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Dark as Daylight Ch. 13


NOTE: All persons in this novel are Fictitious. If you are looking for a great deal of sexual activity this story is not for you. Those scenes that are included will be evocative, rather than just for the sake of sex itself.

This story is for your Reading Pleasure. Its length is undetermined at this time, because I do not know where my mind will take me as I proceed along this journey. I hope you will stay with me until it reaches its inevitable...

This story is copyrighted material and is owned by Prolonged_Debut10. My statistics are available, and on file with Literotica.com.

Chapter 13

49. What a Wonderful Day

"Central Comm, this is West. Central Comm, this is West."

"West, this is Central Comm, go ahead."

"We are in the parking lot moving towards the entrance, request the day code. We do not wish to get shot."

"Who is in command?"

"Captain Remmey."

"Within 15 seconds, I want his sister's date of birth."

"Captain Remmey says that's easy; he doesn't have a sister."

"How many of there are you?"

"We are down to 33."

"Where are your prisoners?"

"We escorted them to the Western fence, and told them to go home, or get killed where they stood. They ran like rabbits."

"Where is their armament?"

"Listen, I'm all for question and answers, and being debriefed, but could we do this inside, all of us are soaked to the bone."

"Okay, come in four at a time. Be careful, we still have 500 or more enemy troops, along our Eastern front. They've taken cover from this godforsaken rain."

"You mean they're not totally ignorant?"

"Apparently not, start on your way in, and keep your weapons down."

"Roger that, here we come."

Everyone moved into action. The kitchen started making hot food, towels were brought out by the hundreds, and rooms were made ready so these guys could crash, and get some well earned rest. They had been out in the rain for nearly 30 hours, and the only thing they had to eat, where the energy bars they had on them.

The enemy was worse off, they didn't have any food on them, expecting a quick victory, due to overwhelming strength in machines, and warriors. In war nothing is certain, nothing at all.


"This is Captain Remmey, I'm coming in with three of my men."

General Marcus was standing at the entrance waiting to verify who was going to be in the first group. He yelled,

"Come on in Captain."

Lights were focused on the entrance, and the four men that walked in were immediately recognized. Members of the inside team ran out to help them. Others ran outside and yelled for the rest of the men to hurry in so they could be helped also.

Thankfully, they had not lost that many men, but those that were lost hurt deeply. When this was over they would go into the back and get them, before the alligators did.

As soon as 33 were inside, they were stripped to the bone, and dried by multiple hands, and brought to a room to lie down. As soon as dinner was ready it was brought to them, and not one ounce was wasted.

General Marcus went over to Captain Remmey, and asked him if there is anything he needed to know during the next 24 hours. When Remmey said, "No," General Marcus said, "I'll see you tomorrow."


After Tom finished helping with the new arrivals, he asked everyone if they saw Joe or Laura. Everyone had watched him and his crew run around looking for Joe for the last few hours, and they knew what Joe and Laura were up to. They weren't going to allow Tom the satisfaction of finding them, if what they heard through the grapevine was true. If Joe had proposed to Laura, he should leave them alone.

Every time he ran up to a group of men and asked that question, they pointed to all points of the compass, plus up and down. He would growl at them, and run to the next group hoping they would be more amenable to his cause.

They weren't, and he was furious. He returned to the sixth floor in an attempt to get an answer from the Attorney General. What he got was a prank from a 15-year-old boy, and his 12-year-old brother.

"Hello Tom."

"Hello Richard, Holden, why are you two boys alone?"

"How can you consider being surrounded by 350 of your best friends being alone? If you look at your shirt, there's a red dot on the button just above your breastbone. That's Paul fine-tuning his rifle sights. He's been doing that since we stopped playing baseball. Mister Kenshaw just went to the bathroom, he'll be out in a second, and you just passed two guards coming up here.

Oh I forgot, Miss Burkart, and Joe just returned from dinner, and are in room 684. They seem very happy together. Did you know they're engaged?"

"Yes I did Richard; I'm going to be Joe's best man."

"What does it mean to be a best man?"

