tagMind ControlDark(view) Justice Ch. 01

Dark(view) Justice Ch. 01


Dark(view) Justice; Black Court & Red Quarter By Bryce. Hat tip to Chrystal Wynd for starting the ball rolling on Darkview.

Chapter 1

It was a minor traffic stop, but he couldn't shut up long enough for the cop to leave. Which is why his ass was drug off to jail and a bail hearing in the morning.

It should have been a quick in and out hearing, if he hadn't had caught Judge Cynthia Grindcock's attention.

His case was called and before he had a chance, he was being ushered to the jury box because a more prominent case had to be dealt with. He didn't think anything of it. A-list celebs always got to the head of the line. Its just how things work here.

But the cases just kept on being called as he sat and stewed in the box waiting for his case to be called up again.

When the judge called for recess, Bertha, the bailiff, came and collected him for special dispensation justice.

Bertha was a large muscular woman with a pair of silicon boobs bolted on to make her look more like a woman.

"What's special dispensation justice?" He asked the bailiff.

"The judge is going to give you a private hearing and hear you out. Your record is clean and you'll only get this once." The guard told him. "So don't screw it up."

He was led into the judge's chambers. He didn't realize that he was already in the judge's mind control territory.

"Take off your clothes." The judge said as she leafed through his case file.

There he willingly stripped. He didn't know why he would do such a thing.

"You have a clean record here. And according to our files, you really don't do much here in Darkview, except push papers around.

"You don't do any public service. You didn't do any extra curricular activities in high school. Your high school guidance councilor thought you were never pushing yourself to do your best."

She put the file down. Got up and walked behind him. "Ben over my desk." she ordered.

"That's right, spread your legs and stick your ass out." She continued. She gave the nod to Bertha, whom began tying his wrists and ankles to the brass rings bolted to her heavy wooden desk.

It was only a traffic stop. He thought.

She pushed the butt plug against his ass. "Don't worry, try all you like," She said with a sultry tone, "but this lubricant contains a muscle relaxant which will make sure this little plug slides right on in to its new home. Oh that's right, you're going to need it there."

"See I'm not your average judge in Darkview, I am Black Court. And I turn wimps like you into tranny whores, money making tranny whores." She told him. She liked letting the sting of what's about to happen to him sink in.

As she pushed the last inch in, the unique sphere inside the plug, will pull the muscles tightly closed, that is until its removed.

"You'll also find the plug in your ass the perfect thing to keep your ass swinging like a girl's."

He started shaking his head no.

"Oh? You think you have a strong will than me? We'll see about that." She smacked his ass. As the plug moved deeper, he felt, good. No that's not it. Pleasure. He corrected himself.

"Erica." She hollered for her clerk.

"Yes, your honor." Erica said before disappearing back to the outer clerks office.

"Send up Heidi." She ordered. Erica quickly called for Heidi to be brought up from the judge's special holding cells.

Heidi, Hi-D, originally Donovan, now sports all the physique of an overtly busty woman with 36 EE's and a thick cum spewing cock. She is one of the judge's favorite creations.

"Heidi's cum is very special. See its very addictive. Whether its taken orally or anally is all the same. You'll lust for it all the time." She told him.

"You're going to love cock. Suck it. Swallow it. Worship it.

"You'll feel the need to have it in your mouth and your fuck hole." The judge told him with glee.

Heidi was ushered into the judge's chambers. Once inside, she knew what was required of her. She hiked up her mini skirt and pulled her panties aside. There she let her cock out. With a couple of strokes she was good and ready.

Heidi reached down to her thigh high boot and pulled out a condom. Heidi wasn't born in Darkview so she didn't know that they had cured every STD. She rolled the rubber onto her cock. Smeared some lube onto the condom.

He thought it was just going to get ass raped for the judge's own amusement not turned into a money making tranny whore.

Heidi began with a kiss to his ass. She started lubing his ass with her saliva as she started to pull the plug out and push it back in.

Working the lube into his ass also calmed him down for what was about to take place. She pulled out the plug and started pushing the head of her cock into his ass. She paused and let his ass tighten up around her cock's head.

"How does that feel?" Heidi asked.

He didn't want to answer back that it felt great.

"Oh not going answer back." She said, "Well then, you want to keep your mouth shut, then I'll give you something to keep it shut." As she brought the plug around to his mouth. "Suck it."

'No' He shook his head.

Judge tapped his mind with her powers. She gave him the over whelming desire to suck it.

His lips parted and allowed the plug in. "Suck it like a pacifier." Heidi ordered.

With his mouth busy, Heidi began to fully thrust into him. At first is was a burning sensation. Then it turned into a pleasurable sensation.

She would pull out, slap his ass, and ram it back in, bottoming out as her balls slapped his.

"I think he's enjoying this." Heidi said to the judge.

"Well then, perhaps its time to step up to the next level." The judge replied.

