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Dark Desires


It didn't take him that long to find his prey that night. From his vantage point at a darkened corner of the bar, he watched the man stumble and crash into another person. He was obviously drunk even though it was only 8 in the evening. Matthias was sure no one would miss this human which made what he was going to do all the more easier. He waited patiently, watching for his opportunity.

The man got of his bar stool, swaying a little when he was on his feet, and then made his way to the door. Stupid fool thinks he is capable to drive home, Matthias thought. Just before he got to the door it suddenly opened and walked in a woman. She clearly didn't belong in a dive like this. She had one of the most beautiful faces he'd ever seen. Jewel green eyes stared out from a delicate heart shaped face. Lush red lips rested below her slender doll like nose. Her skin was white and smooth, a dramatic contrast with her long black hair. Like most of the patrons she wore black leather, but that was where the similarity ended. Her outfit hugged her body like a second skin displaying her lush form to perfection. She possessed a succulent pair of large round breasts which tapered down to small waist and then flared back out into nice curvy hips. Matthias sensed there was some danger about her. She reminded him of the mythical sirens, women who used their irresistible beauty to lure sailors to their deaths against the sea rocks.

All the attention in the bar instantly turned to the siren. There were a few moments of hushed silence and then a few of the men began calling out at her.

"Baby, sit by me. I'll show you a good time," one man called out.

"Let me buy you a beer beautiful," another man shouted.

His prey was the closest person to her and he immediately made his move.

"Come on gorgeous," he slurred. "Come home with me and we'll have lots of fun."

He then grabbed her by the waist.

Matthias was sure the woman was going to slap him, but instead she closely studied him. He wondered what she thought of the man's drunken and sloppy appearance. He was a good 6 inches shorter than her 5'10" frame and possessed a large belly. The woman smiled at his prey, and before he knew it they went out the door to the groans of the disappointed patrons. Matthias didn't know what he found more shocking, that the woman was willing or that he was going to lose his prey to her. He was mine first sweetheart, Matthias said silently. He moved with such tremendous speed no human saw him leave the bar. When he was outside he saw the siren pinned against a car while his prey was pawing at her breasts with his meaty fingers. When he looked at her face she looked completely bored, but her companion didn't seem to notice or care. Isn't this interesting, Matthias thought to himself. What was she up to? He would have guessed that she was a vampire like him, but her scent told him otherwise. She was human, but there was something else there but it was very faint.

"Not here," she told his prey.

They walked across the road to the dingy looking motel that was there. He followed them and watched as she led him into a room. Matthias made his way towards the back of the motel to try to find another way into their room. He spotted an open bathroom window and with ease he quietly slipped inside. The door was slightly ajar and through the small opening Matthias watched. The man was lying down and the siren was standing in front of him near the foot of the bed. She unzipped her leather jacket, revealing large white breasts spilling out of a black lace bra. She then pushed down the lace cups to expose her hardened pink nipples.

"Do you like these?" she asked rolling her nipples with her fingers.

"Oh yeah baby," the man replied.

Matthias could feel his cock growing hard.

His prey started to get up to reach for her.

"No. Don't move until I say so," she ordered him.

The man surprisingly complied.

The siren then turned around and undid the zipper at the back of her leather pants. She slowly pushed down the material off her wide hips revealing her magnificent ass framed by a matching black thong. She bent all the way down and Matthias saw her wet pussy lips through the black lace.

"You're so fucking hot," the man said from the bed.

Yes she was, Matthias thought as he began rubbing himself over his pants.The man on the bed freed his cock and started rubbing himself also. Matthias smiled smugly when he saw the man's cock was not even half as big as his own.

She turned around, cupped her breasts and fondled them some more. Her right hand then moved down her white belly and slipped under her panties. She closed her eyes and began to play with her own pussy.

"I'm so fucking wet for you," she moaned. "I want you to fuck me with your big cock."

"Come on to my cock baby," the man said. "I'll give you a ride you'll never forget."

She opened her eyes and stared straight at him through the small crack in the door. "Feed on your prey vampire and then you can fuck me."

Matthias was struck dumb. She knew he was there all along and what he was. The man on the bed was also completely confused.

