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Dark Angel: Temperance


Disclaimer: Dark Angel and related characters are the property of James Cameron & Fox network; I do not own any rights to it. This is an erotic fanfic based on the cancelled TV series that starred Jessica Alba in the lead role (Max); therefore if you are unfamiliar with the TV show you will be unable to follow the story. This parody is written for entertainment purposes only. My apologies for writing anyone too much out of character, and for any spelling/grammatical errors. For the purpose of this story, it's best you read Dark Angel: Heat Wave ch. 1-4 first; as this is a continuation of that story.

Previously in Dark Angel (Heat Wave ch. 1-4)...

"What the hell are you thinking?"

"In heat and going undercover as a call girl, really smart Max..."

'Do not attempt to adjust your set, this is a Streaming Freedom Video...'

'The Russian mob bring in an estimate of a 100 000 foreign underage woman a year. Most are smuggled into the country are helped brought in by Sector cops on the take, paid by Police Chief Donald Hady.'

'Most of the activity goes down in China Town where the girls are handed over to mob boss Sergei Petrovic...'

"Alright," Logan said to Max, "you know what to do?"

"I get into Club Vodka and find this Sergei Bytchkov..."


"Eric?" Max was shocked to see him, it had been a year ago, she had been in heat then too and dragged him to her place, but he fell asleep before anything happened, of course she didn't tell him that.

"You're right, I played you," she said putting her hand on his chest pushing him into the near-by sofa.

Max placed her hands on his shoulders and started moving faster grinding her body against his, her mind completely focused on the hard cock inside her. She rode faster inviting him deeper into her pussy her ass soon tapping against his balls...

Mr. Petrovic saw you on the cameras, he wants to see you..."

Sergei Petrovic, Mikhail the Bulldog, Sergei Bytchkov-all three men in the same room Max thought.

Petrovic called Mikhail over and whispered something in his ear.

"Bend over table," Mikhail ordered.

"Oh, Oh, Oh," Max moaned as Mikhail thrust his long, thick cock in and out of her cunt, her juices starting to run down her inner-thigh. She ran her pussy back against him, slid it over his cock increasing the feeling...

Mikhail smiled before his eyes shot open as he saw Max's fist flying in and his world darkened. Max flipped over the desk then spun around driving her foot through Petrovic's face.

"Here's the dealio Bytchkov, your boss found out you were gonna rat him out and he was gonna put a cap in your ass..."


Max looked over to the screaming and car horn sounds, Eric was calling her over.

"Who the hell is this?" Bytchkov asked, it is man you were fucking in my club.

You work for Eyes Only?"

"Shit Max, you're part of the Eyes, fucking, Only Informant Net?" Eric asked shocked...

"Where are you taking me? If Petrovic or Hady finds me."

"There's a safe house in this sector," Max replied...

Max clutched the blankets of the bed her leg pressed against her chest, Eric holding in place over his shoulder as he pistonned in and out of her pussy...

The sexual fog lifted by the sound of the phone ringing.


"Logan," Max squeaked.

She wanted to push Eric off her but instead fumbled to put the phone down then clutched him closer to her arching her back pushing her tits into his chest.

She shot up and looked at the phone, it wasn't on the receiver, it was lying on the ground; had Logan heard?

She had to get out of here now...!

Max and Bytchkov froze...

The clerk lay across the counter, his neck snapped violently.

They left the hotel and went to Eric's car.

She looked at the man that crashed through the fourth story window and landed unscathed.

She had seen them before, super-adrenaline supped whack jobs caused by a chip in their brains-Reds!

"Max, Lo- Blaine stopped himself when he saw Bytchkov, "boss-man's in his computer room..."

Logon sat in front of his computer working on files on Petrovic and Hady, "I send you to pick up a witness and you fuck him?" Max eyes widened, Logan thought he had heard her screwing Bytchkov. As stupid a thought as it was, she was sought of relieved he didn't know it was Eric. But she didn't say anything further, still pissed, she just left the room.

Max went to the room and took the beeper, she didn't recognise the number. Max picked up the phone and dialled the cell number.

"Max, this is Donald Hady."

The line went quiet.


Max got a lump in her throat at the sound of Eric's voice.

"Max don't give them-"

"Sorry," Hady was back on the line, "bring Mr. Bytchkov to the warehouses on the docks, I won't elaborate on what will happen to your friend..."

