tagAnalDark Orchestrations

Dark Orchestrations

byDavid Phillips©

It had been raining incessantly for months. Large dangerous puddles hid out of sight like fiendish hooded phantoms, eager to soak the unwary up to their knees. The persistent precipitation relented occasionally, but it always thundered back in sheets of big oily drops.

The rueful inhabitants of Lawrence Cove mumbled and tried to look pleasant, but this weather could turn the terminally cheerful into frowning wrecks.

Ivy Green sat in the bustling aromatic coffee shop waiting for her boyfriend. Her best friend, Leticia, sat quietly sipping her tea across the table from her. Ivy's eerily flamboyant makeup and fashion sense stood in stark contrast to her friend's acne and nerdly plain appearance.

"Hey Leti, I brought you something," Ivy dug in her fringed purse and produced an antique decorative tin. She handed it gingerly to her friend. "Don't open it in here, it'll smell. It takes about an hour to kick in, then it's all day."

"What is it?"

"It's a brownie," Ivy added with a devious grin. "Have you eaten?"

"Yes," Leticia recalled the Dr. Pepper and corn nuts she'd eaten earlier. She pushed her glasses back onto her nose as she took the tin and put it in her book bag.

"Good," Ivy waved a shock of black hair out of her eyes, careful not to get it caught in her collection of nose rings. Her attention was diverted to the blond girl standing impatiently at the edge of their table.

"Hi Chastity, how are you feeling?"

"Don't try any of your bull shit on me, bitch!" Chastity spat with a scowl, "I still owe you for the frog in my pom poms." Her interest shifted focus, "Hello... Leticia." If a simple greeting could render skin from bone, the shy girl would have been reduced to a congealed mass on the floor.

"I'm sorry about the frogs, really. They just have minds of their own," Ivy stifled a chuckle.

"Right, I'll remember that when I'm pissing on your grave." Chastity got in Ivy's face and poked her chest with a sharp fingernail. "Oh yeah," she said with a hateful smile, "I want Colin back, and for you to never see him again, got me?"

Ivy smiled politely while removing the poking finger with a strong grasp, and twisted it slightly. "No problem, but I'm not through with him yet. I'll let you know when I am. Now if you could excuse us, we were in the middle of a conversation." Ivy stared Chastity down as she backed away from the table slowly.

Chastity's teeth clenched, "I'll get even with you Ivy. And as for you geek," Leticia shrank at the coming remark, "I'll see you at work tomorrow." She turned quickly and headed for the door.

If someone were watching, which no one was, they would have witnessed an almost imperceptible purple glow crawl stealthily towards Chastity. It covered her legs and followed her out the door.

"She won't even know what hit her. Bitch! I'll...wait...what...whoa!" She would swear later she didn't even see the puddle, and it felt like someone had pushed her forcibly down into the cold dirty water.

Meanwhile, inside the coffee shop, Ivy and Leticia were giggling hysterically. "I hope you gave it to her good, Ivy. She makes my skin crawl," Leticia flared suddenly with unrestrained hatred.

"Don't sweat it hon, she got what she deserved. Wait a second..." Ivy noticed a cute looking surfer dude shuffling by with a piece of pie. She spent long hours perfecting her nose wiggle, and with a few twitches he was walking their way.

"Hey Kyle, this is my best friend Leticia. Leti this is Kyle."

Leticia blushed profusely and hid her shy smile behind her hand. "Hi." A brave look to her friend voiced, You were right, he is cute.

Kyle's sleepy eyes quickly found Leticia's, and was immediately transfixed. "Hey..."

"Kyle, I was telling Leticia that you like sitting on the beach at night and looking at the stars." Ivy smirked at Leticia's heated embarrassment.

"Yeah, that would be perfect right now," Kyle held out his hand with a gallant smile. Leticia took it hesitantly and stood, collecting her things.

"Thanks..."she whispered to Ivy.

"No prob, have fun," Ivy said in an equally quiet undertone.

After they left, she sat for an awkward minute alone with a bunch of strangers. She hoped Colin would be along soon, she wanted to get out of there.

Ivy wished his presence intensely, and he appeared. It looked like he just walked in from the sidewalk, but she knew better.

"Hey Colin." Ivy couldn't hide her infectious smile. He was her ray of sunshine in this gloomy place. She could be very content in gloom, surrounding herself in it sometimes, but this weather was getting ridiculous. Colin's bright farm boy smile cheered her immediately.

