DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


As Troy grabbed some sweats and pulled them up, his finally shrinking cock disappearing from view. "It is a natural progression, Coach. First white men dream of sucking black cock, then you become the cocksucker you so desperately longed to be, then, inevitably, you eagerly submit your ass. You won't be able to deny your hunger for black cock, ass slut."

The term 'ass slut,' for some reason, was even a bigger slap in the face to my manhood and pride than the plethora of times he had called me cocksucker. My cock tightened.

I didn't answer, suddenly feeling vulnerable, his dried cum weighing heavily on my face.

"Tell ya what, Coach," Troy said, as he fell onto his bed. "If we win tomorrow, I get your ass next weekend; if we lose I will let you decide when I fuck your white ass."

A potential out available, where seconds earlier I was beginning to feel hopeless, I quickly took the olive branch of hope. "Ok, but only if we win."

"Ok, what?" Troy asked, I realized instantly he wanted me to say it, suddenly feeling like I was in my own porn movie.

I let out the slightest hint of a sigh as I answered as he wanted me to, realizing I was exactly like the teacher in the porn movie Ashley had bought me that was responsible for my descent into gay submission, "If we win, my ass is yours."

"Coach, you really have a way with incentives," Troy laughed as he grabbed his phone. He added, "Although I wouldn't use that in your per-game speech tomorrow."

I laughed back, finally getting off my very weary knees, "Agreed."

"By the way Coach," Troy said, surprising me one more time. "Did you know Ashley got here just after our victory today?"

My face went pale. "She wasn't coming until tomorrow."

"Oh, I imagine she has been coming for awhile," Troy smirked, his implication obvious.

I stammered, praying it wasn't another player, "W-w-who is she with?"

"All I know for sure that sis was showing her to your room a good hour before you arrived here to begin your time as my cocksucker," Troy revealed.

My mind shifted from worry, to curiosity, as I asked, "You are serious?"

"Why would I lie?" Troy shrugged.

I left Troy's room and quickly went to the communal bathroom where I washed my face and wet my hair. Seconds later, Coach Johnson walked in and saw me.

"Did you check on the players yet?" He asked.

"Not yet, been working on strategy for tomorrow," I answered.

"Well, I'll go enforce curfew and let them know who we're playing, if they don't already know. You get some sleep, we need you fresh tomorrow so you will be at your best," he said.

"Thanks," I replied and headed to my dorm room.

Unlocking my door, I walked in and was staring at Ashley, tied to my bed spread eagle wearing stockings, her legs wide open, a toy buzzing in her pussy and a butt plug in her ass.

"Clooooose the door, baby?" she moaned.

Realizing anyone walking by could see her spread-eagled in this very compromising position, I quickly closed the door, locked it and returned my gaze to her bound on the bed.

"Are you going to come get me off or what? That devious bitch Rhianna has had me on the brink for over an hour," Ashley revealed.

My cock, rock hard and ready to burst after hours of neglect, plus the sight of my bound girlfriend was fucking hot, I got naked in Superman like speed, pulled the plug out of her ass and slid right in.

"Fuck, you nasty bastard," Ashley moaned, as my cock slid into her tight ass.

"And you fucking love it," I countered, pounding her ass hard, trying to prove my manhood after what I had done and what I had just promised to do if we won tomorrow.

"Harder, baby," Ashley begged, clearly frustrated from the teasing.

I slammed into her ass, making the toy in her cunt go deeper, as we both were desperate to release an orgasm that had been held in check for too long.

It took a minute at most, to feel my balls boiling, Ashley was also near orgasm, and as I shot my load in her ass, she came too, gushing so hard the toy in her cunt popped out of her. A couple more pumps to finish my release, and I pulled out and buried my face in her still trembling cunt. Her taste so different than Troy's, was equally addicting as I lapped up her cunt juice like a man lost in the desert for days who suddenly finds water.

Eventually, her orgasm subsided and she weakly asked, "Would you mind untying me?"

I smiled, my face shiny with her pussy juice, "I don't know, you look pretty hot like that."

"I always look hot," she quipped back.

"Touché," I agreed, as I began untying her legs. "So I have a story to tell."

"So do I," Ashley replied.

