tagNonHumanDark Elf's Goods: Hellhound Stud

Dark Elf's Goods: Hellhound Stud


Commissioned by a friend from the U.S who loves monstergirl-makes-human-chattel stuff. And I'm nothing if my friends are not happy.

Femdom, dark elf, the works. Monstergirls raid humans for slaves for breeding and labor, and take care in integrating, training and breeding them as sexual pets. Second Person, heterosexual story. Enjoy if you like that stuff. Sorry, not native English speaker, but I try my best.

Your neighborhood pervert provides. -- Esteban Von Chucha


You are a young human lad who passed his eighteenth summer just barely to sign up for the militia. Your growth spurt seemed delayed in your appearance, which is suspected because of proximity to Mamono Reik the next county over with its feminine energy blooming over the borders. But that's not what matters anymore.

You are on a prisoner wagon to be taken deep into monstergirl, or Mamono territory to be sold as slaves. All of you, youths who were supposed to pass into adulthood are scared to the bones to talk. Your captors, monstergirls with a majority of dark elves, laugh, joke and talk with each other without paying attention to your plight.


You were caught unawares outside, when you and your compatriots, similar military orphans, were drilling, merely taking weighted backpacks and were running treks through the forest. The guard captain herself, a large woman who somehow rose through the ranks due to sheer effort of education, watches you disapprovingly.

One day, you are given weapons and told to patrol the forest, young boys with less experience than a woodsman hunting a rabbit. Not a smart idea.

It's one of those days that you just should not get out of bed. Now being reported as "missing in action" is the least of your worries when bolas swing out of the woods and down members of your youth patrol.

Swordbrethren, beaten on their first patrol. Not good. Not good, with several of raw recruits falling unconscious to crossbow bolts, needles sticking to their legs. Out of the forest step thin slender shapes, and all you see is a glint of light missing your arm by inches You scramble for your weapon: too late.

One moment, you were admiring a sparkling waterfall as you all, raw recruits were camping next to it, the next was bolas and darts on your hide. Black-skinned tall women jumped you before you could draw your sword, all silent and fast, aggressive as wolves on a hungry winter. You are rushed!

You kicked one on the shins, and elbowed the other, your hand about to draw steel. Then a fist connects to your forehead as you see stars.

Pain shoots up across your skull, and you feel cold earth on your back, your head throbbing in pain.

Just when you get up... A strange woman with white hair, ebony skin and pointy ears towers above you. She is clad in dark leather armour which somehow has a leather skirt for lower protection-you're sure it won't protect any blow-, with a clear reveal of ivory white panties. Her head is adorned with long, white hair, with a beautiful, sharp face emanating malice with purple, gleaming eyes. She smirks at the others who surrendered and started getting tied up before her deadly gaze, evil glare of purple eyes focus on you. Her hand lashes out when you think she is going to help you up.


It hurts as it dawns on you. Before you towers a sinister dark elf, far less gentle and playful than some encounters your peers mentioned.

"Are you going to fight back?" The dark elf's hand explodes on your cheek again. Snarling, you take another swing at her, only to be kicked hard on your stomach twice before she kicks you on the chest.

"WILL YOU?" She repeats, boot grinding on your face. For several seconds you sniffle, and swallow. You *are* tough, but not that tough. Sighing, you shake your head. Her lips curl to a grim smile.

"Good. About time little bitch learned his place. Hands!" She growls. Far too beaten, you let yourself be tied up. But your torment doesn't stop: she goes further, pulls your hands and legs behind you and hogties you harshly, making even her own dark elves flinch and feel sorry for you, from what you can see. Your ankles and wrists are tightly tied and you sob and grunt in pain, thrown to a cart where dark elf women guard your friends who are tied together.


You are led in a cart to parts unknown, afraid for your life, tightly bound. You fear the worst fates, often slavery, worse than death. There are stories of monsters roasting human captives and eating them in horrible feasts, and how they tore the old Ermor Empire and split the world in two, where they live in the west, enslaving and killing humans.

It took hours as you gagged boys, rumbling at the back of the wagon towards a dark fate, were continously teased by the dark elf girls sitting with you, your own predicament being painful because any time some of them tried to untie you, a snarl from your captor would stop them. You start bawling from sheer pain, only to make them sigh in annoyment and eventually gag you.