Max approached the warehouse holding Bytchkov by the arm, the two corrupt sector cops pointing their guns at her.

Max heard a loud thud behind her and turned to see the two Reds staring at her, their faces cold and expressionless...

"Oh shit...!" she gasped...

"Before we continue, I need to take care of business," Hady interrupted pulling out his firearm.

Max was so worried about the two Reds she didn't act when Hady took aim and pulled the trigger. The bullet bored through Bytchkov's head, exploding out the back in a spew of blood, skull and brains.

One of the two Reds acted, he grabbed a crate and tossed it at Max, flinging it with all his might...

Max groaned as her world slid into focus, a bright light above her blurring her vision. She winced as she felt a hand brush up her thigh. She tried to sit up but found that her hands had been cuffed above her head.

The Red series soldier walked over to her tearing his pants off, his huge cock dangling free. He then broke her cuffs off with his unusual strength, sitting on the bed and pulling her up onto his lap after he had taken care of the ropes that restrained her ankles and pulling her gag off.

"Sit," he ordered, "or die...!"

Two hours later Max was sprawled over the bed with one Red soldier ploughing in and out of her sopping pussy as she sucked off the other. They had fucked her in every possible position drilling their dicks into her pussy and ass, and not once cumming...

Eight hours gone and Max was bent down between one Reds legs sucking his cock, the back half of her body bent up on her knees as the other drove into her perfect ass. Max's knees were buckling but he held her up by her waist as he thrust in and out of her reddened sphincter...

Max got off him hoping to god his energy was drained. She hit him with all her strength his jaw dislodging as he fell across the bed. Next Max acrobatically jumped over the bed and lunged her feet into the others stomach, sending him flying across the room hitting the wall so that it cracked...

Two days later a bruised and battered Donald Hady sat in court, taken in for sex crimes and first degree murder for killing Sergei Bytchkov. He was found guilty after being testified against by Eric...

'Do not attempt to adjust your set; this is a Streaming Freedom Video.'

'Sergei Petrovic is now on the run, last information placing him on a ship for Russia. As for Donald Hady, he didn't make it to prison as he was gunned down in transit an hour after his sentencing, his body shredded by machine gun fire...'

Max stood on the vandalised Space-Needle overlooking the city. Thick rain clouds rolled in the night sky above her- a storm was coming.

They were still out there looking for her- the Reds. As if having Lydecker trying to track her, and, having to find her Manticore siblings weren't enough to deal with. Then there was this problem with Logan overhearing her raunchy tryst with Eric over the phone...

Droplets started to tap on her skin and as she stood there she wondered what would happen next...


It was a month later...

Max was lying on her bed sprawled out clutching her arms around the man on top of her; his mouth eagerly sucking over her left breast, his tongue lashing against her hard nipple as she ran her hands through his light brown hair. His warm erect penis was trapped between their bodies pushing against her inner thigh.

She moaned as he sucked and nipped his lips over her nipple tugging it up as he released it before running his tongue up her neck and chin then kissing her full on her lips. She slithered her tongue into his mouth and followed his lead as he sucked on her full soft lips, his hand running down her smooth thigh then groping her firm ass cheek and massaging it. Max broke the kiss sucking on his tongue and looking into his eyes...

She reached between their bodies, repositioned her waist, grasped his cock and guided it to the wet entrance of her hot pussy. He eagerly gave a slight push forward penetrating her vagina slipping through her curling lips and gliding up her vaginal canal.

"Aah," they both groaned in pleasure as the feeling of being so intimately joined made their bodies tingle. Further Max felt him go; his warm cock slipping in between her legs, her cunt stretching and accepting him inch by inch.

He wrapped his strong arms underneath hers and gave another grunt as he started thrusting, sliding his cock out of her slippery cunt and easing back in filling her slowly as she ran her legs up his waist. She closed her eyes as she felt his cock slosh in and out of her body filling her vagina out and going deeper with every thrust. Max started grinding her waist to meet his strokes her heart rate quickening as her body jolted with him giving it to her a little harder. She squeezed her cunt muscles and he groaned again, his cock now sliding all the way inside her before he pulled out halfway and thrust back in.