8. Ashley Gives into Her DARK Desires

Ashley, still naked, sat up on the edge of the bed and I told her what had happened with Troy.

As expected, she was not only ok with it, but ecstatic. She said, all giddy, "So he expects you to do it again?"

"He called me his new cocksucker," I answered, oddly not remotely humiliated by the words when talking to her.

"Fuck that is hot," Ashley said, clearly drawn into my sexual submission.

"And I agreed to let him fuck my ass if we win tomorrow," I added, wanting to impress my sexually deviant girlfriend.

"No way," Ashley gasped, a devious smile on her face.

"Yep, next weekend," I revealed, answering such a major decision so casually, the admitting my submission to her turning me on. I loved making her happy. "But I can't say I am ready for that."

"I can help," Ashley offered.

"How?" I asked.

"We will save that for when we get back home," she said, before asking, "Aren't you curious how I ended up bound to your bed with toys in my cunt and ass?"

"Not really," I shrugged, "I just assumed it was another present for me."

"Well you sure took it as a present, fucker," Ashley quipped, playfully hitting me. Such language from her always turning me on.

"So did you go to the DARK side too?" I asked, although I assumed I already knew the answer.

"Why yes, the pull was too strong to resist," Ashley teased back.

"Rhianna?" I queried.

"She was relentless," Ashley replied.

"And you fought with all your might," I teased.

"Well...." She smiled.

"Tell me what happened," I requested, dying to know what happened between her and Rhianna, I wanted every detail.

Ashley smiled and then recounted her seduction by Rhianna and how she ended up eagle-spread in my room.

So I thought I would surprise you by coming a day early. But when I got here you were nowhere to be found. I got a key for your room and was heading here when I bumped into Rhianna.

"Ashley, Coach said you wouldn't be here until tomorrow," Rhianna greeted me, still in her cheerleader's outfit, and her sing-song voice.

"I wanted to surprise him," I told her, as I checked her out slyly.

"That you will," she answered, her tone ominous, as she added, checking out my outfit, which was classy but sexy, "I see you dress to tease."

I blushed at her words, already feeling a dampness in my cunt.

"Or are you dressed to please," she added, her voice shifting to flirtatious.

Being coy, I retorted back, "A little bit of both."

"Delicious," she smiled back.

I quipped, opening the door wide open for what was to follow, "So I have been told,"

A glimmer of knowing was in her eyes when she said, "Let me help you to coach's room."

She took my suitcase and led me to your room. Walking behind her, I couldn't help but notice her legs and how they shined in her pantyhose.

"Key," she requested, opening her hand.

I handed her the key already wondering if this was going to be more than just harmless flirting.

Once in your room, she sat the suitcase aside and said, "Were you a cheerleader in high school, Ashley?"

"No," I admitted, "more of a nerd."

"Really? That is very intriguing," she replied.

"Why is that?" I asked her.

"Well, I have learned that the shy nerds at my school most often have the most ferocious sexual appetites," she revealed.

I went red in the cheeks, remembering how insecure I was in high school and how I dreamed of sex constantly, but ended up becoming very close friends with my brush, until I found a dildo in sister's closet one day.

"I can't imagine you as shy or a nerd," I interrupted.

"I came out of my shell in college," Ashley shrugged. "Pledging a sorority was very interesting, but that is a story for another day."

"Sorry, please continue," I replied, although her sorority stories were definitely something I was going to inquire about at a later time.

Remembering how in high school many of my fantasies had been of the popular girls, the cheerleaders and so forth, I stammered, "I-I-is that so?"

"From my experience," she shrugged. "They are also the most eager to please."

"They are usually very determined," I countered, playing along.

"That they are," she smiled back, before adding, her tone firm, "Don't go anywhere, I will be right back."

I responded, saluting her, "Yes, ma'am," my tone playful but also hinting at obedience.

"Ma'am, I like that," she said, as she left me alone to think about what was in store. At the time, I wondered if you would be ok with it if I had sex with one of your students. I was confident you would be ok with me having sex with another girl based on our earlier conversations and you knew I had flirted with Rhianna, but flirting, fantasy and reality are often very different things."

"That is what I thought too," I admitted, the memories of sucking Troy's cock flashing back into my head.

