tagInterracial LoveDark Descent Ch. 01

Dark Descent Ch. 01


The following is a true, or as near to the truth account of the real life events that occurred during the past year to my wife and I, basically chronicling what happened leading up to and during the time that she took a black man as her lover, all with my approval.

Firstly, about ourselves, my name is David, I am a 39 year old computer programmer, I am just an average type of person really, 5'9 relatively fit, and not too bad looking I guess, my wife is called Lindsey, she is 32 years old and a slim brunette, she is around 5'3 and a size 8, she exercises pretty regularly and makes great efforts to always look her best, she is proud of her looks and is really very pretty, her hair is cut into a fashionable bob and she has gorgeous blue eyes.

Lindsey could be described as being quite feline and moves with an easy grace, her legs are long and shapely, topped off with the tidiest bottom, she thinks that her breasts are too small, which being a 32b, they could be described as such, but, they are perfectly in proportion to the rest of her body.

We live in a town in the South West of England and have been happily and content in our 9 year marriage, we have yet to have children, but it is something we have discussed for the future. We met at my last place of employment; we went out together for a year before getting engaged and setting up home together prior to getting married. We have both moved on from where we worked and work now in completely different fields to each other.

Our sex life has always been good, we have certainly enjoyed each other and things are by no means stale.

We enjoy all the normal things that couples do, oral sex, various positions, but nothing weird, we have tried to do it anally in the past, usually if she has been really tipsy after a night out or something, but it has always been unsuccessful, she has always said it hurts and I obviously respected her wishes.

Lindsey also loves to dress up and has an extensive range of fine underwear; it is a penchant of hers and one that I actively encourage, as the site of her dressed up sexily always gets me going.

At no time, ever, prior to the events that have happened, has she ever been, or intimated that she would ever be unfaithful, she just did not seem the type, always loyal and proper, never a flirt or someone whom I would have any doubts about trusting, so basically, I was very lucky to have her as my wife.

Last summer, we arranged to go on our annual summer holiday, we have been to many places around the world together; we both share a love of travel, visiting new places. India was a favourite destination of ours.

The Caribbean island of St Lucia and Barbados we always enjoyed, but on this occasion, we fancied somewhere in the Mediterranean, preferably one of the Greek islands.

After pouring over the brochures we decided that we would choose the Island of Crete, beautiful beaches, lots of interesting and historical places to visit, eating Al Fresco alongside the blue waters of the Med each evening and good nightlife that we could sample if it took our fancy.

The holiday was booked for the start of August for two week duration and a sense of excitement was building in the time running up to our departure. Lindsey as usual, took care of all the packing, her summer wear consisting of floaty items that I cannot even begin to describe and her cutesy two piece bathing costumes, and all the other items that women take, as I am sure most men and I am one, are amazed with the amount of clothes that they take on holiday, especially when lugging the suitcase down the stairs!

The flight out was uneventful, the normal boring rigmarole that the modern traveller has to endure in the over inflated security conscious world that we must now all endure.

We were not staying in the usual package holiday resorts, I had managed to find a bargain online, after much research I found a 5 star resort on the outskirts of XXXXXX, I won't mention the name, but it was very beautiful, our room had a terrace overlooking the pool area and the sound of running water from the various water features made for a relaxing atmosphere.

The room itself was very spacious, well appointed with all the modern amenities that you would expect from a 5 star establishment, the large tiles on the floor offering a cool respite from the heat outside. Lindsey was delighted with the place.

The first few days we just relaxed and settled into our surroundings, relaxing by the pool, drinking a few beers and reading, it was just nice to unwind from everyday life, leave all of our work worries behind and just soak up some sun.

In the evenings, we would stroll into town for a bite to eat and a bottle of wine, then leisurely make our way back to the hotel via a few nice bars, then make love.

Lindsey by this time was getting a glorious tan.

She has a lovely sun-kissed glow, that makes her eyes seem to be even more vivid blue, I could see that she was drawing appreciative glances from other men when she was sunbathing around the pool.

