tagBDSMDarkness - Day 02

Darkness - Day 02


Her throat was raw from the screams that she couldn't fully express with her mouth gagged. At some point, he'd removed the gag she'd had in, given her some water, massaged her jaw a bit and then replaced the open mouth gag with a rubber ball gag. She wasn't in pain, but she was completely conscious of how her mouth was stretched and restricted. As a matter of fact, she'd taken it to heart that he was watching out for her a little with the water and the brief reprieve/massage. That didn't take away from the never ending torture he was inflicting on her body- she was on fire with need, liquefied into the puddle that had formed beneath her . He'd taken her to the brink countless times but refused to let her cum, instead backing away and leaving her on the edge. Each time made the ache worse and stripped a little more of her conscious thought away.

She'd lost all sense of time. The only thing that mattered was the throbbing between her legs, the painful hardening of her nipples, the need, the want, the craving to be filled. He was right, she had broken, was begging and had been for a while now. He only laughed and worked harder to make it worse the next time. What he'd said was true. He'd made her beg, he controlled her. She could only take it, ride the waves and beg for mercy, for release. He didn't give it.

Then out of the haze, she heard his voice.

"I'm going to give you a break, slut. And don't act like you aren't a slut, because you've been begging me to fuck you for hours. You don't even know who I am, but you'd do anything to get my cock. That's pathetic. Something only a true slut would do. Am I right? Tell me you're a slut."

She weakly nodded, desperate for a break, for release, for cock.

"Not good enough. Tell me."

"immdg a ssluughh". She tried as best as she could to form the words around the gag.

He laughed again, taking pleasure in her defeat. "Ok. I'm going to untie you. You will get 5 minutess to move around, get some water, use the bathroom. And then you are right back here. If you do this without trouble, I'll make you cum. Over and over again. You'll feel so good, I'll give you everything you were begging for. Do you want that?"

She nodded again, faster and more sure this time.

"I'll bet you do, slut. 5 minutes. No more. I'll even take the gag out. But if you talk, it's back in."

And with that he leaned in, removing the gag first. She moved her jaw around, testing the strain and resetting it to it's normal location. After the gag, her waist restraint, then her ankles, then her hands. With each untie, he rotated her extremity, making sure that feeling was there and the blood flow steady. When done, he pulled her to sit, pushing her feet to the floor and giving her a moment to orient herself. Once she had, he guided her to the bathroom and shut the door, granting some privacy. She did her business, ensured everything still worked but made no attempt to remove the hood. Her pussy was still on fire, dripping incessantly. God she needed to be fucked so bad! She hung her head in shame at the primal need that had taken over and felt her knees buckle. As they started to give way, he opened the door to check on her and caught her as she fell.

Without a word, he scooped her up and deposited her back on the mattress. Almost gently, he cradled her head to bring a straw to her mouth. She slurped greedily, so thirsty, but he pulled it away after just a few swallows.

"Not quite yet. You've another day to get through before I let you up again, and I don't want a mess to clean up."

She laid back , providing no resistance to the restraints he put back on her. Once again, she was bound, gagged, hooded, exposed...but this time her pussy had a mind of its own. Swollen, soaked, sensitive, the smell encompassed the room.

He spoke. "You've been so good. You did exactly what I told you, just like a good girl. And good girls get rewarded. Do you want to be rewarded? Are you a good girl?"

She nodded one more time, praying he'd relieve the pressure and tension that was tying her body in knots.

"Yes, you are a good girl. And I'm going to give you your reward right now. But it won't stop until I say. Because remember, I control you. Understand? I control you. You are my toy. My good girl. Ready?"

His fingers were playing the insides of her thighs as he talked, drifting closer to the spot she needed touched so badly and by the time he was done speaking she was shaking.

Again she heard the buzz, the cool knob press against her heat and she exploded, instantly, letting loose another strangled scream. Fireworks in her brain, lightning through her veins and it subsided just a bit, only to pick up again as he never removed the vibrator from her. He just changed the angle and took her over again, and again, and again.

She struggled to catch her breath but it kept coming and she couldn't stop it.

"it's been 10 mins. Only 23 hours and 50 mins to go. Let's see if you keep your sanity. Here we go."

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by Anonymous11/01/18


Not only is it BDSM but it’s just not coming across as sexy, he still sounds like a freak. Bringing someone to orgasm repeatedly without reprieve would is incredibly painful it sounds like he’s tryingmore...

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