"Who the hell are you talking to?" he said and turned his head around to see what she was looking at.

When he saw nothing he got up and grabbed her. "What is this about bitch? I'm tired of your games!" he snarled.

He pushed her down on the bed. He was about to mount her when Matthias burst from the bathroom and grabbed him from behind. The man cried out when he felt two sharp teeth sink into his neck. The woman watched in rapt fascination as he drank the man's blood, her breasts rose and fell with excitement. Matthias didn't break eye contact with her even as he felt the pleasure of the blood rush into him. When he had his fill he let his prey go and the dead body fell onto the floor with a loud thud.

"Who the hell are you?" he demanded of her, his fangs bared and covered with blood.

"Let's get out of here first. I thought he possibly couldn't get more disgusting but I was wrong," she told him.

Matthias watched her get up and put her clothes back on.

"Come on baby, let's go. I can't wait for you fuck me," she said, stepping over the dead man's body to get to the door.


Lila walked out of the motel room with the vampire following closely behind. She thought this was going to be another boring old night, but she was being pleasantly surprised. Lila smiled when she remembered the surprised look on the vampire's face when she called him out from the bathroom. Vampires could be practically invisible to humans if a vampire chose it; it was easily to manipulate their minds to thinking they weren't there. Vamps also moved super fast without making any noise. It was hard for humans to detect them, but then she wasn't a human. Lila was a succubus.

She had been sitting in her car debating whether or not she wanted to go into the biker bar to find her latest conquest. Lila had been there before and was not pleased by its selection of clientele. She finally debated against going in when she saw him. He was 6'2" of pure vampire hunk; black hair, bright blue eyes, and a muscular body under all the black clothes. When she caught a glimpse of his face, she felt her juices pool between her legs. She found it ironic that a vampire had an angel's face. She usually never bothered with vamps; they were usually more trouble than they were worth. But this one was prime male, vamp or not.

Lila was wondering how she was going to get him into bed when she noticed he was paying special attention to a certain individual. She looked at the man he was looking at and thought he was a nasty piece of work. He was short, fat, and not at all attractive. He looked mean and was most likely a drunk, Lila thought. She was certain that he was going to be the vamp's prey that night. It was then that she thought came up with her plan; she was going to capture his prey before he got to him and then he would have no choice but to follow them. Then she was going to start her seduction.

Lila walked to her sleek little red sports car waiting across the street back at the bar's parking lot. When she got to the driver's door the vamp grabbed her arm and turned her around.

"Who or what are you?" he demanded again.

"My name's Lila sugar. And I plan to be your play thing tonight," she told him.

She reached out and rubbed his growing bulge. She saw he fought back a moan. He then instantly grabbed her hand.

"You know I'm a vampire, so you should also know that I can kill you right now," he threatened.

"I know you can, but you'd rather fuck me."

She leaned up and kissed him. His tongue instantly went into her mouth. Instead of the blood she thought she would taste, he tasted like warm honey.

He suddenly broke off their kiss. "I don't trust you."

"I don't care. I just want your cock," she said. "That's why I let that ugly little man touch me, because I wanted you. Did you really think I was getting all hot and bothered over him?"

He let her go abruptly. "Where are we going?"

"Back to my place," she said with a triumphant smile.

"No, we'll go to mine," he told her. "And I'm driving."

"It's my car!"

"If I drive you can suck on my cock," he said.

Lila made her way to the passenger side. When they were both inside she handed him the keys.

"What's your name sugar?" she asked.

"Matthias," he answered and revved up the engine. "Nice car."


"What's yours?"


He drove out of the parking lot and headed down the highway.

"Do you live far?" she asked and began unzipping her jacket.

She shrugged the jacket off so she was just in her bra again. Matthias eyed the abundant white flesh that swelled above her bra.

"Far enough that you can give me a decent blow job," he replied smoothly.

"Hmm. I should get to it then," she said.

She leaned over and began nipping at his neck. He shivered when he felt her tongue lick his flesh. Her hand went down to the front of his pants and undid the top button of his jeans. She pulled down the zipper, reached in his pants, and freed his rock hard cock.

