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Dark Angel: What if? Hello, Goodbye


What if? / Missing scenes

What I am planning is a graphic and perverted look into episodes of Dark Angel. Each chapter will be a standalone short story connected in some way with an episode of the show. Missing scenes could be expanded upon (e.g. Max/Rafer in "Meow", Max's missing heat cycles in season 2) or 'what if' scenarios could be created (e.g. what if Alec and Max actually did hook up during "Hello, Goodbye.")

Some chapters will be short, some long. Some will contain actual plot, but most will be pointless smut. All will be rated NC-17. Hopefully nobody will be too much out of character.

You've been warned. Enjoy!

Wish a scene from the show played out differently? Send requests/ Any pairing, any situation.

Forgive my poor writing, if you were a fan of Dark Angel and would be interested in being a beta reader send me a email.

Disclaimer: I do not own the television series that this fan fiction is written for or any of the characters from it. This is a parody meant for entertainment purposes only.


(Max admits to Alec that she killed his clone, Ben. They hug, they bond, blah blah blah. Alec is wanted by police so he stays the night. The following morning Logan sees them leaving Max's apartment together and assumes the worst. What if more than hugs where shared during Max's moment of weakness?)

"I'm sorry," Alec said sadly and hugged her tighter. How did everything end up so fucked up, he wondered silently. It wasn't supposed to be like this. He was free, living on the outside, his life was supposed to have gotten better, not turn into the mess it currently was. He gave Max another reassuring squeeze and let out a heavy sigh.

Max's rare moment of weakness quickly passed, the warm solace she found in Alec's embrace was fleeting, replaced by the uneasy awkwardness of their situation. Max's body stiffened and she pulled away.

"Yeah, "Max muttered unsure of what else to say. " Maybe you should stay over here tonight." Immediately she regretted her choice of words. "Cause of the cops. You should lay low. No point risking going out after curfew, you know?" she added lamely.

"Yeah," Alec whispered lightly, his mind racing. He looked down at Max, her own gaze still focused squarely on the raggy carpeting of her apartment. He wished he could do something to help her, something to take her mind off of all the horrible things that happened. She was still close, his hand still resting lightly on her back, he couldn't help but let his gaze drift down to the small of her back, to the curve of her ass. God he wanted her, Alec shook his head, he couldn't think like that. Shouldn't think like that. She had just bared herself to him; he couldn't take advantage of her in this moment of weakness. Not to mention Logan, Max and Logan, the most fucked up couple in history. He didn't understand why they kept trying to be together, they were both better off apart. Manticore and ordinarys just didn't mix. He knew once Max finally understood that she would be better for it. His hand rubbed her back gently and he had to bite back the groan, wishing that he could feel her skin under his fingers.

Feeling his hand Max looked up at him, "Alec?"

As soon as Alec saw those dark doe eyes staring back at him he knew whatever restraint he had was useless and without thought he bent down, closing the distance between their lips. It was a feather light touch, their lips barely brushing together before a shocked Max pulled away.

But she didn't hit him, she didn't yell, she didn't say anything, she just sat there still dangerously close to him. Alec figured it was a good sign and closed the distance between them again. Surprised when this time Max didn't move away.

Her lips were soft against his, and now that Alec had had a taste he wanted more.

"We shouldn't," Max whispered and tried to break the kiss. Alec didn't listen, instead catching Max's full bottom lip between his own. Max groaned, her hands came to rest on his chest ready to push him away. "Stop," she moaned.

Alec ignored her half hearted plead, his hands dragged up her body as he pressed his body against hers. His hand drifted lightly over the swell of Max's breast causing her to moan against his lips. He took his chance and deepened his kiss, his tongue entangling with hers.

This was wrong, so wrong, Alec was her brother, not this. She told herself to stop but found herself slowly starting to kiss him back. Alec pushed against her and they tumbled down onto the sofa. He broke the kiss and licked and sucked his was down her neck. Gently he cupped her breast, squeezing her through her shirt.

