DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


My eyes went big at just how perfect her body was and I hadn't even gotten a good look at her ass.

The nurse stopped and stammered, "W-w-what are you doing?"

"Getting your snack ready," the black girl responded, her hand going to her cunt.

"I-I-I-can't," the nurse stammered, even as she stared between the legs of the teen goddess, the girl's completely shaved pussy staring back at her.

"You can and you will," the teen responded, before adding, "Now get your ass over here and get to licking my cunt."

"But...." The nurse began but was cut off.

"It is obvious you want to, your mouth is literally watering," the black seductress assessed.

"No-I-...." The white nurse was cut off again, this time harshly.

"Get over here now and pleasure your black mistress," the teen ordered.

The nurse, bewildered and scared to disobey the black patient, obeyed the order as she moved between the legs of the teenager.

"Good girl," the teen said, her tone instantly softening.

The camera angle changed and it was a close up of the nurse just as she extended her tongue and leaned forward.

Glancing at Ashley, even as I continued massaging her foot with my hand as I pleasured her toes, when I noticed her right hand had moved to her pussy.

Ashley was transfixed by the happenings on screen, clearly drawn into the white-black submission. I was dying to ask her if she had ever been with a black woman, the thought of her being submissive hard to fathom.

Back onscreen, the older nurse was licking slowly, clearly unsure how to please another woman. The teen said, "Is this your first time eating cunt, my pet?"

The nurse's already red cheeks turned a darker shade of red from the humiliation as she answered, softly, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Don't worry, they say practice makes perfect," the black teen smiled as she reached for the back of the nurse's head pulling it deeper into her pink perfection.

"Honey, come lick me," Ashley moaned, her eyes never leaving the scene onscreen, as she opened her legs for me.

Although I was enjoying the nurse submission, I repositioned myself between her legs on the couch and went to work pleasing her. Ashley's cunt was sopping wet already and her intoxicating scent swarmed over my senses.

Although I couldn't see the movie, I could hear it, as the scene progressed, the black teen's aggressive verbal domination steadily increasing.

I heard her say, "I think I will have to take you back to my sorority and let you learn how to please a sista," and "Such a good white slave," and "I can't wait to fuck that white box of yours," and "Or maybe I will plug that white ass of yours."

While I heard all the cock stiffening dirty talk, I eagerly licked Ashley whose moans were louder than usual and when the black girl said, "You love nigger pussy, don't you?" Ashley grabbed my head and came all over my face as she screamed, "Fuuuuuuuuck yes."

I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or speaking for the nurse in the movie, but either way my face was coated with Ashley's sticky wetness, my mind spinning with another naughty quirk of hers.

Finally, Ashley let go of my head as I sat up and said, "You were extra wet today."

"I have been dripping since Rhianna flirted with me," she admitted.

"Is that so?" I teased, my hand massaging her leg.

"Fuck yes," Ashley said, adding, "As I said, it is another fantasy of mine to be seduced and taken by a woman of colour."

"That doesn't seem like you," I pointed out.

"I told you, I'm an enigma," she shrugged.

"So what if Rhianna hits on you again?" I asked, my cock creating a tent in my pants.

"Would you let me get fucked by her?" Ashley asked, her tone playful, blurring the intent. Was she serious?

"Could I watch?" I asked.

"If she lets you," Ashley smiled, shifting her body around so it was her turn to please me.

She released my cock from its fabric prison and said, "Watch the rest of the scene and imagine the patient is Rhianna and the nurse moi."

"Aaaah," I moaned as she engulfed my cock whole and I returned to watching the television.

The scene had shifted since I last watched. Somehow, the black patient had gotten herself a strap-on and was fucking the nurse from behind. The nurse, bent over the bed, her skirt up, pantyhose torn, was being fucked hard and her moans displaying just how much she was enjoying it.

"Do you like my cock in that cunt of yours," the black Domme asked.

"Yeeeees," the nurse whimpered.

"And you will be a good white slave for me?" the teen asked, slamming into the nurse so hard the bed moved.