"I knew you'd be hung like a horse," she breathed into his ear. She ran her hand up and down its length in admiration.

"Oh it's getting bigger," she said eyeing its purple head hungrily.

She then leaned down and closed her mouth over it. If his heart was still beating he could have sworn it would have stopped. A few moments later she had the whole thing in her hot wet mouth.

Matthias tried his best to concentrate on the road but it was difficult with her expertly sucking on his cock. Getting involved with her was a foolish and probably dangerous thing to do, but as much as he tried he couldn't resist. She turned him on more than woman, man, or vampire ever did. He ran his hand through her silky black hair as her head bobbed up and down his cock. He groaned when he felt the light scrape of her teeth on his sensitive member.

Matthias was thankful when he saw his apartment building in sight; he could barely drive in a straight line now. Bringing her to his place was much safer than following her to the unknown. He seriously didn't trust her and for all he knew there could have been a trap waiting at her place. Her willingness to go to his place eased his mind a little. Maybe all she did want was a fuck. He turned into the garage entrance and punched in the security codes for the gate to open.

"We're here," he announced when he parked the car.

"Do you vamps have extra strong will power?" she asked when she finally released him. "Most men would have shot their load off in my mouth a long time ago."

He ran his thumb over her puffy red mouth. "I'm not like most men or most vampires."

"I know that, gorgeous," she said and touched his cock again. "I want to get on your lap and fuck you right now, but I have a feeling you some plans for me."

"That I do and plenty of them," he said. He moved her hand aside and zipped his pants back up.

She began to put her jacket back on when he stopped her.

"Don't bother. This whole place is private, no one will see us."

Lila got out of the car wearing only her leather pants and black bra.

"So if all this is private," she said waving an arm across the parking lot, "Are all these cars yours?"

"Over the years I found that I like to collect certain trinkets," he replied.

"Very expensive trinkets," he heard her say under her breath.

There were at least twenty cars of all different makes and models in his garage. He liked cars, what could he say. They fascinated him ever since he saw the very first one going down the road.

They made it to an elevator and she watched him punch some numbers on a panel. The doors instantly opened.

"Private elevator?" she asked.


He let her step inside first and he followed behind. When the doors closed she immediately began unzipping her pants. Soon she was standing only in her bra and thong.

"You said this place was private. Why waste time?"

She was about to undo her bra when the elevators doors opened into the foyer of his apartment. She strutted out of the elevator carrying her pants over her shoulder.

Lila did a quick survey his place; marble floors, leather sofas, glass furniture, and priceless works of art. All of it was very elegant and very expensive. Not only was her vamp handsome as sin with a cock as big as her forearm, but he was also very rich to boot. There could be other possibilities here she thought.

As his siren walked around to admire his apartment, Matthias admired her heart shaped ass. Her cheeks were white, round, and firm, they were only enhanced by the scrap of black lace that ran between them.

She turned around to face him, with a knowing smile on her face. "Where's the bedroom sugar? I'm horny as hell."

He felt a rush of blood go to his cock. "Last door down the hall."

She dropped her pants and walked down the hall. He trailed behind. He saw her reach back to unclasp her bra. She then slipped it off and let it drop to the floor. When she got to the end of the hall she swung his bedroom door open. She went inside and disappeared from his view. When he made it into his room he saw her standing in front of the glass wall overlooking the city. They were too high up for anyone to see her, unless someone used a telescope. The thought of fucking her against the glass was suddenly very appealing.

"Nice view," she said. She turned around to face him, showing him her spectacular tits. They were large, white, and soft looking. Her nipples were a soft pink and already hard. He would have guessed they were manufactured but he felt that they were real when they pressed against his thigh while she was giving him a blow job in the car.

"Isn't it," he replied. "The view of city doesn't look so bad either."

"You do have a sense of humor," she said with a smile. "Kind of strange of you though to have a glass wall in your bedroom."

"It's treated so light won't do any damage," he explained.

"We wouldn't want the sun to hurt that fine body of yours," she said as she walked towards him. "Take off your shirt sugar so I can see it."

Matthias lifted his shirt off and tossed it aside. She ran her red nails lightly up and down his chest. "You are one gorgeous vamp sugar. The moment I saw you I knew I wanted to fuck you."