"Ohgod," Max moaned her eyes wide. It felt so good. Ever since she had came back from Manticore all she had felt was anger, sadness and disappointment. For the first time in months she felt something good and she didn't want it to stop.


Logan gave out a frustrated sigh and looked down at his cell phone. Where the hell was she he thought impatiently. He sat there for a moment before grabbing his keys and leaving his apartment.


Max could feel his hardness pressed between her legs, rubbing against her thigh through their jeans. She couldn't think, she could barely do anything other than moan as Alec's tongue slid against her neck. Alec's shirt lay in a clump beside the sofa. Her own shirt bundled up around her neck allowing Alec's hands free range to roam over her exposed breasts.

"AHh," Max cried out as Alec captured her nipple between his teeth. Her back arching into him, grinding her body against his erection. She was so hot, so wet. Maybe a good hard fuck would make her forget about her shitty life just for a moment.

Her jean button popped open and Alec's hand snaked into her pants and under her panties. He groaned around her nipple when he felt how hot and wet she was. His fingers dipped inside her causing Max to hiss out in pleasure. She couldn't wait any more so she shifted her hips and rolled them both over.


The bullet ridden Aztec jerked to a stop in front of the abandoned apartment that Max lived in. The door swung open and Logan stepped out. He gave an upwards glance to the ever present overcast sky and made his way towards Max's apartment.


"Holy shit Max!" Alec groaned. The feeling of Max's fingers wrapping around his swollen cock was almost enough to set him off right there. Max let her fingers trail up his length her eyes focusing on her prize, she let go for a moment to tug his jeans down and to kick off her own.

Free of her jeans Max mounted him . Slowly she lifted herself off his legs and let her body hover just above him. She gripped the base of his cock and could feel it throb in her hand. Alec's own hands dug into her thighs. Max stared down at his cock, taking a deep breath she bit her lip and slowly lowered herself onto him.

"UHhhngh," Alec moaned the head of his cock rubbed against Max's wet pussy lips. "Fuck," he cried out, his fingers digging into her flesh as he tried to pull her down.

"Mmh," Max squeaked out. Lowering herself, impaling her body on Alecs rock hard member. "Ohh," she gasped her hand pulling away from his cock to rest on his chest, bracing herself as she slowly sank down on him.


The exoskeleton whirled, its mechanical sound filling the stairwell with every step Logan took. He dreaded the sound, seeing it has a constant reminder of his broken body. He looked down at his watch as he neared Max's floor. It was late, but it wasn't like Max slept anyway.


Max leaned forward, her hair cascading around her face hiding it from Alec's view. Her eyes closed she gasped for breath. Alec's cock sat nestled inside of her, engulfed tightly in her cunt. Her body squeezing him as if she never wanted to let him go.

She wasn't here, this wasn't her apartment, it wasn't Alec pinned underneath her and it wasn't Alec's swollen cock inside of her. It was just a tool, nobody important, just some body to help her relieve some stress. This was just a way to help her forget for a little while. It wasn't Alec, It wasn't Alec. With that though Max lifted herself, then slowly grinded her hips down.

"Ahhhhh." They both moaned.

Alec squeezed her ass helping her, guiding her movements as she started to ride him.

"Ohhfuck," Max moaned, her hips thrusting up and down. Gasping she increased her pace. "Fuckmee," she cried and leaned back and began bouncing on Alec's cock.


Logan rounded the corner that led to Max's apartment. The thought that maybe Max wouldn't want him to show up unannounced crossed his mind for a moment. Then he heard it, what he swore was a soft moan coming from within the apartment.

Max's door wasn't even closed, gently he pushed it open just a crack only to stand shocked at what he saw. He tried to blink, tried to rub his eyes in disbelief but he couldn't do anything but stare and watch Max, a very naked Max, riding her so called brother Alec.

Her head thrown back, her hair flowing down her body following the gently curve of her naked breast. The soft light of the apartment causing her sweat covered body to glow. Even as he watched her fuck another man Logan couldn't help but admire her beauty.

