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Darkness. She liked the soft velvet of the night with its glittering sprinkle of diamond stars. She felt safe in the dark. No one noticed her. She felt...comfortable...in the shadows. She would watch the people walk by, hurrying to some brightly lit place, rushing to find others to share their unease of the dark.

She shifted a bit, causing her chains to rattle softly. She did not mind the chains anymore. She knew she was not going anywhere. Even if she had not been chained. A cool breeze wafted against her skin, making her nipples harden. Her chains clinked again as she quivered. Would it be tonight? Would he come to her?

She sighed. She had been fastened to the wooden cross for days. Servants came and bathed her naked body, took care of her bodily functions, fed her, massaged her arms and legs. She had given up struggling after a few hours. Her embarrassment left her after a few days. Now she simply waited, her nipples hard, her body quivering. Waiting for him to decide when he would take her. If he would take her.

She remembered his glowing green eyes. Dark emeralds with fire in their depths. Black hair, long, wavy, flowing around his broad shoulders like liquid night. She had watched the braver women approach him, try to entice him. He would look down at them from his great height and simply smile a cool, knowing smile. She had not gone near him. He was too...beautiful. She had sighed and wished for a better figure, a prettier face, lost youth.

His deep, soft voice at her elbow had startled her. She remembered responding to his question, although she could not remember her answer or his question. She was mesmerized by his eyes. He touched her lips with his thumb and she trembled, knowing deep inside that she would give him anything in that moment. Then her memory blurred.

When she could again be sure of her surroundings, she was chained, spread wide, naked. Her arms and legs were fastened to a huge, wooden X with a cross brace to rest her head. He was standing before her, still clothed. He touched her lips again. "You will prepare for me," he said quietly. "Then I will decide." Then he left her. She had struggled, screaming, cursing, fighting the chains until she had exhausted herself.

The servants never spoke to her. She discovered, then, that one could not, quite, die of embarrassment. The servants were all male. Then that, too passed. She now remained as he had left her. Bound to his wooden altar, naked, waiting. Yet now she accepted where she was. She sighed. When she slept, her dreams were of glowing green eyes and night black hair.

His touch did not startle her. She had been waiting for it for days. He caressed her nakedness, heating her skin. She could not stop the soft moan that escaped her throat when he touched her breasts.

"Yeeessss," he whispered. He now stood before her, as naked as she was, his penis rigid and throbbing. He held her face in his hands, his thumbs caressing the corners of her mouth. Her lips parted slightly, her eyes locked on his face. And as his head bent to hers and his lips touched hers, he lunged. His mouth crushed hers, devouring her scream as he impaled her completely on his massive penis.

Her fists clenched and her body arched as he plunged deep into her, forcing her to accept his entire monstrous length in a single, savage thrust. Her hips rocked as he stretched her beyond anything she thought possible. Her body writhed as the pain of his penetration ignited her orgasm. Sudden and intense.

He thrust again. She was arching up to him even as she continued to convulse. Hissing in pleasure against her lips, he rammed deep into her, his body moving in the ancient rhythm, pounding into her. Her orgasm peaked, then peaked again, spiraling higher until she could only writhe and convulse with wave after wave of glorious spasms caressing the immense, steely shaft diving deep into her again and again. His climax burst, flooding her throbbing body with his fiery ejaculate.

He paused, still massively hard in her. She slowly came down from her orgasmic high, trembling and quivering. His eyes were watchful, focused on her. She slowly smiled at him and moved her hips against him. Emerald fire blazed in his eyes as he again claimed her lips and began long, slow thrusts deep into her.

She did not notice or care when night faded into day and he took his pleasure of her again and again and again...

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