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Dark Desires


Chapter One: Awakening

"Hi! My name is Jade. I'm twenty six and looking for a sensitive, caring and funny guy just to hang out with. I love animals and reading a great book. My perfect man would be sociable, easy going and definitely caring-"

"Alright, Jade, your twenty seconds have run out," the voice from behind the camera interrupted my little spiel. I sighed and nodded, sliding off the chair and walking over to the kitchen bench where a nice cold orange juice awaited me.

As I sipped the citrus fluid, I looked over at the camera-woman, who just happened to be my best friend of sixteen years. Raising an eyebrow, I chose to pout around my juice, "So, why is always only twenty seconds?"

Sandra laughed and played the tape back, watching it with a grin, "Cos men have short attention spans!"

I couldn't help but laugh, but quickly sobered when the reality of what I was doing hit me. I'd never online dated before. Sure, I'd flirted on the net, who didn't? But I had enjoyed a rather nice anonymity, and here I was putting my face and voice on a video clip and sending it in to "Soul-Match.com". I looked over my friend as she stood laughing at something funny on the video clip.

With blue eyes and blonde hair, Sandra was hard to miss. Her perfectly rounded light pink lips were always pouted suggestively. Just like the way her waist swayed when she wanted to be provocative; which usually meant all the time. Her long legs ended in a firm, round butt on one end and dainty feet on the other. It didn't exactly hurt that she was a dancer with a great physique, either.

"Hang on, what are you laughing at?" it suddenly hit me that she was watching my video submission; again.

"Oh," she flashed perfectly set, pearly whites, "you're just so cute!"

I made a fake grab at the camera she was holding, "You're not supposed to laugh!" I felt my face flush hot with both embarrassment and the feeling of the vodka in the orange juice beginning to take effect. Sandra sipped her own glass of vodka/orange and grinned. I had a general thought about somehow regretting this split decision to send in a submission to a shady online dating site, but for now the giddiness of the alcohol continued to swirl in my head and impair my better judgment.

Ten minutes later, the video was loaded onto my computer and onto my newly made profile. Sure, they asked for a full profile when you signed up, but nobody actually looked at it. They would rather just look at the short video clip and judge from that. Somewhere in the back of my head, I realised this was probably just another way for internet billionaires to cash in on the dating market. But I was desperate... and drunk.

"And send!" Sandra hit the enter button and I shook my head, clearing it slightly, but not enough to stop my girlish giggling.

"Hey do you think someone will actually look at this?" I asked, my cheeks feeling hot and the room slightly swirly. I dimly realised that I had overestimated the ratio between orange juice and vodka once again. I made a mental note to myself to measure it next time.

"Of course Sweetie. You're too cute!"

I threw a glance at my long time friend as I pushed back my dark brown hair. Ever since growing it, I had had a hard time adjusting to the new length. But I kept supposing that shoulder length hair made me sexy. At least, that's what Sandra kept telling me. If anyone knew sex, it was her.

In a completely sober moment as we were getting ready for bed – Sandra had been kicked out of her boyfriend's apartment so she was staying with me temporarily, and I only had one queen sized bed – I found myself looking in the old standing mirror I had in my bathroom. As I braided up my wavy hair, I looked at my now exposed neck. My skin, though I was in fact of Asian descent, was fairer than most. I still had the bronzed complexion of my ancestors, but it was more of a coppery glow than anything. I was hardly a size zero and prided myself in that fact as I my eyes followed the line down to my slightly sloping bare shoulders.

Liquid brown eyes flicked towards the mirror as I darted a quick look at my full, pale lips. They parted as I continued to look down my naked body, travelling to my high C cups and watching in curiosity as my nipples creased and peaked in answer to the chill that travelled through the lace curtains of my open window.

My gaze travelled down further to a flat, smooth stomach. I didn't have muscled abs but I had never really liked that look on females. Somewhere in my mind I always saw females as the softer, curvier counterparts for males. My eyes dipped down to my navel, skipping on the slight scar of the healed piercing I had had done in my rebellious teens. It was a small thing, but for one who knew where to look, it was there.

