Dark Angel: Temperance Ch. 03


"Protection," he said, "we need protection."

Max mentally swore, trust Mr. Eyes Only to be concerned about safe sex even when he was drugged. She didn't exactly walk around with rubbers in her pocket. She looked around hoping something would materialise out of thin air. Then she saw it on the steel cupboard next to Logan's bed- surgical gloves...

She grabbed one, stretched it and smiled at Logan who was frowning at her. Max took his cock and slipped the middle finger of the glove over it, sealing his shaft in the latex, "perfect," she grinned.

Satisfied that the surgical glove would serve as contraceptive Max's expression was again filled with desire as she took hold of Logan's hard penis and slid it over her vagina and resting it against her entrance, she held her breath as she prepared to take him into her body. She looked deep into his eyes, and then eased her waist down, his cockhead slipping through her soft pussy-lips and dipping inside her cunt. She pushed further down, the latex sheathed shaft hollowing out her tight vagina as it was stretched to accommodate the welcomed intrusion.

Logan grit his teeth as he felt his cock glide up into Max's moist depths, filling him with electrifying sparks of pleasure. With half Logan's dick inside her, Max let out the breath she was holding and pulled her hands from between her legs, resting both of them on his chest. Her eyes were shut and she wiggled her hips a little, and then rotated them as she sank down further. She pulled her hips up letting some of his cock slide out of her, then pushed down again letting it push an inch deeper into her pussy. She did this again slowly letting his cock fill her out, allowing her pussy to lubricate his prick.

Max opened her eyes once she felt Logan's hairy balls press against her panty covered ass and looked into his eyes again. They didn't move; they held completely still, letting the feeling of finally being so intimately joined wash over them.

Max bent down and kissed him again, opening his mouth with her own and sliding her tongue over his sensually, making out with him slowly. As they kissed she started to roll her hips grinding against his pelvis, his hard cock sliding in and out of her lush pussy.

She breathed through her nose as she sucked on his tongue, feeling his dick throb inside her as her eager, crackling pussy slurred up and down it. Logan's hands slid up her smooth thighs and groped the firm cheeks of her ass through her panties where he squeezed them and simultaneously guided her movement as she slowly ground over his cock.

Max sat back up and pressed her palms against his chest and started thrusting her hips and bouncing on his cock, her cunt gripping around his shaft tightly as she moved. With every thrust her body grew hotter and her pussy tingled, her legs shaking as she made love to the man of her dreams.

Logan's hands roved up Max's taut body as she writhed in pleasure on top of him; he found the bottom of her red tank top and pushed it up exposing her ample chest, her tanned tits rocking up and down as she steadily rode him.

"Ahhfck," Max whimpered when she felt hands molest her supple tits, groping and massaging the golden orbs as she focussed on working the hard penis that pistonned in and out of her soft cunt; it made her go faster, and grind harder, fucking Logan with a desire she had never known.

So lost in the pleasure of sex, were Max and Logan that they didn't even hear the door open or the dinner tray that fell with a loud clang as the nurse walked in and gawped at them fucking on the hospital bed. The nurse stood there speeches watching the woman moan as she rocked up and down on the patient who was sucking hungrily on her firm breast, flicking his tongue against her hard nipple.

Max threw her head back and pressed Logan's head to her bosom, the locks of her hair flailing over her face hiding the contorted expression of pleasure. It was happening again; her clit was vibrating and her body was tingling, a sure-tell of an orgasm rising. She thrust her hips a bit faster, her pussy squelching as her buttocks tapped against Logan's balls. Logan's hands were now under her panty and pressing hard into the skin of her ass; his mouth sucking on her left breast, his tongue circling her dark areola.

His dick was throbbing inside her, he wasn't going to last much longer, he let go of her tit, her top dropping and covering half her breasts. Logan gripped her ass even tighter and started thumping his waist up into her, the loud slapping resonating off the walls.

"Ohgodohgod.. fuck," Max moaned and placed her hand on her lower stomach, and fondled her clitoris with the other. She seeped in a deep breath preparing herself as her orgasm bubbled to the top.

"Fffffck," she squirmed as her pussy contracted; she clenched her ass and thrust up and down slowly as the tingling warmth grew into an all-consuming fire that spread through her and made her see spots before her eyes. Her toes curled and her eyes rolled to the back of her skull as the sexual bliss filled her as she felt her oily juices drip over his genitals. Her body twitched before spasm shot through her muscles before she trembled as her orgasm washed over her.

Regaining some composure she could feel the surgical gloves finger expand inside her as it was filled with Logan's sperm. She opened her eyes to see him breathing rapidly beneath her, then bent down to kiss him again.

Max laid there for a few moments resting her head on his shoulder...

For once it didn't feel awkward...

She could feel Logan's dick softening inside her cunt and got up feeling it slip out of her. It flopped to the side still sealed in the makeshift condom.

Max pulled her panty back over her pussy and fixed her top before putting her pants on. She looked at Logan who lied there drowsily, drifting off to sleep, then bent down and kissed him on his forehead...

She knew he wouldn't remember this; he had way too much morphine in his system. But that didn't matter.

One day they'd do this again in a more romantic setting.

She walked to the door oblivious of the tray and spilt food on the floor. Max opened the door and took one last look at Logan as he slept peacefully...

At least she had something good to look forward to.



Max - Jessica Alba

Logan Cale - Michael Weatherly

Col. Donald Lydecker - John Savage

Original Cindy -- Valarie Rae Miller

Kendra - Jennifer Blanc


Chris Evans - Kavi (X5-459)

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