"Yeeees," the horny nurse answered, her breathing getting increasingly erratic.

"Beg to be my white slave," the black goddess demanded, suddenly stopping with the plastic cock still deep inside the nurse.

The nurse was desperate to come, the fucking clearly stopping just before her climax was reached, she didn't hesitate as she answered, "Yes, Mistress, please can I be your white slave?"

"Is that all you got?" the black Mistress asked, her finger moving to the nurses' back door.

"Whaaaaat?" The nurse screamed, as a finger penetrated her ass without warning.

"Good white slaves have three holes for their Mistress to use," the teen Mistress explained as she began slowly pumping her finger in and out of her new slave's ass. "Shit you are tight, haven't you ever taken anything up your ass before?"

"Nooooo," the nurse answered, clearly in pain from the back door violation.

"Well, we better change that," the teen said, as she, with some work, slid a second finger inside.

"Oh myyyyy God," the nurse screamed in pain, loud enough that if this were a real hospital they would have visitors.

"Enjoying the movie?" Ashley asked, taking my cock out of her mouth.

"It's pretty hot," I admitted, looking down at her.

"Just imagine how hot it would be live," Ashley smiled, before returning to pleasuring my cock. She was sucking ever so slowly, making sure to allow me to watch the whole movie scene before allowing me to blow my top.

The idea of watching her with another woman was amazing, the thought it could be an eighteen-year-old student of mine: surreal, hot and scary, but mostly hot. Just the thought of seeing Rhianna's gravity defying breasts bared (I had seen them up close many cock-stiffing times) had my balls beginning to bubble.

Returning to the video just in time, I heard the nurse beg, "Please I will do anything, just please don't fuck my ass."

"You will come to my sorority and please every one of my sista's?" the black teen asked, rubbing her cock between the nurse's white ass cheeks.

"Yes," the nurse agreed, clearly willing to do anything to avoid being sodomized.

"And you will never disobey your chocolate Mistress," the teen asked, the smile on her face giving away her true intent...she was going to fuck the nurse's ass no matter what the nurse said.

"Yes, Mistress, I will be your white slave, your obedient pet," the nurse replied.

"Beg for it in your ass," the teen Mistress ordered, lube magically in reach of her hand as she generously lubed her cock.

"No, please," the nurse pleaded.


"Do as you're told, slut," the teen ordered, as she finished lubricating her cock.

Defeated, the nurse stammered, "P-p-please."

"Please, what, slave?" the teen questioned, pouring lube between the white ass cheeks of the nurse.

"Please fuck my ass," the nurse responded weakly.

"Please fuck my ass, what?" the Mistress questioned, pushing the nurse further into the depths of submission, as she placed the cock back between the ass cheeks of the pretty, disheveled nurse.

"Please fuck my ass, Mistress, my ebony goddess," the nurse answered, even adding a hot extra part.

"As you wish, you fucking cheap ass slut," the teen responded, piling on more and more humiliation to the submissive, bewildered nurse.

"Ooooooooh myyyyyyyy," the nurse screamed, as the strap-on cock began breaking through her back door.

"Oh my indeed," the teen chuckled as the plastic cock slowly disappeared between the white ass cheeks of the nurse.

A close up of the nurse showed the sheer mixture of pain and pleasure that was coursing through her body as she got her ass reamed.

The scene was incredibly hot, just as the thought of Ashley with Rhianna or another woman, as was also the slow burn Ashley was doing on my cock with her mouth and I knew my eruption was imminent.

"You like being an ass slave?" the teen Mistress asked, a couple of minutes later, as she began to really fuck the nurse, her body slamming into the nurse's ass making the bed move with each forward thrust.

"Yeeeeees," the nurse whimpered her orgasm on the rise.

"Come for me, ass slut, come like the slutty white whore you were born to be," the teen continued her verbal abuse.

"Oh God, oh God," the nurse moaned, so close to euphoria.

Not even realizing I was doing it, I grabbed Ashley's head and began fucking her mouth with my cock, bucking my ass up and shoving it deep in her mouth. The slurping sounds echoed through the room as I watched the final submission on screen.