You are all, without further ado, captured by monstergirls in forests, lead away in binds, and by dark elves of all creatures. Fearful small talk between your friends end in slaps and gaggings. Each minute is a torture as you lose the track of time, the cart rattling to its destination.

You sob and beg one last time when all of you are taken out and dragged to your doom, hearts full of fear. You are tossed to a strange building, set in purple stone, in the deepest part of the forest, guarded by grinning Dark Elf girls. Your heart is full of dread, expecting hellish tortures as you are piled , pulled and tossed into a room...


Hours pass...

Half-unconscious moments of fearful waiting, the tension of being blindfolded and gagged is broken by a stern, but soft and reassuring voice, and a hand that finally relaxes your binds, untying the painful knots.

You curl to a corner and cry quietly, until a gentle but firm voice informs you:

"Lift your head." You cry and shake your head, broken of any spine you might have (no shame in that),making her sigh. Next time, her voice is gentle now. Really gentle.

"I'm not going to hurt you."

Strong fingers grasp your jaw and turn your face to look at hers, tearing off the blindfold and gag. Your eyes burn from the sudden rush of light, but she keeps her hands on your face.

Another dark elf, it seems, kinder looking than the others. You look up tearfully and she nods approvingly. "Healthy."

She is a softer looking dark elf, though still wearing a dark, frightening attire, but looks at you captured lot like petulant children rather than hateful enemies. You could admire her incredible beauty, but right now you are focused on surviving, and sobbing like the girls you used to mock. Her voice continues, as her hand ruffles your hair.

"You will be treated decently as long as you obey. Now stay still and listen."

Her smirk and sigh gives signal that you are a bit out of danger. Deftly she unties you from your restraints, and gives a hiss of anger seeing your tortured flesh, your limbs aflame from lack of circulation, full of pain. She slams her palm on a table, shouting at the figure behind her.

"What the fuck, Razzan? You had your slave husband run away and you take it out of beating kids?" She retorts angrily, noticing your rope marks. "He could have had gangrene!"

Your captor's name must be Razzan, who is just enjoying a cold glass of beverage, whiskey from the smell of it. Her look at you is an amused satisfaction. Bitch!

"Kids? They are adults! AND That has nothing to do with it, Ina! Humans need restraints, and men in particular! I'm the one supplying the slave market AND exceeding the quot-"

"THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Ina snaps angrily, overshadowing the aggressive looking dark elf. "We hunt men out of necessity; we don't torture children, and look what you did to him! What, he showed backbone and hit you back? Means he has fire in him!" Your tearful face is puffy and red, and the rest of the captives are scared to the marrow, huddling like girls they used to mock. "I've got some ethical standards in my line of wo-"

"Again, they are fresh adults, SECOND, yeah, makes him learn his place. Wash the whiny bitch if you care for him so much." Razzan smirks, leaving. "Men are breeders first and cattle second, and you shouldn't care that much for cattle, remember that, Rose dumbass!" The dark elf you heard as "Razzan" leaves quickly, but being the boy you are, you can't help but see her black, round hips sway deliciously, straining every bit of the way to give way to a bit of flesh, even though she was your captor and tormentor.

It's so painful to see such a monster of a lady dressed in the most provocative clothing, with no way to address her nicely. And that arse. Despite your torment, your age still finds a way to stimulate looking at the round, ebon-black, toned bottom straining the evil monster-woman's leather skirt, jiggling with every step of the way..

You hear a loud sigh.

"Cock envying Thorn bitch." Ina comments at her slamming the door shut, and turning to you, her face softens a bit, but maintains her authoritative air, now that you see she is...a slaver. She has a set of manacles on her belt, is as tall and powerful as her sisters, and looks at you like an appraising merchant, albeit with a small amount of pity... "You obviously are traumatized." She looks over your pale, tired face. "Famished too." A loud churning sound from you and your friends' bellies, making her chuckle quietly.

"Hungry?" She smiles slightly. Beaten and kidnapped, dragged for days by monster girl raiders, you all nod tearfully as your stomachs grumble.

This strangely gentle looking dark elf nods, and takes out a large bag and sets of glasses.

"Here." She takes out a pack of hardtack biscuits, and some orange juice. Smiling apologetically, she gives you some, filling it to a very elaborate looking glass which seems to be one of many strange luxury items she has. The place is...exotic at best. Strange restraints, charts for human body, pointing out "pleasure centers" and tomes of strange scripts fill the room. It's full of lewd and crazy devices fit for Dark Elves and what other strange monsters may be living.

