DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


"This was your fantasy, to see your boyfriend suck cock, wasn't it?" Rhianna continued.

"Yes," Ashley admitted.

"Is it all you imagined?"

"God, yes," Ashley said, clearly turned on by watching me suck cock.

"Tell him?" Rhianna ordered.

"Shit baby, you look so hot with a big black cock in your mouth?" Ashley complimented, as I was face-fucked by Troy's stiff iron black rod.

"Don't call him baby, call him what he is," Rhianna ordered.

There was a slight delay before Ashley, who obviously wasn't sure how this fit in to our fantasy situation, said, "That's it, Cocksucker, take all that big black cock in your mouth."

"That's better," Rhianna purred. "Now go sit beside your cocksucker boyfriend to get a closer look."

Troy ordered, as he stopped face fucking me, as he pulled his cock out of my mouth, "Let's show your girlfriend how much you love sucking big black cock."

I looked into Ashley's eyes, as she knelt beside me, and saw her eagerness and support. I reached for Troy's cock and asked Ashley, "Do you want to see me deep throat this big juicy black cock?"

Ashley knelt beside me, clearly horny as hell watching me submit to two younger black men. "Suck him, baby, take it all in your mouth, Cocksucker." Clearly she was over her discomfort at verbally abusing me.

I leaned forward and took Troy's cock back in my mouth while also returning to stroking Jamal's stiff member with my free hand.

"That's it, Cocksucker, teach your girlfriend how to worship a black cock," Troy groaned, as I began bobbing back and forth hungrily, wanting to impress Troy, Ashley, Jamal and Rhianna.

After a couple of minutes of cocksucking, I could sense Troy was close as I deep-throated his marvellous member.

"Holy shit," Ashley gasped, "You did it."

A sense of pride washed over me at knowing I had wowed my very sexually aggressive and experienced girlfriend.

"Ready for my cum, slut?" Troy asked.

I moaned on his cock, craving his delicious seed.

"Here it comes," he grunted, pulling out and surprising us both as he turned and covered her face with his cum.

Ashley's eyes went wide and my first feeling was strangely jealousy as I wanted his cum.

"Go ahead, Cocksucker, retrieve my cum from your girlfriend's face," Troy smirked, clearly revelling in his power over me.

I didn't hesitate, as I moved to Ashley and began kissing and licking her face, retrieving Troy's sweet seed. I took my time, the act so nasty and so hot; Ashley's eyes sparkled and her shocked look shifted to her often seen sexy and playful.

She said coyly, "Don't miss any, Cocksucker."

"I won't cunt-licker?" I countered, each of us trying to turn on our audience and each other.

Once I had retrieved and savoured all of Troy's cum, Ashley kissed me her tongue swirling in my mouth.

Suddenly, I felt my hair pulled as Jamal ordered, "Get back to your job, Cocksucker," as he shoved his cock into my mouth.

"Cunt-licker, get your ass over here," Rhianna demanded, as Jamal began fucking my face, a lot rougher than Troy ever had, his hands firmly holding onto my head as his balls bounced off my chin with each deep thrust.

"Yes, Mistress," I heard Ashley reply, wanting to watch her crawl to Rhianna, to submit sexually to another black like I just had.

I was unable to move, however, as Jamal pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. I gagged a couple of times and was scolded. "Good cocksuckers don't gag on cock, you fucking white faggot."

I winced at the 'faggot' shot, but focused on not gagging anymore, which was incredibly difficult as he fucked my face so roughly.

Jamal pulled his cock out and asked, "facial or swallow, Cocksucker?"

"Swallow," I answered, hungry for another load of cum; plus I was curious what his cum tasted like.

"Come and get it," Jamal ordered.

I took his cock back in my mouth and bobbed back and forth like a faggot craving cum. Less than a minute later, I felt his cock pulse and his cum bullets shot into my mouth. I swallowed the first couple shots and then caught the rest allowing its heavy texture, like sweet pudding, to linger in my mouth.

Jamal pulled out and Troy said, "Want to see your dyke girlfriend eat cunt?"

"Yes, Master," I said, dying to see Ashley between Rhianna's dark legs.

"Turn around and crawl over," Troy ordered, "Jamal and I need a bit of time to recover before we take your ass."

I crawled over beside Ashley, who was already between Rhianna's lean, ebony legs, licking away. I pondered the impending ass-fucking Troy had just promised as I enjoyed the show.

Reaching the lesbian action, I watched, in I assume the same voyeuristic awe Ashley displayed earlier, my stiff cock still begging for attention. Watching porn on television was hot, but seeing it live, especially when your girlfriend was one of the participants involved, was a whole new level of eroticism.

