tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Face of the Past

Dark Face of the Past


It had been almost a year since she had formed an alliance with the Amazons. She would have stayed longer, but she knew it was time to move on, especially seeing as how Varia had fallen in love with Cyane. There was no real apparent reason for her to stay.

She would have gone back to Athena, but a time ago, she had received word of the Wisdom Goddess falling in love with another herself. And though Eve's heart had broken at the news. She carried on and let go.

Eve had finally come to a decision of where she was to go from here on out. She was to go and find one whom she had one cause much pain to.


She had never even given him much thought when she had encountered her sexual take over with her mother, Gabrielle, Ra, Athena, Apollo, the other Goddesses, and even the Amazons.

Eve rode her albino mare down the dirt road to the place in Greece where Virgil lived. A time would consume this travel.

While on the road, she found her mind wondering to events of the past again. Evil she had done. Lives she had taken. Lovers she had hurt. A one true love she had ended on her own stupid free will. A heart that meant more to her than most anything else in the world at hand.

* * * * *

"But WHY?!" Cried Alissa.

"My own reasons, Alissa." Livia had stated while packing the last of her armor into her horses saddle. Her reddish brown hair hanging down over her shoulders as the Amazon stood beside her, tears rolling from her eyes.

"Look." Livia began. "What we had was wonderful, I'll admit. But love is not my game, and love will only come in the way of my plans. Do you honestly believe Rome will allow an Empress who takes another woman as her life partner?"

"But I thought." Alissa sniffled "I thought you loved me enough not to care what they would think."

"Oh darling." Livia held her face in her hands. "You thought wrong."

Alissa's eyes widened with the shock of Livia's harsh words. Betrayal was all Alissa felt at that very moment. She had given her love to Livia, her heart, her everything and lost it and all Livia could say to her was 'you thought wrong.'

"Look!..." Livia climbed her horse. "You will find another love one day, one no where near as wonderful as I was to you, but one none the less. You just need to learn that life is full of people who'll stab you in the heart. I'm one of them... you shouldn't have said you loved me."

Alissa, still standing there wide eyed in her tracks. Processing what was just said into her mind quite suddenly fell to the ground as if knocked down by a mallet.

She coiled up in a ball, her knees up to her chin as she laid down her head to cry. Her heart was used up and thrown out. She attempted to love somebody else, somebody who just didn't love her in turn.

She was betrayed.

* * * * *

Eve knew that she was lying by then about Alissa thinking wrong of her. She truly did love her, but was too cruel and into her own life to even allow herself to embrace it. She shared many a night with that wonderful Amazon. Nights wrapped up in each others arms. Nights of making love and holding one another. She had been twenty one years of age and a virgin before the Amazon took that from her... she wished to this day that she could turn back and make things right.

Wonder crossed Eve's mind as to why she wasn't making like a foolish hero and trying to track down her lost love. Then the answer would come to her, telling her how it would be cruel to try and bring her back into her life.

The only hope she had was that Alissa was happy. Married, happy, living her life to what it was meant to be lived.

Eve remained on the road with that state of her mind until it was interrupted by the voice of a young man calling her name.


She looked ahead and found a man smiling at her in the distance. It was Virgil. Tall and handsome Virgil. Nothing at all like his father... the poor man Eve had murdered in her days of Livia.

Virgil said he had forgiven Eve and taken to her like a friend, but part of her believed that he was not telling the truth in that matter at all. She believed that he was still sore at her for what she had done, and she had no blame for him on that part. She deserved to die for what she had done in the past.

"EVE!" He called out again.

"Hello, Virgil." She answered and urged her horse onward a little faster.

He wasn't running to her, but was walking faster. As her horse came by, she jumped from it while the mare still moved and jumped into Virgil's arms.

They held in arms and laughed and kept joy in their eyes as they embraced tightly. She even made a groaning sort of grunt as she hugged him even tighter. She seemed to be trying to take the air from him.

He had that same twinkle in his eyes when she looked into them. While pushing away any bad feelings and thoughts in her mind, Eve shocked the son of Joxer the Mighty, by laying her lips firmly upon his.

Virgil's eyes were wide as he felt her lips against his. Her tongue warmly working into his mouth. His arms reached around her waist and held her firmly against himself. He had earlier asked a young woman to marry him, but he had abandoned his thoughts from her in order to allow Eve to have her way with him. He knew he was doing wrong by allowing this kiss and possibly more to come, but even in his hate for what Eve had done to his father, he still had a fierce attraction to her.