"In this day and age it means that you are the groom's best friend, and that you carry the ring that he will put on his new bride's finger. That you have an association with the groom that goes beyond a casual relationship. It would be more like you are his brother, rather than someone he just knows."

"That's not what it implied years ago during the 14th, 15th, 16th centuries, and even later. The best man was the first person to have sex with the bride, who was supposed to be a virgin. Does that mean you're going to have sex with Miss Burkart?"

"Holden, you are talking about centuries ago, and social norms have changed. I'm not even sure why that rule was ever initiated, but if I was getting married, and someone tried to touch my new wife, I would have to kill him, whether he was a king or beggar."

"I'm happy to hear you say that Joe. My dad said the same thing about mom."

"Do you boys remember everything from the moment you were born through today?"

"No, I can remember conversations when I was in my mom's belly."

Joe shook his head, not believing what he just heard.

"What room did you say Joe was in?"

"They are in room 684. I'll take you there if you want?"

"No I think I can handle it. Thank you for the conversation boys. As always it is quite stimulating."

"Don't forget to knock first, they may be having sex."

"I will do that."


He walked casually around the great circle that enclosed the 'Good Luck 2.' The rain had it bobbing, and lifting slightly higher than the walkways, as they adjusted automatically on their hinges, to make sure no one killed themselves working on the sixth level of this mammoth machine. It was amazing, how Holden, and Richard came up with the idea of floating this big machine on a lake, instead of attempting to cradle it in steel above ground. Not one part of the exoskeleton had been damaged because of this masterstroke in engineering. In two weeks this level would be completed. Then it would be tested, retested, and stressed to its breaking point for seven days. It would be sealed in multiple sheets of polypropylene and tested for leaks. After verifying everything was airtight, the entire sixth floor would be heated to 250 degrees for 5 days. As this test came to an end, and the heat was being unceremoniously vacuumed out from one side, a combination of liquid oxygen and hydrogen would be pumped in, bringing the temperature to a -200 degrees centigrade, and it will remain at that temperature for 5 days.

Amazingly, after all the years of its use, there has not been one recorded failure in the proper use of the long line carbon filaments. Dycke liked it that way. That's why he tested it so rigorously, recorded it down to the fine print and filed it with every agency under the sun.

No one could say that Schneider Industries was keeping anything relating to these Carbon Fiber products secret from the public.


As Tom reached room 684, he looked back to see where the boys were. Richard was now seated on top of a pile of boxes, looking down, and making hand gestures at who he believed had to be Holden. He made believe he knocked on the door, but instead quietly opened it, and stepped in.

The bed was a mess. He saw, what he believed, was a bundle of clothing in the far corner of the room. He heard the fan operating in the bathroom, and thought he might catch them preparing for the act of love-making, during the act, or post-coital. Any of these were fine him, and for his cell phone. He stepped through the kitchen area, and around to the wall that would get him to the bathroom door. The noise of the fan was getting louder, as he moved closer to the bathroom door. He thought he heard something at the front door and checked, but it was closed.

He put his hand on the handle to see if the door was locked, and it was. This was not going to keep him out. Laura had thoughtfully left several hairpins on the vanity for him to use. He picked one up, bent it to the appropriate angle, poked it into the slot, and he heard the lock pop open. It might be raining cats and dogs outside, but the sun was shining on him in here.

He took out his cell phone made sure it was appropriately set up to take the most wonderful pictures it could, he pressed his shoulder against the door, and threw it open. He stepped in and yelled, "Surprise" in a descending tone. Where the hell where they?

He stepped back and thought to himself 'Did I come into the wrong room?' I don't think so. 'If this is someone else's room, I better get myself out of here, quick!"

He stepped out of the bathroom, walked around the bundle of clothes, through the kitchen, and around the bed, to reach the front door. He looked around the room, to make sure he did not disturb anything, put his hand on the handle, twisted it and he pulled. He pulled on it again, after checking the locking mechanism, and it still didn't open.

He screamed, "Joe, I'm going to fucking kill you."

In reply, he heard two pubescent boys giggle as they ran away.