"Slut, your cocksucking boyfriend is watching," Rhianna said, her hands in Ashley's hair pulling her up.

Ashley looked at me, her face with just a slight glean, an undeniable hunger and determination in her eyes. "You like watching me eat cunt, baby?"

Encouraging her, I replied, "I fucking love it."

Rhianna pulled Ashley back between her legs as she said, "Aren't you two adorable? Now get back to licking me pet."

"Yes, Mistress." Ashley replied obediently.

"You love serving me don't you, my pet," Rhianna asked, gently moving her hands through Ashley's hair.

"Yes, Mistress, I love serving you," Ashley replied between licks.

"And you will be a good white slut to all black pussy?" Rhianna continued, the whole time her eyes were on me.

"Whatever you wish, Mistress, I am your white slave to use as you wish," Ashley replied, as I got turned on by her submissive declarations.

"Will you seduce my mom?" Rhianna asked, a devious smile on her face, her mischievous eyes burrowing into me.

This surprised Ashley as she stammered, "Y-y-you want me to seduce your mom?"

"That would be the most amazing coup ever my slut, do you think you are up to the challenge?" Rhianna asked, pulling Ashley's head away from her wet cunt, now perfectly framed for me to see her wet glistening cunt.

Ashley looked at me, unsure how to answer, so I spoke for her. "Ashley will do whatever you want, Mistress Rhianna. She will turn your mom into a cunt-hungry lesbian and bring her to you if you wish."

"Oh my," Rhianna smiled, "your boyfriend has set the bar up pretty high my little cunt-pleaser."

"And I will make it happen," Ashley smiled, winking at me.

"Delicious," Rhianna smiled.

"As are you Mistress," Ashley smiled back, returning between her Mistress's dark legs.

Troy said, "So does that mean you want to be on your knees for my father, Cocksucker?"

I turned to Troy almost forgetting they were here and stammered, "P-p-pardon?"

"Do you want to be a cocksucker for my father?" He repeated.

"If you want me to," I answered, knowing those were the right words to say, but paralyzed by fear of being made to commit such an act and brief bathroom encounter with Mr. Brown popping into my head.

"Good to know," Troy said ominously, leaving the door open to such an extreme, humiliating possibility.

"That's it slut, suck my clit, nigger lover...slave...slut...whore...cunt-licker...white submissive," Rhianna near an orgasm, suddenly shot a litany of derogatory names at my beautiful girlfriend, each one making my cock twitch.

"Fuck that's hot," Jamal said.

"Ready for round two big brother?" Troy asked.

"Indeed I am," Jamal agreed, stroking his semi-erect cock.

"Get over here, Cocksucker," Troy ordered, "Let's get my cock nice and hard for that man-pussy of yours."

"Yes, Master," I obeyed, crawling to him just as Rhianna reached orgasm.

"Mother fuuuuucking, yeeeeeees, keeeep licking, cuuuuuunt," Rhianna bellowed.

I reached Troy's juicy semi-erect cock and took it in my mouth, preparing it for my own sodomy.

"You ready for your first ass-fucking, Coach?" Troy asked a couple of minutes later.

Taking his cock out of my mouth, my ass twitching with anticipation, both excited and scared, "Yes, Master, Ashley has been preparing me for you."

"Has she?" Troy smirked. "Did you fuck him, cunt-licker?"

"I pounded his ass nice and hard for you Master?" Ashley bragged, which somehow turned me on remembering the night she took my anal virginity.

"Did he whimper like a little girl?" Troy asked, as I made his cock nice and stiff for my ass.

"At first," Ashley admitted, then added, "but then he begged for more. He took it like a man."

Again the words should have been humiliating, but instead just made me want Troy's cock in me more. A couple of minutes later, Troy's cock was iron hard and ready for action.

"Are you ready, Coach?" Troy asked.

"Yes, Master," I answered.

"Get undressed," Troy demanded.

I quickly got out of my clothes and returned to my knees. "Such an eager little nigger loving slave," Jamal chuckled.

"Lets see how well your ass was prepared," Troy said, moving behind me. "Toss me the lube, sis."

Rhianna reached over, grabbed a bottle from the table and tossed it to her brother.

I felt the liquid on my ass cheeks and my stiff cock flinched at the thought of what was about to transpire.

"Ashley, come here," Troy ordered.

Ashley, her face covered with pussy juice, immediately crawled over to Troy. "Yes, Master."

I was instantly worried that Troy would make her submit to him and I wasn't sure if Ashley could refuse such an offer...I know I couldn't. We had agreed we would allow each other our bi-sexual needs but wouldn't cross the line otherwise. I was petrified if she felt his cock in her mouth or in her cunt, she would be addicted and I would never be enough for her. Thankfully, Troy didn't force her into that decision.

