tagErotic CouplingsDark Side of Hema Ch. 04

Dark Side of Hema Ch. 04


Part 4 ….. THE NEXT MORNING ………………….

Hema was sounding asleep when Venkaji came in at around 7 am.

Hema was sleeping in the nightie and the saree was well folded and kept inside the almirah. Hema had not forgotten the handycam, in fact after leaving Meekri at the door she quickly went back to retrieve the same from Ananth’s room. There were 3 tapes of 90 minutes each.

Ananth was absolutely gone into bliss of his own and did not have a clue when she came and how she went. To make sure there were no traces left of their fuck and orgy, Hema quickly cleaned up the place and made up the room to look as normal as possible. Before leaving the room she bent upon Ananth and kissed him on his lips and pressing her fingers into her pussy, applied the pungent smell on his nose before finally departing.

Venkaji left for his office at 8 am of course taking care of dropping Danny at the school. He had no idea of what really happened the previous night and on his way down was accosted by Radha who needs no introduction to the readers. She bumped in to him and profusely excused herself before getting into the house. Venkaji told her that Hema was asleep, Radha smiled at him and told him that she had come to pick up a book and spend time with his mother.

Radha came on to the servant floor and could see Selvam stretching his arms early morning, and understood he had got up a little while ago, must be getting ready to do the morning regulars. Radha had a fetish for raw sex and ‘raw’ meant unclean. She knew men were untidy early morning, she just loved that feeling. She had fucked with her brother in law couple of times early morning and what made the intercourse real interesting was the mingling of saliva which was raw and coarse that early in the day.

As she was still staring at him, Selvam got into the house again and fortunately did not see Radha, who walked up rapidly to reach Hema’s room. She found Hema sleeping and coyly curled up next to her in the bed. Within a few minutes Hema woke up startled, only to realize the arrival of the ‘neighborhood fuck queen’.

It was too early for Hema to get up, she had barely slept for 2 hours. Shrugging away the incessant pull of Radha’s hand to get up, Hema dozed back and was fast asleep in no time. Radha got bored with this reaction and started wondering what could be the reason for this damsel’s (Hema) yearning sleep. Her eyes fell on the handycam through the slightly ajar door of the almirah, Radha got naughty and pouting her sexy lips, she moved towards the object. She was not surprised to see a tape inside but was with the state of the camcorder. Though off, it still showed itself in ‘camera’ position, Radha switched on the camcorder and programmed it to ‘play’ and rewound the tape.

And what she saw was real interesting.

She quickly took the tape out and went to her friend Bashir in the next lane, ‘ Bashir, make a copy of this tape immediately, VHS will do’, and saying so let the chuni of her salwar fall on the floor, giving Bashir a glimpse of her crevice between the tits.

Bashir was one of her ex-lovers and it was quite a while since she had given up on him. This was her second visit to his house in 6 months. From the time they met Rajam, Bashir was nearly sidelined and was just left with his hands around his own dick savoring the oldie moments, Radha lying on his body as naked as the new born but also as luscious as a green apple on the US west coast.

He quickly went in side the house and after an hour returned with both the tapes. Unknown to Radha, Bashir had made a copy of the same for himself too, he was desperate for her pussy and knew why she had ditched him. She wanted to go up the corporate ladder at ‘The Hindu’ a newspaper company in Chennai, if anybody could help her to achieve it, nobody less than Rajam could do it. Rajam was close to the influential in the newspaper office.

Besides this, Radha had no reason to give up on him.

In fact in the innumerous fucks these two enjoyed, Radha never tired herself of sucking on or getting sucked by Bashir. She personally confessed to their mutual friend Saira, that if any cock could satisfy her pussy it was the circumcised tip of Bashir’s dick.

Radha quickly returned to Hema’s place and though the time was well past noon, Hema was still sleeping. Radha slipped the cassette into the camcorder and returned to the bed. Hema turned around and started breathing through her mouth, which came ajar. Radha kept watching the same and also could see the remnants of the vermilion marks on the forehead and the callous hanging of the mangalsutra. Radha got excited and though she rarely took on a woman, this was too much. Before she could do anything, ‘When did you come Radha, how is Jayanti (Radha’s sister’s ma in law)?’ inquired Hema’s ma in law who was standing at the doorway with a small casket of flowers, cinnamon and other religious articles. ‘ I am going to the West Mambalam temple and will come back in 1 hour, please wake her up and have a nice coffee before you go’ saying, she departed.

Radha needed no further courage. This was godsend and she quickly closed the door from inside and returned to the bed and slowly started running her fingers on Hema’s lips. Hema closed her mouth and started breathing normally but Radha continued, she wet the fingers with her saliva and again started running them on Hema’s lips, and slowly traced them up to her nose and nose ring. She too found the nose ring really erotic. Seeing no retaliation from Hema, Radha became bolder. She quietly undressed to her panties and bra and started rubbing her bra-clad boobs on Hema’s face. Hema woke up but maintained the stupefied pose only to gain some more pleasure. She knew her body’s ache for a soft and silky feminine body and after the gains she had made with Meekri, Radha was going to be some thing special.

