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Dark as Daylight Ch. 17


"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny against the mind of man. Thomas Jefferson

ATTENTION: All persons appearing in this novel are above the age of 18, except those who are specifically named, and are below the age of 18. Those children, who are under age, will not engage in anything close to being sexual, as per the rules of this site. I have also been reminded to tell you, although I can't for the life of me think of why; that this is a work of FICTION, and any resemblance to people, places, and/or things this story may evoke in your imagination is illusory. Please remember this is a Novel, and this STORY is Fictitious by nature, and design.

I hope this covers all the bases required, and straightens everything out for those who asked for this edification on this subject.

Bob- Prolonged/Debut10

63. A Pearl of Great Price

"Big Captain, can we take a ride into space tomorrow, so we can catch some 'Dark Energy'?"

Monty's eyes dilated. She shook her head, while looking at the beautiful, blossoming redhead who stood before her.

"One second Teddy, Brendan is still nursing. I'll answer your question as soon as he's done."

"Thank you, big captain."

A few moments later Monty covered Brendan's ears, and yelled, "Delicious, get over here."

"This doesn't sound good, Gray. You better come with me. Teddy is with Monty looking very innocent."

"I can't get out of this, can I?"

"Do you really want me to answer you?"

"No, I know the answer, because we've been married so long. Let's go."


"How much trouble are you in, Teddy?"

"I'm not in trouble, mommy. I just asked big captain a question, and she called you here."

"Repeat your question to your mother, Teddy. If she says it's okay, we can do it tomorrow morning."

"Yes, big captain, because all I need is a thick radiation proof jar, with a sealable lid. Easy!"

"I'm already afraid to hear this question, Gray. It sounds like she's ready to split the atom."

"No mommy, I don't want to split the atom. They've done that already. I want to catch 'Dark Energy' to power your new engine."

Gray grabbed Delicious just before her knees hit the ground.

Monty said, "That's what I thought your reaction would be. I'm glad I was sitting down when she asked me that question."

Her father said, "Teddy, it is impossible to catch 'Dark Matter', or 'Dark Energy'. They are both theoretical sub-atomic particles, and nothing can hold them."

"I don't mean to be snobby, or sound smarter than you, daddy, but you are wrong. Tatum, Truman, and I have it all worked out. I'm going to show my science work to Gordon, because I know he will be proud that I finished it. I need him to go outside the spaceship to do the spacewalk for us. I didn't think you will let me do it, even though it's very easy work."

Monty replied, "Oh yes, you are quite right about that Teddy. If we do this idiot stunt of yours; Gordon will go outside. That way, if he annoys me, I can close the ramp, and leave him out there forever."

In as much of a huff, as Teddy ever displayed, she said, "It is not an 'idiot stunt' captain, and I resent that reference. It is simple science. I'm 13 years old. I know the difference between a scientific experiment, and a circus act."

"Oh, my God, I've just been told off by your little girl. I think she's growing up."

Delicious replied, "She's going to try to catch 'Dark Energy' in a jar. It's not possible to do. Every scientific principle I was ever taught by my father tells me it's impossible. When someone told my father, something was impossible, he smiled, because he knew he could do it. Teddy, what are we going to do with the 'Dark Energy?"

"I just told you, mommy, weren't you listening to me? You haven't used the scientific portion of your brain in a long tine. It is time for you to make the new engine, and you will use the 'Dark Energy' we catch tomorrow as its power source. You are going to use the proton antimatter to make us go so fast, no one is going to be able to keep up with us, not even the Good Luck 2, with its four nuclear engines."

"Where am I supposed to get 'proton antimatter'? I can't just walk into C.E.R.N. and borrow some."

Teddy smiled at her mother and said, "Mommy!"

Delicious stared at Teddy, and put her mind in gear.

Gray smiled, and nudged her with his elbow. She couldn't understand why.

Teddy handed Brendan to Jackson, and began walking in baby steps towards her mother. Very slowly she closed the distance. Agonizingly slowly, she closed the distance, until they were almost nose to nose.

Gray elbowed Delicious harder this time, until she barked at him "What!"

"Think, dammit, you know the answer."

She looked up at him, and then at her daughter. She shouted at Gray, "If you're so damn smart, you tell me where I'm supposed to get..."