"I want you to spread your boyfriend's ass cheeks open for me, Ashley," Troy suggested.

"Ok," Ashley agreed, crawled up beside me, and pulled my ass cheeks apart offering my ass to him.

"Do you want me to fuck your boyfriend's ass, Ashley?" Troy asked, his lubricated cock rubbing around my rosebud.

"God, yes," she admitted, assumedly watching his cock teasing my back door.

"Tell me what to do, baby," Troy said.

"Slowly, slide that big black cock of yours in my boyfriend's ass," Ashley instructed, adding, "I want to see him take all your cock in his sexy tight ass."

"As you wish, sexy," Troy agreed, clearly flirting with her.

"Aaaah," I whimpered, as his thick cock began its inward journey, spreading my ass apart more than any of the butt plugs or Ashley's cock had. The burn was intense, but the feeling of submission was equally intense.

I tried to focus on the cock in my mouth, but the distraction of Troy's cock slowly slithering inside me from behind was impossible to ignore.

"Fuck, your ass is tight," Troy groaned, He grabbed my wrists and brought my hands behind my back, immobilizing me. My chest rested on the floor, thrusting my ass high in the air. I felt helpless, completely under his control; my helplessness turned me on even more.

"He has the sexiest ass in the world," Ashley complimented, her warm hands still holding my ass cheeks apart for easier entry for Troy.

"Well I'm not sure about that, your ass is pretty fucking fine," Troy countered, clearly already considering his next conquest. I prayed Ashley could resist the temptation of such a physical specimen, but wasn't convinced she could.

"Mine is pretty darn tight too," Ashley purred back, being drawn into Troy's sexual web.

"It won't be once I'm done with you, my pet," Rhianna added, the thought of her fucking Ashley's ass making my cock involuntarily flinch.

Ashley, not missing a beat, asked, "Will you fuck my ass now Mistress?"

"You really are a nasty slut, aren't you?" Rhianna asked, standing up.

"For you I am whatever you want me to be," Ashley answered back.

"I'll be right back, I hadn't planned to fuck your ass today," Rhianna said.

Meanwhile, my ass was burning, Troy's wide cock making my ass feel like a virgin again. Each slow inch created new sensations of burning pain and fiery lust, my body eager to feel myself getting fucked, yet my body also knowing I wasn't yet accustomed to his mammoth dick.

I continued to make strange whimpers as the pain didn't simmer as quickly as I had hoped.

"Let's shut that mouth of yours, faggot," Jamal said, as he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up, so that he could shove his cock in my mouth.

"I don't think you will be able to take all my cock, Coach," Troy said.

Ashley spoke for me, "He wants it all, Master, he wants to give himself to you completely."

"Is that true, Coach?" Troy asked.

Jamal pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could speak. I didn't hesitate, Ashley's answer was definitely the truth, "Yes, Master, I want all your cock in my ass."

"You mean your man-pussy, your cunt," Troy corrected.

"Sorry, Master, yes I want your big black cock in my virgin cunt, I want you to fuck me like you would any of your other sluts," I said, my lust taking over any last remnants of a moral code.

"You got it Coach," Troy said, as in one hard forward thrust, he reached unimaginable depths inside me.

"Oh aaaaaah, Godddddddd," I screamed, as my ass felt like it was being torn in two.

"Still want me to fuck you like my other sluts?" Troy asked amused.

"Yeeees, Master," I whimpered, the burning sensation in my ass almost unbearable and yet I wanted to feel him begin to pump my ass. "Fuck my cunt, but please go slowly at first."

Rhianna arrived back and ordered, "Slut, get on all fours beside your boyfriend."

Ashley let go of my ass cheeks and moved beside me, her hands now on my back, "Yes, Mistress."

Troy started slowly moving his cock in and out of my ass, the burn continuing, but simmering with each slow stroke, as a new pleasure began to build inside me, the sensation of being used as a fuck-toy thrilling in ways I can't explain. Getting fucked was a completely different feeling and brought with it an entirely different euphoria than being the one doing the fucking.

"Oh yes," Ashley moaned, her fingernails going into my back as she assumedly was joining me in having her ass filled.

Meanwhile, the cock in my mouth which had just been sitting inside me as I got used to Troy's cock, began slowly moving between my lips. "I hope you can multi-task, faggot," Jamal said.

I tried to concentrate on the cock in my mouth, but the slowly growing pleasure in my ass was distracting me, as were the moans from Ashley as Rhianna began fucking her ass.

"You like getting ass-fucked like your boyfriend, my pet?" Rhianna asked.

"God yes," Ashley moaned, "My mouth, cunt and ass are yours to use as you wish Mistress."