"Harder," Max whimpered needing more stimulation, and he reciprocated by slapping into her forcefully. He did it again and again, working his dick in and out of her body his strokes more aggressive till they were making her bed squeak.

Max thrashed about underneath him her blood boiling her pussy getting wetter, her clear, hot, oily juices leaking out of her hole and down the crack of her ass. It was what she wanted, a good hard fuck to take her mind off things, if only for a short while. She met every trust moving her waist in circles as his dick slammed in and out of her. She squirmed as shudders ran along her spine, her thighs clamping tightly to the sides of his legs. The desire teased her as she grew hotter, a little more and he'd make her cum.

He rose himself on his forearms; her right leg dangling over his right arm and without losing stride he humped her drawing his cock out of her and slamming in deep. She molested her breasts and tweaked her nipple with one hand and reached down and spread her pussy lips around his cock with the other.

"Fffck Max I'm gonna cum," he squirmed still fucking her as hard as he could.

She could tell; his thrusts were growing more and more erratic, and his cock was pulsing inside her. She closed her eyes and keeping her pussy lips spread open around his cock, she used her other hand to fondle her clitoris feverously.

It came suddenly, a surge of intense pleasure that raked through her body causing her cunt to grip rigidly around his shaft, her back arching as spasms shot through her body, "Oh god, oh god, Ohmigoood, "Max whined as exhilarating waves of ecstasy rolled through her.

Feeling Max climax he threw caution to the wind. He heaved his cock deep into her convulsing sex and let rip.

Max clenched her ass, her toes curling as she felt him gush inside her, his cum squirting into her vagina which immediately sealed around his cock and milked it.

Panting heavily they laid there intertwined for a couple of seconds, catching their breaths. Max felt his cock peel out of her and pop from between her lips as he rolled off her.

Sated and exhausted she drifted off to sleep...


Max tussled her wet hair as she walked into the kitchen dressed in her work clothes (her usual skimpy midriff T-shirt, spandex bike tights and sneakers; her Jam Pony cap worn back to front) the next morning though only three hours later; she sat on the sofa looking out the window. She could still hear Darren, the man she had fucked last night snoring in her bedroom and sighed. She had gone out with him a year and a half ago; fucked him while in heat, then dated him out of guilt. But when you were a genetically created soldier who had escaped from a secret government facility, you tended to keep alot of secretes, and that in turn doomed the relationship.

Darren had wanted to get to know her, but as he had said, 'her defences were always up and she refused to let people in...'

'Whatever' she had thought, and that was when she told him that they should start seeing other people; and the fact that she had caught him with his head underneath Justine's skirt.

Last night she had bumped into him at Crash, and since none of her friends pitched she decided to join him. Her life had been rather shitier than usual- She had been captured by Reds; adrenalin enhanced freaks, who had fucked her for hours in a warehouse, and because she had done a job while in heat for Logan, the two of them weren't speaking (see Dark Angel: Heat Wave ch. 3). So when Darren turned on the charm she used it as an excuse to get laid.

A whole lot of good that did, because she dreaded him waking up thinking they were together again, she needed him for the sex, and that was that!


Max was so deep in thought she hadn't heard him getting up. She looked up to see him standing naked in the doorway.

"Can you put something on please," she smirked.

"Kendra not up yet huh?" He smiled.

"No, she's out for a few days," Max explained.

"Then why the rush to get dressed," Darren said walking over to her, "I thought maybe some morning sex would brighten your day."

"Yeah, I gotta go, to work, so if you could let yerself out," Max said trying to sound casual and getting up before he got to her, making as if she were taking her coffee mug to the kitchen.

"Oh I get it," Darren said as if having some great epiphany, "I was like a male booty-call, right, a willing dick on hand to pleasure you."

"Like I said; gotta blaze, late for work," Max said again turning her back on him and heading out the door with her bicycle.


The usual atmosphere met Max as she entered Jam Pony; Normal yelling out addresses and tossing around packages to the many messengers, Sketchy ranting on about one of his ridicules schemes to make a quick buck, and Herbal spurting inspired sayings of the Most High...

Her buzzer beeped and she slanted it into view from where it was attached to the strap of her backpack.

"It's him isn't it?" Said a voice over her shoulder. Max turned to see Original Cindy looking at her accusingly.

"Yeah, so" Max shrugged.

"Oh don't play that with me, you know you been all down in the dumps, so march your ass over there and call the man," Cindy ordered.

