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Dark as Night


Harold stopped what he was doing and tried to reach around to his back to slap the mosquito that had stung him. The attempt was fruitless and the best he could do is limply slap his shoulder. Though he was able to send the mosquito buzzing off, he also banged his shoulder on Marianne's thigh causing her to jump up, startled.

"What are you doing there?" she asked, sitting up and running her hand through the thick dark curls on her head. Her eyes were puffy from sleep and one side of her face seemed darker than the other with the odd imprints from her pillow.

"The damn mosquitoes, that one bit me on the back,' he complained.

"I mean what were you doing down there on the floor between my legs?"

"Well, I still have an hour before I need to go to work and..."

She stared intently as he searched for just the right words to say. On a good day Harold could have quickly come up with some intelligent repartee, perhaps charming the large woman, but he was a bit hung over and apparently still weak from all the blood loss due to the mosquitoes so he simply let his reply hang there unfinished. The sight of her enormous black breasts resting on her stomach, glistening in sweat was a further distraction as he imagined running his tongue over the acres of wet flesh.

"And?" she said, intent upon forcing me to answer.

"Well, I just wanted another taste of you before I left for work and I thought..."

"You thought?"

"I thought I'd wake you up with a quick slip of my tongue."

"White boy, haven't you had enough yet, why after last night I figured you'd sleep for a week," she said, leaning forward and glancing down between her thighs. Following her gaze, Harold looked down at his cock, now hard and ready for action. "I guess I was mistaken," she continued. "So once you woke me with a slip of your tongue, what did you have in mind?"

"I wanted to make you come and then... well..." he paused.

"Now you've done pushed that lily white dick of yours into every hole this old black woman has, what you wanting now. Go on, spit it out."

"I don't exactly want to put it in you, I want to..." he paused again, nervously trying to explain what he wanted to do without insulting her.

"Harold, in the last week we've done just about every sexy, wet, nasty, disgusting thing any two people could possibly do to each other, so if you want to try something else, just tell me," she said, reaching out and affectionately taking his chin in her large hand.

Gritting his teeth, he closed his eyes and blurted out, "I want to fuck you in the belly, right there where it hangs down over your pubic hair," he said, opening his eyes and staring at her face.

"Well darling, if you slip me that tongue like you did last night you can rub that skinny cock of yours anywhere you like, just go over to the medicine cabinet and grab some of that Vaseline," she said, pointing to the bathroom.

Harold got up and walked into the bathroom and grabbed the large jar of Vaseline out of the medicine cabinet. Back in the bedroom, he stood in front of Marianne as he dipped his hand into the jar and then coated his cock in the greasy goo. Watching as Marianne eyed him hungrily, he slowly stroked himself and then kneeled down on the floor, sliding up between her legs again.

Just as he was about to push his head between her thighs he spotted a mosquito settle onto her stomach and he quickly slapped it, smearing its bloody remains into her belly button. At the slap, she sat up and screamed, "Whatcha do that for?"

"Damn mosquitoes," he answered showing her the blood on his palm, before reaching down to her thighs and pushing them open. He then pushed his face in running his tongue down the slit until he reached her damp opening. Working his tongue into her he immediately tasted the sharp tang of her, the strong flavor giving him goose bumps over the back of his neck.

Harold then eased his tongue upward until he found her clit. He immediately sucked the thumb size knob into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down as he eased three fingers into her wet pussy. After just a few moments he could tell it was feeling good for Marianne because he could feel the jiggling, slosh of her flesh as she moved in unison with his sucking.

Turning his head sideways so he could breath amid her ample black flesh, he quickened the pace of the sucking as he worked a fourth finger into the gaping hole of her pussy. Hearing a quivering moan he took a deep breath just as she grabbed his head and pulled him to her, driving his face up between the pink lips of her pussy. Holding her clit deep in his mouth, he teased it with his tongue as she shoved herself against him, her entire body trembling and shaking.

Suddenly he felt the walls of her cunt squeeze and then release his fingers as she started to come. Unable to breathe, Harold held his mouth still over her clit as she writhed in orgasm. He could feel his fingers squeezed again and again as the pulsations coursed through her. Finally she released his head and he drew it back from pussy and gasped loudly, taking a deep breath and then exhaling as he rested his head on the soft pillow of her thigh. He eased his fingers out of her and then waited as the tremors slowly subsided from her body and she whispered, "Oh Harold, sometimes I just want to suck you inside me."

Standing up, he smiled and said, "Sometimes it feels like you just might do it."

"Now how did you want to fuck me?"

Grabbing the Vaseline, he dipped his fingers in, coated them with an ample glob and then reached out to her stomach. Lifting up her flesh, he coated the underside with the Vaseline and then straddled her thigh. Letting his balls slide along her soft, sweaty blackness, he pushed his cock up underneath and then let her stomach squeeze down over it. Taking both hands, he leaned down on the pliant, black flesh and then slowly pulled his cock back, feeling it slide between her slick skin.

"Oh I see what you want," she said, moving her hands down and pushing her stomach down a bit firmer over him. "Okay, come on now, fuck me," she whispered.

Harold immediately thrust forward feeling the soft, warm feel of her around his hard cock. The sensation was incredible, definitely tighter around his thin cock than her cunt ever was and in just a few quick thrusts he was feeling the pleasure roll up the length of his cock and then down into his balls. Marianne then took one hand and reached up, pinching his nipple as he thrust into her flesh. Unable to hold off any longer, Harold moaned loudly, arched his back and spurted his cum into her pubic hair and under her stomach.

Leaning forward, he rested his chest against her enormous breasts and nestled his face up against her neck. Remaining motionless, he savored the soft feel of her as her flesh oozed around his body. After a few minutes, his erection subsided and his cock slipped out from under stomach.

"Oh damn, look at the time," Harold said, jumping up off Marianne and grabbing his clothes. He quickly dressed and then leaned forward, rested a hand on her breast as he gave her a quick kiss. "I'm off to work," he said, "see you soon."

"I'll miss you," she said, smiling slyly.

Harold nodded and then walked out of the room. He wandered through the living room and then out through the beat up front door, nearly knocking the rotted screen door off its hinges. Walking over to his van, he opened the door, reached over to the passenger side and grabbed his bag of supplies. Stepping back up onto the porch, he carefully opened the screen door and then walked back into the living room.

Placing the back down on a nearby threadbare couch, he called out, "Good morning Marianne, it's Harold, are you ready for your sponge bath?"

"You know I sure am, I got something sticky all over my belly," she said as he stepped into the room wearing his white uniform. Large white letters spelled out 'H-a-r-o-l-d' on his name tag just above the words Home Health Care Inc.

"So how was your night last night, Marianne?"

"Oh the night was good and the morning even better," Harold replied as she stepped into the bathroom and turned on the water. "I'll be sure and write that in my report." He walked back into the bedroom and began wiping his cum off her stomach, intrigued on how the white cum seemed to almost glow against her dark flesh. "Just like I like it, dark as night," he whispered.

"What was that you said," his patient asked.

"I said, 'dark as night."

"Just like you like it," she replied.

"Just like I like it he said," moving her flesh around to wipe all the white fluid from all the rolls and folds of her dark, black skin.

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