"Luckily, we are like two peas in a pod it seems, both submitting to black beauty at the same time," Ashley said.

"I guess we did, didn't we," I realized.

"Yep it seems that while you were busy enjoying Troy's black cock, I was tasting his sister," she said, her crudeness a turn on. The way she could look sweet and innocent one minute then hot and slutty the next was an amazing turn on.

"That makes it sound so bad," I replied.

"We were both very bad," she pointed out.

"True," I agreed as she continued her story.

So she came back a few minutes later, enough time for the ups and downs of excitement versus fear to rise and fall a few times, excitement not surprisingly winning the brief internal battle.

"You're still dressed," Rhianna said as she closed the door, a duffle bag in her hand.

Feigning innocence, I responded, "Of course, why wouldn't I be?"

"Let's quit this charade if propriety, Ashley. I know you want me," she said, confidence oozing out of her, which only enhanced my eagerness to submit to her.

That said, I love playing the game, and I countered, "What makes you say that?"

"The hunger in your eyes last Sunday, the need in your voice when we spoke and the obvious reality that all white women crave sexual submission to black women, especially younger black women," she answered, her black-white philosophy intriguing.

"That seems rather extreme," I countered.

"Knees! Now!" she ordered, her tone form, authoritative.

The playfulness over, I suddenly realized my predicament. As you know my fantasy has been to submit to a black woman and I was now living the fantasy I had long yearned for. Yet crossing the line between fantasy and reality, especially considering she is your student, had me hesitating obeying her order, even as my body begged to give in, causing a gush of my cunt juice to leak into my panties.

As if sensing my trepidation, she pushed me further, somehow knowing exactly what I wanted, "Let's not pretend anymore, Ashley. You are white and a natural submissive for black pussy. I am black and naturally a Domme for white cunt lickers like you, my pet, are destined to follow the natural order of the social sexual hierarchy."

Her logic was bizarre and yet seemed completely logical as I got pulled into her web, my knees suddenly weak and struggling to hold me up, my panties soaked from the situation and my desire to cross the invisible line of her so-called social sexual hierarchy. She put her hands on my shoulders and when she pushed down my knees gave way and I felt myself dropping to the floor.

"Good girl," Rhianna purred as she looked down at me.

I didn't respond, even as my body warmed at her praise.

"Have you ever served a black Mistress before, my pet?" Rhianna asked, as she moved to the bed and sat on the edge.

The words 'Mistress' and 'my pet' both had my head clouding even more as I was drawn into her world of black and white. "No," I admitted, as I without instruction crawled to her feet.

"No, what?" She questioned, as she lifted her foot up to me. I assumed I was supposed to take off her shoes, yet another subservient task. I, of course, didn't hesitate in obeying her unspoken expectations.

As I untied her shoe, submerging deeper into submission, and trying to impress her as I became the willing submissive, I answered, with more detail and proper respect, "No, Mistress, I have never served an ebony goddess."

"Ebony goddess, that is a new one," she laughed softly, as I took off her first shoe. "The sock too," she ordered.

I quickly pulled off the slouch sock she was wearing over her pantyhose and Rhianna changed feet putting her other foot in my hand. I took off her other shoe and sock then and waited for further instruction with a strange mixture of excitement and trepidation.

She put her pantyhose covered foot to my mouth and said, "Suck your Mistress's toes."

I have sucked my own toes through my nylons many times and I loved the feeling of it, but being the one doing it to another woman was very degrading, which not surprisingly triggered another leakage from my cunt. I was really thankful that I chose to wear panties.

I took her foot in my hands, the nylon surprisingly soft, and began massaging her foot, drawn to the feel. I mean I love the feel of silk nylons on my legs and I know the impact it has on you, but I had never felt another woman's leg or foot in nylon. I was like a kid in a candy store as I became fascinated by her nylons.

"Do you have a nylon fetish, my pet?" She asked.

"Adam loves me wearing them and I love the way they make my legs look and feel," I answered, as I continued rubbing her legs, moving my hand up her calf. "But I have never felt them on another woman."

"Obviously you like the feel," she quipped, as she lifted her toes to my mouth. "Now obey your ebony Mistress."