That is something I am used to as she is very attractive, her bikinis although small were not revealing, as she is not the type to flaunt herself, but her toned body glistening with sun oil really is a sight to see, her toned bum in her little swimsuit is a marvellous thing.

As an aside, one afternoon, she had on a white bikini with strings at the side, after a swim she got out of the pool, as she walked passed two of the barmen nudged each other and inclined towards each other with their heads, one even blowing his cheeks out in appreciation.

As Lindsey walked toward me, I could see what the barmen were looking at, due to the fact that she was now quite tanned, and the costume was white and wet, you could pretty much see everything that there was to see, the outline of her trimmed mound and her buttocks were on plain view, she didn't realise this and I never told her as she would have been mortified. Nonetheless I enjoyed the moment.

The holiday was passing too fast, we did lots of sightseeing and went on numerous day trips to see various parts of the beautiful islands, small quaint fishing villages off the tourist trail and some terrific museums of antiquity.

All too soon the end of the holiday approached, we had had a fantastic time, on our last night, we decided to have a meal and then stay in the town and have a few drinks, maybe even go to a club, of which there were an abundance of choices.

Lindsey was wearing a purple all in one dress and those roman type sandals that girls like to wear in the summer, her hair was glossy and she looked pretty damned good, the dress itself was quite tight and finished about halfway above her knees, showing her lovely legs, she had on a tiny lace G string so no panty line was visible.

She got a few wolf whistles from a few groups of younger drunken guys as we walked into the town after our meal, but she just ignored the morons as I did.

We hit a few bars and downed some nice cold beers and chatted to another few people that we knew from our hotel.

The guy I was talking to informed that it was really busy as there was an American warship in the port that was heading down to the Middle East for a deployment.

I then started to notice around me lots of American accents; we had a few cocktails in another bar and then decided to head to a club in the heart of town.

We were both quite tipsy by this stage and as we walked I had my hand on Lindsey's bum, at home she usually wouldn't have allowed this, but since we were on holiday, she was very relaxed and giggly.

The club that we found had a huge pink neon sign outside and there was some really deep base tones coming from inside so we decided on that one, as we entered it was quite dark inside, my eyes took a few minutes to adjust from the neon glare outside.

It was very busy and the dance-floor was pretty full, the music was good and we made our way to the bar.

I ordered Lindsey a cocktail and I had a beer, we made our way to the dance-floor and had a bit of a boogie, which we both really enjoyed, we hit the bar a few more times. Lindsey had a couple more cocktails to my beers; we were having a great old time.

We got chatting to an American sailor at the bar and we both started sharing jokes, I was interested to hear about his time in the navy and was asking him questions about life onboard a ship.

He was a very pleasant guy, Lindsey asked for another drink, she was merrily drunk by this time but not out of control, just a young woman enjoying herself, she told me that she wanted to dance some more, so I told her to go ahead and enjoy herself, so she sashayed her way into the middle and started dancing.

I looked over at her periodically, but she was just enjoying herself, she caught my eye and waved at me and blew me a kiss which I returned.

The sailor told me that my wife was 'hot' which of-course I took as a compliment.

I looked over at Lindsey again on the dance-floor, but this time she was not alone, a black guy, standing about 6'2 was dancing with her, he was not touching her or anything, he leaned in close to her to say something and she laughed, clearly enjoying herself, I continued chatting to my new friend as Lindsey was carrying on dancing.

After another few minutes she came back and draped her arm across my shoulders and kissed my cheek, her face was all sweaty and her cheeks were flushed from her exertions, she told me she was really thirsty from all the dancing, I asked her if she wanted a coke or something, but she just giggled, grabbed my bottle of beer and headed back into the melee.

The sailor went off to find his friends leaving me at the bar alone, I looked across the dance-floor to see if I could see Lindsey, I couldn't see her, but I was not unduly worried as it was quite dark and crowded, after a few minutes searching I saw her, again, she was dancing with the same black guy, but this time, one of his friends had joined them, he was a head shorter than his taller friend but extremely broad with a shaven head and had extremely dark skin.