"Fuuuuuuuck," the nurse screamed, as her orgasm cascaded through her.

"Coming from getting fucked in the ass, shit, you really are a fucking whore," the teen belittled, as she pulled out, walked around the bed and shoved the cock into the nurse's mouth.

"Fuuuuuuuuck," I repeated, as I shot my load into Ashley's mouth, suddenly realizing what I was doing and I let go of her head. Thankfully, she took over bobbing up and down as I continued spewing my seed in her mouth.

After a few seconds, she sat up and said, as if nothing had happened, "Oh watch this."

I returned my eyes to the television and away from Ashley to see an older black nurse walk in.

The white nurse tried to move away but was held in place by her teen Mistress.

"You did it, Janet," the black nurse said, as she pulled off her skirt.

"Yes, Mother, and she is all yours," the teen smiled, as she roughly grabbed the white submissive and tossed her onto the bed.

"I didn't think she was doable," the mom said, climbing onto the bed, straddling the dazed white nurse's face.

"They are all doable," the daughter responded. "No white slut has ever been able to refuse."

As the mom smothered her white co-worker's face, she laughed, "Like mother, like daughter."

"Fucking gets me off every time," Ashley said, before adding, "apparently you too."

"Sorry, I got carried away," I apologized.

"No worries, it was kind of hot for you to just take control and use me like your little slut," Ashley smiled, reaching over and giving my semi-erect cock a firm how-are-you-doing squeeze.

Joking, I answered, "Well you are my little slut."

"Your slut plans to flirt like hell with Rhianna the next chance she gets," she promised.

"Flirt away," I replied, the reality of the lesbian act way more fantasy than potential actuality.

We spent the rest of the day together going for a walk and enjoying a nice dinner before parting, without talking about sex again. Before I left, we had a quickie in her kitchen, and agreed that with our hectic week (basketball playoffs to focus on for me and with the hospital short staffed, Ashley would be working double shifts all week) that we probably wouldn't see each other for a few days.

As she kissed me goodbye, she handed me a USB flash drive and said, "A couple scenes I think you may like."

"Thanks, you are turning me into a dirty old man," I joked.

"My dirty old man," she corrected, kissing me again. Breaking the kiss, she said sweetly, "I love you, baby."

"I love you, too, angel," I returned, before heading home feeling completely satisfied in every possible way.

6. Another BIG Surprise

Monday was the most awkward teaching day of my life. It was tough to teach with Eve in class, knowing what I did. She, oblivious to my knowledge, was her usual eager to please in class self. She asked questions, answered them, and took notes. Yet, I couldn't look her in the eye, although I did stare more than usual at her painted toes in her nylons as she slipped her foot in and out of her shoe all during class like a hypnotist's watch.

It was like a couple of years ago. We had a new Chemistry teacher on staff who was easily the hottest woman I had ever met. She had green hypnotic eyes, long black as night hair, a body that begged to be fucked and she always, even on casual Fridays, wore pantyhose. I had been flirting with her casually when Matt, a fellow colleague, said, "She is a fucking nympho."

I quipped back, Matt a well-known bullshitter, "As if you would know."

"I'm serious, she dated my brother's roommate back in college," he countered.

"So?" I shrugged.

"She loves it up the ass," he informed me.

"Fuck off," I said.

"Seriously, I am not bullshitting you," he said.

Whether it was true or not, every time I looked at her, from that moment on all I could think of was 'she loved it up the ass'. Thankfully, she was transferred to another school the next year ending my obsessive thoughts of her liking it up her ass.

After school, practice was just as awkward. Troy was his usual commanding self making it even harder to forget about his power over Eve and the bizarre dream I had. I forced myself to put it out of my mind and focused on the task at hand, getting prepared for the state championships that began on Friday.

