tagRomanceDark Division - Dani Ch. 02

Dark Division - Dani Ch. 02


They formed a plan of attack shortly after a tense breakfast, and were heading out to the suspected house to execute it. This time, they all piled into the GTO.

"So, honestly, you like chicks?" Vince had let the topic go all morning as they planned, but now that they were in the car and Dani had taken the seat next to him he restarted it.

"Yep. I take it you do too?" She asked back sarcastically. Nick scoffed in the backseat clearly amused. Stan smiled at him; they had quickly become friends from this whole ordeal.

"Smartass. Sorry, it's just hard to believe."

"Why? I thought straight guys loved lesbians." She smiled at him raising her eyebrows.

"Well, yea, of course, but you never really meet a hot lesbian." Vince was trying, but he still didn't want to admit that she was so hot and he wasn't going to get a shot at her.

"I don't know I've met a lot of hot lesbians....or maybe they weren't until they met me." Dani ignored his indication of how he felt about her instead trying to stay within her usual sarcastic banter.

Vince said nothing for a minute as his eyes glazed over slightly considering her comment and picturing her with one of his favorite porn actresses. Hot lesbians he could definitely get behind.

"Anyways, we think that this is the main hub right?" Nick chimed in trying to end the conversation and hopefully snap Vince out of his likely inappropriate thoughts.

"Yep, and I have no idea how many of what creature we have inside there. This is going to be a real shit show guys." Dani sighed as they pulled up in front of the old farmhouse.

Within five minutes of parking outside the average looking house, the four agents were out of the car. They were fully armed; including guns loaded with bullets that had hexes etched on the tips, assuring a witch shot with them wouldn't be getting back up. And each of them carried a blade etched with holy markings to exorcise a demon with any impact. To cap it off, all carried a flask of holy oil and a lighter.

Stan took the back door on orders to stop the first witch or demon that came out. The intent, of course, was to interrogate whoever to try to figure out the reason they were suddenly working together. Dani had insisted that Stan wait out back, because she didn't want him to be in there with whatever mess was happening.

As the other three agents approached the front door, it was easy to see that the place had far too many creatures inside.

"You know what, I think when the shit hits the fan they are all heading out the back door. How confident are you about Stan handling himself?" Nick suddenly felt himself get worried at the thought of his new found friend with demons and witches flooding towards him.

"We'll just have to handle these guys before they get to him." Dani chimed in. "I think he's ready." She was full of confidence in Stan, although Nick did not echo that confidence. It wasn't too long before that two rookies assigned in their group in the southeast had been killed.

"Maybe I should go out back with him and watch his back. We can make sure that we get one as a captive."

"You know, Nick's right. We lost a couple rookies not too long ago because we thought they could handle it. Besides, I think we got this, right Dani?" He looked at her, trying to get her to understand that there was more underlying his request.

"Do you want to go out back with them?" She gave a quick grin to Vince and he smirked back.

"Let's get this over with. We'll meet you out back Nick."

They severely underestimated the difficulty of the situation. Once inside, Dani and Vince found themselves slashing and shooting their way through throngs of creatures. Vince caught himself multiple times watching as this mysterious woman cut a demon to shreds or aimed and shot a witch straight through the forehead. She was beautiful and watching her move was like watching pure artwork. Her arm would slash even as she danced on to the next attacker. As more and more blood flew through the air landing on her skin, she became sexier and sexier.

At the end, the two made their way out of the back door finding Stan and Nick with a demon held between them. Stan grasped a blade to its throat as Nick held a flask of holy oil in front of it. Dani and Vince were out of breath as they joined the two men.

"He's the last, let's get some answers." Vince huffed out the words before taking a knee in the grass next to them.

Dani seemed barely tired as she wiped her blade off on the grass. There was something so incredibly hot about the way she slid it back into a sheath on her hip. Vince kept eyes on her, barely listening to the questioning by his partner. The brown haired woman, coated in blood from the battle inside, was captivating his every thought.

"Stop bullshitting and tell us why you would be working together with witches." Stan's words pulled him from his thoughts. The young man had some backbone after all.

"Since when do I have to tell you anything? You think you can do anything to me that hasn't already been done? I mean I've been to hell." The nasty looking man spoke the words in a deep voice.

