tagRomanceDark Pleasure Ch. 00

Dark Pleasure Ch. 00


This is the beginning of a potentially longer story. The characters do not yet have names or complete back-stories. This prelude does not have any explicit "fucking or sucking" in it.

You can imagine the setting as a time during the middle ages, when small duchy's and provinces would compete and fight against each other for wealth and land. Comments/suggestions are always welcome.


He watched her with barely restrained violence, a fact that she was well aware of.

In many ways, he reminded her of a tiger ready to leap. Muscles tensed, eyes fixed squarely upon the prey.

His voice was deep and resonant. "Leave us."

His men-at-arms and guards quickly dispersed from the expansive throneroom, leaving only the two of them.

She felt trapped and suffocated under his relentless gaze, despite the sheer size of the room.

"You know who I am?" His question emerged as a curt growl.

Her only answer was to nod her head slightly.

"Do you know why you are here?"

In defiance, she met his gaze, steeling herself against the molten core of anger that resided in those steel-grey depths. She nodded again. There was no use, she thought, in denying things with this man. They both knew what had transpired. What her family had done to this man.

Her assent seemed to only infuriate him further, as the grim set of his jaw seemed to harden, and the blaze in his eyes flamed higher.

He rose suddenly from his throne...once her fathers throne...and slowly strode towards her.

Ten years had changed the boy into a young man, as she noted the well built arms and torso. His face was ruggedly handsome, but bore evidence of his struggles with a single crimson red scar goin down his left cheek. His chest bore the banner of his royal house, a green kite with wings spread wide. As he approached, his sword gleamed in the morning light, and her eyes lingered upon it. For a moment, she felt that he would kill her, right then and there.

But his hand never went to the sword. His eyes followed hers, and he could feel the train of her thoughts.

"No, little one. It will not end so easily for you. You will live for a long time yet. But Know this; I am going to punish you the way you and yours punished me. You will live, wishing for death every day at every moment." His voice was soft, but the words were like the blow of a sledgehammer.

She could not meet his gaze, for she felt that he could bore holes thru her with only a glance of his eyes.

For the first time in months, she knew an emotion other than despair and apathy; she knew fear.

Her voice emerged in a strangled croak. "What do you want of me?" Her eyes still did not meet his.

"I want everything." He stepped closer to her, and she could feel her knees begin to tremble. His voice was a husky whisper, tinged with a note of tenderness that completely contradicted the current situation.

"I want your body." With that, he took hold of her shoulders and brought her into his arms into the semblance of an intimate embrace. She could feel the heat emanated by his body, and felt that she would be consumed by it.

"I want your mind." He said that as he caressed a bang of her soft chocolate brown hair and pushed it behind her ear.

"I want your soul." He took her jaw and forced her to look up at him. "You will not resist me."

His words were softly spoken into her ear, making her shake further in his grasp. She hated herself for not having the strength to fight him or even control the fear that had suddenly coursed thru her, but all of her energy and will had been sapped.

He could feel her trembling in his grasp, and it gave him mixed feelings.

An animal inside of him took pleasure in her fear and submission. That particular side of him was tempted to throw her down upon the floor and ravish her young, sweet body there. He could feel her breasts, pert and round, pressed against his chest. Her mouth was slightly open, as she breathed deeply. He looked at her full red lips, and suppressed a groan as he imagined how they would feel under his.

It would be sweet revenge; having his way with her upon the very floor where her family had once ruthlessly determined and planned the murder of his loved ones.

But, even as these thoughts threatened to override his control, another side of him felt disgusted with his actions. He should just kill her, and be done with the mess. There was no merit in torturing this poor spirit. He could see the defeat and despair in her eyes; they were both feelings that he had experienced once in his own life. For a moment, he felt himself pitying

Neither side of him won over, as he suddenly released her and stepped back. He was glad that she did not see the ambivalence in his eyes.

She nearly fell over, not realizing that she allowed him to hold up so much of her weight.

"You will stay confined in my quarters to serve me when I require it. You will refuse me nothing." His tone was brisk and forceful, brooking no room for argument. She knew her fate, and was saddened. The tears came readily to her eyes, but with a reserve of will she had not known was in her, she suppressed them. She resolved to never show this man the way he could affect her. She would do what was necessary. But, when opportunity presented itself, she would make her escape from this hateful man.

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