty banged up. How the hell..."

He tried to sit up, wincing in pain before Max placed her hand on his chest, stopping him.

"I woke up under some rubble..." "Had jus enough of my senses to stay hidden..."

He paused the way he always did.

"Government agents are crawling all over the Frontline base, dressed as US army members."

Max was staring at the bed lamp, "Their gonna clean things up."

"Yeah, that was my guess too. I don't know how I got out of there but I did, I got here, to you, needed to warn you and Jondi and Tinga."

"Warn us?"

"White and his men caught that son uffa bitch Max. They caught Sway."

Max was confused, "So, he deserves to go back there."

"Max he'll sing. He knows where we all are, he was in our heads when we drank his blood, and he'll lead White right too us..."

"Max we have to run!"

"No!" Max said simply.

Seth looked at her dumbfounded.

She looked at him, "I stayed here when Lydecker and his men were after me, and I was here when White took over. This is my life and I'm not running!"


"I know someone who can help. Who has been helping me all along..."

This time she paused.

"I lost sight of that somewhere along the way."

Her soft doe eyes had a sad look in them; it was a look that Seth knew all too well. It came with the territory, with being what they were. He reached out and caressed her cheek and she looked at him. She bent down and hugged him, resting her head on his muscular chest. All at once everything crashed down on her, the weight of everything that had happened, and she broke down in his arms.

Seth held her as she cried, trying to be reassuring he patted her soft black hair. She looked up at him her eyes a bit red.

She didn't think, she just pressed her soft, full lips against his, slipping her tongue into his mouth on contact. She kissed him slowly; exploring is mouth letting her tongue slide over his, her eyes closing as all the stress dissolved into passion.

As they kissed her body grew warmer as she became more and more aroused. Seth had cupped her face and intensified the kiss and she had started nipping and biting at his lips. She moaned into his mouth as his hand rubbed over the swell of her breast through her vest.

She pulled away from him looking into his eyes. Max got up and in a second her tight leather pants were flung across the room before she slipped off her black lace thong. Seth groaned as his eyes fell on her clean shaven pussy in the dim light of the room.

Max got on top of him swinging her leg over as she straddled him. She tugged the blankets off trying to find his jean button. Seeing her nipples strain against her tight top, Seth quickly pushed it up exposing her full, firm round tits. As he groped and kneaded them he felt her hard nipples skim under his palms.

"Fuck Max", he groaned as his pants were pulled down and his thick, hard cock sprang free.

The unyielding need had consumed Max making her impatient. She jerked his cock twice before she guided him between her thighs; she smiled at him licking her lips before she pushed her hips down, his cock head dipping inside her.

Somewhere in the back of her mind was the feeling that this was wrong, that she couldn't have sex with her brother. But she ignored it as she moved her waist up and down slowly feeding his cock into herself.

Her hot, tight pussy stretched open, her off-brown lips wrapping around his hard cock as it pushed into her. She removed her hand from his cock and rested it on his chest as she started riding half his cock slowly.

Taking in one shaky breath after another, Max started riding Seth very, very slowly. Allowing him to open her pussy slightly with every thrust of her hips, his cock gliding a inch further up into her every time.

Seth was fighting the pain of his aching ribs as Max enjoyed herself, her incredibly sexy, toned body moving deliberately slowly on top of him. His cock tingling in the hotness and wetness of her sex.

Max bit her lip as her ass rubbed against his balls, letting her know that she sank all the way down his length. She stopped moving for a moment, allowing herself to get lost in the pleasurable shivers that were running up her spine.

She slowly started up again, her pussy gripping around his cock as she thrust her body up and down, her lips pursed in soft moans as she fucked him ever so slowly. Seth groped her tits tighter as her felt how warm, wet, and inviting her cunt was becoming, she was amazing.

Without warning Max pressed against his chest and started thrusting herself faster up and down his cock gaining speed with every motion. Max pinched her eyes closed as she rolled her hips over Seth's cock enjoying herself as her gash invited him deeper.

The pleasure increased and she fucked faster, running her cunt over his length.

"Oh god, Ohh, ohh, ohh", her moans grew louder as her body started to tingle. Seth left her breast and grabbed hold of her waist as she slammed herself onto him. His cock was starting to twitch inside her as he felt his balls tighten.

"Fuck ME!" Max yelled as her breathing grew ragged, her huffing increasing as she felt the first quivers of her budding orgasm. She bent over him bucking her hips as she thrust her cunt over his cock.

She bit her lip hard pressing her hips into his, swallowing his cock as deep into her cunt as she could as her body began to shudder. The warmth of her climax coursed through her in the throes of ecstasy, and her muscles shot into spasms before they tensed.

The feeling of Max's already tight pussy gripping around his cock and leaking her vaginal excretions all over his cock was more than Seth could bare. His hips jerked pushing his cock further into her before he ripped. Max's eyes shot open and she swallowed hard and then licked her lips as she felt the hot sticky cream gush into her vagina.

Sated, satisfied, but in control Max came to her senses. The realization of what she had done dawning on her. She didn't look at Seth as she got up off him. Grabbing her clothes, she walked out of her room.


Max again started up the water in the shower. Yet, again she was disturbed...

This time it was the sound of a van down in the street. Max walked to the window and looked out.

"Oh fuck", she said, as she saw Sway get out of a van followed by six government agents...

"Max, trouble", came Seth's voice from the other room...


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