tagBDSMDarkness Blessed Seductions Ch. 09-10

Darkness Blessed Seductions Ch. 09-10


Chapter Nine

Reaching over, he ran a single finger down the center of her chest, across her stomach and down to her Venus mound. Slipping that single finger into her wetness, he flicked it across her swollen clit, and made her moan I pleasure. He brought the glistening finger to his mouth and sucked it clean. A look of shock and amazement crossed his face, only to be replaced with a most devious and almost evil smile. "Why didn't you tell me, pet? Had I known that I was your first. I would have taken you much easier than what we just did. Not that I am complaining. But, in truth you should have told me."

She blushed a shade of scarlet so fierce she felt she would burst into flame. "If it pleases you, Sir, I didn't want to tell you. I was afraid you wouldn't want me anymore. I feared that you would not be satisfied with me. I feared that my inexperience would make you turn away from me. Please do not be angry with me?"

Laughing in spite of himself, he shook his head, still smiling. "Little one, in truth, I am not displeased with you in any way. Had it not been for the small taste of blood I got from tasting you just now, I would not have ever known of your sweet and innocent sacrifice to me. You have pleased m . Have no doubt in that. You have pleased me greatly."

She hid her face in her hands, quietly shaking in the aftermath of her first experience. She had never known that the attentions of another could bring such joy and pleasure. She had always been used for their needs, never having her own met. Unexpectedly, she felt the sudden stinging heat of tears as they traced down her face. She wanted to tell him so much, and explain her ridiculous and childish reaction, but all she could do was try to show him how wonderful all this had been. Words themselves, even rational thought, had totally escaped her capacity.

As he watched these changing emotions work through her mind and body, it was hard for him to tell where one started and the other stopped. One second she seemed to be absorbing everything. The next, she almost seemed in shock. Then without warning she, sat up, smiled at him shyly and began to unbraid her locks of crimson hair. As it came loose and fell around her body, she began to feel more at peace with herself. She always felt her hair was a shield of sorts, a piece of herself that kept her safe in some way. She crawled over to him, straddled his hips with his hardening cock pinned beneath her dripping wet core, and leaned down to flick her tongue along his nipple.

Shuddering in pleasure as the girl ground her body into his, flicking her kittenish tongue along his nipple, he fought his need for control, allowing her to have her way. Her hair slid forward to embrace him in a cloud of jasmine scented warmth, effectively hiding her face and body from his view and not to allow him to see her next move.

She flicked her tongue across his nipple again, then the other, just to feel his body react to her. She wanted to show him how much this night had meant to her. She would willingly give every part of herself to him. She knew that, no matter what happened after this night, she would never be the same. She would always belong to him in some way.

She leaned into his chest and, hair fully covering her actions from sight, and put her face against the crease of his neck, breathing in his scent. The simple taste of male flesh, sweat, heat, and sex all came together in the most mouth watering aphrodisiac she had ever experienced. She didn't even think, before her instinctual reaction took her over. She bit down over the pulse in his throat, digging her fingers and nails deeply into his biceps, unconsciously trying to hold him in place. The taste of his life force flowing into her mouth snapped her back to the reality of the moment, just as his dark growl of pleasure and pain vibrated down her spine, making her even wetter than she had been.

At first he'd thought she might just lick or possibly kiss him. He never thought she would actually bite him. In part, he really enjoyed the sensation of her sinking her sharp teeth into his flesh, the feel of her nails digging into his arms, the sudden wetness between her thighs and across his body. But he'd be damned if it didn't hurt and drive him into a pure frenzy at the same time.

He shoved her up and back, ripping her claw like nails through the muscles of his arms, and pulled her mouth from his opened vein. He growled in pain, need, and frustration. His eyes sparked like lightening as he looked upon the girl, still straddling him and licking his blood off her mouth. Grabbing her by the wrists and wrapping one of his much larger hands around them, he slid his other hand between their bodies, poised his cock at her opening and shoved himself deeply inside.

In a daze, she had tried to taste as much of him as possible, then felt him rip her away. Before she could adjust, he was buried to his hilt within her. Instinct and years of training flowed through her. She rocked her hips down and forward and then rose up slightly, leaning back, until just the head rested against her opening, then plunged down again. She threw herself into the moment with pure abandon, pleasuring herself with his body in a way she would never have dreamed of.

