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Dark Desires


Straining her senses within the darkened room she takes a deep breath, fills her lungs, lets it out slow, smells leather, oil, hot wax. Tugging and twisting her wrists and ankles she tests the rope, hearing the faint sound of hemp on the tables edge. He told her one night a long time ago she would find her deepest, darkest fantasy coming true. Was tonight the night she wondered?

Not hot, not cold, not yet, the temperature of the room was just right, the goose bumps rising on her flesh born of a mixture of fear and excitement. Each time He surprises her like this, she wondered if it is "that" night yet. Tonight she does not wonder, she knows. Some sense, some instinct, tells her that tonight is going to be very different from other nights. Shivers grow and ripple up and down her naked flesh.

No stranger to pain, she knows the feel of the whip, the flogger, crop and cane. Her flesh has tasted each and with each taste her fantasy has grown. He got a new package in the mail today, a new toy; she knows this because she signed for it, and she wonders what it might be. Not a big package, but not little either; light not heavy, her imagination runs wild. His footstep sends a tingle up her spine, her back arches, breasts thrusting up as blood rushes like fire through her veins.

Blindfolded in a darkened room, but no gag; tonight He wants to hear her screams. Music begins, covers any small sounds He might make. Yes! Tonight is the night; it must be. A faint sheen of moisture forms on her body as she literally breaks out in a cold sweat. Tonight He is going to test her limits, fulfill her darkest fantasy.

Restrained, she is completely open to His eyes, His touch, and His toys. Nipples harden and her clit begins to throb. A light, feathery touch on her thigh travels over her naked mound to the other thigh. Again, the touch, lower this time; and again. Each time lower until the touch brushes over her swollen lips, calling her clit to swell, rise up, come out to play. She arches trying to make the touch harder, aching for Him to begin, but He chuckles and continues teasing.

There is no heat to the touch, which tells her that He must be wearing His gloves. This is the first time He has used His gloves on her. All of her begging and pleading in the past earned her naught but a laugh; tonight He finally uses the gloves. She pictures the soft, black leather caressing her flesh then gasps as He strikes her thigh. Slaps rain down where before there was only a feathery touch, and before He is done she is moaning and squirming. Pleading, but for what she does not know. All she knows is she must have more.

Silence, stillness, she is alone. No touch, no sound; she wonders what He is doing. Suddenly the sting of leather across her breasts tells her He has the strap. Head thrown back she arches her spine, thrusting her soft, creamy breasts up higher. Breath hisses through clenched teeth as the next blow lands squarely across her nipples, and she drops down only to arch immediately back up for the next lash. They come, some quicker than others, until her breasts are swollen and aching. She can only imagine how red they must be and knows they will ache for days to come. The pain from now draws tears from her eyes, blindfold soaked, they leak down her temples soaking into her hair. How quickly He has brought her to the previous limit.

Hands clenched, her entire body shaking and shivering, her screams turn to moans as His mouth covers her punished nipple. He suckles at one, then the other, back and forth as fire blossoms between her legs swelling her clit, sending the scent of her heat into the room. Pleasure then pain; pain then pleasure, the cycle begins; but tonight is different. Tonight there is no safe word, no mercy. Tonight the limits will be pushed and stretched.

Again silence and stillness as she is allowed to catch her breath. Her head spins, she is beginning to fly. She does not want a breather, does not want to stop; does not want a chance to think. Gasping, shuddering with each breath, she pleads. Muscles tight, squirming, head tossing from side to side, her pleas grow more and more insistent and it takes her a moment to feel the touch on her swollen clit.

A warm breath betrays His intention. His lips and tongue reach out to taste her molten heat. Pleasure, wonderful pleasure, floods her body as He explores her sodden pussy with lips and tongue. He fills her as He works first one finger, then another into her dripping hole until all that is left is His thumb. The pressure, the pleasure, she bears down on His hand needing more. Sweet pleasure, exquisite pleasure sends her soaring over the edge. He drinks greedily, pleased, savoring her essence as He will soon savor the pain of her punishment for cumming without permission. Again and again He sends her soaring over the edge until she stays in flight, cumming without His touch, trembling as each climax sends spasms coursing through her sensitized body.

Standing He reaches for His new toy, a supple leather cat. Slender strands of blood red leather swing freely as He walks to her side. Still flying she never hears the swish and crack as all nine strands sing out to sting her swollen, sensitive pussy. Her deepest, darkest desire, to have her pussy whipped unmercifully, whipped raw; then to have it licked and fucked until she can't bear anymore, only to have her pussy opened and her clit whipped and punished. Where will it end? Tonight they will find out. Tonight she will take all she has dreamed of and much more.

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