The three of them were off to the rear corner of the throng, the taller guy was in front of Lindsey and the shorter stocky guy was behind her.

They were all very close together, Lindsey had her hands in the air her eyes were closed and she was moving slowly in time with the beat of the music and the two black guys, the only way to describe it is that they were grinding into her, almost as if they were dry humping against her.

The guy in-front had his hands on Lindsey's shoulders, while the guy behind had his hands on her hips, they were all three moving in unison.

Lindsey's eyes were closed and her head was back her mouth half open and resting her head against the neck of the stocky guy behind her.

I felt a flush of anger and jealousy looking at my Lindsey like that, but also perversely, to see my gorgeous wife between two hulking black guys was also curiously arousing.

As the song ended, I came to my senses after watching what had been going on before me and walked on the dance-floor, Lindsey, I could see was pretty drunk by this stage and as I called her name from a few feet away, her head snapped round to look at me, I told her that it was time to go, the black guy who was behind her was laughing, but the other guy looked disappointed that Lindsey was leaving, her cheeks were very flushed and her hair was all sweaty and stuck to her face.

I took her by the hand and we walked from the club into the night air, before leaving the club, I noticed that she looked back a few times, but she was quite unsteady on her feet.

As we were heading back to the hotel, Lindsey grabbed me and started furiously kissing me, she was thrusting her mound against me and rubbing herself against me like a cat.

I could feel myself getting aroused and told her we would have some hot sex when we got back to our hotel room.

We got a taxi back to the hotel, on the back seat, she was rubbing my cock through my trousers, now this is something that she has never ever done in all the years we have been together, so she was either really drunk, really horny or both.

Mercifully the taxi ride was brief, I paid the smirking driver and followed a very tottering swaying Lindsey to our room, as soon as the door was closed she almost pounced on me, our clothes came off pretty quickly.

Lindsey was before me in her tiny G string and her sandals, her face flushed and her hair dishevelled, she looked so amazingly sexy, we fell onto the bed and she straight away took my penis into her mouth, slurping on it greedily.

She was like a woman possessed. She span around into the 69 position, her lace clad pussy just inches from my face, even from here, and I could see that the crotch of her knickers was drenched with her juices.

I pulled the soaking garment aside and started to lap at her, she was indeed saturated, more wet than I had ever felt or seen before, we ended up fucking on the bed and in the chair with her riding me, her long nails hooked into my shoulders.

She clambered off of me and got into the doggy position on the bed, offering me her pussy from behind, as I slid into her tight pussy.

I don't know what came over me, I just blurted out

'I bet you wish that it was one of those black guys fucking you now don't you?'

Amazingly, she replied.

'Oh my fucking god yes!'

But she wasn't finished there, she then said.

'I could feel them against me on the dance-floor. Their cocks were huge!

Breathlessly she continued.

'They were rubbing them against me, they felt so big and hard, babe..they were fucking massive!'

She then moaned aloud, her mouth had fallen open and she was breathing really heavily and panting.

Now this as you can imagine was a shock, as Lindsey never usually swears, so to hear those things coming from her and describing it the way she did, totally sent me over the edge and I came immediately, my balls bucking and my cock spurting cum as I emptied myself into her receptive body.

She was obviously fantasising about those guys fucking her, that's why she was so turned on, her knickers soaked, because she could feel those monster penises rubbing against her and those guys obviously wanted to fuck her in return.

Lindsey moaned that she didn't want me to cum so soon but I couldn't help it.

She screeched.

'No, no, not yet, don't cum yet babe!'

But obviously it was too late, I couldn't possibly restrain myself.

There was a shocked silence, Lindsey looked at me with red cheeks burning with embarrassment about what she had said, I also could not look her in the eye, due to my own shame about what I had asked.