Heidi smirked back, pulled out all the way to see his gaping hole. He never heard her yank the rubber off. "Looks like a whore already."

"No. Not until you cum in his ass."

"Yes, your honor." Heidi replied as she jammed her cock back into his open ass. She pushed her cock in half way into his ass and stopped.

He didn't realize that he began fucking himself on her cock as he began pushing back to get more of her cock in him.

Heidi threw the used condom on the desk. Now he realized that she was fucking him bareback. He shut his eyes not wanting to believe what was happening to him. She'd be coming in his ass... fuck hole, he corrected his thought, with her highly addictive cum. He realized that there was no turning back now.

"Ah, sweetie, you've been fucking me for the last few minutes." Heidi tells him.

He shakes his head no in disbelief.

"She is right." The judge says. With the press of a button, the large screen comes to life showing him strapped to the desk. "Just look."

Heidi waves to the camera and he sees her waving. Worse, he sees himself thrusting his ass... fuck hole, his mind corrected him again, into her cock.

"Do you want her to cum in your ass?" She asked.

'No.' He shook his head.

"Do you want her to cum in your fuck hole?"


"Well then. Heidi, cum in his fuck hole." She ordered.

"Yes, your honor." Heidi thrust her cock two hard times and exploded into his fuck hole.

He felt her cock swell. Then he felt the hot cock inside of him. And that's when felt it, pleasure.

Heidi carefully pulled out of his hole so she wouldn't spill any cum. She reached back and pulled her own plug out of her ass and rammed it into his. "There, nice and sanitary now." Heidi said.

Heidi walked around to his face. She held her cock to his face, but he wouldn't open his mouth for her.

"Show him your tattoo." The judge said.

Heidi pulled down her panties and he could see the hypnotic tattoo, commanding him to open and suck her cock. Heidi took the plug out of his mouth and shoved her hardening cock in.

Getting right to his face "See. You're now mine." The judge told him with a sinister smile. "Now suck her cock until she cums down your throat." She ordered.

He obeyed. He knew what he needed to do, after watching so many women in porn videos. He kissed her gum drop head. Licked the slit before opening wide and allowing her warm pulsing cock into his mouth.

The plug was just a piece of rubber, but this was a throbbing cock. He eagerly sucked it. Desperately trying to get his warm salty reward.

"She's getting better now." Heidi informed them.

He was gone now. The male that had walked into the judge's chambers was now replaced with a tranny whore in training.

She stood up and towered over him with Heidi's cock still in his mouth and passed sentence on him.

"Anything to say before I pass judgment on you?"

'No' he shook his head.

"For the crime of failing to yield at a stop sign, I sentence you to six months community service as a tranny whore.

"For the crime of interfering with a cop's duty, I sentence you to three years of community service... And you'll freely service the cop any time he wants you.

"And for not taking an ass fucking like a man, I sentence you to keep your Adam's apple so everyone will know what you are.

"And let's see besides all the usual things that go with tranny transformation, You will have G-cup tits. At the end of the week, you'll be taken to the Medical Suite where you'll be given the appropriate implants."

He could feel the changes take place. He was growing boobs. His ass was getting rounder.

"And for pissing me off, I sentence you to having big heavy cum filled balls. You will milk yourself every hour of the day and drink down the cum."

Heidi continued to throat fuck him as his slobber lube her cock and the drool dripped from his mouth and onto the judge's desk.

Lust filled his eyes as he changed into a more submissive living sex doll. He sucked for all his worth as he attempted to bring Heidi off again.

His vigor was rewarded with the Judge giving Heidi the okay to cum again. Heidi had been specially modified to have four good size cum loads, so it was nothing for her to cum so soon.

He felt her cock swell in his mouth before she shot another load. The first few spurts went straight to his throat before she pulled out.

A shot landed on his tongue. It was really the first time he tasted cum. It was warm, salty and a bit sweet. It was thicker than he thought it would be.

Heidi grabbed his hair as she pulled out and stroked a few spurts on his face. The glaze of cum and saliva wasn't perfect. Heidi smeared the mess all over his face.

"Treat this as your first spa facial, whore." She offered her cum covered hand. She didn't have to order him, he simply started licking it clean. "Do you like that?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Heidi looks down to see cum and saliva dripping on the judge's desk. "Bad whore, look at the mess you've made." She pushes his face into the desk. He quickly gets to licking up the spit and cum.

"Good. Heidi, take him down to the alley and make sure all the girls there get to give him a baptism. In the morning, you'll call Bertha and she'll take him off you hands."

"Yes, your honor." She answered as she mouth fucked him.

"Bertha, I want him taken to our Queen of Hearts."

"Yes, your honor."

"And Bertha, I want you to seriously fuck him over and over until his balls ache. After the Queen has her ways with him, then take him to Dark Penn for his real education of being a tranny whore."

"With pleasure, your honor."

End of Chapter 1

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