tagNonHumanDark Elf's Shirohebi Slave

Dark Elf's Shirohebi Slave


Intro: A story of my setting called Dunia, shamelessly stealing the name of Lescatie and geography of our world.

After Megiddo, year 21

"Now, where to find a research paper interesting enough to tickle the fancy of my yokai students..."

Quiet thumps of hooves echoed on the corridor where a Hakutaku teacher, a woman of great beauty, A graceful humanoid face with horns, a tail and white fur, trod slowly to find any literary item to stimulate her students' interest. The city's new conqueror and ruler, Vierna Van Rose, a controversial Dark Elf had funded a co-ed school to educate and socialize monstergirls and human youth.

She was an Eastern monsterwoman, a yokai, a female species of bodily bovine features, but of great sagacity and education, and a graceful human face to boot.

She didn't enjoy this turn of events.

So far the university classes were a mixture of student fights and other unsavory acts such as an Ushi-Oni student organizing a foot race, Satyros girls getting drunk and Danuki girls starting gambling rings. It wouldn't do.

Entering the Library, she found the librarian human woman reading a purple, silk-bound tome.

"Evening, Yusa-Sensei!"

"Evening, Marie!" The Hakutaku smiled wearily.

The librarian human woman bowed. "Looking for something in particular?"

The Hakutaku sighed. " Yes, Marie. This co-ed school feels like torture. My students of both races need SOMETHING to find common ground in. But tales of slavery and wars and rapine and pillages are just not good taste. And it's not right to make them read such sorrowful tales or worse, let the Dark Elf student get ideas again.." Temirburg Co-Ed school Project was not going smoothly, and it was apparent on the haggard Hakutaku's features. Even her fur felt less shiny, her face more gaunt.

The librarian had an idea after some thinking. She snapped her fingers:
"There is one paper, Sensei, that well... is also about underdog humans and our oppression but...it speaks of romance, sacrifice and charity. Even the Inquisition records confirm its truth. It's on shelf B-32."

Marie was a freedwoman from older times. She always made references to the plight of people like her even to her friendliest aides, and carried a small necklace which showed a bleeding heart and a sword, a sigil of an ex-slave who changed the world brutally.

"Have you had a chance to read it yourself, Marie?" The Hakutaku raised her eyebrows. The human librarian smiled.

"Yes. Some parts are torn and smudged but it is a good read. Some pages are diaries, some are explicitly written novel chapters but...it checks out."

"Thanks." The Hakutaku took small, gentle steps not to make loud noises with her hooves. Slowly seperating the files on the shelf, she took the folder in her hands, and started perusing.

"Mind you, Sensei. You should censor some of the...saucier tales within!"


The label read:

Research papers by Slade concerning Mamono Ophiology: research about serpent women that classify as Snake-form. This paper concerns the Western history of Shirohebi. The appearance of albino-white snake-women mamono known as Shirohebi a century before the battle of Megiddo seems to be coinciding with this manuscript's contents.

The Manuscript : The Divine White Serpent of Rossburg

Author: Kanji letters reveal it as co-authored by "Mamo" and "Moru".

Content: It speaks of a charity event held within the United Shogunate of Zipangu to help enslaved humans between both western empires. Apparently they even gave a Shirohebi away voluntarily as a slave and took a lot of freed humans to Zipangu, repatriating the rest. The Shirohebi seems to have volunteered to serve , entertain and persuade the vicious mamono of earlier times to give up on poor humans and shift the mamono politics of the West towards a milder tone.


The Hakutaku squinted, opened the file and started perusing. She briefly frowned at the giggles and moans coming from a cubicle where a Manticore and her boyfriend had snuck in, and in another, a harpy eagle-girl was cuddling with her boyfriend, kissing as an essay lay before them, unwritten and undone.. Swearing quietly in Canton, she kept reading.


*smeared letters*

-Year of Serpent, 501, Autumn.

[New calendar, 100 pre-Megiddo]

We left Hallowed Shores of God-Island, Zipangu with a magnificent fleet of forty Red-Seal ships, of hallowed wood and sacred Jorogoumo silk. The ships are full with the most in-demand goods in the western side of Dunia. Our goal is to pass Choson first, then Bharatiyya Peninsula and through Misrani Strait into Ermorea, where two kingdoms are locked in war.

Human Empire of Lescatie and Monstergirl Empire of Mamono-Reik.