"Ivy, my dear. How are you this fine evening?" His phony British accent rang in the bustle of the crowded room. He removed his coat and put it on the back of his chair

Ivy snorted with a boisterous laugh. She noticed herself drawing some attention, then quieted down.

"You are such a nerd." She took his hand and examined his lines with a soft tracing finger. "You trust me, don't you?"

His dark brown eyes sparkled magically at her in the subdued light of the shop. Amazingly enough he did trust her. He'd only known her two weeks but he felt closer to her than anyone else. Especially that stuck up twat Chastity.


"Good." Ivy reached into her purse once again to produce another tin. She placed it on the table in front of her and opened it with reverence. A small white cube appeared in her fingertips before she placed it in her tea. She proceeded to stir it counterclockwise with a sweetly wicked smile.

Colin scratched his head in wonder. What does she have planned? He didn't have long to wonder, when after she took a sip she placed the tea cup in front of him. He raised the concoction to his lips and drank.

Nothing happened.

Ivy arched an eyebrow and accepted the cup once more, taking a final sip. Colin drained the cup finally and sat dumbly waiting for Ivy to say something, anything.

"C'mon, let's get out of this place," she clicked her tongue stud against her teeth, then took his hand and nearly flew out of the crowded shop. Colin trailed behind her, barely grabbing his coat from the chair.

Even though the rain seemed to miss them entirely, they walked hurriedly to his car. He opened the door for her, then got in himself. Once out of the parking lot, Ivy lowered her head to his lap.

She looked up at him and spoke over the Black Sabbath song playing on the stereo, "Let's go to the Fort."

"Sounds good," Colin breathed.

Ivy unzipped his pants and found his expanding manhood. She planted warm kisses all over it before parting her lips to accept it. It grew and grew until it was fat and hard in her soft sucking mouth.

The Fort was a ghostly collection of bunkers and echoing passageways on the outskirts of town. A hold over from WWII, it served mainly now as a park during the day, and a nocturnal rendezvous point for young lovers.

Colin took a leisurely pace towards the Fort. Ivy's skillful mouth and tantalizing tongue stud warned him not to hurry, but she sucked harder and faster near the climax of the song.

It sounded as if the singer was being chased by the bats of hell and the most diabolical evil imaginable. Colin got carried away in the intensity of the moment and ran a stop light, swerving maniacally to stay on the road.

Ten dizzying minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot. Ivy removed her mouth from Colin's wet shaft and gave him a sweetly wet kiss on the lips. They gathered several blankets and an umbrella, and headed towards the black forest leading to the Fort.

Ivy looked up into the grey black sheet overhead. The deluge had increased and the sound against the umbrella was almost deafening. The constant hail of rain made the tall grass and trees dance like children.

It's beginning, Ivy smiled and looked up into Colin's face. She wondered what he was seeing.

Colin's heart was beating rapidly as they quickened their pace towards the Fort. He met Ivy's gaze and bent closer to give her a kiss. As their lips met he saw her face spread before him like an orange peel. He pulled back to look at her again.

Her face wasn't exactly an orange, but it did waver and squirm like a heavenly sponge.

Ivy smiled at him. "So...?"

"That was acid, wasn't it?" Colin kissed the creature walking next to him and continued walking.

"Acid? I thought it was just a sugar cube." Ivy laughed and started to dance away. Colin started to scamper after his white rabbit.

Under the canopy of trees, the rain fell softer and quieter. Ivy danced and giggled around Colin as he struggled to keep the barely visible trail in sight. She whizzed by him in technicolor sparks and tracers.

"Do you want to hear something strange?" Ivy calmed down and snuggled under the umbrella with Colin.

"Sure, as long as it's not too strange."

"Oh, O.K. Never mind then." Ivy kept eerily silent.

His curiosity was piqued though. If Ivy thought it was weird, it must be worth hearing.

"Please Ivy, tell me," Colin finally relented.

"Alright, but if you freak out it's not my fault." She paused to gather her thoughts. "Not many people know this, but there was a dead girl in these very woods not long ago." Ivy's voice took on a deathly grave tone.

"Seriously? I never heard about it." A freezing shiver crept up Colin's spine.

"That's not the weird part. Her boyfriend found her."

He grimaced in sympathetic pain, "Ouch, what did he do?"

"He fucked her."

Colin stopped cold. "He what?"

"He was so overcome with grief and anger, he took it out on her lifeless corpse." Her voice cracked at the revelation. Ivy looked sidelong at his pale sickened face, then began to smile.

"Why are you smiling? That is absolutely disgusting."