Letting her hands fall, he began to rock his hips up to meet her downward thrust. The sound of flesh slapping on flesh drowned out all sound, even their screams and groans of passion. He ran his hands across her chest and ripped his nails harshly down her breast and stomach, leaving a warm wet trail in their wake. She ground into him, screaming, as she ripped her nails across her own body, echoing his actions. Her body over took and she screamed as a tidal wave of heat rushed through her, then poured out in a steaming hot flood. Not wanting to anger him, she took out her need for the feel of flesh under her nails out on her own body.

Watching her, shredding her own flesh in place of his, drove him into a red tinged, frenzied, lack of control. Sitting up, he grabbed her by the shoulders, flipped her under him and plunged, without warning, into her most virginal of orifices. She screamed as he impaled her body on a fleshy spear that tore her open. He spread her thighs further apart and worked his entire hand, to the wrist, into the channel he had so recently opened. Savoring the smell of her sweet feminine scent mixed with the intoxicating smell of her slowly flowing blood, he began to ease himself out of her and back in again, using his entire body.

Being so completely filled, she felt as though her body and mind were breaking. If she were to take anything more than what he was doing, in this moment, she would simply fade into the night and ne'er return. Her head snapped back and her hands clawed for anything to cling to, as she tried to ride the storm coalescing within her.

Watching her body writhe and her arms flail, as she tried to reach for something to cling to, he laughed with glee and sadistic pleasure. Her screams made him drive into her harder and faster. Her spine snapping, hip grinding, nail raking response only drove him to a stronger desire to push her further over the edge, into a pure space of subliminal, orgasmic pleasure..

Screaming until her throat was raw, she thrashed against him, until her arms fell limp by her sides and her legs fell to the bed beneath them. She forced herself to relax and take the damage he wished to inflict upon her body. She began to realize that what he was doing felt better than anything or anyone she could have ever foreseen. Her body tightened around every part of him within her, but she was so wet now, it all just felt amazing. With all the muscles of her core, she held him inside of her, rocking her hips to meet him. Taking as much as she could and then some more she felt his body spasm and squeezed down, with every ounce of strength left in her body.

The feel of her body tightening down made him finally give in and let go of his hard-won control. His cock contracted, time and again, draining his life into her body. He caught himself long enough not to collapse on her, slid his hand and now- softening flesh from her body, and dropped to her side, only to realize that she had fainted beneath him.

Chapter Ten

Blinking in the half lit room, almost-spent candles bleeding jasmine scented oils onto the floor, , she tried to come to terms with all that had happened the night before. Her body ached in ways she hadn't experienced. She felt almost light headed in her afterglow. Looking down at her body, she cringed at the dried blood cuts and bruises. But, most importantly, laid out before her in all his glory was her Liege, her Lord, Her Master, her Darkness Blessed Daemon. She wanted to reach out and touch him, to reassure herself this was real and not some dream. But she didn't dare awaken him. He seemed God like in his sleep, limbs sprawled haphazardly, yet posed to display him wonderfully. Instead of waking him she carefully moved to edge of the bed and began to slide off of it to go explore the dungeon.

Feeling her stir beside him, he lay still and quiet, waiting to see what she would do. Instead of waking him as he'd thought she would, he felt her leaving the bedroom area. Sitting up to watch, he smiled knowingly at the cuts, scrapes, welts and bruises.

"And where, pray tell, do you think you are going, little one?" he said.

At the sound of his voice, her breathe caught and she froze in mid step. "Forgive me. I did not want to wake you. I thought perhaps I could go clean up before you woke for the day."

"Indeed. Did you now? And what if I had thoughts of you helping me get clean, what then, pet?"

Shuddering at the idea of him joining with her again she turned to him, eyes down, in respect and servitude. "My Lord, if it pleases you, I would do anything you wished of me."

"I know you would, my pain pet, and your admission of such pleases me greatly. Come join me in the bathing chambers and we shall get one other properly clean, yes?"

He stood and walked to the back corner of the room, revealing a hidden door with a large bathing chamber beyond it. The floor dropped down, in a series of small steps, to a deep pool of steaming, heated water. Along the bath's edge were assortments of soaps, shampoos, body washes, clothes, and loofa- type items. Mirrored wall flanked two sides of the tub. The open wall held shelves overflowing with large plush towels.