Taking his surprise even further, Eve had reached her hand into his trousers and grasped his prick in her warm hand.

"Eve..." he moaned. "what are you doing?"

"Shh" Eve told him. "Just let me do this."

Virgil felt his pants come down to his ankles in a swift movement. His mind whirling with wonder as to what the hell was happening. He simply came out to write with the inspiration of nature and when he saw Eve, he wanted to greet her. Right away, she was on him.

He suddenly let out a loud moan as he felt something hot and wet on his cock. Looking down, he found Eve's mouth encircling his prick. His hand reached down to her head and held her hair as he felt her suck and stroke away at his cock.

Eve loved pussy more, but still, nothing felt like a cock does in her mouth. She loved sucking hard cocks. Every since she was younger and Augustus had seduced her into taking him in her mouth.

Her thought was broken when she felt Virgil tense up and push into her face. She loved the feeling of cocks hitting the back of her throat. It had become somewhat of a turn on for her.

As much as she would have liked the scene to continue. She suddenly felt Virgil's cock contract and then shoot its hot liquid into her mouth. The feeling was incredible as she held tightly to his ass as he thrust his prick deeper, letting her young mouth fulfill his lust.

"Mmmmm" She moaned.

"Oh Wow!" Virgil panted as he pulled away. "That was... ah-hem! That was some welcoming."

Eve laughed while she rose from her knees and stood up straight. Wiping his cum from her face with her finger before sucking it off again.

"There's plenty more where that came from." She said.

Virgil stammered. "Um... oh my gods! I really shouldn't have done that. I'm getting married tomorrow. I've just betrayed her."

He was in panic as he thought of his wife to be.

"WAIT!" Eve calmed him down.

"She doesn't have to know." She assured him. "Just don't let me do that again if you are trying to be monogamous to her."

"By the way." He asked her. "How the hell did this start up?"

Eve laughed and shook her head... "I don't know." They both hugged again and this time without getting into a sexual intrigue much to quickly, they moved on.

Virgil brought Eve to his home and Eve stood dead in her tracks when Virgil introduced her to his wife to be. It was SARA!

Gabrielle's niece Sara was Virgil's future wife. Eve and Sara embraced nervously as they greeted each other. Remembering the first night they had met and share a rather interesting moment together in Sara's personal bed chamber in the ship that took her home.

* * * * *

The night went by pretty well. The three of them enjoyed their dinner together and told stories of days past. Eve never once mentioned anything that came to pass in the last year of her life. She was secretly devising a plan...

When Virgil had excused himself to go and finish with the horses. Sara had offered to show Eve to her room.

"It's so surprising that the two of you are together." Eve said.

"Trust me." Sara began. "It's just as much of a surprise to me as well."

Eve laughed lightly, "I remember a girl who told me about the nights she spent with Gurkan's wives. Pretending to be interested in a man when he wished to have her, but only having interest in women."

"What can I say." She smiled. "I fell in love."

Eve reached out for Sara and pulled her close to her body. "in love you say?" She asked before planting her kiss upon Sara's lips. The two of them stood in each others arm in a warm hot embrace. Making out as lover normally do... until...

"Well, well, well!" Came Virgil's voice.

"VIRGIL!" Sara screamed in surprise and fear. "I... we... she... oh gods!"

"Don't worry." Eve told her. "I sucked his cock earlier. He owes you one."

Sara glared at Virgil and then looked back at Eve. Losing the hateful glare, she smiled and pursed her lips to Eve's once again.

"Mmmmm." They both moaned in unison.

Eve's hands reached up and cupped Sara's breasts. Squeezing firmly but gentle enough. They both giggled as they heard Virgil groan in sexual agony in the back. Eve's hands roaming Sara's body passionately. The two women sensuously kissing and touching one another.

In that sudden moment, Eve began to remove Sara's cloths. Leaving the taller blonde standing naked before her.

*Laugh* "It seems that you two wear nothing beneath. You must screw like rabbits a lot don't you?"... Eve teased them.

Sara moaned out loud as she felt something enter her pussy from behind. Looking over her shoulder, she found her husband to be Virgil, fucking his prick inside of her. Eve smiled when she saw Virgil.

Eve slowly dropped to her knees and watched with lustful eyes as Virgil's cock slid in and out of Sara's pussy. The way she opened up to except him deep into her womb, in a way, watching this was becoming a bigger turn on to Eve.

Sara's eyes opened wider as she felt Eve's tongue lapping playfully at her clit. The sensation of her lovers cock and another lovers tongue working her pussy was becoming too much for her already. She firmly gripped Eve's head and held her there, feeling Eve pleasure her with her mouth while Virgil pleasured her with his prick.