There was no arguing with it; Max had been sulking for the past couple of weeks, the awkwardness between her and Logan weighing heavily on her mind. She walked over to the pay phone put in coins and stared at the numeric buttons for a while as if she forgot the number (which was impossible with her enhanced memory that allowed her to repeat a phone number by just hearing the beeps on speed dial). She finally dialled and waited to hear Logan pick up.

"Hey," she said when he answered. She forced a friendly tone, "this is me hitting you back."

"Hi Max, can you come over?"

"Lunch time?"

"Yeah, that'll be good. Need your help."

"As if I didn't know..."


Logan looked up as Max entered his work room but didn't have any expression on his face.

"Hey," she greeted, testing the waters.

"Hi," he greeted back.

She stood at the door feeling uncomfortable with the awkward silence as Logan tapped away on his keyboard typically immersed in whatever Eyes Only business he was busy with.

"So?" She questioned as to the reason he had asked her over.

"Oh. I know you don't want to hear this but it's about Sergei Petrovic."

Max raised an eyebrow, "I thought he hopped a ship to Russia after Donald Hady ratted him out?"

"That was what he wanted the authorities to believe. But his still in hiding somewhere in Seattle, and though he can't bring in anymore girls, his prostitution ring is still very much at work; only it's now run by Mikhail the Bulldog," Logan said still typing away, "I'm busy putting things right to go live with a cable hack."

"You do know Petrovic and Mikhail knows my face right I can't-"

Logan was ahead of her, he handed her a manila folder. She opened it and looked at the picture of a Rastafarian with a handsome face, square jaw, a goatee, and a buzz cut Mohawk.

"Alfonso Marley," Logan said, "He runs the Urban Shack, a dive slash strip bar down in sector 7. He also runs his own little prostitution ring out of the bar, but mostly deals in drugs."

"Dada-man," Max sneered.

"Right," Logan confirmed, "His gang of Rasta's are in a turf war with the Steelheads at present. Add to this the fact that Mikhail's Russian mob have pushed up the price of bringing in drug shipments by ship seeing as they own the docks, and Dada has a bit of a hard time financing his little criminal operation..."

"So he'd like nothing more than to see Petrovic and Mikhail pushed out of the country or dead; but he hasn't got the balls to take on the Russian mob," Max interjected, catching on.

"Well he's not stupid Max, going to war with organized crime is like tying a noose around your own neck," Logan said. "Dada-man was selling diluted samples of his supply, mixing it with rat poison to stretch it and keep making a decent profit, but when your customers die on you well-" Logan trailed off.

"And where do I fit into this?" Max asked.

"Well, Dada is now forced to make money with hookers and strippers, so his looking for high quality girls."

Logan didn't have to finish, she knew exactly what he wanted her to do.

"You go in pretending to be a hooker and then offer him a deal from me."

This part was unexpected. "A deal?"

"Eyes Only promises to take down Petrovic if he gives up his location," Logan said simply.

"You think he'd know where to find Petrovic?"

"No but he meets Mikhail directly to pay him for shipments of cocaine and heroine and-"

"And the Bulldog will know where Petrovic is," Max finished for Logan.


There was a cool breeze as Max got off the bus in Sector 7 outside the Urban Shack. She was dressed in a leather coat with a red lace bra underneath and a tight plaid mini skirt with fishnet stockings and black high heels. She fixed the short white-blonde wig she wore; giving her the look of a ditsy call-girl.

She pulled the coat tightly around her and crossed the street sauntering toward the bar.

There was a mist of thick smoke in the air and the soft beat of reggae music playing in the background as Max entered the bar; four girls were striping in a cage in the centre of the place as men threw cash at them. A big fat man stood up in front of Max.

"Where yah be going gahl?" He asked in a heavily accented voice. As Max eyed him she saw the revolver tucked in the front of his pants.

"I heard you were hiring girls," Max beamed at him.

He looked her up and down; then satisfied that there was no way she could be concealing a weapon in her skimpy outfit, he led her to the back of the bar. Dada-man was sitting with a pretty black girl on his lap who was bent over the table snorting coke; around him there were four other Rasta's, including one who had an evil aura about him. He had long dirty dreads and a very dark skin complexion, his face sunken as if his flesh was pulled tightly over his skull.

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