"Oh... 'Dammit Teddy I'm going to have to put my nose in the corner', fuck!" She shouted. "It's as plain as the nose on my face. Why didn't I see it before? Of course, that's what you do to get the proton antimatter. The 'Negative Magnets' that are going to keep the 'Dark Energy,' from escaping the capsule, and reduce it to 'Dark Matter', are going to produce the 'Proton Antimatter.' The continuous fight between the two entities is never ending, and while they are fighting they produce the third as a bi-product. How stupid can I be? Don't you dare answer that Grayson."

"One hour, you pray, but not have to put nose in corner mommy. You can pray in the chapel with Tatum, Lane, Lynn, and me."

"Why not Truman?"

"I'm working on him. He is a hard nut to crack; just like my mommy."

"I'm going to kill my mother."

"Grandma didn't tell me, grandpa did."

"They deserved each other."

"Here come Tatum and Truman, now. You are going to love hearing about their discovery. While I was working on my project, they were in the science lab working on a different project. If you stay true to form, mommy, I know the name of my new little brother. They discovered something that is going to rock your world, and make daddy grab what is left of his hair."

"Delicious, I want to go home."

"Please take me with you. My kids are so much smarter than I am, they are not going to need us to make the new engine."

"Gordon has been telling you that this was going to be your fate for nine years. Now, it's finally in your face. I hope you enjoy it, because you have Lynn, and Lane coming up behind Tatum and Truman very rapidly."

Delicious whipped her head around to look at Monty. Her face turned red, and her mouth opened. She was about to shout something profane, which would have put her nose in the corner for a week, when Gray's calming hand covered her mouth. He pulled her body against his, and whispered gently, "1010, 1009, 1008... 1000. Are we okay now?"

"Mommy doesn't have to put her nose in the corner, and pray, like she used to, thanks to you daddy."

"I've been very good, Teddy. Exceptionally good. You should be very proud of me."

Teddy walked over to her mother, and hugged her.

"I am very proud of you, mom. You've come a long way since I was 3 years old, and started training you. God is not angry with you anymore. You still must continue praying, because this time you are carrying a boy. He will be the smartest of us all."

Delicious hit Gray viciously. She screamed, "You got me pregnant, again?"

"It had to be a joint project, dear. I didn't do it alone. He will be number 7, and that is going to be last of our kids."

"He is our last one Teddy, right?"

"That's what grandma told me, when I was 3."

"Did you notice she said that without hint of hesitation. She remembers it as if it was yesterday."

"I don't forget anything mommy; anything, ever, just like you."

"She is just like me and Gordon. She is totally photographic."

Gray said, "I had to study like a beast at Penn to get my grades. My children are being home schooled, and they are going to be 1000 times smarter than I am. How the hell are we supposed to teach them, when by the time they are 10 years old, they are 1000 times smarter than we are?"

"Why are you two complaining? That's what this adventure is all about. We took people who were mainly in their late 20's and 30's, and who excelled in their fields. What did you expect them to breed; idiots? We are not looking for a super human race. We are just looking for people who want to continue this exploration, and one day maybe want to return to our home planet, and tell them what we've seen, done, and especially, what we've learned. You two should be as proud as peacocks. I know damn well, I am. This little bundle would not be here, if I hadn't joined this Intrepid group."

Teddy asked, "Can we go flying tomorrow?"

Delicious responded, "If you say we can catch 'Dark Energy', I say let's give it a go."

"Your mother said it's okay, and I said we would do it, if she approved it. Tomorrow morning at 1000 hours, we will depart. How long will you need us to stay up, Teddy?"

"We need to get far away from the planets magnetic interference, and then maintain three times lightspeed for about 10 minutes. If Gordon can do as I ask him to do, we will be finished after that, and return home."

"Where is he today? As a matter of fact, I haven't seen him around a lot lately. Since our friend's spaceship departed, it's like they took his toy chest away."

"Him, you should see what Newton looks like. He walks around with a permanent scrowl on his face. He even decided it was okay for him to go into the bowels of the ship, with Adam, to learn how to become a plumber, because he was desperately looking for something new to learn.

When I heard about it I laughed. It turned out that Adam is one fine teacher. Newton believed that plumbing was very far beneath him. It was simple flow mechanics, and all you had to know was the way the water went. What he forgot was water doesn't flow the way it's supposed to in a vacuum.