He took a few steps back, stumbled, and landed on the bed.

"I'm dead. There's no way I can compete against those two geniuses. I don't know what they did, but whatever it was, I won't be able to undo it from in here."

He reached for the rooms telephone, and it was dead. They removed the wire. He tried to use his cell phone, and that didn't work. They put a signal canceling device in the room, which would take him days to find. Those two thought of everything. There was only one thing left for him to do. He had to swallow his pride, as he began kicking the door, and yelling,


Joe was just returning from the kitchen, where he received numerous warnings that Tom was on the warpath, and at his last sighting, he was on his way up to the sixth floor.

Joe thanked everyone, and proceeded to run up to the sixth floor to see if he could forestall Tom's attack on Laura. As he reached the top of the stairs, the boys waved at him, from the other side, and began running towards him. They told him what they did to Tom. When they finished telling him this story, Joe was lying down on the floor holding his sides, laughing uncontrollably.

It took him a long while to stop laughing, and hugging the boys for what they did for Laura and him. When he did, he wanted to do something for the boys.

"Listen you two, I want you two to be absolutely honest with me. Is there anything that you are allowed to have, that the Lavers won't let you have in the way of a treat. I owe you a big one for this, and I want to repay you."

"You gonna barf."

"I'm not going to eat whatever it is, you are. Remember, you can't be allergic to it, and I want to have a job after I buy it for you."

"We swear were not allergic to them, but every time we want them, Mrs. Laver runs to the bathroom and throws up."

"What do you ask for, chocolate covered spiders?"

"No, chocolate cove him red ants."

"Two pounds okay?"

"One pound cans please, otherwise we'll fight over them."

"I'll get them as soon as I can. Amazon probably carries them."

"They do but we can't buy them, we don't have an account."

"I tell you what, I'll open an account that you guys can use. Just tell Mrs. Laver to pay me back. Wait one moment, I think that's a great idea; I'm going to open an account you too can use, and put a spending limit of $500 a month on it."

"Why, we are good for it?"

"Richard, if they put the Citibank building up for sale, in New York, and you liked the price, you could buy it for cash. I'm not questioning what you can buy, I'm just saying should you buy it? Do you have to be the first to buy Apples' First Pulse Generator Watch? I am not sure if I want my watch to stop because it has a defect and I'm looking at it thinking I'm dying, because it's not telling me the time, or there is a sunspot, and my heart is no longer working. Do you see what I mean?"

"Yes, but can we get two one pound cans of chocolate covered red ants each?"

"Yes you can, but I will separate them one month apart."

"A month?"

"Okay, two weeks and that's my final offer."

"You are really good at that Richard."

"It always works Holden, because their first offer is never their final offer. And if I pressed him, we could have worked it down to 10 days."

"Or we could have wound up with one over three weeks."

"I could always put the solvent on the door and have the superglue dissolve."

"Two one pound cans of chocolate covered ants dispensed over a two-week period. Do we have a deal or not?"

"Yes Joe, we have a deal."

"Thank you boys, I have to drop off food for my fiancé, then I must go torment Tom. I can't thank you enough for doing that to him."

"When are you going to open our Amazon account?"

"Tomorrow morning okay with you two?"

"Tomorrow morning will be wonderful."

"I will see you in the morning."

"Laura, honey, are you indecent, I hope?"

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I am not indecent."

"Dammit, how am I supposed to make love with you, when you're completely clothed?"

"We could talk some more."

"Did you say talk or torment?"

"I said talk."

"Are you hungry?"

"Yes, I am. I thought that's what you brought back in the brown bag?"

"I did bring food back in the brown bag; but how would you like to eat alfresco, outside room 684?"

"I know I'm going to regret this, but what is inside room 684?"

"There's a better question than that; which is 'who can't get out of room 684?"

"Okay I'll bite, who can't get out of room 684?"


"Why can't Thomas get out of room 684?"

"Richard and Holden superglued him into the room."

"Next question; why did the boys do that to him?"