"I know, that's why it was so much fun doing it."

"Doing it?"

Ivy broke into a giddy laugh. "It was me silly. I dressed up in torn bloody clothes and hid deep in the woods. It took forever for my boyfriend to find me, but when he did... he really gave it to me." She crept up to Colin with a serpentine glide to gauge his reaction.

His face was a mask of confusion and disgust that slowly twisted into a wry smile. "You bitch! I'm going to get you!"

Ivy broke into a run and left Colin to keep up. The trees dripped and ran out of the corners of her sight, as the mud threatened to make her slip. She ran for all she was worth to the nearest bunker. Colin caught up to her breathless but ready for anything.

"Come on, I know a good spot." Ivy took Colin's wet clammy hand and led him into the pitch black corridor. Their footsteps echoed in the stillness while broken glass crunched under foot.

Colin couldn't remember the last time he had seen such darkness. He forced himself to see something, but couldn't. Ivy was nothing but a presence felt before him and a soft warm hand holding his, until she let go.

"Ivy, where did you go?" Colin waited for an answer. At the sound of his voice, a family of bats announced their presence in the eerie stillness with a series of shrieks and wing flaps. The darkness suddenly got much darker.

"Ivy?" He swore he saw something sinister stalking in the void. Lurking in the darkest corners, gathering and placing, swooping and flying was nothing less than a demon. Colin reminded himself not to be stupid, it was just the acid.

Suddenly the flurry of nocturnal activity exploded in a blinding light. Ivy stood pale and naked in the glow of candle light, casting her flickering silhouette against the grey cement walls of the small empty room.

Colin could still hear the pounding of the storm outside. But it was nothing compared to the pounding in his chest. Ivy held him transfixed as she cast her spell.

She could feel the rhythm of the rain in the ground beneath her as she began to sway. Pitter, patter, patter... the storm outside manifested itself in Ivy's graceful dancing movements.

CRASH! Ivy threw up her arms as if conducting the maelstrom outside. The storm was overhead now in a tumultuous discord of thunder strikes and howling wind. Colin's jaw dropped as he struggled to remain standing.

Ivy held out her hand for him to join her on the blanket. He removed his jacket and approached her hesitantly. He began to speak.

"Shhh...", she put her finger to his lips. "Just listen," she whispered. Ivy started to unbutton his shirt, but finally ripped it open sending buttons everywhere. She smiled as she brought her face close to his naked chest. She inhaled his scent, then opened her mouth.

Colin felt Ivy's teeth bury themselves in a fiendish bite. His eyes flew open and his hands grabbed her head to remove those wicked teeth. But Ivy bit down hard again in another spot, then another. Each bite brought moaning rapture from her throat.

He gave up trying to stop her and gave in to the sweet pain. He moaned loudly as he gathered her hair in the back and brought her head closer to his stinging chest.

Ivy's voracious nibbles worked their way up his neck and jaw line to his ear lobe. Colin sighed in pleasure as she suckled gently. His strong hands found her cold cheeks and warmed them up with a passionate squeeze and firm slap.

A soft frenzied grunt escaped Ivy's parted lips into his ear. "More," she whimpered. Colin's hand pulled back and attacked in a harsh spank down.

"Oh god yes," Ivy bit his neck without mercy.

"Ouch," Colin grabbed a handful of hair and removed her teeth with a strong tug. He saw fangs protruding from Ivy's mouth and brought his fingers to his neck to check for blood.

"I didn't bite you that hard," Ivy laughed.

He could swear she had fangs a moment ago... Oh well, if she wants to play rough, I can play rough too. Colin threw Ivy down onto the blanket and grabbed her wrists firmly.

Ivy's smile brightened, "Do you think I'm going to let you take me this easily?" She struggled, but Colin was much stronger.

"No, but I'm going to take you anyway." Colin let go of her wrists quickly then pulled his body back, grabbing her ankles before she could wiggle away. He pushed them back towards her and lowered his face to her exposed vagina.

"Oooh...", Ivy began as Colin's tongue licked lightly over her clit. Several stronger licks followed making Ivy's hands fly to the back of his head.

Colin continued to lick and probe her hot pussy while keeping her legs pinned back. Humming softly while his tongue played, Colin could taste Ivy's need rise. But he wasn't through yet. He pulled away.

Ivy's head cleared, "What...?" But before she could finish, she saw Colin standing above her head. "Good boy," she reached up to grab his throbbing hardness. He knelt down and continued his previous oral attentions while Ivy continued hers.

