tagMind ControlDark(view) Strangers Ch. 01

Dark(view) Strangers Ch. 01


Dark(view) Strangers in Sleepy Acres, chapter 1

Sleepy Acres, the small town that tourists visit for its quaint home town feel. There are only two hotels and a number of bed & breakfasts in town reinforcing the feel of yesteryear. Sleepy Acres is positioned in a valley nestled between Chrystal Heights and Darkview. Darkview is considered the other metropolis. Its the big city that most want to go to escape the normalcy of Sleepy Acres.

***On with the story***

Friday evening. Three cohorts are walking through central park in town...

"They say the girls from Darkview are banging." Tim said aloud. Both the guys knew he and Bridget had a fight so he was trying to take his mind off her.

When the trio came across a hot looking black woman. She was leaning against the railing overlooking the pond. They decided to have a little fun...

Surrounding her they started in on how good she looked, which she took as a compliment, but they were starting to get frisky. Feeling her up. Her round ass and ample chest.

They never heard him walking up to them. With his finger and thumb out mimicking a gun, "Get your hands off of her." Justin said. She was happy he showed up and stepped away from the group.

"What the-" Tim started only to see the largest gun he's ever laid eyes on. The trio was scared.

His attention turned to the woman, "Are you well, sister?" He asked.

"Sister?" The three of them said.

"I am well, brother." She answered.

"Now for them." He turned his attention back to the boys.

"How the hell is she your sister, you're white?" Tim asked.

"Mom's Brazilian, dad's Asian, so of course my sister is black." He answered. Screwing with them. He had yet to drop the bomb on them that they're from Darkview.

She giggled, "Brother and sister are slang for betrothed in Darkview."

"Thanks, killjoy." Justin said to her

Fear struck the boys. "Yes. Yes boys, we are from Darkview and its time to pay the piper." He said. His eyes became electric blue as he peered into their minds.

"Now Timmy, you've been very bad." He started. He could see the fight that Tim had with Bridget, how he smacked her around, derided and belittled her. It was clear to him what he should do, "Call Bridget and get her down here right now."

"There's no way I'm-" Tim started to resist, only it was too late. He pulled out his phone and started dialing.

"Tisk, tisk Timmy, you should have her on speed dial. And don't forget to apologizes for being a real bastard."

"Hi, Bridget, its Tim. I've been a real bastard. I'm sorry. Could you meet me in the park? Good. I'll see you soon." Timmy said. He couldn't believe the stories about people from Darkview. The fantastic powers that they possessed. His will wasn't his own now. He did what ever the man from Darkview wanted.

"Now where were we?" He muttered aloud as his vision comes to rest on the boy to Timmy's right, "Ah, yes, Sam. You've hung out with Timmy here ever since you two were little. But you never told him your deep dark secret."

"What could that be, brother?" She asked.

"Sam here is Bi. He's really wanted Timmy here to fuck his ass right and hard from time to time."

"Its such a shame kids won't have youthful indiscretions. Don't you think we should help him out brother?"

"Yes sister, we should help him out." He answered back.

Sam could feel things, tingling sensations throughout his mind and body.

"What are you doing?" Sam worked up the nerve to ask.

"Oh just a minor adjustment. I've just jacked up your libido a bit. Timmy will do whatever you want. Older women will want you. So now you can have sex with Timmy's mom." Justin explained. "I understand she's very, what's the term... MILF-a-licious."

"And I kinda jacked up your balls to produce the maximum amount of cum possible. You'll need to empty them every four hours. I know, I know, what are you going to do during school? Well, you're eighteen, you should have graduated already. But perhaps you'll find a nice mature teacher who can help you out. Then again, there's always Timmy to use."

"And to show I'm not a complete prick, you'll grow an eight inch dick."

"Now that's my brother, always thinking about other people's fun." She said.

"Dude!" Kevin uttered at the awesomeness. Kevin's always wanted a hardcore fucking with Timmy's mom.

"And dear Kevin. You've always followed Timmy and Sam around in high school with no real will of your own. So you'll be owned by Sam here until you're twenty-one. You'll drink his cum like its the most thirst quenching liquid on Earth. You'll keep you ass ready for him to use at his leisure with enema's and plugs."

Then the tingling sensations occurred in him. Justin continued, "Kevin, you'll find those extra pounds will melt away now. You'll also find that you'll always be the submissive in Dominance/submissive relationship. You'll feel women are your superiors. Trannies too."

"Now Sam. You are responsible for Kevin now."

"I understand." Sam responded.

"Brother, I believe Bridget has shown up."

"Silence from you all." He ordered. "Ah, yes." Justin surveyed her. She was just under average height with dirty blond hair. Her face marked with freckles.

"What's this all about?" Bridget asked Tim.

"Look into my eyes." Justin said to her. In a second he was in her mind. He could see the damage done to her. The recent bruising from the fight where Timmy knocked her around to the brain damage from her early childhood.

Justin face changed. He had seen how bad Timmy was to her. He began to gently move blocks around her head. "There, that should make it easier for you." He had walled off the worst trauma to her mind. "Timmy's never going to hit you again."

"That BASTARD did what?!" His sister was furious. "He shouldn't have a dick after that."

"I think we can do better than that. Sister, why don't you take Bridget here for a walk."

- - - "Sure, brother. Come along Bridget, you don't want to see this"

Bridget took her offered arm as she led her away from the group. She had known her brother to have a mean streak and knew that he did not want Bridget to see it.

"Bridget, if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?" She asked.

"Isn't it obvious, I'm just not cute like the other girls. Freckles cover my face. My hair is not right."