"Oh yeah!!" She moaned. "Fuck me! Oh Gods!!! YESS YESS OOOH GOOOOODSSS!" Sara was ranting and screaming to the top of her lungs as she felt her throbbing pussy spasm and pull at Virgil's hard cock.

Upon coming to a clam, Sara laid down on Eve's bed, watching as the dark haired young woman climbed beside her on her hands and knees. Virgil standing behind her with his cock slowly inching way into her wet cunt.

"Mmmmmm, yeah!" Sara moaned. "Fuck her Virgil. Fuck her pussy with that big fat cock of yours honey. Fuck her hard!"

Sara's fingers worked in and out of her own pussy as she watched Eve's face grimace as she groaned hard, feeling her wet channel being filled all the way by Virgil's dick. He held her at the waist and began to pull out to push back in. Thrusting his prick in and out of Eve's pussy as he watched his wife to be kiss the moaning Eve's lips.

Both women writhing about, wriggling, and shuddering as they felt their sexual pleasure build faster and faster.

Sara felt Eve's fingers replacing her own while her hands moved to Eve's breasts and messaged and squeezed at them. Their lips sucking at each other as one got fingered in her wet pussy and the other got fucked.

"Oh Gods Eve, I'm going to cum." Virgil panted.

"Mmmmm AHH!" Eve groaned "YESSSSSS" she hissed.

"Oh Eve... Eve! Oh GODS!!!!" Virgil moaned harder as he thrust harder into Eve, letting him cum shoot deep inside of her.

"Ohhhh Virgil!" Sara moaned. "Cum in her... shoot your stuff inside of her."

Virgil pumped up into Eve harder and harder. Smacking their pelvis's together as he emptied his balls inside of her.

All three moaned in unison as Virgil came deep inside of Eve... holding his prick still inside of her..

"Mmmmm" Eve moaned happily... a little sad when he pulled away.

She squealed in surprise as Sara pushed her over on her back and buried her head between her legs.

Eve stared off into the room as her orgasm began to build with help from Sara's skillful tongue and lips.

Gently thrusting her hips off of the bed into Sara's face as she felt herself nearer and nearer to her climax. Ready to let go any moment from her hard shaking body.

* * * * *

The hours passed as the three of them slept. Eve's dreams wondering to one of the many nights she shared with her love Alissa.

"Mmmmm Livia." Alissa moaned. "Oh Gods you make me feel so good!"

Livia was sitting straight up between Alissa's legs with the fake penis object buried in Alissa's poor well used, but sore pussy. Her hands were roughly but with no pain, messaging away at Alissa's sweet and juicy breasts.

"I love your tits, Alissa." Eve laid a kiss upon one and then the other. "Every time I see them, they drive me crazy."

"You can see through my cloths?" Alissa teased.

Both laughed, but Alissa's turned into a low moan as she felt the fake cock move inside of her while Livia's hands kept their grip upon her breasts.

"I love it when you do this." Alissa sighed.

"I love to do it for to you." Livia leaned down again, pushing the prick deeper, keeping her hands at her lovers breasts as she placed her lips against Alissa's.

Alissa moaned loudly, breaking their kiss and crying out.

"Oh LIVIA!" She cried. "I'm cumming!"

She groaned and let out grunts as she felt her pussy throbbing on Livia's penis shaped object. The penis in her pussy and Livia's hands messaging her tits drove her into a shaking, convulsing fit as her pussy let loose her juices in a blasting rush.

"Ohhhh AHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMM GOOOOOOOODS!!!!!" She cried out, arching her back, thrusting her tits even higher into Livia's hands as she shook with orgasm.

"Ohhhh gods." She sighed as her orgasm calmed down and she remained in Livia's touched.

"I love you, Livia."

Livia bent down to kiss her again and their hearts beat clean out of their chests as they held one another in their warm arms.

"You were my first kiss, Livia." She said. "My first and only."

Livia laughed. "My first kiss ...

* * * * *

"... was your first kiss goodbye!" A harsh female voice awoke Eve to a room where Virgil and Sara were no longer with her, but only soldiers dressed in dark leather.

A woman was in the shadows. The voice that woke her from her dream was obviously the voice of this woman.

"Who are you? What's going on?" Eve tried to struggle out of her bed but two guards grabbed at her arms.

"You don't know my voice, Livia?"

Eve's eyes opened wide when the voice made itself known to her and the woman stepped out of the light.


... to be continued in "Dark Face of the past" part II

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