"He was going around the ship asking everyone, and anyone, as to our whereabouts. The boys knew he was trying to catch us in the act of having sex, which to them was a no-no, because it was one of their parents' rules. So they set up this little trap for him in room 684. They messed up a bed, put some sheets on the floor to make it look like clothing, and turned the fan on in the bathroom.

After he snuck into the room, they put superglue on both sides of a few metal tabs, and slipped three of them on each side of the door. The door is not going anywhere, until someone puts the appropriate solvent on it, namely, either Holden or Richard."

"I think I'd like to go to dinner now, and continue our telephone sex conversation."

"I think that's a marvelous idea, it will drive him crazy."

They walked to room 684, and could hear Tom screaming, "Someone Help Me."

Laura yelled, "Joseph listen, someone seems to be in distress."

In his best vaudeville acting voice he replied, "Dearest, I do not hear anything. Are you sure you heard someone in distress?"

Tom started kicking on the door and screaming, "Constantine, when I get my hands on your throat my fingertips are going to meet."

"You are correct dear, it's only those two sweet children playing over there. It's a lovely day should we sit down and have something to eat?"

"Yes dear, I made some of your favorite foods."

"I can't believe you spent all morning cooking this fried chicken, mashed potatoes and this apple pie and you look just as gorgeous, and as beautiful as a spring day my dear. How do you do it?"

"You two are going to make me throw up."

"It's so very easy dear. I get up at 1 A.M. I boil the potatoes, and make the dough so it can rise overnight. I dust the furniture, sweep the floors, mop them, and get down on my hands and knees and wax them, because they are such a lovely grade of hardwood. You had these parquet floors put in after you purchased this lovely prison; I mean home for me, and I want to keep it up so that you are proud of me. I go to sleep at 3:30 AM, and wake up at 4 AM. I go down to the basement, and kill the chicken, or the burglar who is ever in the basement at the time. I let the blood drip out of his neck. While I have nothing to do I peel the apples and soak them in vinegar water so they don't turn brown. When I get bored I go up to bed and sleep for five minutes. You know dear, it is just a typical woman's morning."

"I know dear I wouldn't want you any other way. If you had turned out like your mother, we would have had problems. I knew, I just knew you would be the perfect woman for me."

"Well that six-foot long, four-inch wide leather belt of yours does help."

"Yes that is fun isn't it. How about that other part of me; do you find that enjoyable?"

"Oh my Lord Joseph, heavens yes. When that little monster of yours wakes up, we have such fun. All one inch of him is just the right size for me."

"Thank you dear but you know you're telling a lie, and we don't want you to do that especially since today is Sunday. We must be truthful on the Lord's day. We measured it and we know it's only three quarters of an inch. We don't want to go expanding on the truth now, do we."

"You two belong to each other. I'm going to get a gun and make sure you go to the grave together."

"Joseph who started this, was it you; was it me; or was it that idiot behind that door?"

"It was door number three dear. If he had left us alone, we would have never known it."

"Are you two bastards going to let me out of here?"

"Laura do you know how to get him out of there?"

"No I don't Joe. Do you?"

"I do not have a clue. The boys said something about a solvent, but I don't know what kind, or where they have it hidden. I'm not going to take a chance on hurting this ship just to get him out of that room before morning."

"Well, Tom you have a problem, because neither of us know how to get you out of there."

"Find one of the boys and have him do it."

"The boys have turned in for the night, and you know how the general is about that."

"Are you telling me I'm stuck in here all night?"

"I'm telling you that you reap what you sow. You started this Tom. If you left us alone, none of this would have ever happened. We would have been blissfully ignorant of each other. Maybe something would have happened later on, or maybe we would have missed out on everything, but you forced us together, and it was the nicest thing you have ever done for me. When you come out tomorrow morning, I'm going to give you a big kiss. I can't thank you enough for pushing us together. Go to bed, and get some sleep. Laura and I are going to be in the next room making some lovely sounds for you to sleep by."

"You no good rotten..."

"Good night Tom, pleasant dreams."


"Admiral, we found your boat. I sure as heck hope's insured."

"What happened to my boat?"

"What part do you want me to start with Sir?"

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