I let my fingers splay across my stomach as I moved both them and my eyes past my slightly flaring hips to the shadowed place between my rounded thighs. I found myself spreading my legs slightly to get a better, fuller look at myself. While I had never really consciously thought about it, I rather liked the shaven appearance of some women I'd seen in magazines and the like. I remembered the first time I tried it and found myself utterly lacking in bald beauty.

Slowly, I slipped two of my fingers downwards; sliding against bare skin until they reached a small tuft of fur that I had found had accentuated my inner beauty rather nicely. I found myself smiling as I touched the side of my paler thigh with my other hand. Sliding my fingertips along my smooth skin, I drew an imaginary line down my long, curvy legs all the way to my delicate ankles and curled toes. I found myself stroking the small patch, almost purring underneath my breath.

While I had never truly felt beautiful in another's eyes, in my own, I was a goddess. I had an imperfect goddess's body that suddenly demanded attention.

The reflection of soft, dark eyes stared back at me as I slipped my fingers further downwards, delighted to find the nub of my pleasure as I rubbed it slightly but slid my fingers down even further to my wet slit. I closed my eyes as I moved my fingers against myself, just twice, almost barely touching.

Flicking my eyes open again, I watched my reflection as she raised her fingers, her eyes dark with lonesome passion. She reached up and flicked out a small pink tongue to dab experimentally at the moistened fingertips. I watched as her eyes widened with the taste and her nostrils flared with the smell of my heat.

Slowly, my lips parted as I breathed deeply, I reached down again, leaving a soft, wet trail down the skin between my breasts and dipping my fingers into my navel before seeking the pleasant warmth of my sex. I let my head drop back, content to close my eyes as I felt my fingertips brush against my clitoris. Circling, I let a breathy sigh escape my lips and I moved my other hand back up and cupped a breast.

Keeping in time, I circled both clit and nipple, my breath soon coming in excited pants as I sought to sink my fingers deep into myself. But I held back, prolonging the anticipation of the pleasure it would bring. As I squeezed and massaged my breasts, my eyes closed, I felt a man enter my mind and take over the loving ministrations on my body. I arched myself up into him as he rubbed my clit, sliding an errant finger down along my wet pussy every now and again.

He held both my breasts, his head dipped low to suckle on my nipples. First one, then the other and I found it hard to breathe, the pleasure burning its way into me. Then, when I thought I would cry out in desperation, I felt his fingers slide deep into me. I gasped and arched into his body once more. I felt his hot hands on my breasts, his sighed breath on my neck, my legs wrapped around him. I felt the liquid heat inside me begin to melt and flow towards him, begin to move with the ebb and tide provided by his now harder thrusts. I was so ready, I wanted what only he could give me. I wanted release.

I arched my back, preparing as I felt it build inside me. I was so close. I felt... I felt...

"Hey! What are you doing in there? You know I want a shower too!"

I blinked, coming back from my fantasy into the real world with a disappointing crash and a sudden and quite violent shift in my mood. I sighed explosively and stared at the mirror pointlessly as I weaved my wet fingers against myself, feeling my wet pussy. But nothing else came, it was gone and so was the man in my head.

Rude banging on the door interrupted my hopeless contemplation once again and I savoured pouring a hateful glance towards it. I sighed, finding myself on the floor and slowly uncurled my legs in order to stand. Taking a small wash cloth, I held it under a tap and wiped the moist cloth against myself, cleaning off the wetness that mixed a heady scent into my nostrils.

The door banged again, or rather, Sandra knocked loudly and demanded my coming out. I took another long look at myself and sighed for the lost ecstasy. Pulling on a nightdress, I unlocked the door and stepped outside.

"What were you doing in there?"

"Nothing. Just getting ready."

Sandra gave me an odd look and all I could do was give her a blissful smile, though the earlier sting of being interrupted in the most crucial part of my fantasy still bit. Frowning at my sunny disposition, Sandra muttered something about drinking too much and proceeded to flow into the bathroom herself, her bath robe flaring dramatically. I sighed and tried to run my fingers through my hair, the braid stopping me short before plopping myself onto my bed and under the covers.

I looked around at the cream coloured walls and listened to the distant hiss of running water through the bathroom door. I found myself strangely thinking of Sandra in the shower. Her golden hair plastered to the nape of her neck; water running in rivulets down her smooth skin, running off her ass as she exposed her long, slender neck to the rushing water. I found myself curling under the blankets and wickedly sliding my fingers once again down towards my goddess's mound.