"Speak or you get burned into non-existence." Nick splashed some oil from the flask onto the man.

"I'd answer him if I were you. He hasn't killed a demon yet on his own, and he's been itching for the opportunity." Dani smiled widely at her protégé. Vince even admired this from her, taking in the way she was so proud of him.

"Let's just say that we're working on a special little project and it requires unconventional help." He snarled a little at the end of his sentence.

"Not good enough. Now, what is this project?" Stan pressed the blade in a little further and even Vince was impressed at his confidence.

"You have no idea the repercussions if I tell you. What you will do to me will pale in comparison to what will be done to me if I ruin this plan."

"Then, let's end this." Nick flicked his lighter open and moved it towards the demon.

"Wait...wait....I can't tell you everything, but if you let me go back to hell...I'll give you a clue." The creature caved, perhaps sensing the lack of hesitation in the agents surrounding him.

"Speak and if we like it we'll release you." Dani chimed in, hate in her eyes. Vince knew that hate. It was the same feeling he had when he made a deal for information with any of these monsters. He hated to think he hadn't really finished the job and was letting one of them get away.

"There's a lake in Colorado. When it thaws in the spring, there's something we're supposed to retrieve from the bottom to make the spell work. I'm guessing if you morons got there first, you could get more answers."

"Alright asshole, go back where you came from before I change my mind." Stan slid the words out and pulled the blade back from the creature's skin. Black smoke erupted around the man and then dissipated into the air suddenly. The body slumped to the ground, devoid of life. Demons always left bodies behind. They killed their victims usually when they initially inhabited them or not long after. So, when the agents finally got the demon to leave whatever vessel, they almost certainly were left with a corpse. It was unfortunate, but at least then the family of whatever person had been taken would have closure and be safe from any danger at the hands of their possessed relative.

"Fuck, well I guess I know where we'll be in a few months, huh Stan?" Dani sighed.

"Great, you know I love the thought of going to an ice cold lake right after it thaws. With any luck, we'll get to freeze our asses off." Stan's sarcastic comment made Vince and Nick smile. The kid had a future if he could find some reason to bitch but still keep fighting the good fight.

"Shut up and let's go get cleaned up. I think tonight calls for a few drinks." Dani jostled him.

"Gross, you got blood on me." Stan made a face and they all headed out to the car. A quick call to Oz and a cleanup crew was on the way over and the four of them were pulling up to the hotel in no time.


After the night's events, they all decided a trip to the next town over to hit the bar was in order. It was only a 15 minute drive and Vince for one needed a drink. Watching this woman fight was yet another reason he wanted to keep his composure. Nick and Vince got a new room while Dani and Stan showered. Vince had insisted on it, knowing he couldn't watch her another night with what little clothing she tended to wear. The memory of her tits bouncing beautifully as she fought against a demon was all he would need in his shower anyways.

An hour passed and they were sitting in the bar when the waitress came over. She was all of 22 and gorgeous. Vince gave his signature smirk angling to get her in bed before the night was over and take out his frustrations from Dani.

"What can I get for y'all?" Her adorable accent made her seem that much younger.

"I'll have the darkest beer you have on tap." Stan chimed in as Vince ogled her mercilessly.

"That sounds good, make it two." Nick joined.

"Sorry to break the chain gorgeous, but I will have a double Jack Daniel's on the rocks with a whiskey sour of the same to chase. Oh, and a huge plate of nachos too, hopefully you're still serving food." Dani smiled at her with a small wink that Stan saw immediately smirking himself.

"I'll have what she's having and throw in some fries. What's your name beautiful?" Vince was laying it on thick, but it wasn't his worst pickup line by far.

"It's Cindy, and I'll be back with those soon." She smiled and ran off.

"You drink whiskey too?" Vince asked the agent across the table, impressed yet again by her.

"Of course. What did you expect, a Pina Colada?" She smiled at him.

"With you I'm not sure what to expect at this point." Vince smiled at her.