"You're not the first say that to me," he said smugly.

"I bet," she replied and rubbed her tits against his chest. "But did you want to fuck them back?"

Matthias grabbed her by the back of her neck and crushed his mouth against hers. Lila moaned when his tongue entered her mouth. His kiss was rough, demanding, and highly pleasurable.

Matthias lifted her up and placed her onto his bed. She spread herself out beneath him. He squeezed her large breasts and teased their tips with his tongue.

"Yeah baby, suck my tits," she cried out.

He captured a nipple into his mouth and began to suck on the harden peak. When he was satisfied he lightly bit it and then moved to her other nipple. Matthias suddenly felt her hands go over the bulge of his pants.

"Let me see that big boy yours again," she purred.

"Not yet," he said stopping her hands. "It's my turn now siren."

He pushed her legs apart and saw her pussy wet and shiny for him. She was so wet her juices smeared her shapely thighs. She cried out in surprise when he easily ripped her thong off of her.


"That was my favorite thong," she told him.

"I'll buy you a new one, hell I'll buy you a whole god dam store," he growled. The sent of her arousal was driving him insane. He moved his head between her wet thighs and began licking at her pussy.

To a vampire there was nothing in the world that tasted better than blood, but to his surprise Matthias found the taste of her pussy equally intoxicating. He parted her folds with his fingers and saw her clit was wet, red, and swollen. He put his lips around her nub and began to suck on it. His siren cried out in pleasure and dug her fingers into his head.

"Oh yes! Eat my pussy!" she yelled.

Matthias dipped his tongue deep into her honeyed hole. He tongue fucked her over and over. He couldn't get enough of the taste of her pussy.

"Cum for me sweetheart," he told her.

She shook her head. "No."

"Why are you fighting it? I know you want to," he said.

"I want your cock," she said, biting her lip.

"You're really going to get it now siren," he told her.

Matthias stood up in front of her and began unbuttoning his jeans. He kicked off his shoes and shoved his pants off his legs. Lila thought she was going to cum just at the sight of his naked body. He was pure muscle and looked like one of those perfectly sculpted marble statues you'd see at a museum. Except instead of having a small flaccid penis like the statues, his penis was huge and fully aroused. Oh god he was perfect, she thought. And if they fucked she would kill him. Crap she couldn't do it.

"Wait," she cried out when he was about to go on top of her. "I need to tell you something first."

"This better not be one of your games," he warned her.

"It's not," she replied. "I'm a succubus."

"A what?"

"You know female demon that suck men's seed during orgasm which results in their death," she explained.

He looked at her as if she said she was the Easter bunny.

"I never heard such bull in my lifetime," he said and climbed on top of her.

"It's the truth," she said. She squirmed from under him and tried to climb away. He grabbed her waist and then pinned her down on the bed face down.

"If you fuck me you'll die."

"I'm already dead," he said. He spread her legs and thrust his cock into her hot wet pussy.

"Ugh!" she cried when he filled her with his long thick cock. God he was magnificent! She never felt so full in her life.

Matthias should have none she wasn't right in the head. Only a fool would tempt and tease a vampire. But hers was the best pussy he ever sunk his cock into. He began pistoning his hips in and out of her.

"Just remember I warned you! Fuck that feels amazing," she moaned.

"You have some imagination baby," he said. He grabbed her hips and thrust harder into her.

"Said the vampire," she retorted.

He fought back a grin. This siren was funny. She was also crazy, sexy, beautiful, and a tease. And she also felt incredible.

Her vampire lover was really fucking her well, Lila thought. She wished he didn't have to die like the others. They could have so much fun, especially with his big cock. She hadn't been screwed this good since well.... ever.

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck," she cried and he pounded into her.

Matthias could feel he was close to his climax. Her pussy felt like it was really sucking his cock like a mouth. He couldn't hold back any longer and released his cum into her. He was suddenly overwhelmed with pleasure he never knew before, it was ten times more powerful than feeding. He kept cumming and the pleasure wouldn't stop. His siren was climaxing under him, writhing and moaning in ecstasy.

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