DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


The leader of the group grunted, "I'm going to come in your ass Mr. Hamilton."

"Yeeees, full my ass with your cum," the teacher begged eagerly, as he gripped the desk.

The All-American without a word crawled to the cock in front of the teacher and took it in his mouth.

"Why aren't you an eager little so called straight boy," the surprised black stud smirked at how quickly the white boys had been converted.

The All-American moaned on the big juicy cock as he bobbed back and forth, his hair and face coated with cum was somehow one of the sexiest, dirtiest things I had ever seen.

"Here it comes, Faggot," the leader grunted as he filled the teacher's ass with his cum.

"Fuuuuuck, yeeees," the teacher moaned, his own much smaller cock spewing cum as he came without even having his cock touched.

"Holy shit, Mr. Hamilton, I have fucked a lot of white faggots like you, but none have ever come just from being ass reamed," he laughed, as he pulled out.

The teacher remained slumped over the desk, drained and humiliated.

The leader snapped to the nerd sitting at the desk and ordered, his tone firm and implying this was not negotiable, "Come retrieve my cum, Faggot."

The nerd's eyes went big, but he got up and moved to the leader's massive gleaming rod.

The leader laughed, "I meant go clean teacher's ass."

The nerd's eyes went even bigger and he stammered, "Y-y-you are not serious?"

"Now," the leader demanded, staring down at the nerd.

The nerd reluctantly moved behind the desk and to the teacher's ass, cum already leaking out.

"Get it all, Faggot," the leader ordered, as he pulled up his pants.

Meanwhile, a third load coated the face of the All-American, his face now completely covered in cum.

The black teens all pulled up their pants as the nerd's face was buried in the teacher's ass.

The leader pulled out his phone and took a few pictures of his new white cocksuckers. As the dominant black students left, he smiled, "I'll be in touch."

I was pumping my cock furiously, the fleshlight now pleasuring me almost as good as a real pussy, I closed my eyes and images of big juicy black cocks being sucked filled my internal widescreen. I imagined it was me being forced into sexual submission to black cock, being forced to obey and suck cock after cock. The taboo images had my balls boiling and I camelike a racehorse filling the fleshlight with an excessive amount of cum.

After I was spent, the fleshlight still on my cock, I wondered what exactly it was in the movie that turned me on? Was it the submission? Was it the powerful domination of the leader? Was it their huge black cocks? Suddenly, the thought of making Ashley's fantasy come true wasn't as ridiculous as it first seemed. I wasn't gay and the idea of taking a cock in my ass was not even remotely open for discussion, yet the idea of sucking a cock, a big juicy black cock, suddenly had my cock aching.

Shutting the video off, I texted Ashley and asked if she would be at church tomorrow. She said she would and that she had the whole day off tomorrow and I was hers for the day.

As I cleaned up and prepared for bed, I wondered what church would be like with Eve in the choir and her oblivious father preaching about who knows what. The thought amused me as I hit the sheets crashing in mere seconds.

4. Yet Another BIG Surprise

I picked Ashley up at her apartment for church and told her the whole Troy and Eve story as I drove us to the church. Once I was done, she said, "You're bullshitting me."

"I'm one hundred percent telling you the truth," I countered, putting up my hand and adding, "scout's honor."

"I can't fucking believe it. She is such a prim and proper girl, although Troy doesn't surprise me," she said.

She knew Eve from church and Troy from watching many of the school's basketball games.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Well, Troy is commanding on the court and comes from an upper class family of entitlement, in many ways he is flipping traditional racism on its head," Ashley said, going all Freudian on me.

"How so?" I asked, curious as I continued driving.

"Racism has been around for centuries, white over black, now that equality is in vogue, the kids of entitled black families want to show their power, and dominating a white girl from another family of privilege would be a power trip, don't you think?"

"I suppose so, but nothing is that black and white," I retorted.

"Pun intended," she laughed, "but it is that simple. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

"Now you're quoting Shakespeare on me?" I teased.

"So now what?" She asked.

"I have no idea," I answered, realizing I really had no idea how I would face Eve or Troy when the time came.

"I can't deny it, the idea of them is kind if a turn on," Ashley said, as I pulled into the parking lot.

"I was too stunned to even begin to think of it that way," I lied.