Colin's hips thrust down towards Ivy's sucking mouth. She clutched his flexing buns and pulled him in deeper still. Her clit was frantic with waves of tingles as his tongue continued to dance.

He felt a finger brush against his anus, then a gentle push. Ivy's finger entered hesitantly but was soon knuckle deep. Colin's licking became passionate moaning as her digit found new depths. His skin started to tingle as he felt his climax crest, then pulled out of Ivy's mouth quickly.

"Damn, that was close," Colin rolled over to face her.

"Mmm, yeah it will be best if you hold it for as long as you can," she said with a gleam in her eye. She kissed him and gently licked his chin and mouth clean of her juice.

He asked softly, "So, what do you want to do now?"

"I want to give you something very special." She stood and walked to her bag. After a quick rummage she found what she was looking for. She lay back down and opened the white tube, squirting a large dollop of clear gel onto her palm.

Colin jumped as the cool gel was applied to his throbbing cock. Their eyes met as she stroked it and coated it completely with K-Y.

When she was satisfied with his lubrication, she slid a greasy finger into her own puckered orifice. She gave him a wicked sly look and turned away from him. Grabbing his greasy shaft, she aimed it at her tiny backdoor and pushed back against it.

"Mmm, nice and slow. Yeah..." Ivy relaxed and let the tingles take over her body.

Colin pushed in slowly and worked his cock in deeper. He slid his hand from her hips to her tiny breast and massaged. Taking her nipple between his fingers, he pinched and twisted playfully.

Ivy screamed, "Yes, fuck my ass!" She started rolling her hips backward vigorously as she played with her pussy.

Colin started kissing her neck then bit down slightly. He was rewarded with a very deep stroke supplied by the shrieking demon impaled on his shaft. He bit harder then put his hand back on her hips to help the thrusting.

Ivy's screams distorted and echoed back, amplified by the power of the storm outside. She rolled forward and lay on her stomach as Colin moved with her, never missing a stroke. She met each thrust enthusiastically, begging for more between gritted teeth.

The bunker started taking on a more menacing atmosphere. The corners leapt with shadows while the walls blazed with ethereal flame.

"Deeper, yeah. Get me. Fucking get me!" Her finger found her throbbing clit and started to pull the trigger. "OH FUCK!"

Colin pumped harder trying to please his demon. He tried to remember this was Ivy, but it was difficult when her screams were so hellish. Their silhouettes cavorted against the wall, playing out a dreadful fantasy of demon and demon lover.

Ivy suddenly went very quiet. Her mouth opened wide as she shook from head to toe. Colin continued to drive his monster over the brink, but his orgasm was still far off. When he finally slowed, she fell forward gasping.

"Ohhh, my..." Ivy was speechless, but Colin wanted more.

Colin turned her over and slid between her opened thighs to do some missionary work. Her pussy was drenched with hot juice and still pulsing as he plunged on. Ivy soon saw the light when she realized her previous orgasm was only the tip of the iceberg.

They moved in perfect harmony rising to the ultimate plateau. Colin planted his feet against the wall to get better leverage then stepped up the power.

"Oh fuck. OH FUCK. OH FUCK!!" Ivy screamed. Her eyes rolled back as she spun away from this spiritual plane. She felt Colin tense for his release, then froze when she remembered the most important reason she was here.

She sounded frantic, "Oh my god Colin, please don't cum yet! Hold on for a moment longer." Ivy's voice was ragged from her passionate cries.

"What...what...why?" One stoke more and it would have been all over for Colin, but he did as she asked and willed his orgasm back. He removed his sensitive penis very, very slowly from her.

Ivy crawled to her bag and dug. She returned with a shallow ebony bowl and placed it in front of Colin.

"Colin, sugar. I need you to cum in this dish." She almost sounded frightened of this request.

"Can I ask why?" He got to his knees and started to stroke his straining cock to relieve the pressure.

"I can't really tell you, no. But it is very important. Please?" She sat and crossed her legs in front of him, holding the dish up.

"I guess I can't say no. It has to go somewhere, right?" He smirked as he brought himself closer to his final destination.

Ivy was starting to enjoy seeing his fist pumping his veiny member. She smiled happily when it became very evident that his orgasm was well on it's way. Colin's head flew back with a sharp intake of breath, then his pumping slowed to a more methodical stroke.

Suddenly great white jets of pearly liquid gushed out of his cock, splashing against the ebony dish. Ivy tilted it this way and that, being very careful to catch every blast. When Colin was finished, she put the bowl under his messy fingers and caught the last drops.

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