"What if I want to share you with my cheerleading friends?" Rhianna asked.

Ashley, her moans letting me know she was in lust mode, replied, "Share away, Mistress."

Troy's cock in my ass was still going slow and I suddenly wanted more. I needed to be fucked...hard and deep. Yet, I couldn't get the words out of my mouth with Jamal's stiff cock slowly fucking my face.

Rhianna continued testing Ashley. "So you will seduce my mom, take me to Boston, to the lesbian club as my pet slut and please all my cheerleader teammates, how about getting dp'd by my two brothers?"

My eyes again went wide as again the possibility of crossing the line we had both agreed we wouldn't cross was questioned.

Ashley squeezed my body, a hint of her concern over what to say. Trying to help Ashley out by distracting Rhianna, I moved my head to free my mouth of Jamal's black meat and begged, "Harder, Master, please fuck my ass harder."

"You mean your cunt," Troy corrected.

"Yes, Master," I whimpered, showing him my eager submission I continued, my hunger undeniable, "Please Master, fuck my pussy, my man-cunt, my faggot ass, I am yours to use as you pleeeeeease."

Troy's cock slammed into me hard and he began fucking me fast and deep, my moans and whimpers sounding so feminine and yet I loved every second of it. The pain ignored because of the intense pleasure and the thrill of being fucked. I loved fucking Ashley, but the thrill of being fucked was the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced, just giving in without reservation to the pure submission of black dominant cock.

"You like that, Coach?" Troy grunted, as his body crashed into mine.

"Yeeees, I love your black cock in my white ass," I moaned like a cheap slut.

"Harder, Mistress," Ashley begged too, both of us hungry to be fucked as deep and hard as humanly possible in our forbidden back door.

"My body shook both side to side from Ashley's body movements and front to back from Troy's deep hard thrusts, my body a literal rag doll of pleasure.

The next few minutes the sounds of Ashley and myself echoed through the room as we were fucked by our dominant black Master and Mistress.

Troy breaking the few minutes of silence said, "Time for you to fuck yourself, Coach."

"Actually time for the little fairy to get split roasted," Jamal added.

I began bouncing back onto Troy's cock, the thrill of suddenly being in control exciting, my ass crashing into his body. Meanwhile, Jamal placed his stiff cock in front of my face and I took it in my mouth as I began going back and forth taking all Troy's cock in my ass and then taking all of Jamal's cock in my mouth. I soon got into a perfect rhythm as I bounced back and forth in perfect unison.

"Can I come, Mistress?" Ashley begged, her voice trembling as she asked.

"Are you getting turned on watching your boyfriend getting it from both ends, my pet?" Rhianna asked.

"It's soooooo fucking hot," Ashley admitted, her hands firmly on my body.

"Come, slut, come as you fall deeper into your complete submission to me," Rhianna demanded.

"Yeeeeesssss," Ashley screamed, seconds later as her orgasm quaked through her body, and conversely through mine as well.

I too wanted to come, my cock stiff and hard as it had been for the entire time I was being used by Troy and Jamal.

A couple more minutes of me fucking myself on Troy's cock had me wanting to feel Troy come in my ass, to take another of Jamal's loads down my throat and to hopefully shoot a load myself.

"Keep milking my cock, Coach," Troy groaned, and a few seconds later I felt the indescribable feeling of him coming in my ass, a feeling that sent trembles of intense pleasure to my cock that was beginning to hurt from lack of sexual release.

Jamal, close himself, grabbed my head and began fucking my face as Troy pulled out and I felt a gush of cum slip out of my ass and began sliding down my leg. The feeling was so submissively wrong and yet felt so right.

Suddenly, I felt Ashley move off me and seconds later I felt someone crawling underneath me, as I felt a mouth, assumedly hers, wrap around my cock. Desperation taking over, I began awkwardly fucking her mouth, making her gag while my mouth was simultaneously being fucked as well.

"Come Coach," Troy ordered.

With the permission I had been waiting for, I shot my load into Ashley's eager mouth just as Jamal pulled out and shot his sticky white goo all over my grimacing face, my orgasm so intense I could barely keep myself up from collapsing onto Ashley.

As soon as my orgasm was done, I rolled to my left and fell onto my back, my body exhausted from being used as a fucktoy by my two black masters...being split-roasted.

Ashley moved to me and kissed me passionately, Jamal's cum accidentally being shared between us. The kiss was passionate and urgent a wordless message that we were both thanking each other for allowing one another the liberty to fulfill our dark secret bi-sexual desires.

"Ah isn't that sweet," Jamal chuckled.

Rhianna defended us. "It's actually pretty fucking cool. A couple who have allowed each other such sexual freedom without the jealousy and petty bullshit that usually stunts relationships."

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