"Sure, sure," she purred, giving my cock, semi-erect in my trousers, a squeeze.

After adjusting my cock, I got out of the car, took Ashley's hand in mine and headed into church.

As fate would have it, Eve was walking out from a side office directly towards us. Her face was ruby red and she was avoiding eye contact until Ashley, being Ashley, stopped her.

"Good morning, Eve," Ashley greeted, stepping in front of her.

Eve looked up, her face literally glistening, specs of white goo in her hair, perhaps another may have dismissed it as sweat, but I knew better. Eve stammered, "G-g-good morning, Ms. Grisham, Mr. Jarvis."

"You look rather flushed," Ashley said, noticing what I had noticed.

"I am not feeling well, I was just going to the washroom," Eve explained, her face so red with embarrassment I thought she might pass out.

"Well don't let us stop you," Ashley said, before adding, "By the way, Eve you have something on your blouse."

"Oh God," she gasped and hurried away from us and down the hallway.

"That was very mean, Ashley," I said with a smirk.

"And you loved it," she said, squeezing my hand.

I thought the most bizarre thing to ever happen to me was Ashley saying she wanted to see me sucking a cock, but that was topped when I accidentally caught Eve sucking off Troy in the boy's locker room. Yet that too was outdone when Rhianna, Troy's sister, walked out of the same room from which Eve had just scurried. The realization hit me that the glistening on Eve's face was Rhianna's pussy juice. Before I could say a word, my head spinning with another stunning development in the secret life of Eve Rose, Rhianna walked towards us.

"No way," Ashley said, as she came to the same realization as me, that the shine on Eve's face was Rhianna's pussy juice.

"I thought that was cum," I whispered, the sticky white goo in her hair was surely cum.

"Hi, Coach, Ma'am," Rhianna greeted, her usual well-mannered self. Like her brother, she is a vocal leader. A co-captain cheerleader she has large breasts and a J-Lo bubble butt, she is easily one of the most attractive students at our school.

"Hello, Rhianna," I greeted.

"Please, call me Ashley, my mother is Ma'am," Ashley said, hating any inferences that she is old...which at twenty-six she isn't.

"Of course," Rhianna smiled.

"Your look flushed," Ashley pointed out, stirring the pot, trying to confirm our hypothesis.

"I was just showing Eve a few things," she answered, not realizing that, knowing what we knew, we didn't miss her innuendo.

Ashley, sly as a fox, quipped back, "Yes, I'm sure she drained you."

I had to hold in a laugh at Ashley's rather blunt response.

Rhianna, still unaware we suspected Eve had just ate her out, replied, "It's very rewarding to show someone their place on a team."

I couldn't resist. "That's very generous of you, Rhianna."

Rhianna shrugged, looking directly at Ashley as she said it, "As head cheerleader, it's my privilege to instruct."

Ashley's face went red as Rhianna implied something that we were not supposed to catch, but clearly did. Ashley stammered just a bit, "I-um," before looking at me with her mischievous smile as she recovered relatively gracefully, "I-um-don't think I've seen you in action before. I'd love to correct that oversight."

Rhianna was taken aback at that, now unsure if we got her double entendres. She, too, recovered quickly, "I'm not sure you would approve of my methods they are a bit...unorthodox and I wouldn't want to offend your sensibilities."

Ashley, really into it now, answered, "Oh, you would be surprised; I am VERY open-minded and IMPOSSIBLE to offend."

My cock got hard as the eighteen year old black beauty in her tight fitting blue dress and beige pantyhose (thigh highs maybe if she was just serviced by Eve) was trading sexual innuendo barbs with my girlfriend, who had just recently implied that she has had at least one, assumedly more than one, lesbian encounters in the past.

"Well maybe we can chat more about this, another time Ashley?" Rhianna offered.

"I look forward to it," Ashley replied, not backing down.

"Until then," Rhianna smiled, turned to me her smile seemingly amused, "Enjoy the service, Coach."

"You too," I barely got out, my lower head doing all my thinking.

As soon as Rhianna walked away, another surprise hit us as Troy too sauntered out of the same office Eve had left earlier and he walked towards us.

"Well, that explains everything, doesn't it?" Ashley said, just before Troy reached us.