"Usually I'd beat you sorry bastards senseless but..." She looks at you lot, sighing. "You aren't monster-murdering Order paladins, are you?" You all shake heads fearfully, eyes teared up. All of you timidly proclaim that you are just orphans recruited to earn a trade and be citizen soldiers. The tender looking "Rose" sighs, her angular, beautiful face showing some pity, especially when one of the most timid youths say they never ever thought of killing a mamono.

"Aww..." She purses and smacks her lips, looking at you.

"Bad luck, huh?"

You nod, earning a tender pat on your head. "Poor buggers..." Honestly, hours after the torture, it just feels good to be pet for once, even for a young military man!

"Well, I suppose..." Her ears twitch, and she sighs again. "Wouldn't hurt to be nice to you young lads, breaking you in early. Eat. I'll think of something."

You all nibble like lost rabbits, tearfully, shocked at the sudden change in your lives. You were just kid recruits barely passing eighteen summers... When shyly questioned what will happen to your kind...Her face strains to describe your situation, almond-shaped sapphire eyes gleaming naughtily under a smile.

She chuckles once one of your friends beg crying not to be killed.

"Why would I kill you kids?" Her eyes gleam as she smiles with earnest friendliness for once. "I am a slaver, not a murderer...and well, we need humans..."

You mumble, scared as some of your friends go pale. "For what?" She turns towards you with a thoughtful look, adjusts her white hair and explains:

"Eh...have you had a woman, boy? Or a top male?" She chuckles when she hears your afraid "no" for an answer.

"What's wrong with having a man taking you as another boy, you'd make a cute bottom boy! Oh, your church, I forget. Ahh, there ought to be an age limit to that slave business." She slumps back angrily, but then keeps talking:

"Our kind does not reproduce fast, cannot breed without human men, and are not interested in tilling fields and doing weaving. Human peasants, especially women, do wonders. And since your leaders do not protect you all as much..."

The dreaded realization makes you feel uneasy. And it now dawns on you that you are taken by monstergirls to be kept. Perhaps forever. Some of you have their eyes teary, but do not say anything as your captor, the dark elf you know as Rose, feeds you and regards you with a mix of pity and appraisal.

"Long story short, I am Rose. Just Rose. And kids, you are going to be slaves. Well..." She shrugs apologetically. "This means that I am going to put you in shape, teach you how to behave-and I'm sure you'll learn fast being military brats and...give you to nice monster ladies who'll pay me." Her description of your fate tickles your stomach. So pretty, yet to cold and to the point.

"Let's see what I can get out of you to be valuable...You, the roughed up kid. Here." Her hand motions to another room, as you draw worried glances from the youths you grew up with. One way or another, you'll be processed, so you go along. You leave the room, leaving your friends, who are scared far too shitless to try anything heroic, and just eat and drink slowly. Not one of them tries to talk or reply to anything. Each is terrified at what may happen.

You enter a small infirmary room with a bathtub, cream, and several ointments. Sensing your dread, the dark elf sighs. "Stop worrying. You are shaking like a leaf!" She nudges you angrily, her elven features frowning in distaste. "You are a strong young man, you're supposed to be tough!" When you whimper from pain and point to your arms and legs, her face softens. She grunts as if realizing something. Meanwhile, you can smell her perfume and rustle of her soft clothes, and clinking of manacles on her hip.

She slowly hooks her arm on you, careful not to hurt your welts. Her arm is soft, but with muscle underneath. "Painkiller." She hands you a sweet-smelling vial. It tastes bitter, but your mouth, and soon, your skin is numb as well. "Step in the tub." Taking off your rags, you are too shocked to feel shame being naked in front of her, and enter the tub.

You break down in tears as she sets you in and starts pouring water on your back. She grumbles when you sob.

"Stop crying."

You cannot help it, and tears flow freely. Just when you feel the shadow of a slap about to explode on your cheek... you feel a warm hand on your neck instead, and hear a loud sigh, and a mumble after an uneasy silence as you are washed.

"It's not the end of the world, human. From the looks of you, you can live a happy life here, if you play your cards right." Too weak and mentally tired, all you give is a weak nod, reciprocated by a caress on your back.

"Let's finish this, and get with all your training right away. I'm running a business here, and got a family to feed."