However, after practice the awkwardness came back in spades. I had seen my players naked in the locker room a million times but this time was different. I couldn't help but check out the size of my players. It wasn't like I wanted to drop to my knees and suck their cocks, but I was suddenly very curious... I was in awe of many of the black cocks. There were big ones and smaller ones, none bigger than Troy; there were thin ones and thick ones; there were circumcised ones and uncircumcised ones.

The next couple of days flew by as I taught and prepared for the championships by watching hours of video once I got home. Life settled back into a familiar routine until Wednesday evening when I had to stay late for a budget meeting for next year with the school board and the boosters club.

Once the meeting was over, I went to my office to grab a couple more disks of games, when I walked in on Troy again...although this time it wasn't Eve...nor was it a girl! On his knees was Eric, Troy pumping his cock in and out of Eric's mouth, literally getting his face fucked by Troy. Eric is the team's starting small forward, the son of our mayor and nicest kid I had ever had the privilege to teach...he like me, white. He was a good rebounder, strong defender, great passer, and the team's glue guy both on and off the court. He keeps things loose, always quick with a joke and able to make a motivational speech when needed. Definitely not gay and definitely not one I would expect to submit to Troy...yet nothing any more should have surprised me.

The action had obviously been going on awhile, as Troy was really bucking his hips, his cock pumping in and out of Eric's mouth; somehow he was taking it all without gagging. It was literally an unbelievable scene out of a porno, where the straight white guy is actually an amazing cocksucker. Yet, there it was happening right before my eyes.

Troy, talking trash like he did on the court, said, "Shit Eric, you have gotten really good at this. You are a natural born cocksucker."

Obviously Eric couldn't respond as his mouth was full of cock, but he looked up at Troy with worshipful eyes; my own cock was suddenly rising in my pants against my will.

Close to orgasm, Troy grunted, "Here it comes faggot, swallow every last drop princess."

I watched in awe yet again as Troy came in someone's mouth, this time a guy. I couldn't help it: I imagined myself on my knees in Eric's place, picturing Troy feeding his cock to me. I watched a moment more as Troy continued to pump his cum into Eric's mouth; I stumbled forward and briefly into view of the two boys before I slunk away.

I was still in ear shot when Troy said, "This weekend you will be my personal cum bucket, is that clear, cocksucker?"

I didn't hear Eric's answer as I went to the door. Thinking I should probably do something to let Troy know that he could be caught, I opened the door and slammed it shut loud enough they were bound to know they had company. I then walked back up the hallway slowly whistling to give the boys time to cover up their secret rendezvous. I walked in and Troy was grabbing his bag from the locker, while Eric was nowhere to be seen.

"Troy," I said, acting surprised, "you scared the shi--crap out of me."

"Sorry, Coach, just spending some extra time on the court," he lied, his smile smug as if he knew a secret I didn't.

"You're welcome to use the court anytime, but you should probably let me know so no one gives you a hard time," I said.

Troy laughed and said, his innuendo obvious because I knew what he was really doing, "Oh, I usually am the one giving someone a HARD time."

I don't know why I said it, nor could I believe the words out of my mouth, as I replied, "Everyone needs to be given a HARD time once in a while."

Troy laughed, before adding, "I can't imagine many people have given you a HARD time too often.

"Not enough," I answered, and my face burned as I realized what I had said, hoping the innuendo hadn't been too obvious. "Anyways, get home, I need you rested and focused for Friday."

"See ya Coach," Troy nodded, as he walked past me and out the door.

I took a breath and went to my office shaking my head at the realization I had just been trading sexual innuendos with a student. 'Damn you Ashley,' I cursed to myself; I had never once considered a man sexually before her anniversary present, but since then I had watched gay porn, dreamt of sucking cock, checked out Dr. Brown's cock in the bathroom, got hard watching Troy get sucked off and imagined myself briefly on my knees replacing Eric.

Did I want to suck cock? After briefly considering it, I was confident I didn't. The thought had been placed in my head by Ashley and thoughts, even ones you don't agree with, take awhile to fade.

I grabbed the disks and headed out. I noticed movement in the bathroom, assumedly Eric, and decided to let him have what little dignity he had left by ignoring it and heading out.

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