The waitress was back soon and Vince was shamelessly flirting as she sat the drinks down. The agents traded stories then of various cases they had been on and how they had all come to be agents. Stan opened up that he had come home to see his folks from College and came upon Dani and a vampire nest. It's what drove him to quit school and go on the road with her. He had been in his final year and applying for medical school, but seeing that had turned him away. Now, he would help out with repairing anyone including Dani that needed mending. It was the closest he would get to being a doctor.

When Nick shared his own story, about his buddy being killed in combat and how it made him search out some greater purpose when he got back home; it seemed to be just another parallel to draw the two into being good friends. After the two sad stories, they started sharing laughs about the ridiculous cases they had worked. Another round of drinks and Vince and Dani started their own sharing talking about the crazy women they had met in their time.

Before long it was almost closing time and the waitress came over to let them know that she was going on a quick break and when she came back would get them a last round before closing time.

"When she comes back, I'm going to get her number and maybe later Nick can bunk with you guys." Vince smiled.

"Are you now? Go for it, but right now I have to hit the head." Dani's reference yet again made Nick smile. Stan smirked before getting up to let her out. If Vince had seen it, perhaps he would have known his plans were about to be derailed.

Another 20 minutes went by and last call was made, but Dani and the waitress still had not returned. A few more minutes and Dani strode back over grinning. Her hair was a little messy and her face flushed. She took a seat and downed the last of her drink.

"Doing okay there?" Nick asked her when she sat down.

"Oh yeah. Just making sure no drinks are left behind." She smiled at him. It was a look full of inside knowledge that Nick swore he had seen on his partner's face a million times before.

"Oh man, I can smell you from here. Really Dani?" Stan asked rolling his eyes as they shared a moment.

Nick and Vince looked at each other puzzled. Cindy came over then looking flustered herself and adjusting her apron.

"Sorry about that guys, but did you need another round? I talked to the bartender and he'll cover them because I was so late."

"In that case, we'll all have a shot of whiskey. Oh and uh...how about you leave your number and maybe you and I can catch up later." Vince winked at her.

"I'll get the drinks, but I..uh...I have plans. Unless that's changed?" She said it as more of a question looking right at Dani.

"No way sexy. I'll wait till you close and we can take your car." The agent gave her a sweet grin. Cindy giggled a little and walked off to the bar to get their drinks. Vince's mouth hung open. Nick laughed out loud.

"Does that mean I have the room to myself tonight?" Stan asked her.

"Nope, her parents won't let her have sleepovers, so if it's alright with you guys can Stan take your couch?" Dani smiled over.

"Are you kidding me? How the hell?" Vince was blown away.

"Yea, no worries. Been there before with this one too." Nick smiled knowing full well what Stan had to deal with.

"What's wrong Vince? You thought she was straight? No way, not with that smile. I told you there were hot lesbians." She smiled at him the shit eating grin spreading completely across her face.

"Damnit! When did this happen? You barely even talked to her...I mean unless...no fucking way." Vince's realization hit him as she smiled back.

"I guess he can't smell the pussy on your face like I can. Lucky. I just wish for once you could control yourself until you're not in public." Stan was frustrated.

"No. Fuck no that is not fair." Vince pointed a finger in her face as Cindy returned with drinks and smiled widely at Dani.

"What's not fair? And, you are one to talk Stan, don't you remember St. Paul? I seem to remember a certain guy that had two girls thanks to me and getting my own ride back to the motel. I had to sit in the car with their smell for three days."

"Oh, now you want to trade those shots. Well how many times have my boxers ended up going home on some bimbo whose panties got ripped?" Stan was jousting with her.

"Hey guys, let's toast and the three of us will get out of here so Dani can have her prize." Nick broke up the conversation.

"To the unexpected." Vince raised his shot glass and nodded at Dani a grin across his face. They all raised a glass and toasted.


A little while later and the three guys were sharing more drunken stories in Nick and Vince's room before they turned on a comedy show of some kind to settle in and crash for the night. Stan groaned when he heard the door of the room next to them shut.

"Oh Jesus, here we go. You might want to turn that up, they get loud." Stan buried himself under a pillow and nestled in.

Nick and Vince looked at each other and laughed. The giggle that came through the wall shut them both up though. Nick normally wasn't as girl crazy as Vince, but the thought of lesbians next door had his interest peaked. It was another few minutes before things really got started though.