She looked into Bridget's eyes and began working her skills. Bridget could feel a tingling sensation on her cheeks. Her freckles faded away. She also worked on her mental image of herself, smoothing out the rough spots. - - -

"Now, I'm sure you think beating up on women is a perfectly masculine thing to do, But I don't." Justin tapped into Timmy's mind. Timmy could feel the changes starting. His whole body tingled. But his butt, his chest, his hips all felt like someone was pulling on them.

"I've made you into a transsexual. You'll have gravity defying boobs, about 40GG. Oh and you're other measurements; 20 inch waist, which you'll always want to wear a corset and want to shrink that down to a 16, except when you wear bikini's.

"Your Adam's Apple will fade away. Nose will change to a woman's. Jaw too. Your ass will need a plug all the time now. You'll feel lost without something there.

"Your dick, well, you won't be parting with that. In fact, it will get longer and thinner so you can keister it in you own ass.

"Your hair will grow long, down to your ass, it will become blond and strong. I wouldn't want it to fall out. Don't worry, even if you try and cut it, it will grow back faster.

"In the end, every woman will know what exactly you are, but every man will be fooled. You'll be compelled to please every cock you come across, even your own. You'll drink cum and love it, especially your own." Justin said.

His betrothed returned with Bridget. "Brother, Bridget has a special request."

When Justin's eye laid upon her, he could see that she had worked her magic on her, making her quite a beauty. "And what does thou wish?" He asked.

"I've always been short. Could you make me taller?" Bridget asked him.

"I can. And much more." Justin answered.

Setting his powers upon her, she could feel tingling all over, it was the most erotic feeling she has ever had.

"Five foot seven coming up." He told her. She never thought she'd be so tall.

"Now proportional would be D-cup but C is average."

"D." She answered. "Defiantly D."

"Someone wants to show off. Not a problem." He said with a smirk. "You'll naturally grow into D's over the next week. I could make it faster, but then you have a lot more pain with the rapid growth." He said.

Thinking about it some more, "On second thought, F is much better fitting. Since you'll be such a bombshell, well you might as well make a statement with red hair."

"Honey, she's the victim here."

"Yes sister, and she'll never be again." He said. "Bridget will cease to exist. Bridget was a victim. She was damaged. You're not going to be those things." Justin said to her.

She could feel taps in her head. "That's the equivalent of a 130 IQ, Felicia. Yes, a new name, banging body, flaming red hair. You'll find you like sex, on your terms now."

"Felicia. I like it. How can I ever thank you?" Felicia asked.

Justin looked to his betrothed for approval and got it. "Become a dominatrix."

"Its not like I can learn that anywhere." Felicia said. "I've still got months of senior high to finish."

"A-hem." She started, "DVU has a great domination program and real world regime. You'll be making clients and money in no time."

"College, I don't have the money for college. Much less... wait, you're from Darkview. Darkview is a very dangerous place."

"Yes." She answered, "Just remember, if you're strong, Darkview is a nice place." Her gaze shifted to the boys, "But if you're week, its hell."

"Felicia," Justin started, "yes you do. Say hello to Tiffani, your she-male sex slave. For the next ten year, she... er, it, belongs to you. Any the money belongs to you."

"How do you know all of this?" Felicia asked

"We're teachers at DVU. We know you'll make the right choice. And if I might suggest; rubber, latex and leather clothing."

"One last thing Felicia, tramp stamp 'Tiffani' on it's ass. Two 'i' in the shape of cocks shooting cum."

"Not a problem." Felicia answered.

Justin and his betrothed walked off into the night as the newly altered foursome thought about their futures. "So, what did you really do to Tiffani?"

"Well, my sister, once the inks on that flesh, it will be a good whore for Felicia. You know how much good clothing costs?"

"Don't I ever." She smiled.

"The tat will make it a glory hole slut, a street walking whore and quite the cum slut in front of the camera. Whether its for a web cam session or the full blown porno shoot. Tiffani will have quite the debt to repay."

"Let's go to the hotel." She said with sin in her eyes.

"That sounds like a great idea." He smirked back.

As they walked the twist and turns of the path her hand came to rest on a railing to keep people from falling into the small pond.

"You know brother, this is just the right height..." She said.

"Would you like me to bend you over the railing and take you right here in public?"

"Yessss." She hissed back.

He knew better than to deny her when she wanted it.

He stepped closer, "Would you..." He began to ask her.

"Yes." She responded.

He slipped his thumbs inside her skirt and jerked them down, yanking off her skirt over her round ass and letting it fall to the ground.

She turned around for him as she spread her legs apart. She could see other people walking at the edge of the park. "This is so wrong."

"Isn't that why you want it?"

"Yesss." She hissed back.

She grasped the rail with both hands as he pushed her over it. She could see her reflection in the water. A pale blue reflected in her eyes. She knew the power bonding was taking place. His becoming hers.

"Don't make me wait." He pulled her thong aside as he lined himself up. Justin's cock slide in quite easily. She was really wet and ready.

"Your pussy is so wet." He commented. "You're getting off on dominating those boys."

"Yesss." She snarled, "Now just fuck me."

"Yes dear." He slammed home. She grunted as he bottomed out in her sex.

Justin knew she wasn't looking for love making. Just the hardcore animalistic sex that the inner beast wants.

As the passers-by notice them and started to stare at them, Justin quickly blanked their minds, leaving the image of a nice moon reflection on the pond instead.

It wasn't long before he was done. He pumped his hot cum deep in her. She grinned, knowing that itch had been scratched, and filled with his cum made her feel like a cheap slut.

"You should get dressed."

"Yes, brother." She answered with a smile. "We should walk around, let our clothes dry out some."

It was only then that Justin realized how clingy his clothes were. A walk would air them out nicely.

*End of chapter 1*

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