tagNovels and NovellasDark Corners Of My Mind Ch. 2

Dark Corners Of My Mind Ch. 2


The Unknown And The Unexpected

I’m an exhibitionist at heart! I’ve just never allowed myself permission to do so before.

Our room was on the tenth floor and overlooked downtown Tucson. I had been standing at the window looking into the offices across the street as the bellman closed the door behind him.

My eyes scanned those offices across from us. A rather striking man wearing a dress shirt and tie stood in front of his desk and looking out - lost in thought. My own thoughts had me conjuring what the possibilities of the next few days might well entail.

As I watched him, I had unconsciously begun to lightly trace the outline of the nipple of my breast. I had unbuttoned the front of my blouse and just touched the clasp of the bra that was nestled between each mound. That was when I noticed that he was watching me. He smiled at me and leaned closer to the glass.

“Why not?” I gave it no further thought. Deftly, I unsnapped the clasp and freed my aching breasts. I looked back at him with boldness and deliberate intent to keep his attention. Cupping one breast in hand, I slowly licked two fingers on the other hand before using them to squeeze that nipple into ripe cherry red color.

He was still watching!

So, I discarded both the blouse and the bra, and stood bare from the waist up for his review. My smile for him conveyed that there was more to come.

I turned sideways and saw Nathan standing watching too. He was amused, and definitely turned on! I tilted my head and indicated for him to stand in front of me. I offered my breast to his lips. He sucked it eagerly. I cast my head to the side to watch the window across the street. This was so exhilarating!

He had moved a straight back chair beside him. He had one foot on the seat and rested his elbow on his knee. He waved and smiled a wicked grin. He liked this game!

I pulled my breast from Nathan’s greedy mouth. He did not want to let go. His erection was bulging! I unzipped him and “set him free”.

Dropping my head low, I took him into my mouth and sucked him with the same enthusiasm he had just shown me. It did not take long before his pre-cum coated my tongue. His trousers had fallen to the floor around his ankles. He seemed not to care that we had an audience watching his cock slide between my lips. I wasn’t ready for this to end, so I backed off and moved away.

My hand touched the window glass and left a small impression of condensation. This gave me an idea worth trying! One hand supporting each breast, I pressed the nipples against the cool glass. His head was nodding in acknowledged appreciation. Sure enough, there was a perfect echo print still there when I stepped back.

His index finger was extended. He was gesturing to me! Oh, so that’s it! He wants to see me naked.

Accordingly, the skirt had to go! A strip tease, a little wanton walk about the window, and a slow peel of the zipper, and then I lifted the hem of the garment up my torso and over my head. I tossed it and let it let it drop to the floor beside all the other articles of clothing already piling up in disarray. There I stood before that open window exposing myself to a complete stranger wearing nothing but a smile.

My most desirable asset, per my lover, is my ass! Slowly I turned around and faced away from my new admirer. My fingers played with the cheeks. My body began to sway in a gentle rhythm. My eyes closed and I let myself go completely. My fingers traced the division in of my cheeks.

I taunted him. Then I spread them open. I felt a rush of cool air.

Nathan has always told me that I had a beautiful pucker. He describes it as a soft blush pink color formed in a perfect ring. So I opened my cheeks wide to show this new entity just how brazen I could be.

I leaned forward at my waist and then positioned each cheek to the glass. My index finger toyed with the opening. I was feeling so hot! I slid one painted fingertip to the outside ring and gave a gentle push. My finger took entry to my backside up to the knuckle. I heard Nathan groan.

I opened my eyes and saw my husband’s erect cock in his own hand. His eyes were riveted on my body. I let my fingers work their way to my own nest of desire. A rivulet of moisture coated my thighs. I popped off a quick beginning orgasm. My breathing had reached a feverish pitch.

I turned back to the window and saw the handsome stranger now wearing a lustful expression on his own face. I fingered myself so he could see how excited I was. His free hand grazed his crotch. I spread my swollen lips so I could see the evidence of my growing arousal. Two fingers plunged into the ridges of my vagina while my thumb rolled the clit from side to side. Another orgasm exploded through me like fireworks. It left my shaking.

My floorshow had come to an end. I wanted to fuck! But, I do not do that in public! I reached out and grabbed the edge of the curtain, wrapped it loosely around the bottom of my torso and walked it slowly across the window until the stage closed. He watched every step I took!

Then I turned to the cock waiting for me on the floor! His back was against the wall. I straddled him and rode him with my feet planted firmly on the ground. My body made smacking sounds as the juices dripped from inside me and down his groin. He put his hand behind my backside and slid his finger deep into my ass. I fucked him harder! My reward was a long guttural growl as he filled me with an explosion from his cock. My vagina pulsed right along with him.