Adam realized Newton wasn't taking his lessons seriously, and when he knew my son was not paying attention to what he was trying to teach him, he would skip, or change the order of the way a process was supposed to be done.

Adam would ask him, "Do you have that series down pat, Newton?"

Newton would say something like, "After a week on the job, a trained monkey could do this stuff."

"Okay, you do the four valves on the right, and I will do the four on the left. Go slowly, I am an experienced plumber, and this is not a race."

Newton floated to the first 12-inch valve, as Adam flew as far away from him as he could. As soon as my boy opened, what he thought was the correct valve, and released the seal, three days of excrement gushed out from the pipe, and poured out onto my poor son's face and body."

"Adam told us afterwards that he didn't realize a 21-year old boy knew that many curse words. He even learned some new ones himself."

Gray said, "I can't imagine where he learned those words from?"

Delicious flinched, and turned towards him, but before she could say anything Teddy said, "Daddy, be nice."

Delicious was astounded.

"Teddy, you stood up for me. I think that's the first time you've ever done it. Thank you, thank you so very much."

"You have been very good mommy, there was no reason for daddy to pick on you."

"Monty, I think my daughter just told me off."

"Welcome to the club, Gray!"

"Where was I, oh yes. Newton has gone home to Elizabeth, more than once, with tales of having crap flushed onto his face, because he did something in the wrong progression. What he hates worse is when the female plumbers are with him. They are fully qualified, and they are showing him up, while they are showing him around. They float effortlessly, like mermaids, around down there. They make it look so easy, getting between the pipes, and around impossible corners, or bends, because there is no gravity in those access areas. He has more bumps and bruises on his body now, than he ever had, when he was working out against Gordon."

"I repeat my question, where has Gordon been?"

Teddy smiled, "Zoey is pregnant."

"Oh God, we will never see him."

"I need him for tomorrow. I must talk to him today to tell him what he must do. What should I do, mommy?"

Monty said, "I will handle it, Teddy. Hold Brendan for me, please?"

"Absolutely, big Captain; he is going to grow up to be very tall, and very handsome."

"Thank you, Teddy."

She opened her communicator, and authoritatively said, "Attention: there will be an emergency meeting of senior staff members in the meeting room in one hour. It is imperative that all members be there. Anyone missing this meeting will be in the brig for one week. I repeat in the brig for one week, with no conjugal visits."

"Big Captain, you told a lie."

"I did not tell a lie. You are coming with me, and your parents to this meeting. You are going to explain to everyone what we are doing tomorrow. You will tell Gordon what he must do, and show him the math, and science to make sure it is correct. I'm not sure why you are showing it to him, when your mother is the math genius. After that is completed, we will put our minds together to figure out a way to fabricate a radiation proof jar, to your specifications, to catch this 'Dark Matter/Dark Energy' and keep it there, until your mother finishes her new engine, which will make us go very fast. Just make sure, we don't go so fast, the ship breaks apart, and we wind up floating in space."

"Big captain, I don't believe God would give me the brains She did to discover a way to collect Dark Energy, and put it to use in a way that would only destroy us all. I believe She wants us to explore Her magnificent creation, and meet more of the people she has placed around it."

"Delicious, I believe she just did it again. In the span of 10 minutes; your 13-year-old daughter has told me off twice. I don't think I like it."

"I think my father's genes are beginning to wake up inside her. I think we should all run for the hills now."

"I knew I didn't like him for a reason."

"You told another lie, big captain. You liked my grandfather very much. He loved, and respected you, as much as he did every member of our family."

"It is your father coming out in her. I can hear his voice. I can hear him laughing at me."

"It's like giving you Gordon, when he was three years old, wasn't enough punishment for you to bear. Now you have Teddy, as she is about to blossom into her teenage years."

"I think when the ship leaves to go to new places and see new things, I'm going to stay here."

"You can't do that, big captain. Grandpa told Callie that our ship doesn't leave for another planet, without you in command of it."

"I caught you! I caught Teddy in a lie."

Delicious said, "Monty, you have a problem. Teddy doesn't lie. She never ever lies. You can ask Callie if what Teddy said is true or not, because the computer cannot lie. You are stuck with our ship, and our company, until the day God takes you from us."

"I hate your father, Delicious. I hate your grandfather, Teddy. I hate this spacecraft."

Teddy said, "I guess you must not like this little guy either, big captain. The only reason he's here is because of my grandfather and the spaceship he helped create."