"OH FUCK DANI!!!!" Cindy's high pitched cry came through the walls behind them causing Nick to startle from his near sleep. Vince had been awake trying to stop imagining the two women next door.

A growl followed and they heard a loud thud. It was almost enough to have them jump up.

"Don't worry about that. It was Dani's growl. I'd give them another 20 minutes and then we should get a little break." Stan chimed in to keep them from freaking out.

"DANI PLEASE....OH FUCK NOT AGAIN....OH FUCK...YES, YES, YES!" Cindy's cries from next door had both partners looking at each other. Stan was still buried under his pillow drowning it out so he could sleep.

"Uh, wow. I think I'm going to put headphones on and crash out." Nick was trying to be respectful although he felt his body responding to what he was hearing.

"Jesus, has she no shame?" Vince huffed secretly hoping it would continue. They quieted down though, and soon Vince decided to try to sleep. He turned off the TV and nestled down into the comforter. Nick was tossing a little clearly still trying to dose off, but he had his headphones.

"Baby no, I can't cum again." With the TV off now, Vince could hear them clearly though the wall. He was happy with the free porn sounds, but he wanted it to be Dani he heard screaming under him.

"Come on, I'm just getting warmed up. Besides, I still haven't done this." Dani's voice came through the wall then, playful in tone.

"HOLY SHIT! OH FUCK I'M CUMMING. Oh... my.... god." Cindy cried out again.

"You're so beautiful baby girl. I told you I'd get you to squirt tonight." With those words Vince bolted for the bathroom hand in front of his crotch. There was no way he was going to sleep without taking care of himself now.


The next morning, Vince was up early. His dreams of Dani most of the night meant that he didn't sleep much. Now, he decided to head out and get breakfast for them, figuring it wouldn't be long before they were all up. When he left his room, he turned pulling the door closed and came face to face with Dani and Cindy. Cindy was plastered against the hotel door as Dani licked and sucked at her neck. Vince cleared his throat. Cindy giggled pushing Dani back from her.

"Hi. I guess I should go." She kissed Dani sweetly.

"Okay beautiful. I'll probably be here tonight though, so maybe I'll call you." Dani blew her a kiss as she walked to her car.

"I hope so." Cindy giggled again before getting into the car. Dani waved a final goodbye.

"Have fun last night?" Vince asked her, his eyebrow quirked.

"It was alright. I've had better, but I love the loud ones."

"Yea, we heard. She was smokin' hot though, I'll give you that." Vince smiled.

"She was even better without clothes. What are you up to this morning?"

"I was about to catch breakfast. Do you wanna come along?"

"Sure, but let me grab some clothes." Vince followed her into the room. He saw the lamp on the floor by the bed and remembered the thud they heard. He also couldn't help but notice that the sheets were twisted up on the bed and god help him if he didn't see a few wet patches that had his cock stirring.

Dani went to her bag pulling on the yoga pants over her panties and then turning to whip her tank top off over her head. Vince saw her naked back and was mesmerized by the skin. An anti-possession tattoo graced the center over her spine and a few other old scars traced lines here and there. The fresh red streaks on the top had his attention though.

"Are those scratches from the house yesterday? You could let me clean them before we go."

"Nope, they're from Cindy. That girl had some fight in her." She called out over her shoulder before pulling a sports bra on and turning around to put a t-shirt over it. Vince saw her bare stomach then and the circular scar that was indicative of a bullet wound. "It was from when I was younger with my dad. I didn't listen to him and sure enough some idiot in a bar fight shot me. Took me three months to heal up, but I never made that mistake again."

"Your dad sounds like mine." Vince smiled at her. He felt like he was nearly looking in a mirror except this reflection of himself was driving him crazy. I mean scratches from a chick on her back that was his forte.

"Yea, but I still miss him. He died about two years ago from cancer. It just figures he was an agent for his whole damn life and then cancer takes him. Couldn't believe it when he told me it was too far gone to treat."

"Mine's gone too. I miss the old bastard, but I have Nick. He's like a brother now. I do miss having someone yell at me when I came home with a new scar. My old man showed his love by yelling at me for being careless."

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