"Ahhh," Max groaned as Alec's hands cupped her breasts. Squeezing and playing with her, rubbing her nipples with the pads of his thumbs. Himself enjoying watching Max writher in pleasure on top of him, Both of them completely unaware they were being watched.

Logan leaned heavily on the wall, the unfeeling exoskeleton the only thing keeping from falling over. The shock wearing off, the reality setting in. It was over, Max had given up and fallin into the arms of another man. It was over, and it made him sick.

Alec knew he wouldn't last long, she was too wet, too tight, too god damned perfect. He let his hands fall from her breast, a soft mew came from Max at the loss of feeling but she kept her pace slowly riding him. He grabbed a hold of her thin tight waist. Matching her movements he began thrusting back into her.

"Ohhfuck," Max cried. Alec's hips jumping off the sofa to slam into her.

"Ohyeah Maxie," she was so tight, so wet. Her pussy clamping around his cock with every hard thrust, she was unbelievable.

Unable to turn away Logan watched in horror. The sound of their slick bodies slapping together. He watched as Alec's hard cock slammed deeply into Max pussy. They fucked harder, Max's moans growing louder with every painfull thrust.

When he saw the small tremor run up her tanned little body Logan knew she was close. Max was going to cum, and all he could do was watch.

"Ohhfuck," Max cried. A tingle ran through her body and up her spine. Sparks of pleasure shot her stomach causing her to suck in a deep breath before gasping out. "Fuckmefuckmefuck," she begged and with little strength she could muster slammed herself down on his cock, driving it deep inside of. Her pussy squeezing him for everything he was worth. She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her, ready to explode, god she needed this.

Alec's finger pressed hard against her clit, and the damn broke.

"Ohhhhhhhfck," Max cried as she came. Her hips jerked forward and she bit down on her lip to hold back the scream as her body lit up. She slammed herself down, making sure Alec's cock was deep inside of her when he came with a loud groan. "Ohhh," she moaned feeling his warm seed filling her.

Her body surged with pleasure. She squeezed her eyes closed, ignoring Alec's own groan and tried to enjoy the moment as long as she could. Her hand flew to her clit, rubbing the bundle of nerves hard, her other hand resting on her lower stomach. It felt like she was going to burst. Sobbing out a moan of utter exatacy she gasped as the burning white pleasure coursed through her.

"Fuck," she whispered. Her hips grinding lazy circles on top of Alec's cock, still reeling from her climax she let herself fall backwards ontop of Alec's legs. "Fuck," she muttered again as she realization of what had occurred dawned on her. For the first time since this whole mess started she opened her eyes.

Max didn't look at Alec, instead she looked lazily at her apartment door. It was open just barely, and for a split second she could have sworn she had seen someone watching. She looked again only to see nothing.

She could feel Alec's cock slide out of her, then flop against her thigh. Wet with her own juices, the thought made her shudder. Effortlessly she rolled off him and off the sofa, grabbing her discarded clothes she darted into her room leaving a breathless Alec half unconscious on the couch.


It wasn't till morning before Max worked up the courage to leave her room, let alone talk to him. Finally she spoke as they walked down the stairwell leading out of her apartment.

"It was a mistake," Max blurted out bluntly. Direct and to the point was the best plan she had told herself. Alec craned his head up to look at her. "Last night."

"Oh," Alec replied whimsically. He knew this would be coming and he was okay with it, Max had enough on her plate, forgetting it ever happened was probably for the best. Anyway, he knew she would come around to his way of thinking eventually.

"Moment of weakness and all that," Max said nervously. "Best we forget it ever happened."


"Okay?" Max responded, surprised with his apathetic attitude. "Okay,"

"Friends?" Alec asked.

Max shot him a questioning look before smiling, "Sure, friends." Alec reached over and gave her a half hug before turning away.

"Seeya around," he called out over his shoulder and walked away.

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