"Hi, Coach," he said, oblivious to our knowledge, of what had been going on in that office, even as the image of his cock in Eve's mouth popped into my head.

"Did you go out and celebrate Friday's victory," I asked.

"Not really," he shrugged, "we haven't really won anything yet."

"I like that attitude, Troy," I said, his winning focus similar to mine when I was a player.

"You didn't do anything to celebrate your victory," Ashley asked, digging for information.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," he shrugged.

Ashley glanced down subtly at the unmistakable bulge in Troy's pants before replying, "Well we expect big things from you, Troy, big, big things."

Troy, flirting back, quipped, "I never disappoint."

Breaking the growingly awkward conversation, Troy's big cock refusing to leave my head, I said, "See you at practice tomorrow."

"Of course," he nodded, before adding, "It's always a pleasure Ms. Grisham."

"I'm not an old woman, Troy, please call me Ashley," my girlfriend said.

"Sure thing, Ashley," he smiled, as he left.

As soon as he was out of ear shot I said, "He was flirting with you."

"He is quite the player," Ashley quipped back, implying the double meaning of the term player.

"That he is?" I replied as we walked into the house of worship.

I watched Eve in the choir, the image of her hungrily bobbing on Troy's big black cock refusing to leave my head, I listened to her father preach about resisting temptation, the irony obvious to him as his Eve had submitted to Troy's temptation unconditionally. I glimpsed across the church to Troy listening intently with his family, a slightly smug smile on his face throughout the sermon. Obviously not listening, sitting beside Troy was Rhianna who kept glancing over our way, as if sizing up her next prey...my girlfriend.

I began to wonder if Ashley was turned on by Rhianna's flirting or if she knew she was being checked out all service; I also wondered if she was right about her philosophy on Troy's dominant personality; his father is a big contributor to the church and a very prominent surgeon; his mother is also a doctor, albeit part time, a very influential person in the community, a member of our school's PTA and the leader of the basketball booster's club. The Brown's also have three more children: away at college out east was the eldest Latisha (whom I had only met once), at community college in town is the oldest brother Jamal (another great basketball player, playing and getting a degree in film) and DeDreana is the youngest in tenth grade (also a basketball player, playing on the girl's junior varsity team).

The more I thought about it, the stranger I found the whole Eve and Troy thing was; if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed it...but I had seen it and I couldn't get it out of my head.

After the service, Ashley and I were chatting with fellow parishioners, many giving congratulations for our big win on Friday and wishing me luck on our state finals tournament. When Mr. Brown walked over, his beautiful wife's arm wrapped around his, and said, "Well done, Coach, you really got the boys playing to a whole higher level of team work."

"Thanks," I shrugged, "they really have begun to gel as a team. Of course, your boy has been pretty instrumental in our journey to the state championship tournament."

"He works hard, but he has definitely needed a coach who could push him and not take any of his guff?" Mr. Brown remarked.

"He has been a complete team player," I responded, which was true. Troy was without a doubt the best player on our team, but he was also a natural leader, understanding how to best involve his teammates to maximize the team's chances to be successful. Not many players grasped it as well as he did, at any age.

"Well, keep it up, Coach," Mr. Brown said, patting my back, "Let's get that darn trophy here after all these years."

"That is the goal," I agreed.

Once gone, Ashley pulled me towards the exit, "Do you think Troy gets his dominance from Andre?"

"Like father, like son," I joked, seeing many similarities between father and son.

"I don't know, I can't fathom Vanessa being submissive like Eve," Ashley said, a naughty smile crossing her face.

"Is that Troy's mother's name? Yeah, she doesn't seem the docile type." I laughed as we reached the fresh air of a spring day. "But I also didn't think I would see Troy face fucking Eve either, or Eve with pussy juice on her face...in church" I added, intentionally being crude.

"Touché," Ashley laughed, before adding, "Which for the record had my cunt burning throughout the service. I wouldn't mind a good face-fucking myself."

"I think that could be arranged," I offered, as we reached the car.

Ashley stopped and looked around.

I asked, "What are you looking for?"

"I'm serious, seeing cunt juice on Eve's face, cum in her hair and hearing of her being dominated by Troy has had me unable to think straight. I almost burst out laughing when the minister talked about resisting the snake of temptation," Ashley answered, grabbed my hand and led me across the street to a Chinese restaurant.