Two Empires, one governed by humans only and another by Yokai and Yasha. Reik sees humans, our neighbors and friends and lovers, the ningen, little more than cattle. My Lady, the Lady-Ryu Asuka's tender heart is touched by the suffering of men and women, and being a creature of utmost piety and kindness, she worked her estates and organized charities and gathered a small Merchant fleet donated by kind men wanting to clear their conscience and earn good karma (and marry Shirohebi maidens that want good moral husbands).

My Lady's shrine of Goddess Akaru-Hime was staffed by a cadre of devout Shirohebi, yokai women of great appearance, skin of purest ivory and the body of a snake. They are faithful women who tend to their flock, blessing and asking for donations. Their molted skins are the temple's property, sold for good luck.

As are their services of tail-and-body rubs appreciated, since it brings great luck. Of course it would not be lewd if intimacy was involved: Shirohebis only mate with their married husbands for life.

My Lady Asuka is kind and generous. She swore to take all of her liquidated assets save for the shrine and buy the freedom of many enslaved humans from cruel Western yokai and entice them to mercy.

Of course there is a catch. Some will have to accompany my lady to Zipangu and give account to the Shogunate about the West and the war. Of course, Ermorean features of blue eyes, and red and yellow hair is sought for the testimonials, to persuade the Shogun and his Oni Queen wife. We will not fail the Shogun, and earn a lot of Good Karma for giving unlucky people their lives back.

To avoid boredom on the journey and spread wisdom and joy, Asuka-Sama requested the services of many of her handmaidens in her journey. Her husband, Akechi, the Shogunate's strongest samurai stayed behind, persuaded to protect the shrine.

I can only pray that the Gods are with us.

Ai Shoigu, Imperial Scribe, Blue Oni.


The crackle of firecrackers and flutes filled the Zipangu evening air. Dancing Hinezumi, human Geisha and entertainers made a lovely spectacle for the visitors, as well as vendors full of fried squid, rice wraps and other snacks providing the hungry some relief. A Shirohebi girl hummed a prayer, rubbing the heads of children for good luck and alms. The fair was directed at gathering alms for charity for a heavenly task to promote Zipangu's name.

A Hinezumi girl, wearing a silk robe, twirled around a smooth metal pole clenched between her legs, earning a round of applause and alms.

It also brought many yokai and human together, unlike the Dark Era where individual shoguns wrecked the island with wars and feuds. An impossibly tall Red Oni woman, wearing a green kimono and cuddling her lover human, a man half her size, on her arms attested to the beauty of the scene. Her lover rested his tired head on her abdominal muscles, heritage of her snake body , her crimson hand softly caressing his neck.

Zipangu was at peace. Time to spread that peace.

The shrine overlooking the festivities was a quiet, wooden structure built in the old traditional way. Inside, a human samurai in spartan clothes sat and drank sake with his heavenly wife.

His wife, a regally dressed Ryu, a serpentine woman with priestly robes and a coiled body, relaxed with an opium pipe. The music and laughter drifted softly from below, filling the air with mirth, the lights reflecting on the woman's scaly body to produce an eerie mix of lights and reflections.

They had talked for weeks about the preparations to redeem human slaves under monster rulership. What made Akechi frown was her plan to bring all her handmaidens to the voyage, young ones included.

"Yuki? Why her?" Akechi raised an eyebrow. His wife, the Ryu, smiled gracefully.

"You see the urges of womanhood taking its toll on the poor shirohebi, revered husband. She deeply enjoys smuggled lewd Ermorean stories of women being kept like trophies and sold to slavery. Romance, women taken by force. Intimacy stories and kidnappings. Tales of whipping and humiliation. It is not healthy. And the Kuro-Erufu yokai I will meet would do her some good and understand it's immoral and wrong."

The man's handsome features twisted in a frown, as he looked down. Finally, sighing, he nodded, taking another sip.

"I will pray the gods to intercede on our behalf, beloved wife." He leaned, softly taking her hand and kissing the knuckles gracefully.

"My revered love, the night is still ours." Gracefully the Ryu coiled up, starting to untie her kimono. "And I have no intention of staying away for too long." Her large breasts shone like orbs of porcelain, sliding out of their silky prison and filling the surprised samurai's hand as soft, pliable melons.

"I will miss you."

"So will I." Her crimson lips descended on his. Her incredibly long and powerful serpentine body coiled on his. Akechi opened his mouth in a soundless gasp, his manhood sliding inside that familiar, wet cavern he had always craved, the serpentine body massaging his waist in strong pulses with every thrust of his penis into her wet, silky folds. Every moment was heaven inside her womanhood, his mouth open in a quiet praise to heavens, Akechi gasped with her hip movements.