"Sorry, Mistress," I apologized, as I opened my mouth and took her pinky toe into my mouth. The taste was a mixture of sweat and nylon, not really pleasant, yet the submissiveness of it somehow turned me on.

"I have been in these pantyhose, socks and shoes all day," she explained, pointing out to me how disgusting my act of submission really was, as I shifted to her second toe.

I continued the toe pleasure, sucking each toe into my mouth individually, each time another unpleasant taste filling my mouth.

Once the first foot was done, she offered me her other foot and I replicated the submissive act.

Finally done, she asked rather bluntly, "You have eaten cunt before?"

"Yes, Mistress," I admitted, looking up, trying to get a glimpse between her slightly opened legs.

"Nigger, cunt?" She asked, even though she already knew the answer, the taboo word coming out of her mouth surprising me.

I answered, implying my hunger, "No, this will be my first time."

"First time what?" She questioned, opening her legs slightly.

"This will be my first time licking nigger pussy," I answered, the word 'nigger' still very awkward to say.

She opened her legs further and ordered, "Kiss every inch of me, slave."

Another derogatory term, another attempt at distinguishing a clear hierarchy of power between her and me, and another gush of cunt juice left me. I used my hands to caress her nylon legs while I kissed gently every inch of her foot, ankle, calf, and thigh. Time stood still as I plastered her leg with butterfly kisses until I reached her cunt, much to my surprise a pantie-less cunt, her pussy lips framed perfectly by the silky sheer nylon.

"Like what you see, my pet?" Rhianna asked.

"God, yes," I answered, salivating at the mouth.

"Funny, that's what Eve said in church last Sunday," Rhianna quipped back, before instructing, "The other leg too."

I reluctantly moved away from her pussy, so close to me yet out of reach, her scent lingering like a magnet to my senses. I again replicated the attention to her other leg, kissing, licking and nibbling on every inch of her pantyhose clad leg. Finally back at her foot, she said, "Stand up, my pet."

My knees a bit sore, I was thankful for the reprieve.

Once standing up, she ordered, "Get undressed."

A simple order, especially since I already had crossed the line, and I am quite confident with my body, yet getting naked in front of her was a bit scary. Yet, I obeyed, unbuttoning my blouse first and then unzipping my skirt, revealing I was wearing thigh high stockings.

"Stockings, not pantyhose, you really are full of surprises, my pet," she commented.

"I try," I shrugged, now in only bra, panties, thigh highs and heels.

I began to take the thigh highs off but she said, "No, leave those on. But let's get rid of the bra and panties."

My hands trembled lightly as I unfastened my bra and allowed my breasts to be assessed by her.

"34b?" She asked.

"Good guess," I nodded, impressed.

"I am a connoisseur of tits," she shrugged, as she pulled her sweater over her head, her massive breasts barely held in check by her white sports bra. Seeing me stare bewildered at her voluptuous black breasts, she asked, "You like, don't you slut!"

Another new derogatory name, another gush in my panties, as I answered, "No, I love."

"Good girl," she purred, as she pointed to my panties.

I slowly slid them down trying not to get my wetness on my legs, my panties sopping wet.

"Pass them here," she ordered.

My face went redder, if possible, as I warned, "They are a bit wet."

"Now!" She said, her tone so firm and unwavering.

I handed her my panties.

"Holy shit, your cunt leaks like Niagara Falls," she said, before asking, "Is all this wetness because of me?"

"Yes, Mistress," I blushed.

"Do you want to see my tits?" She asked brazenly.

"Yes, please," I eagerly replied, I imagined I looked like one of those cartoon characters where their tongues are outside their mouth salivating.

"Beg," she ordered.

"Please Mistress, let your white slave see what real tits look like," I answered, willing to use derogatory words in reference to myself.

Content with my answer, she took off her bra and allowed her breasts the freedom they were begging for. Her nipples were long and stiff, her areolas a dark sexy contrast to the rest of her breasts, which were stunningly firm. I was simply in awe, as if I was Indiana Jones and staring at the Holy Grail. I wanted to cup them in my hands, to squeeze them, to bury my face in them and yet I waited further instructions.

"Go ahead, my pet, feel what real tits feel like," she offered, clearly a shot at my much smaller tits.

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