Unable to resist, I quipped, "Yes, she devoured the tempting black snake whole."

"You never told me, how big is his tempting snake?" Ashley asked, as we reached the restaurant.

"Near ten inches I think, maybe longer," I answered.

"Fuck off," she said, stopping and looking at me, her expression one of disbelief.

"I was a ways away, but it looked like a tree stump," I joked, realizing I had seen him naked many times in the dressing room and shower, but never really paid any attention to his cock size.

"Fuck that makes it even hotter," Ashley said, a hunger in her eyes that she often got when she was super horny (which thankfully was often). "Let's go."

"What are you planning?" I asked.

"I'm taking you into the bathroom and let you fuck my face," she answered, casually as if the answer was obvious.

"Here?" I asked.

"Better than in the church parking lot," she quipped, tugging my arm and leading me into the restaurant.

Once inside, we were seated by a pretty Asian teenager. Ashley was literally vibrating as she waited to order, her foot under the table was between my legs rubbing my crotch. "Once we order, I am going to the bathroom; I will text you if no one else is in there. As soon as I do, get your ass in the bathroom."

"Okay," I agreed, turned on by her insatiable hunger and nervous about going into a woman's bathroom, although the restaurant was almost completely empty. I massaged her stocking-clad foot (I loved that she always wore nylons for me), until the waitress came and took our order.

As soon as she left, Ashley stood up and disappeared into the bathroom without a word.

Seconds later the text came. "NOW!!!"

Without thinking, I quickly stood up and headed to the bathrooms. I stopped at the ladies' room door, looked to make sure no one was around, and entered the forbidden area.

Ashley was waiting just inside the door; she grabbed me and tugged me into the corner stall. She fished my cock out of my pants without taking them down at all and deep-throated my seven-inch cock instantly.

Looking down and watching her bob back and forth so eagerly was an incredible turn-on that I couldn't help but wonder how I had been so fortunate to meet this perfect woman. Standing up, she said, "Sorry, baby, I was just going to blow you, but I need it bad."

She put a foot on the toilet seat, lifted up her sundress (a very convenient dress for a quickie), up over her ass, tugged aside her pink thong, and said, "Shove that big snake of yours in me."

I laughed at the reference to the earlier sermon, as I obliged her request, moving behind her and filling her pussy.

"Fuck me hard, pound my cunt, baby," she demanded, her right hand on the wall, her left going to her pussy.

I slammed into her hard, knowing there were times like these when the sex was raw, carnal, and we were just two lustful beings bringing undeniable pleasure to each other.

Both of us already being horny for the same reason, it didn't take long before Ashley was panting, her fingers rapidly stimulating her clit, as she moaned, "Fuck I love your big cock deep in me, baby."

After seeing the porn and plethora of ridiculously huge black cocks, it was good to hear from the love of my life that my seven inches were enough for her. I moaned back, "and I love your tight pussy, sexy."

"Faster," she demanded, now moving her ass backwards to meet my forward thrusts.

Seconds later, she screamed, "Fuuuuuck," as her orgasm quaked through her and onto my cock.

Hunger still in her eyes, she turned around, dropped to her knees and devoured my cock once again, even as her orgasm still rumbled through her. After a few seconds of deep throating me, she slapped my ass, her intent clear, I began aggressively fucking her face.

My balls bouncing off her chin, my cock fucking her face my orgasm began bubbling instantly. Like the last time, her mouth was wrapped around my cock, her hand slithered to my ass crack and this time I wasn't surprised when her finger penetrated my back door. Unlike last time when she had just pushed her finger in, this time she pumped her finger in and out of my ass. All of which triggered my orgasm shooting my load inside her mouth as I fucked both her mouth and her finger. I couldn't believe how her finger in my ass enhanced the pleasure and got me off with an even more ferocious intensity than usual.

Her mouth was still wrapped around my cock when we heard the door open to the bathroom and heard two voices.

She moved away as I quickly shuffled myself to stand on the toilet. Ashley followed sitting down on the toilet even as my cock lingered above her, a drop of my cum landing in her hair.

"Mom, I am supposed to meet up with Jasmine, Carol and Tasia at the mall," a young girl's voice said.

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