I was a very happy woman!

We lingered over dinner; both of us were feeling a mixture of invigorated sexual stimulation and moderate anxiety. We took turns suggesting possible scenes for this daring undertaking that would soon be our reality.

We corked what was left of our second bottle of wine and took it with us back to the hotel room. We finished it while snuggling beneath the sheets.

I was awakened somewhere around 3:15 A.M. Nathan had the biggest boner that I can remember him having in a very long time. He was sweating like a pig.

I was lying on my side in our usual spooning position. He was pressed up against me and rasped in a low voice, “I have to fuck you!”

He took his time and played with my tits, pussy and ass. Finally, I was able to shake off the sleepy stupor and join the mood by wiggling my ass against his cock. He was dripping his desire all over the sheets. I reached back and grabbed his erection, and instead of rubbing it against my slit and past my clit, I slid that rocket up and down my ass crack.

He all but went berserk and pressed that hardness right against my anal pucker. He didn’t even stop for lube, but it slid right in. The pleasure was so intense!

He couldn’t wait. He let go of a huge cum load deep within me in less than two minutes. Both of us throbbed with a barrage of contractions. And when they subsided, he put me on my knees with my ass in the air. His tongue replaced his erection as he sucked and licked my anal ring. He squeezed my clitoris between his thumb and forefinger. I gushed all over both of us!

Too excited to go back to sleep, Thursday morning came early for me. So I logged onto my laptop to check messages, answer those that required it and to begin composing my thoughts for Helene.

I took a long hot shower and wrapped myself in the thick white terry robe the hotel had provided. I sat on the love seat next to that window and sipped my first cup of coffee. Two cups of coffee later, I hit the send button on the following message:

Dear Helene, Nathan has told me of you. And, I understand that we shall soon be having a social introduction over coffee. He is most stimulated in anticipation. I, too, freely admit that the prospect of this encounter with you is most titillating.

It is, Helene, Thursday morning. Per your request, or more appropriately, your instructions, I provide a fantasy for you. I understand that I am to try not to filter my thoughts.

Before I could proceed with this game, I went to your web site. I visited it for over thirty minutes before my comfort levels truly settled into place.

I like your image. Your eyes speak volumes! I can imagine us playing together in the spirit of fun and pursuits of pleasure.

So, my fantasy has already begun you see. It actually began on our flight here when Nathan originally shared the exchanges in communication between the two of you.

I strive and thirst for the unknown and unexpected.

I can create and recreate scenarios over and over in my mind; each time, I see varying intensity of touch, choose a different one of the senses to delight, and my body temperature soars accordingly. I see blindfolds, gags, restraints, paddles, nipple clips, and hot wax.

I am especially stimulated by voyeurism. (And, yesterday, I learned to appreciate exhibitionism as well.) I think it would be mind blowing to watch, as you were to test each of us and push us over the edge of our personal comfort zones. I believe I could tell when he reached his before he even knew it was happening.

There are several vignettes that I toy with. These are so secret that I have never shared them even with him. He has such an anal fetish!

So, I like to pretend that there is another woman in the bed with us. The two of us have arranged a surprise for him! She excuses herself momentarily and goes into the bathroom. When she returns, she is wearing a strap on dildo, and it is not so large as to intimidate him. She says his name, and she takes deliberately seductive steps towards him. She strokes the phallus in her hand and tells him. “This is for you! I’m going to fuck your ass!”

I want him to be fucking me while she fucks him! I want it to be tender! I want to watch as a symphony of facial expressions flood his face. I want to hear him moan! I’d be able to reap the rewards of watching his pleasure while he gives me mine.

There is another fantasy that lurks very deep within me. I keep it safely hidden. Actually, Helene, I have a mental closet full of these dreams!

I read a book called THE PASSIVE VOICE. What a sensual fire stoker! So, I’ll tell you, but I am not yet ready to tell Nathan, that I crave to know what it would be like to play with sex toys with an electrical stimulus. I want to know the feeling of that crackling blue current as it passes over my skin. I can’t believe it! I had an orgasm as I typed.

In a perfect world and in my perfect fantasy, we three participants will forget that we are strangers, forego inhibitions, and bond warmly in the spirit of play.

Well, I suddenly feel so mentally naked! So, I’ll close this note with a request of my own.

Would it be possible on the night that we get together for introductions for you to choose a place with personality for us to meet? It matters not whether you choose a place that reflects the city. I’d rather go to a place where you would ordinarily go for your own enjoyment. Your choice will tell me something about you.

I’ll be thinking about you!


Tick. Tick. Tick! Damn! Could this clock ever move any slower!

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