A full blew 5'7” of sexual odyssey, Radha was a slut par excellence. At home she would wear all traditional clothes and once at work or in the college earlier, change into the skimpiest of briefs and tops. Of course never wear bra or panty. She believed in women w/o underwear were the purest of all for sex.

Radha made her name in the sexual world with one of the wildest orgies – 12 male gang banging her 3 holes. She participated in a competition where all the sluts were filmed separately and the best film got the award, guess what, a weekend with Kamal Haasan and Simran.

Radha went on to get the prize and she got the prized prick of Kamal and hot pussy to suck that of Simran.

(We will have the escapades of Radha in a separate series and this current series is dedicated to Hema and let us not divert attention. I promise all my readers- a 20 episode series on Radha, with a promise that they will masturbate on every page. ).

Hema kept her lips tight and did not allow any scent of her enjoyment reach Radha. Radha started getting frustrated, she started rubbing the black bra more vigorously but in vain. Then she did the inevitable, released the straps and out fell the globes –36” tits on to Hema’s face. Hema knew the smell, it was an overnight left over from a tit fucking by Radha’s brother in law. Hema had used Geetha’s handkerchief a couple of months ago and was told the smell was a leak from Suresh’s pounding in the early hours of that day.

Both the sisters savored their fucks and did not clean for days. They would bathe just before an orgy or on incessant request from partners who wanted them clean. That was the other side of erotica, dirty but very inviting. Hema let the secret out and ‘ So had a tit fucking bout from Suresh a couple of hours back?’ Radha was not all surprised, ‘ Well he was bored watching one of the old Geetha-Ash bouts and wanted some change, I let him come on my tits’.

And saying that, Radha slowly raised her body to a neat high and slowly flexed her thighs to let the pussy land a few mms of Hema’s nose and mouth. Just above her head Radha discovered a metal rod, and really did not know what it meant to be doing but at this point of time helped to clutch on that while Hema would suck on her pussy. Hema surprisingly found Radha pretty clean between the legs and through the panty did not smell any pungent. Radha was wearing a panty since she was at home, this was news to Hema. She started licking the pussy on the panty and in no time drenched the pussy with her saliva and Radha’s incessant leak. Radha was in the seventh heaven and after a while nearly fainted when she saw in front of her the panty neatly cut in two, dangling from one of Hema’s hands. This was a neat job done, Hema who was ready for all occasions had used the scissors meant for Venkaji’s mouche to cut the panty. Radha could not control herself and flexing her legs adroitly bent inside onto her thighs and balancing on them removed the two hands from the rod.

The twin fingers of 1 and 2 on both hands dexterously separated the outer lips of her own pussy and while the wide eyed Hema was left to watch the acrobatic calisthenics, Radha slowly planted the new finding on the round but pointed nose of Hema, drowning the object completely. Hema was nearly dead and felt a discharge of a liter of Radha’s cum. She desperately removed the same from her nose and thrust her thirsty tongue into the gash. Radha went back to holding on to the rod and was tired in the legs. She was getting bewildered. All her earlier escapades were coming to a naught and she convinced her self that the best sex partners are the demure innocent housewives hiding behind the Kanjeevaram pallus all over Chennai.

She just fainted and slowly but surely fell on Hema. Hema was nearly crushed but had no option to enjoy the sweat laden body of Radha. She licked Radha all over and in no time the whole king size bed of the Venkaji couple bore all signs of a bed in a whorehouse. Hema’s own resolve of not using her own bedroom came under attack.

She consoled herself, ‘that is true if I fuck men not women. So many times Meekri has stripped in this very room’.

Radha removed the hair strands from Hema’s pouting lips and stood up by the side of the bed and started dressing, Hema looked at her seductively and said ‘ What about this’, pointing to her own pussy, ‘This also needs a quick eat’. “Excuse me Hema, I am very exhausted, 5 am was the time when Suresh downed his dong on my tits and I just came to see you and get the Kush book back, anyway will take it later. Need to get to work. I have to work for a living yaar’.

Hema laughed’ You can make a million a night by just flashing your tit’. Radha was not amused. She glared at her and retorted ‘ Yes and you can too, Ananth can find you all the clients’.

Radha stormed out of the house leaving Hema gaping at the ass and the vacuum behind - trouble, trouble trouble…Hema’s day started with trouble. She opened the Almirah to get something decent to wear and saw the positioning of the Handycam had changed. She understood that something was fishy. The tape was rewound.

Hema smiled at her self. This tape did contain some scenes but none of the juicy ones, this was in the handycam during the final stages. The actual stuff was all in the other tapes.

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