It seemed that the thought of my best friend naked, hot and wet in the shower was turning me on again and I had no inclination towards stopping myself. I sighed as I laid my head back onto the pillow, forgetting to conjure up the man in my last fantasy as I listened to the water pour down onto the tiled floor of my shower. Instead, I found myself seeing my friend as she walked back out into the bedroom; completely and utterly naked.

I watched with dark eyes as she slid along the edge of the bed towards me, her own deep blue eyes afire with curious passion. My nostrils flared as I breathed in her soapy, clean scent and I wet my lips with my tongue as she hovered over me, her own lips parted in wicked desire.

Reaching up, I slowly began to rub my breasts, my nipples hardening under my touch as I teased myself under her watchful gaze. I saw her staring and silently revelled in the reaction I was getting as I slid my hand skittering down towards my stomach. Before I could reach my goal, however, she stopped me with her own hands. Leaning down, she bent her head to my nipples and began sucking on the hard nubs. First one, then the other and then, pushing my breasts together, she wrapped her hot, moist tongue around both. I couldn't help but gasp, my hands automatically going to her head, my fingers spearing into her soft, silken mane. Pulling her head closer, I revelled in the delicious curl of pleasure that wound its way up my spine.

Then I suddenly found it hard to breathe as I felt questing fingers at the junction of my thighs. Involuntarily, I squeezed them tight, only to relax and open them again when my body realised what was coming. Crying out a little, making mewling sounds, I felt hot fire pierce into me as her fingers slid into my warmth. She wriggled them, moving them in and out and in circles inside my tight pussy and I couldn't help but squirm under her ministrations. So good!

I felt my liquid core suddenly unfurling once again and I knew that because of my earlier fantasy, I was more than ready to reach my peak. I stared up into her impossibly blue eyes and moved my gaze onto her deliciously pale pink lips. Biting my own, I gestured with my head, unable to take the words from my throat. Kiss me. Kiss me now.

Her tongue pierced my hot mouth just as I felt the first cascade of pleasure. I sighed into her kiss, wrapping my tongue around hers as I convulsed against her palm. I arched myself against her smooth body, feeling the push of her breasts against mine as she stifled my cry of final pleasure with her own moan.

I collapsed back onto the bed, gasping with breath, taking short shallow pulls of air. I blinked, only barely registering the fine sheen of sweat that soaked my scalp and face and indeed, my entire body. I felt the pleasant aftershocks as I mixed my fingers inside myself, idly sliding them in and out and feeling the strange slickness that could only happen when I had cum.

I drowsily registered the turning of the tap as the water stopped hissing in the shower and smiled, rolling over onto my side and closing my eyes to appear asleep when Sandra really did come back into the room. I felt her eyes on me and heard her move around the room, brushing her hair and shifting her clothes around. Padding across the carpeted floor, she poked me with a finger and I mumbled something, still feigning sleep.

"Asleep already? Must have had more than I thought," she sighed and I couldn't help but smile, knowing my face was turned away from her. I sighed (in my sleep) and snuggled closer under the bed sheets. My smug smile flickering as I finally fell under my own drowsy spell. My last memories were of my fingers idly wriggling inside myself and the sharp scent of my pleasured sex.


The next morning dawned bright and early with buttered croissants, coffee and a message on my new profile on Soul Match. Munching down, rather un-delicately for a woman of her beauty, Sandra plonked herself in front of my computer and happily signed in. Her eyes grew wide and I watched as she devoured the information on the screen.

"So...anything good?" I asked, though I was extremely sceptical. I mean, what chances were there really of two people who were destined to be together being on the same site when there were probably millions of such sites all over the net? After all, the odds really couldn't have been that favourable.

"Oh!" Sandra's eyes suddenly lit up, "you may have a winner here!"

Rolling my eyes, my mouth stuffed with buttery bread, I strolled over to see what she was so excited about. My eyes were drawn first to the number of hits my video clip had had and I was astounded by the number. Then I saw the profile Sandra had up on a rather nice looking young man.