Lindsey cleaned herself up in the bathroom and we both fell into an exhausted sleep. When we woke up in the morning, it was really very awkward; we both knew exactly what the other had said the night before. I was obviously thinking about the hot sex we had and what my pretty and faithful wife had said, and obviously so was she.

So, the silence between was awkward, painful almost.

Tidying up to pack the suitcases when she was in the shower, I found her panties from the night before down the side of the bedcovers.

They tiny piece of fabric that would have been in contact with her pussy was still very very damp and it all came flooding back to me.

I could feel myself getting erect, as I ran my fingers across her wetness, imagining her pussy leaking into her tiny knickers as those big hard black cocks were pressed against her body, obviously causing the reaction that I could feel for myself in her underwear.

I put the image out of my mind and started packing the cases, Lindsey came out of the shower looking a lot more refreshed, very quietly, she said to me that she was embarrassed about last night and that she was sorry for what she had said, I told her that it was my fault for saying anything and anyway, we were both very drunk, she looked relieved at that.

We got home to normality, everything was pretty good, but not quite normal.

It was hard to put my finger on.

For two weeks after we returned we never made love, it was almost as if we were both too embarrassed and were acting like shy teenagers around each other, both very aware that things were said that could never be taken back.

Lindsey went out with some colleagues from work on a Friday night around a month after our return.

I was left alone at home, sometimes I go out with my friends and Lindsey with hers, so, nothing unusual there.

I was surfing the internet in my office at home, my mind drifting back to our holiday and the things that we both said, the images of Lindsey and those two black guys came flooding back. The state of her underwear, the level of her arousal.

To be honest, I had thought of little else over the intervening weeks.

Out of curiosity, I started looking at interracial sex websites and video clips online, I could not believe how much stuff was out there, there were reams and reams of websites.

Admittedly, they really turned me on, looking at all of the video clips of huge black men, sometimes groups of them having sex with sexy white women, obviously, I could only think about Lindsey taking the place of some of these girls, imagining what it would be like to see her doing those nasty things on screen.

I went and got myself a beer from the fridge as I trawled through dozens of clips, I masturbated furiously for about an hour and a half, cumming twice.

Imagining my gorgeous wife being fucked and taken in a multitude of different ways, by single black guys, two at once, gangbangs, anally, you name it, I thought about it.

I heard Lindsey come home around 2 in the morning and she undressed and got straight into bed, she snuggled against me and started to rub me through my pants, she was obviously horny and ready for a romp, this is usually the case after a few wines with her friends.

I do not know where I found the reserves of energy from after jerking all night to interracial porn but I was almost instantly erect again, I admit, that I was thinking of her being fucked by a black man with a huge cock.

We had pretty energetic sex, Lindsey was moaning and groaning a lot more than was usual, in the back of my mind, I was wondering what she was thinking about too, maybe she was having thoughts as dangerous and illicit as I was?

Whenever I got the chance, I started looking at more and more interracial pornography online.

This developed into a bit of a habit.

I started to download interracial movies of every shape and form, glossy productions, amateur clips, I wanted them all. I wanted to see white women being fucked by black men.

My masturbatory fantasies really gathered pace, all I could think of now was watching Lindsey in that nightclub, those two hulking black men rubbing themselves against her lithe body, Lindsey in return, allowing herself to be dry humped, her body reacting in a natural way to those attentions that were being visited on her.

The state of her underwear when we arrived back at the hotel, soaked with the evidence of her obvious arousal, it was this fact that I always returned to, a few times I even got those very same panties from her underwear drawer and masturbated with them around my penis.

I imagined that if I had not been there, she would probably have ended up fucking one of those guys or perhaps even both of them and I am sure, that Lindsey probably harboured those thoughts also.

Every time we made love, I imagined her being fucked by black guys, I confess, that I could never last long, just those images in my mind were becoming all consuming, I know that she was becoming slightly frustrated with my performances. I started to go down on her for longer periods of time, because I knew that when I entered her body, it would be over quickly.

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