It would be a long night. Shirohebis mated for hours, gliding up and down with their strong muscles, impaled on the manhood of their revered husbands until the pressure would be unbearable, only to be kept at bay from climaxing as their snake tails wrapped around their waists...

He'd groan, hugging her ample breasts and kiss her lips softly, tongues entwined as yokai and human copulated to a crescendo, which would bloom to a mind shattering orgasm...

...many more to come.


Year of the Serpent, 502, Spring.

Our journey took a year. From Zipangu we sailed down Mist Continent, traded with the Zhong Empress, and went down Choson peninsula, then the Bharatiya Peninsula and traded with the Gandharva port city of Mumbai.

My Lady is a shrewd businesswoman as well as a priestess. We stacked an enormous fortune on our ships, and beat back pirates with the power of hurricanes. What is a sword worth when my lady can summon the Kami's divine wind to smash everyone?

Yet she is so sad. I think she pines for her husband. Every day she also reads about reports how some monsters kill and enslave humans in the West, and her heart aches, being an immensely benevolent being born of heavens.

One would ask: Why a powerful being would bother with trade to buy and free slaves and not smash the western yokai? Answer is simple: She doesn't want to leave any evil karma, any influence towards violence by attacking a far away country directly. A hurricane led by a dragon-lady would undoubtedly draw the wrath of their God Emperor, the Maou himself, who is said to be a ten feet tall Dai-Oni King who seems to have married a succubus recently.

We will come and go in peace, and pay the blood-money of many poor human peasants who are caught in between and bring freedom and good news to everyone. Nothing can go wrong when Lady Asuka leads us.

-Ai Shoigu, Scribe, Blue Oni


The sacred Red Seal ships glided peacefully across the silvery sea, strong Oni sailor-women tossing ropes to secure the ships to massive obelisks jutting out of the water around which sturdy wooden docks were built.

They had arrived at the Dark Elven town.

"Kamis preserve us. It's heart-achingly vile."

The Ryu's indignance was met with sorrowful remarks from her underlings, ivory-white Shirohebi flanking her. "True,mistress."

It wasn't easy to disembark and see a Dark Elf village for he first time. It was hard to miss the details. Purple spires made of a strange stone, lit by faerie fire, a magical flame, overlooking a river littered with plantations gave a sense of advanced civilisation. It's beauty was marred with...slaves. Well-guarded rows of humans worked the plantations, building and cleaning, cooking and serving under the careful eye of dark elf women carrying whips. Asuka's heart felt a twinge: it was wrong, just wrong.

The place was oppressive. At least it was orderly, Asuka thought, in a miserable sense of bargaining stage of grief.

Few male Dark Elves were alive, and most could be seen at the Tavern, drowning their sorrows in morose faces with no regard to the world around them. Though handsome, each were haggard in soul and spirits, making the Ryu shiver when she sensed their sorrows as heavy as human slaves, some of them _worse_. Still, most of the negative emotions was also radiating from the oppressed humans around them.

The ningen of the West were clad in sackcloth or similar practical clothes, laboring and working for the benefit of their monster masters. Lady' s heartstrings were tugged at some scenes best left unmentioned in detail, like the sorrowful, broken look of humans at the marketplace, some of them shackled merchandise themselves, sullenly sitting as they are inspected by wealthy monstergirl visitors who led some away in search of labor and sexual services, eyes cast downwards.

"The treasures I brought will certainly stop this..." The Ryu mumbled, shocked.

"I feel your pain, mistress." A Shirohebi nodded. "Glad we didn't bring any of our own ningen. It would not...do right to hurt them so much."

"Agreed." Ryu's serpentine form rumbled in an angry sigh, her beautiful face awash with sadness. "Let us feel mirth at the humans' coming salvation." She clasped her hands in prayer as she waited for the Dark Elf delegation. Her servants slowly fanned out, beautiful Zipangu women with white snake bodies, slithering, inspecting the western trade port and watching the scenery, and even buying souvenirs, if souvenirs can be found amongst the oppression.

And so, Zipangu monstergirls slowly started disembarking, slithering or walking, whichever appendage was appropriate for each...

...until the benevolent Ryu Asuka's holy reverie was broken by a pair of tall Dark Elf women approaching, clad in purple robes, armor and finery. Nearby humans looked away or bowed in fear, though Asuka noted...acting with less fear near the long-haired one.