"Don't forget me, Teddy; I had something to do with him."

"Hello Mr. Oberlin."

He looked down at his baby, and went to kiss Monty.

"Are we discussing world affairs?"

Monty replied, "We are taking the ship out again tomorrow. Tomorrow is not a training flight; it is to catch 'Dark Energy'. Teddy also told her mother she's been at rest too long, and it's time for her to develop a new engine to put 'Dark Energy' to use. When the Good Luck 2 gets here and we've said hello to everyone, we will decide where to go for our next adventure. We will beat them there, isn't that correct, Delicious?"

"There's nothing like putting a little pressure on me, is there? They could be here tomorrow for all we know?"

"Gordon said they would not be here for two years, maybe a little less. Get your act in gear, girl. You can have your husband help you, if he doesn't get in your way, and stops playing with your ass."

"Just think Gray, we have a 13-year-old, who tells everyone off, politely, and has decided to have my brother catch 'Dark Energy' tomorrow. I am sure we are going to learn the secret of taking plasma directly from a star, and putting it to use to transport us from one end of the universe to the other instantaneously. Then there is this one in my stomach, who Teddy says is the smartest one of us all. What are our first six children going to leave for him to discover?"

"How about transmuting matter?"

He ducked just in time to miss the right cross that passed over his head.

"You promised not to do that."

"I know, trust me I know, but you so deserve it."

"Mom, can I talk now?"

"What are we going to talk about Truman?"

"The stuff you were helping me with the other day."

"That sounds safe enough, doesn't it Gray?"

"I guess we'll find out, won't we? What's up sport? Should I pull up a chair for your mother and me?"

"It might be a good idea, dad. Mom was the one that proved that Mr. Newton was wrong, I just found out another old-timer was wrong."

Delicious yelled, "Chairs, Gray, quick before there is a pregnant lady on the floor."

Gray pulled over two newly made wooden chairs. Teddy sat down, with Brendan, and Jackson sat alongside Monty. They all waited for Truman's expose'.

"Who did you find out was wrong, and can you prove it in a double-blind test?"

"Unlike you mom, where you could prove Mr. Newton was incorrect by floating chairs around in the basement of grandpa's house, my discovery was much harder to discern, but right up your mathematical alley. Edwin Hubble's 'Constant' is wrong."

Delicious didn't scream the loudest, although she did scream. Gray's scream would have shattered diamonds. The only thing it didn't do was wake up Brendan.

"Not Happening my son! Every measurement of a celestial body is based upon Hubble's Constant. (H0) Every measurement ever taken from Earth is dependent upon it. It's not possible for it to be wrong. Laser measurements from earth have proved that the moon is the exact distance Hubble said it would be mathematically. All our calculations on the distance to this planet were correct. As you said Truman, math is your mother's strong point. She doesn't need Callie to tell her what the measurements are between planets, or the cooking time for a cake made from scratch. Your mother is a genius, and you'd better remember that."

"We flew all over four quadrants of the sky before we arrived here, at Atwater Luck. It's not hubris, and I'm sorry, but Tatum and I agree. The 'Constant' is wrong, and we can, and with your approval, we will prove it to you, and anyone else who wants to observe us.

We spent hours in the astronomy lab taking measurements, and watching stars move over hours, and days. The reason the astrophysicists realized the universe was expanding at a much faster rate than they believed, was because they were using Mr. Hubble's 'Constant'. If you are using a figure that is too low, (Ho), to begin with, and you finally have equipment to see out to the edges of our universe, you are amazed at the speed it is expanding. You return to the beginning, and rework everything from the moment of the 'Big Bang.' You work your numbers, until they match what you see happening in space, and you screw up everything. Tatum, and I corrected that."

"Let me see your paperwork."

"Here, I made two copies, so you could follow along. Hubble said he watched stars move over months of observation. Now, we can use lasers to fractionalize the hydrogen, and helium that stars are emitting as they are moving away from the center of our universe at almost the speed of light. Using our advanced equipment, we didn't have to waste months to see how far a star was, and how fast it's moving away from us. We did it in hours, or in a day, if we wanted to waste time. We used the hydrogen stars let out, and split them into a red shift, which becomes unambiguous as to a distance measurement. This gives us a recessional velocity over a matter of hours, or days, rather than months or years.

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