As she came into the chamber behind him, he unraveled his long braid and let his hair fall down his body, almost cloak like. Turning to face her, he took her by the hand and led her into the water. Pulling her down to kneel in front of him, he took a soft cloth, a bar of oatmeal and goats milk soap, and began to work the dried blood from her skin.

Unsure how to respond, she also took up a washing cloth and a bar of the rough soap. Getting the cloth wet, she worked the soap into it and began to gently lave the skin of his neck and shoulders. Twitching slightly as he worked the incredibly sore areas of her abused body, she cringed as she saw the mess she had made of his throat and arms with tooth and nail. She sighed as he worked his way across her breast and the water around them became tinged with red as each rinsed out their cloths.

He carefully scrubbed each breast, until the skin was clean and all that remained were her cuts and the other marks. He worked the blood off of her throat and her shoulders, rinsed the cloth and worked her upper body again. Then he proceeded to her stomach and ribs, to clean the wounds made there. The bath water became darker by the minute.

She worked across the flat planes of his stomach and the pleasures that lay just beneath the water. Rubbing the soap into her hands she wrapped her slick fingers around him, pulling the flesh with slow, but hard and sure strokes, caressing down to his scrotum and along the seam of his body to his ass, then back up the very tip of his length again.

He saw her working lower and smiled as she took him in hand. He groaned in pleasure as she began to caress the entirety of his lower parts. Deciding that she had the right idea, he rinsed out the cloth, soaped up his fingers and without warning plunged two long fingers deep within her, using his thumb to work her already hard and swollen nub.

As he penetrated her, she cried out. She knew she was sore and more than likely a bit torn up, but just the feel of his fingers there was enough to make her body spasm with tiny shocks of pleasure.

"Please my Liege, please!"

"Please what, my fiery pain pet?"

"Please, I...I...I don't want to displease you. But, please..."

"Yes? Please what? Please more? Please stop? 'Please' tells me nothing. What are you asking for?"

"Please, if it should please you to do so, please, I fear I cannot handle any more...any more... OH GODS!!"

Before she could finish her plea, he pushed her over the edge of pleasure and she came against his fingers. She fell forward into the water and was barely caught by his strong hands on her shoulders, holding her in place as her body was wracked by another wave of painful pleasure.

"Is that what you were asking for pet? You needn't have asked, as that was my intention all along. If not, when you can remember how to breathe you may try asking me again, whatever it was that you wanted to say."

She slowly caught her breathe and balance. Glancing up at him shyly, then down at his chest again, she blushed as she realized she wasn't sure what she wanted to ask anymore. Part of her was afraid that her body could not take any more damage, but there was a part of her that wanted more than anything to throw caution to the wind and beg him for more.

"I can see your mind fighting your body's desires, or is it the other way around? Just tell me what you are thinking. I give you my word you will not be punished, just answer me truthfully."

"I wanted to ask you to stop, or at least I thought I did", she said with some hesitation," but I also very much wanted you to continue. It hurts so very much, but also feels so very wonderful. I no longer know what to ask for. Do I do as I know my body needs, and allow myself to heal from the tortures and delights of last night? Do I offer my broken, but wanting, body to you in sacrifice of pleasures and terrors alike to come? I know not what I want, and I am terrified of either outcome..."

Taking her face into his hands, he moved her so that she was forced to look into his eyes. Then, with a knowing smile, he leaned in and kissed her deeply. Pulling away and still holding her so she would look at him he said to her, "My sweet, innocent and broken pet, do you truly think that after this night we will have no others together? I have broken you, and claimed you. You are mine! From this night forth, you will always be mine. You will forever be my Fiery Pain Pet. Do you understand that? Do not think that just because we do not continue our journey every night, that there will not be new paths for us to take. You are mine, unless you wish it otherwise."

Tears fell from her eyes like the last shining drops of rain in a summer's storm. Shakily, she returned his gaze and saw everything she had ever hoped to find in another's soul. Shyly, she smiled at him and nodded her willing consent.

"I am yours. I will always be yours, as long as you have want or need of me, I will forever be yours. Nothing and no one could ever change that. I was yours the moment our eyes first met, the moment our flesh first touched. I am yours in every way. "


They finished their bathing, wrapped each other up in warm plush towels, and went to lie down and rest, curled in the comfort of one another's arms. This night was only the first of many to come. And they had much to discover and enjoy at the hands of the other...

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