You gasp, and turn your head ,stuttering. Just why and how does she engage in such ghastly business when she is a mother and a wife?

"Why not? My people trade in bodies and keep them since Gods know when. It's a matter of how the bodies are treated. Listen and do as you are told, and I...won't be harsh." She says before letting you step out after a long scrub, slow not to hurt you, regarding your freshly-toned, still youthful body with a glint in her eye. "Get washed, and eat. Lesson starts tomorrow."

You hear her mumble as you dry, trying to hide your injuries, and inevitably, a raging erection in the presence of a dark elf who wears just a skimpy skirt, leather attire that tickles your insides, and looks at you like a piece of meat, your flesh healed and anointed a plenty, no doubt she spent some coin on these. She mumbles just one sentence after seeing you abused, and sighs, looking at the scared boys in the other room over her shoulder, over the half-opened door.

"Am I getting soft...?"

A little detail explains a lot.


You exit the bath, half dry, half naked clad in a simple breeches and return to your friends, and each of you chatter nervously as your captor talks with the other monstergirls, who sometimes look at your imprisonment with eyes of hunger through the window.

You see beautiful monster women and girls ogling you...

Where are the beasts spoken about by the Order? Murder? Cannibalism? Honestly they look cute. Snake-bodied women with happy looks, orc-girls who do not look like the murderous beasts you were trained for: well-muscled, tusky but attractive, green skinned warrior girls is what they are.

"Oooh humans!" Was one of the sounds you heard in a rush of worry to your heart. A huge monstergirl with one horn on her forehead, well-toned, red-skinned, bearing a massive iron club, licks her lips.

You shudder as she winks at you.

Just when these, hungry looking stares torment you from the windows, you hear your captors warn them, angrily shooing the monster congregation wearing just a bathrobe and a towel on their heads.

"No, fresh caught. Needs to be broken in...Get the hell out girls, I'M DUE MY BEAUTY BATH AND SLEEP!" She waves her arms and sends the monstergirls ogling the captive boys giggling, away.

Yes, broken in. You sigh sadly. You are no horse!

Your captors leave you with a bit of privacy, and warn you that escape attempts will be deadly. "You can die...not from blows but from getting raped by a dozen Hellhound girls!" Rose laughs and brings a bunch of blankets. All that's left is to sleep, huddled in bedrolls they mercifully gave, and learn. Depressed, you curl up in your roll in a corner, weeping in fear.

An hour or so later...


You raise your head wearily to meet a pair of lavender jewels for eyes. Another dark elf, much younger, with pouty lips, red-streak dyed hair, and plate armor is standing guard over you, captives.

"Here. Cognac." A young dark elf guard, girl whose hair is cut as short as yours, wearing a crisp uniform and a spear, holds you a small bottle. The liquid which you gulp down burns your throat, but feels relaxing.

You mumble a thanks, and look at her face, unsure of what to say.

"No reason we cain' be friendly now that you are our property." She smirks. "Heard you're roughed up by Razzie." She must mean that monster. You confirm, and whimper when your bruises rub against the wall you're huddled in.

"Poor thing." She reaches out to ruffle your hair. "Well, it only gets better. Rose is a fair one, and actually her slaves land in good families, ya know." You admit that it doesn't comfort you, but you earn a laugh in return. "Got someone to buy you back? No? Tough luck, kiddo. That means you are ours."

Grasping the opportunity, you ask whether monsters execute, devour or torture humans, which earns you an incredulous, pitying stare.

"What redneck superstition is this? We just snatch the ones we can keep and sell back those they can pay." She spits outside and drinks the rest of the cognac. "Fucking hells. Rose's got a long way to teach you poor kids respect and obedience. Sleep." She turns and leaves for her room to sleep, revealing that her back armor is...well, an...armored... thong, leaving her buttcheeks open to the wind, but the rest of her is well-armored, covered... But that ass...that, chocolate,colored, toned, and round ass, two hard orbs that feel almost seamlessly melding with the curves of the armor as she walks towards her room gives you another uneasy erection.

You sigh, already feeling flushed, but also not surprised. Dark elves... Worse, she turns her head and winks at you, obviously knowing you looked:

"You'll get taught to be something of value to the mamono folk, then get sold to the highest bidder." She ignores any attempt to ask her anything else. "I'll be around for the week anyway. Maybe talk later." She closes her door to sleep.

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