"Number seventy three on your hit list," Sandra confirmed, pointing her croissant over her shoulder at me, "I just looked at their faces and their hobbies. This one's handsome and into sports!" she turned fully around then and grinned at me before hopping off the chair and pushing me down on it. "Go on, have a look and send off a reply if you like him!"

Once again I found myself rolling my eyes and soon had to fend of a thrown croissant. I glanced at the profile picture while I bent down, still sitting on the chair, and searched blindly for the landing spot of the offending pastry.

Suddenly, I saw his eyes. They were such an impossible blue with such a drastic contrast to his wavy, blonde hair. I blinked and immediately forgot the bread in favour of clicking the video clip Number 73 had listed on his profile.

A smiling man with magical eyes beamed up at me through the computer screen. "Hi! My name's Jacob. I'm twenty eight and I own my own surf shack. I love children and especially their mothers-" ...Cheeky!... "-I'm looking for a serious girl who also knows how to chill and have a good time." And that was it. But I was hooked.

Without thinking about it, I found myself clicking the 'reply' button and sending him a little mail. The response was instantaneous. He was online! Briefly forgetting about my current room mate, I eagerly accepted a request to chat online via the online chat feature the website had. It took only a few moments to download the necessary software and there I was, sitting in a virtual café and nervously awaiting my online prince.

"Hey there!"

I couldn't help but squeal when I saw him come into the chat room. "Hi!" I answered back and then eagerly awaited his next post.

"So, come here often?"

All I could do was blush and laugh. "Only when I'm lonely,"

"Oh, don't worry sweetie. I'm here to keep you company,"

As my fingers flew over the keyboard with an appropriate reply, Sandra decided to re-enter the room. She was dressed fabulously, as always in her fashionable, yet conservative business suit. "So, I'm off to work then!" She peered over my shoulder and gave my arm a pinch, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Then she was off and I was grinning. Somehow, being alone with Jacob online suddenly seemed the naughtiest thing I could think of.

"So," I began to type, snuggling up into my chair and grinning madly, "Are you alone?"

There was a pause and then a little cheeky smiley came up and he replied, "LOL. Yeah I am, it's just my four kids and my wife in the other room."

I couldn't help but blush and laugh. "You're funny!" and then I rushed to type, "I'm sorry, I just, I've never chatted on a site like this and I absolutely no idea what to say..."

I could just imagine him smiling as he typed, "Its okay, I'm new here too. How about we just start off slow? Like... what are your favourite colours?"

And so it went. Two blissful weeks went by as my online relationship with Jacob evolved and matured. I couldn't believe how wonderfully sweet he was! He was so laid back and sensitive, it was hard to think that he might be a whole continent away. As a rule, we never shared where we were from, preferring some anonymity still and taking it slow. I never felt 'naughty' with him ever again and we usually spent hours online together, just chatting.

Jacob was really the only man that I ever talked to. Sure, I still had replies to my video clip but I mostly ignored them. Luckily, there was a bulk delete button on my account and I usually just hit that every twenty four hours or so. Of course, Jacob's account was exempt from that.

Sandra occasionally made her opinions clear when I talked to him. Sometimes she'd steal the keyboard from me, or type when I wasn't looking and generally get me into trouble. But soon, Jacob and I knew each other so well that he knew when Sandra was on and when I was.

One day, he almost gave me a heart attack. "Let's meet each other."

It took me some time to digest the words he was saying and immediately doubts began to creep into my head. Thoughts like 'what if he's a murderer?', 'a rapist?', 'what if he's not like this in person?' ran through my head like water. And just like water running down the drains, those thoughts were washed away the instant they came. The only definite thought I had was, "YES!"

Of course, I was much cooler in my reply. "That would be great, but I'm in the middle of something here and I can't travel at the moment,"

"That's okay, I'll come to you. I've got some vacation coming up soon and it'd be good to finally see the face of the woman I'm falling in love with,"

I couldn't help but blush, then again, he always managed to make me feel like this. All gooey inside and warm and fuzzy with an excited tingle that I couldn't help but shiver at. I couldn't type for a long time, those words repeating over and over in my mind, "You are?"

"Of course, I know something wonderful when I see it and I'm definitely going to hold onto you,"

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