Each wore an insignia of a rose emblazoned on their chests, in golden threads. The dark elf girl on the left had long, white hair and an angular, gentle face that somehow dulled the cruelty of the scene. She was flanked by two human women each looking well-fed, dressed and cared for, and not as sullen as some of the poor wretches the Ryu had seen earlier. Of course seeing some of their kin made their faces sink, despite their own well-treatment.

The other, with a short, white-red streaked hair, a thicker ,crueler mien and purple-black skin was clad likewise, except her emblem was adorned with additional thorns and her servant looked scared and haggard than the relatively well-kept human servants of the long-haired one. The Dark Elf's ears were as long than her compatriot however, standing out because of her short hair.

Both stopped just a few feet before the Majestic Ryu, and nodded in greeting.

"We welcome you, Maou's sisters of the East. My servants told me of your trade mission of purchasing humans. I am Pri'a of Clan Rose."

"And I , Shrike of Clan Thorn. Might I ask, mighty lady, are there none of these human wretches in your own continent I heard Zhong is very well populated?" Her short haired sister, as always, interrupted and attacked the delegate verbally. Pri'a already rolled her eyes.

"*sigh*" Pri'a held her nose and turned to her human slave women. "Girls. Get the yellow book and tell the overseers to collect the idle ones, would you? We have a buyer." She turned and signaled the two human handmaids at her side, who bowed and went away. "I'm sure you can find the servants you need, lady."

"Slaves, you mean." Shrike corrected. "We get them from raids to human villages."

Pri'a rolled her eyes and prayed to Eros and any other pagan God listening. "Cousin, it is up to her to treat or name her purchases as she wishes. Some of us have consideration that these are living beings just like us in the end with souls, and every being deserves proper care and treatment when they do their chores properly." Her voice dripped a bit of venom.

"Some of us do." The Ryu nodded, smiling. Pri'a returned the gesture, her eyes twinkling. "I am glad some of us know how to treat Dunia's less fortunate beings under our care properly."

That moment, the eyes of the Rose clan dark elf lit with understanding as she nodded. "Indeed."

Shrike shrugged, drinking a cup of wine filled by her servant. "So. You caught us an hour before dinner time. I assume your entourage doesn't have any humans we will be forced to tolerate. You can join us within the hour."

The Ryu woman held her chin up, as did her Shirohebi handmaids, frowning. "We shall, right after we bring our cargo for trading. The short-haired Dark Elf nodded: "Exotic slaves?"

"No. Exotic goods. After all, these people are same to you as "goods." " Asuka sternly answered, turning away and slithering toward the ship. She needed something to drink and smoke if she would endure this painful, thorny place reminding her of a rosebush: beauty was entwined in pain and blood here, amongst sapphire-eyed beautiful monsterwomen lording over men and their own males.


Out of earshot, the short haired Dark Elf, Shrike growled and raised her hand at the sniveling girl who shivered at her outburst. Her green eyes were wide from fear at her mistress' rage:

"You little shit, that wine was sour! I'll have you flogged for this!"

"But mistress..." The terrified human girl sniffled. "I swear it wasn't my doing!" The way she wept and wailed, despite Shrike's anger, just made the dark elf feel bored rather than angry for once.

"Just...disappear." The short haired, bitter dark elf growled and waved her off. "That's what happens when you kidnap human milkmaids as cupbearers." She looked at the running human slave's huge breasts hatefully, glancing at her own flat orbs.

Sniffling, the human slave ran to her quarters.

"Why aren't our men conceiving children with us..." She rubbed her temples sullenly. Her heart was heavy, and all she could do was to take it out of the terrified humans she enslaved. It had become a vicious cycle.

"What if my pampered bitch cousin is right? I will never, EVER take a human to my bed. They are good only to clean our homes and prepare our food. To think she insists on not separating families and caring for them..." She lit a small pipe filled with tobacco, an exotic western plant from Albion, with a candle. Few puffs of smoke had calmed her after a few puffs.

"I need to whip a boy to get off. Nothing else cuts it now." Her boots thumping heavily on the cobbled street of the village, she angrily stormed off, shoving humans and monstergirls aside. Unknown to her, the Rose Dark Elf clan took humans to bed, and had a growing population outnumbering the Thorn clan now.

Of course, it was a secret. The Rose matriarch just knew the Maou's darkening temper about the Birth Problem. She just was smarter to adapt, with an ear open for anyone in suffering. Strangely enough, the enlightened tyranny suited her race and beauty, unlike her embittered cousin who hardened her heart. If Shrike would have stayed, she'd see Pri'a gently kissing a shocked young human male's cheek she kept as her own, an interspecies action kept taboo until today; a reward for his loyal service and excellent housework.

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